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Shows how MenuMagic with its default 'out of the box' configuration helps you manage your plug-ins on a brand new Sonar X2 installation.

MenuMagic is an enhanced plug-in manager for Cakewalk's Sonar Digital Audio Workstations that takes the concept of plug-in management to whole new levels.

Allows you to quickly and easily control how your VST & DX plug-ins appear within Sonar's plug-in menus.

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MM2.3.1 How to remove/delete duplicates?
by TheSteven at 2 Mar 2019, 14:52

Creating a Strategic VST Plugin Folder Setup
by TheSteven at 28 Feb 2019, 23:14

MenuMagic update v2.3.1 released for Cakewalk & Sonar DAWs
by planetearth at 20 Feb 2019, 15:26

Support Question: MenuMagic v2.2 getting empty Vendors folders?
by TheSteven at 13 Nov 2018, 13:22

MenuMagic v2.2 for Cakewalk/Sonar crashes when...
by TheSteven at 12 Nov 2018, 12:48

MenuMagic V2 released for Cakewalk by BandLab and Sonar versions
by TheSteven at 11 Nov 2018, 21:21

MenuMagic v2.1.1.0 update available (VST3 bugfix)
by TheSteven at 28 May 2018, 22:31

MenuMagic v2.1 (for CbB/Sonar) has been released
by TheSteven at 6 May 2018, 18:52

MenuMagic v2 (for Sonar) manual is now available for download!
by TheSteven at 6 May 2018, 13:15

MM v2 and CbB / Sonar VST Scan folder synchronization
by TheSteven at 29 Apr 2018, 07:05

MenuMagic's currently implemented features as of v2 (April 2018)
by TheSteven at 21 Apr 2018, 17:52

MenuMagic v2 - why does my installer still say beta???
by TheSteven at 16 Apr 2018, 17:29

Cakewalk by Bandlab - compatability... DONE.
by TheSteven at 16 Apr 2018, 17:24

MenuMagic is still alive...
by TheSteven at 11 Jan 2018, 12:00

Vexing issue with the menu creation tab
by TheSteven at 18 Dec 2017, 20:05

When purchasing...
by TheSteven at 12 Jun 2017, 23:05

Is this product still available? [Yes]
by TheSteven at 28 Sep 2016, 16:58

MenuMagic and Sonar 2015 (Platinum series)
by TheSteven at 27 Nov 2015, 20:28

[fixed] Just Installed Latest MenuMagic - Cannot See Sonar VSTs
by TheSteven at 23 Mar 2015, 20:26

[Resolved]MenuMagic installer reports corrupt file... (update!)
by TheSteven at 17 Aug 2014, 20:03



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