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News Archive for February 2023

28th February 2023SampleSumo SaltyGrain granular effect plug-in for Mac/Win deal: 30% off

28th February 2023SampleScience releases Retro 8-bit Sfx Collection plugin

28th February 2023Synthogy releases Ivory 3 German D - Next generation Piano for Mac

28th February 2023Moog Music Moogerfooger Effects now available as individual plug-ins starting at $59

28th February 2023GForce Software releases Minimonsta2

28th February 2023Audioblast releases MininnDrum for MacOS, Windows & Linux, VST, AU & AAX

28th February 2023Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes releases the 8th Year Free Pack: Ambient Guitar Clouds

28th February 2023Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes 8th Anniversary Sale

28th February 2023ThaLoops Studio Instrument Plugin Intro Offer - 40% Off

28th February 2023Channel Robot updates Atmosia synth to v2.5

28th February 2023Roland announces SH-4d Synthesizer - Future Retro Desktop Synth

28th February 2023Krotos releases Genesis Sound Pack for the free Krotos Studio

27th February 2023Zenhiser releases "Sceptic - Melodic House" Sample Pack

27th February 2023Patchbanks releases WaivOps HH-LFBB open source dataset for AI music developers

27th February 2023OCTO8R releases "Abyssi" - 50 presets pack for CA2600 by Cherry Audio

27th February 2023Edmsoundware releases 'TAL Noisemaker Chill Ambient and Techno Soundpack Free'

27th February 2023HoRNet releases VHS - Audio Plugin for Headphone Mixing

27th February 2023PSPaudioware updates PSP 608 MultiDelay to v1.8.0 - VST3, Apple Silicon Support, and more

27th February 2023GPU announces NAMM Innovation Lounge: GPU Audio, Genelec, Splice, VSL and more

27th February 2023Toneworks releases Catalyst - VST/AU sequencer plugin

26th February 2023discoDSP updates OB-Xd to v2.12 with Improved Features and Functionality

26th February 2023Toneworks Catalyst Intro Offer - 38% Off

24th February 2023Patchbanks releases Melodic Mirage - lofi ambient sample pack created with AI audio manipulation

24th February 2023DixonBeats releases "Hack" - Free loop kit

24th February 2023S&E "Drums And Percussion of Ancient Mexico" 50% off

24th February 2023Black Lotus Audio releases "Octane: Trap For Vital"

24th February 2023baltic audio releases "Future Rave Power Pack"

24th February 2023iamlamprey releases Eidolon - Haunted Piano

24th February 2023Luftrum updates Lunaris to v2.1 - Faster, bigger, better

24th February 2023MeterPlugs Sale - Loudness Penalty 30% Off

23rd February 2023TTU HALion Bundle Sale - 30% Off

23rd February 2023AudioThing updates Dials to v1.0.2 and adds iOS support

23rd February 2023FrozenPlain releases Lost Reveries - ambient synth VST/AU - with 30% intro discount

23rd February 2023Larry Taylor releases "PDF+MIDI" and updates "AudioUnitInfo" to v1.2.1

23rd February 20232MGT / Metamusic Generative Tools releases "Elumia" - Free Sample Manipulation Tool for Windows

23rd February 2023Soundiron releases Ancient Greek Compendium for Kontakt

23rd February 2023MeldaProduction plugins updated to v16.04

23rd February 2023Sound Magic releases Dynamic9:Blue25 - API 2500 Bus Compressor Emulation

23rd February 2023Orastron releases Brickworks Music DSP Toolkit 0.3.0

23rd February 2023Hidenori Matsuoka updates Guitar Kit to v10.0.2 for iOS

22nd February 2023UVI releases Percussion Factory - 8-part percussion instrument and sequence designer with intro offer

22nd February 2023UJAM releases Beatmaker Circuits

22nd February 2023D16 Group updates Phoscyon plugin to v2.1.0

22nd February 2023Mensla updates MS-2 to v1.3

22nd February 2023Applied Computer Music Technologies releases ACM210X1 Graphical EQ Plug-in for Linux

22nd February 2023Heavyocity releases Damage Uncharted 88 - Mysteriously Edgy Percussion for Kontakt Player

22nd February 2023App Sound releases "Atmospherika" - free sound bank for Korg DW/EX-8000 and Full Bucket Music FB-7999

22nd February 2023Spektralisk releases Carbon Extended - 150 presets for Repro-5 with 60% off intro offer

22nd February 2023Dusty Devices adds tempo sync to Phaser-DDL

21st February 2023GForce Software updates Oberheim OB-E to v2.5 and Oberheim SEM to v1.5

21st February 2023Native Instruments releases Karriem Riggins Drums for Kontakt Player

21st February 2023WAVDSP releases WD Mastering Finalizer for Windows & macOS (VST3, AAX, AU)

20th February 2023Cool WAV releases free presets for Universal Audio Opal and PolyMAX synths

20th February 2023Zenhiser releases "Jitters - Drum & Bass" Sample Pack

20th February 2023OCTO8R updates free "Rhamnusia" presets pack for Nemesis

20th February 2023MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v4.6.1

20th February 2023Eplex7 releases Neurolab ATX-47 - Drum & Bass / Neurofunk plugin instrument

20th February 2023Revealed Recordings releases Spire Arps Vol. 5

20th February 2023audiolatry releases "Retromania" and "Retromania Lite" (Free) virtual instruments

20th February 2023Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v4.7

19th February 2023MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MDoubleTracker, MDistortionMB, MChorusMB and MPhaserMB

19th February 2023TBProAudio updates LA xLimit to v4.1 - Mac AAX M1/M2 native, level display and side chain support

19th February 2023SampleScience releases GlowPads - Cinematic Ambient Pads (VST/VST3/AU)

18th February 2023XILS-lab releases Universum by Daniel Stawczyk for KaoX with Intro Offer

18th February 2023Rast Sound releases 'World Mallets' for Kontakt with intro offer

18th February 2023Syntler updates Stereotron A & B, Soundpump and Magnetism for Windows and macOS to v1.1

18th February 2023StrongSoft updates SS-C1v plugin to v6.6.1

17th February 2023Sound Yeti Plugins Now Available on KVR Audio Marketplace - up to 47% off

17th February 2023IK Multimedia releases TONEX Pedal

17th February 2023CodeFN42 releases free ToneXdb Explorer for Windows - Keep track of tone models in ToneX

17th February 2023W. A. Production releases "2023 Valentine's Bundle" with 88% discount

17th February 2023Swar Systems releases physically-modeled bowed strings for SwarPlug

17th February 2023Vicious Antelope releases free "Mini Warmth" presets pack for Arturia Mini V3 and Analog Lab V

17th February 2023The Unfinished releases Serum Nova for Xfer Serum

17th February 2023Bjt2 updates free Crescendo programmable VST plugin for Windows

16th February 2023Bob Moog Foundation announces fundraising raffle for fully restored vintage Minimoog synthesizer signed by Geddy Lee

16th February 2023sonicPlanet releases StarWaves2 for OS X and Windows platforms

16th February 2023FeelYourSound updates HouseEngine to v1.3.0 - adds new features and Tech House presets

16th February 2023UnitedPlugins releases Retronaut - vintage-style lo-fi vibrato multieffect

16th February 2023HoRNet updates HA2A to v1.1.2

16th February 2023TTM Works updates ttm003e(Master E) to v01.00 for Windows

16th February 2023Noisebud updates Smile de-harsher plugin to v4.0 (v3.5 now free)

16th February 2023Edmsoundware releases TAL Noisemaker Chill Ambient and Techno Soundpack

16th February 2023Sound Magic releases Zodiac Knobs: Taurus - One Knob Effect and updates Zodiac Knobs: Scorpio to v1.1

16th February 2023Steinberg releases HALion 7, HALion Sonic 7 and Absolute 6

16th February 2023Digital Brain Instruments Sale: 50% Off Spacelab UI Sounds Designer

16th February 2023FeelYourSound Jazzy House Sale

16th February 2023UVI offers 50% off Vintage Vault 4 - Vintage Synth Collection through February 27th 2023

15th February 2023Audient releases iD24 Audio Interface

15th February 2023Universal Audio releases Waterfall Rotary Speaker and new Plug-in Bundles

15th February 2023New Loops releases "Hyper Repro Presets" - 100 Presets and MIDI for Repro with 30% off intro offer

14th February 2023Audio Nebula updates Aurora FM to v.1.5 for Windows and Linux

14th February 2023Toontrack releases "EZkeys Synthwave"

14th February 2023Audentity Records releases Phonk Essentials

14th February 2023Q-Audio releases "X-Groove" Techno Groove Generator for Windows

14th February 2023G-Sonique New Year Sale 2023 - up to 48% off

13th February 2023Plughugger u-he Sale - 50% off all u-he soundsets

13th February 2023Patchbanks releases Downtown Roads lo-fi keys sample pack

13th February 2023Crocus Soundware "Liminal: Horns Volume 1" Intro Sale and Bundle Offer - up to 50% off until 14, March, 2023

13th February 2023Crocus Soundware releases "Liminal: Horns Volume 1" for Kontakt

13th February 2023Mensla releases free FM synth MS-2

13th February 2023Black Octopus Sound - 50% off Valentine's Day Sale

13th February 2023VSL announce Vienna Composer Contest: Win a chance to record at Synchron Stage

12th February 2023MeldaProduction Valentine's Offer - 8 plugins for the price of 4

12th February 2023SampleScience releases free "The Bells" instrument

12th February 2023TTM Works updates ttm012(Synth D) to v01.00 for Windows

12th February 2023Pulsesetter-Sounds Valentine's Day Sale - 40% Off

12th February 2023Initial Audio updates Dynamic EQ to v1.0.3

11th February 2023StrongSoft releases SS-C1v - versatile compressor with visualisers and spectrum analyser

11th February 2023Mercuriall Audio St. Valentine's sale - up to 45% off

11th February 20234drX updates VirtualKeyboard to v1.7.1

10th February 2023Xhun Audio 13th Anniversary Special Offer 2023

10th February 2023Tone2 releases Electra3

10th February 2023Sounds of Revolution releases "Deep Organic Dirty" Sample Pack

10th February 2023Vicious Antelope releases "Burden" - Free soundbank for Pigments and Analog Lab V

10th February 2023Edmsoundware releases 'Tal J-8 British Classic Trance Soundpack'

10th February 2023ZAK Sound releases "Sandbox Textures" for Kontakt with $9 Intro Offer

10th February 2023Luftrum releases Gemina for Omnisphere 2

10th February 2023Audiomodern updates Loopmix to v1.1 releases Blend II - Free Expansion

9th February 2023UVI offers 50% off Shade, creative filter and EQ, through February 13th, 2023

9th February 2023Sound Magic updates China Ensemble, Cadenza Guitars SE to v1.1 and Supreme Drums Orange to v1.3

9th February 2023Black Octopus Sound releases 'Rugged Halftime DnB'

9th February 2023discoDSP updates Discovery synth to v5.2

9th February 2023Splash Sound Sale: 70% off Epic Percussion 3 Library for Kontakt

8th February 2023Incognet Samples releases Musical Freedom House Vol. 2 Samples & Presets Pack (Serum & Massive)

8th February 2023Tone Projects updates all their plugins

8th February 2023Tom Wolfe releases "Rust" industrial soundbank for Arturia Pigments

8th February 2023Yum Audio early Valentine's Day Sale - plug-in and bundle deals (incl. freebies)

8th February 2023D16 Group updates SilverLine Collection plugins (introducing AAX Apple Silicon compatibility)

8th February 2023Papritech Launches AirMotion, The First Wireless BLE MIDI Breath and Motion Controller

8th February 2023zplane offer: 30% off on Tonic or Peel

8th February 2023Arturia release limited edition Polybrute Noir

7th February 2023Mavrik Sounds offers 40% off Sample Packs

7th February 2023ESI, Artesia Pro, and Eleven Dimensions Media Launch New Strategic Partnership

7th February 2023Toontrack releases "Synthwave EZX" - Expansion library for EZdrummer 3 and Superior Drummer 3

7th February 2023Blue Cat Audio updates "Connector" Streaming Plug-In to v1.12

7th February 2023AngelicVibes updates Iota Mini VST

7th February 2023Techivation updates T-Puncher to v1.1.0

7th February 2023G-Sonique releases Psytrance AI Voices - VST / AU plug-in instrument for Win & Mac

7th February 2023Martinic Valentine's Sale - 33% Off

7th February 2023MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v4.6 with VST3 instruments support and workflow improvements

7th February 2023Noisebud releases YAS! low-end enhancer plugin aimed at stereo mixes and updates Chokidar EQ

7th February 2023HoRNet updates Harmonics Pro to v1.0.1

7th February 2023FabFilter releases Twin 3

7th February 2023Resonance Sound releases Sensual Pop Vocals by Kasha

6th February 2023Zenhiser releases "Convex - Breakbeat & Electro" Sample Pack

6th February 2023Revealed Recordings releases MIDI Anthems Vol. 8

6th February 2023Audiolounge 80s Drum Machine Sale - 50% Off

6th February 20233DigitSamples releases Tech-House expansion preset pack for Xfer Serum

6th February 2023Online Music Foundry Heart Sale - Up to 50% off Expansions and Sound Effects

6th February 2023Nembrini Audio releases MP1 Pro Guitar Amplifier - with Intro Offer

5th February 2023Valhalla DSP releases ValhallaVintageVerb v3.0.0 - New Reverb Mode: Palace

5th February 2023killihu releases VST Macro Controls for Ableton Live

5th February 2023Audiofier "I Love Veevum" Sale - all Veevum titles 40% off

5th February 2023VG Trumpet updates "VG Jazz Tenor Saxophone" for Kontakt to v6.5

4th February 2023Daniel Gergely releases Emergence v1.0

4th February 2023MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MSuperLooper, MAmp, MModernCompressor and MFreqShifterMB

4th February 2023Sonora Cinematic Poiesis Cello - 30% Off

3rd February 2023MAAT Labs Sale - 25% Off DRMeter MkII, DROffline MkII and 40% off the DR2 Bundle

3rd February 2023Sounds And Effects releases Bellatierra for Reason

3rd February 2023Bunker Samples Birthday Sale - 35% Off

3rd February 2023Rigid Audio releases "Ion Storm" for Kontakt with $9 intro offer

3rd February 2023SoundsDivine releases 'Wonky Tapes Vol.1' for Sequential Prophet 5/10

3rd February 2023accSone updates crusher-X to v10.1

3rd February 2023baltic audio releases "Sylenth1 Essentials Vol 10 - Future Rave"

3rd February 2023Glitchedtones releases Moonlight - Deep House Serum Presets & Construction Kits

3rd February 2023Audiofier releases three new Veevum libraries for Kontakt

3rd February 2023Vicious Antelope releases "The Experiment Vol.2" free presets for Serum

3rd February 2023W. A. Production releases "Vocal Mega Pack 5" with 85% discount

3rd February 2023AudioThing updates Things Bubbles to v1.1 and adds iOS support

3rd February 2023Stargate DAW updated to 23.02.1

2nd February 2023Win one of two copies of Spitfire Audio's Albion Colossus

2nd February 2023Homegrown Sounds updates "Kit Creator" with new formats/features (Vibrations benefits from this update)

2nd February 2023Spitfire Audio releases Albion Colossus

2nd February 2023ContinuuCon Issues a Call for Presentations

2nd February 2023Audio Engineering Society to Receive Technical GRAMMY Award

2nd February 2023UVI "Buy one, get one free" on Falcon Expansions through February 6th, 2023

2nd February 2023Black Octopus Sound and Blamers release "Mirage - Color Bass"

2nd February 2023Audio Brewers releases 'ab vortEx' - Spacetime Designer for Stereo, Spatial Audio, and other immersive formats

1st February 2023Plughugger releases "Oceania" for Arturia Minifreak

1st February 2023Plughugger "Oceania" for Arturia Minifreak 35% off intro offer

1st February 2023Touch The Universe releases 5 new banks for Pigments, Kontakt, Massive-X, & Sylenth

1st February 2023Soundiron releases Vintage Keys Series: Fatty 311 for Kontakt with Intro Offer

1st February 2023Bjt2 updates free Crescendo programmable VST plugin for Windows

1st February 2023SparkPackers releases Raw Power - Wavetable Pack for Serum

1st February 2023Cherry Audio Rackmode Signal Processors Anniversary Sale - $39

1st February 2023ThaLoops releases Street Drumz - analog tape saturated drum loop pack

1st February 2023D16 Group updates Repeater plugin to v1.2.2 (introducing AAX Apple Silicon compatibility)

1st February 2023Produce-RNB releases 4G - Multi-Synth With Sound Fusion