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News Archive for March 2009

31st March 2009Admiral Quality releases Poly-Ana for Mac OS X Beta (VST)

31st March 2009Haunted House Records releases Critters 3: The Creaturephonic Workshop [WAV]

31st March 2009Genji Siraisi releases Drum Nugs Free (AIFF) Drum Loops

31st March 2009Acousticas releases L224XL Impulse Response Library

31st March 2009Mu Technologies announces Mu Voice v1.3

31st March 2009MV Pro Audio announces 'get Waldorf Edition Softsynth for free with Blofeld Desktop Synthesizer purchase' offer

31st March 2009Loopmasters releases Artist Download Series volume 7 - Jody Wisternoff – Future House [ACID|AL|...]

31st March 2009Producer Loops releases Hard Dance Vocals [ACID|AL]

31st March 2009Trance Euphoria releases Euphoric Trance Volume 1 for Sylenth1

31st March 2009Pettinhouse releases DirectBass v2.0 for Kontakt

31st March 2009Tekky Synths releases sTrEtChYx and SPaCyX; updates SaMpLyX (v2.0) and eZmYx (v1.5.5); announces Bundle Packs

31st March 2009Yellow Tools updates Freedom and Origami to v2.5

31st March 2009All ANWIDA Soft Mac Plug-ins now Universal Binary

31st March 2009zplane updates vielklang to v1.5.1

31st March 2009Novation to launch biggest 'music-making' product of Musikmesse 2009

30th March 2009jBridge v0.63 released (and J's MIDI Tools updated)

30th March 2009knobster releases Plastic Piano

30th March 2009Pluggotic releases Necroloop

30th March 2009discoDSP updates HighLife Open Source to R3

30th March 2009SKnote releases Attackease

30th March 2009Quiet Art releases Wave Rider v1.1

30th March 2009Mutagene releases 2WarpDelay v1.5 for Mac OS X (AU & Intel only)

30th March 2009QuikQuak releases UpStereo v2.0 beta for Mac OS X VST

30th March 2009MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v2.13

30th March 2009Ardour v2.8 released

30th March 2009Eska updates QUODfm to v1.31

30th March 2009Jeroen Breebaart updates Red Phatt Pro to v1.0.1

30th March 2009Voxengo releases v2.0 of Beeper, Latency Delay, MSED and Stereo Touch (incl. Mac AU/VST and Win64 VST) and updates Overtone GEQ (v1.7) and Sound Delay (v1.2)

30th March 2009MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.5.7

27th March 2009HV Synth Design releases Total Brass

27th March 2009Expert Sleepers releases Oomingmak - Resynthesis Effect

27th March 2009Protonfx updates Curemo for Cubase to v1.1

27th March 2009Brainworx updates bx_hybrid to v1.0.4 and bx_control to v1.0.9

27th March 2009UVI SoundSource releases Baby Grand Piano for UVI Workstation

27th March 2009Future Audio Workshop updates Circle to v1.0.7

27th March 2009Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9686

27th March 2009Intermorphic updates Noatikl to v1.5.0.19

27th March 2009Puremagnetik releases B-System: Percussives [LIVE|KON|LOG]

27th March 2009MeldaProduction updates MDynamics to v1.03

26th March 2009Universal Audio releases UAD Software v5.3 (incl. 4K* Channel Strip, UAD 4K Buss Compressor and Cooper Time Cube Mk II)

26th March 2009jBridge v0.50 released (x86 to x64 VST Adapter)

26th March 2009Loomer updates Aspect, Manifold and Resound for Linux to 1.2.3

26th March 2009Bluezone Corporation releases Hard Style & Core [WAV|AL]

26th March 2009Prime Loops releases Moogalicious Funk Loops [ACID|REX|...]

26th March 2009Prosoniq News: Windows products to be discontinued; Mac plug-in updates announced; sonicWORX Pro announced

26th March 2009Stillwell Audio / Schwa updates Olga to v1.02

26th March 2009Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v5.12

26th March 2009Sugar Bytes updates Unique LE to v1.1.0

26th March 2009Toontrack Music releases 'The New York Studio Legacy Series Vol.2' SDX expansion pack for Superior Drummer 2.0

26th March 2009Magix updates Samplitude and Sequoia to v10.2.1 (v11.0 to be announced)

26th March 2009MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.5.6

26th March 2009QuikQuak announces UpStereo v2.0 Public Beta

26th March 2009Ableton updates Live to v7.0.15

25th March 2009AM Music Technology updates Pro SoloVst to v1.06

25th March 2009Empress Effects releases Empress Tremolo Plug-in

25th March 2009Kong Audio releases ChineeGuanZi

25th March 2009Equinox Sounds releases Electronic Rhythm Construction [WAV|REX]

24th March 2009Zynewave updates Podium to v2.13

24th March 2009Pleasurize Music Foundation updates TT Dynamic Range Meter to v1.4a

24th March 2009Devine Machine releases OTR88 - Electric Piano

24th March 2009Devine Machine releases One Shot Recorder v2.0

24th March 2009Devine Machine updates Krishna Synth to v1.5

24th March 2009Stillwell Audio updates Schwa Spectro to v1.01.04

24th March 2009Christian Knufinke Software SIR2 to v2.4.001 (Mac) / v2.4.002 (Win)

23rd March 2009Sanford Sound Design releases Sanford Reverb

23rd March 2009Brainworx releases bx_dynEQ

23rd March 2009All Free MeldaProduction VST Effect plug-ins Updated

23rd March 2009Kreativ Sounds releases ABYSS FM8 Sounds [for FM8 & Kore 2]

23rd March 2009BTE Audio releases PEQ6 Parallel Parametric Equalizer Algorithm for Software Developers

23rd March 2009XT Software updates energyXT to v2.5.1

23rd March 2009MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.5.5

23rd March 2009NuGen Audio announces Celebration Group Buy – 55% off for one week only

20th March 2009Image Line releases FL Studio 8.5 Public Beta

20th March 2009JC Productionz releases ProjectX1

20th March 2009Arksun-Sound releases Zebra Arksun Soundbank

20th March 2009Vienna Symphonic Library announces Spring Offers

20th March 2009Auricula Software releases Meatus

20th March 2009Heavens*OnEarth releases Sapphire for Reaktor 5

20th March 2009Acoustica updates Mixcraft to v4.5 b116

19th March 2009Christian Knufinke Software updates SIR2 Reverb to v2.4

19th March 2009Dancemidisamples.com releases 'DMS reFX Vanguard Commercial Bible' and 'Electro Fusion' [WAV|MIDI]

19th March 2009Splurgo releases Chorus FX Guitars Vol. 2 & Drum & Bass Revival [ACID|AL]

19th March 2009AcousticsampleS releases Bassysm-S for Kontakt

19th March 2009Digital Sound Factory releases Original E-MU Modular Synthesizer SoundFont

19th March 2009Expert Sleepers updates Augustus Loop AU to v2.0.3

19th March 2009Samplebase releases 5 new SoundBlocks for Satellite (incl. a free one by Jordan Rudess)

19th March 2009Pleasurize Music Foundation releases TT Dynamic Range Meter v1.3

19th March 2009Prime Loops announce Lee Coombs Tech Funk Sample Pack [ACID|REX|...]

19th March 2009Perimeter Sound releases Tone Set #6 - Dualtones for Line 6 POD Farm

19th March 2009WaveMachine Labs releases Percussion eXtras for Drumagog

19th March 2009Back In Time Records releases 3 new Expansions for UX3 VST (and other ws5-engine compatible products)

19th March 2009Nucleus SoundLab updates Viral Outbreak to v1.5

19th March 2009Loopmasters releases Deadmau5 XFER [WAV|REX]

19th March 2009Computer Music Production School announces Free Music Conference

19th March 2009Pro-Sounds release Diversity for Albino III

19th March 2009Soundsdivine.com releases Free Presets for IK's CSR

19th March 2009Togu Audio Line renames TAL-TiltEq to TAL-USEq (+updates to v1.0.1)

19th March 2009Loomer updates Aspect, Manifold and Resound to v1.2.2

19th March 2009VirSyn updates Matrix to v1.2.1

19th March 2009W.Grabowski updates Samplelord to v1.5.1

18th March 2009Digital Music Doctor releases Pro Tools 8 - Know It All! Training Video

18th March 2009macProVideo.com releases 'Pro Tools 8 101: Core Pro Tools' Training Video

18th March 2009Precisionsound releases Retro Gadgets Vol.4 [KON|HAL|WAV]

18th March 2009MiMo Music releases Synare for Logic/EXS24

18th March 2009Nine Volt Audio releases Textured Guitars [REX2|RMX|ACID|...]

18th March 2009Tonehammer releases Waterphone for Kontakt

18th March 2009ASK Video releases Pro Tools 8 Tutorial DVD Level 1

18th March 2009Kreativ Sounds releases TAPE Drums [WAV|Refill]

18th March 2009Goldbaby Productions releases Vinyl Drum Machines [WAV|GURU|BAT|...]

18th March 2009TubeOhm releases Pure-Pten v1.3 and sets Fluid v1.012 Free

18th March 2009knobster releases MeowSynth

18th March 2009Audiffex releases Stomp Box Pedals plug-in bundle

18th March 2009Synchro Arts releases VocALign Project 3 AU

18th March 2009AM Music Technology releases Pro SoloVst v1.05

18th March 2009Sonic Visualiser updated to v1.5

18th March 2009XT Software releases new energyXT Beta

18th March 2009Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9685

18th March 2009Sony updates ACID Pro to v7.0b

17th March 2009D16 Group announces Nithonat (606 emulation)

17th March 2009Audio Damage releases BigSeq2

17th March 2009Voxengo releases Voxformer v2.0 (incl. Mac VST/AU)

17th March 2009NUSofting releases Prima Delay

17th March 2009discoDSP releases HighLife R3 beta

17th March 2009i3 releases DSP-Quattro v3.0 Demo Preview and announces Pre-release offer

17th March 2009W.Grabowski updates Samplelord to v1.5 and announces New Versions

17th March 2009FabFilter updates Volcano (v2.03), Pro-C (v1.12) and Twin (v2.01) and announces Preset Contest

17th March 2009B.Serrano sets Adonis Pro free

17th March 2009AAY-Audio releases aTube

17th March 2009Audiffex releases Gallien-Krueger Amplification Plug-ins

17th March 2009Jeroen Breebaart updates FSynth Pro to v1.0.2

17th March 2009AraldFX updates DKS PRO

17th March 2009Cockos updates REAPER to v2.58

17th March 2009Insert Piz Here updates Mr. Alias to v2.01

17th March 2009AZ Audio updates ADopplerEn to v2.001

17th March 2009Spectrasonics updates Stylus RMX to v1.7.2f

16th March 2009Blue Cat Audio announces EQ plug-ins Updates and Mac Versions

16th March 2009XT Software releases new energyXT Beta

16th March 2009Zynewave updates Podium to v2.12

16th March 2009nashNET updates reViSiT Pro to v1.00.7

16th March 2009Teru KAMOGASHIRA updates Freeverb3_vst to v2.0.7

16th March 2009Rayzoon updates Jamstix to v2.5.1

13th March 2009Soundlib releases G-Player - Giga player for Mac

13th March 2009Rusty Trombone releases Erectifier

13th March 2009MOTU updates BPM to v1.01

13th March 2009Modartt updates Pianoteq to v3.0.1

13th March 2009Zynewave updates Podium to v2.10

13th March 2009Cockos updates REAPER to v2.57

13th March 2009EastWest updates PLAY Software to v1.2.0

13th March 2009Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.8.4

13th March 2009Acoustica updates Mixcraft to v4.5 b114

13th March 2009Cakewalk updates SONAR to v8.3.1

12th March 2009MeldaProduction releases MAutoEqualizer

12th March 2009SoniqWare releases SG-1 Spectral Noise Gate v1.0

12th March 2009Safwan Matni releases General - Acoustic Piano

12th March 2009Ueberschall releases Urbanic II

12th March 2009Togu Audio Line releases TAL-TiltEq

12th March 2009SKnote announces NLW (Non Linear Works)

12th March 2009GSi releases Key Performer

12th March 2009IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube Fender - The Official Fender Software Amplifier and Effects Suite

12th March 2009Mathew Lane releases DrMS Spatial Processor v2.0

12th March 2009Applied Acoustics Systems announces expansion of Modeling Collection Bundle and Strum Electric GS-1 Pre-release Promotion

12th March 2009Evopax updates D1-A Graphic EQ to v1.1

12th March 2009H.G. Fortune updates The Dreammachine Pro to v2.2

12th March 2009NTS Audio updates Virtual Dance Producer to v1.5c

12th March 2009LinPlug updates RMV Drum Addiction to v5.0.4 (+new videos and Lambik Loop Set)

12th March 2009Overloud updates TH1 to v1.1 and announces Promotion with Recabinet

5th March 2009Trance Euphoria releases Euphoric Trance Volume 2 For z3ta+

5th March 2009Muse Research ships RECEPTOR 2

5th March 2009Zero-G releases Distorted Dancefloors [ACID|AL|...]

5th March 2009Prominy updates SC Electric Guitar for Kontakt to v1.1

5th March 2009Tonehammer releases Forgotten Voices: "Francesca" and Lakeside Organ for Kontakt

5th March 2009MHC Synthesizers and Effects adds Attack Kits to the Drum Plugin Bundle

5th March 2009Wusik licenses EVE and updates it to v2.5.1

5th March 2009PSPaudioware updates PSP Nitro to 1.1.2

5th March 2009AAY-Audio releases aMS-ToolsPRO

5th March 2009QuikQuak updates All Plug-ins

5th March 2009Spectrasonics updates Stylus RMX to v1.7.1e

5th March 2009H. G. Fortune releases AlioNoctis

5th March 2009de la Mancha releases sidearm

5th March 2009MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v2.12

5th March 2009Synapse Audio releases 64-bit versions of Toxic, Hydra, Scorpion, Plucked String and Poly-850

5th March 2009112dB updates Redline Monitor to v1.0.1

5th March 2009Tekky Synths releases SyNpLyX and WavDrYx

5th March 2009Puremagnetik releases Bender for Live, Kontakt and Logic and Selector Pack for Live

5th March 2009Prime Loops releases 'Tech House Drum Loops' and 'House Guitar Loops - Volume 1' and launches Free Music Production Tutorials Section

5th March 2009Loopmasters releases 'Reel People Broken Beat Nu Jazz and Soul V1', 'Zed Bias Deadly Dub Constructor' and 'Synthetic Sequences'

5th March 2009Equinox Sounds releases Smash Up The Studio Bad Ass Hip Hop and RnB Vibes: Piano [WAV|AL|REX]

5th March 2009Monocircuit Audio releases Kick-Pack [WAV] and Tone2 Filterbank FX 1

5th March 2009Brainspawn updates Forte to v2.0.101.2056

5th March 2009Expert Sleepers updates Augustus Loop AU to v2.0.2

5th March 2009Meyer Musicmedia releases ES for Albino PsyTrance V.1

5th March 2009Sample Logic releases TryPack for Kontakt

3rd March 2009Spectrasonics releases Stylus RMX v1.7 with 'Time Designer'

3rd March 2009XT Software releases new energyXT Beta

3rd March 2009M-Audio updates Torq DJ software to v1.5.1

3rd March 2009Cakewalk updates SONAR to v8.3

3rd March 2009RML Labs releases SAWStudio and SAWStudioLite v4.5

3rd March 2009Cockos updates REAPER to v2.56

3rd March 2009KarmaFX Synth Modular updated to v1.06

3rd March 2009Vember Audio updates Surge to v1.5.2

3rd March 2009Image Line announces Sawer (+pre-order offer)

3rd March 2009nashNET updates reViSiT Pro to v1.00.4

3rd March 2009xoxos releases Piamo and Pling3

3rd March 2009Retro Sampling releases Oscillator Pak - Sampler Synth Elements

3rd March 2009Martin Eastwood Audio updates Compressive to v1.2

3rd March 2009Evopax releases VTM 4 v1.0

3rd March 2009CGM Prods. releases SF2 Control VST v1.1

3rd March 2009Rob Papen updates RG to v1.1

3rd March 2009Starplugs releases Vintage Limiter

3rd March 2009SKnote announces KickHaas - Stage Placement Stereo Effect

3rd March 2009Musicrow releases Vintage Strings MkIII

3rd March 20092CAudio releases Aether - Auto Randomizing Algorithmic Reverb

3rd March 2009Five12 updates Numerology to v2.0.1 and releases v2.1 beta 1

3rd March 2009Toontrack Music announces 'The New York Studio Legacy Series Vol.2' SDX expansion pack for Superior Drummer 2.0

3rd March 2009Native Instruments releases Maschine

3rd March 2009AZ Audio sets Ultra Trigger FX and Super Midi Scripter Free

3rd March 2009ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v2.7.0

3rd March 2009Cycling '74 updates Max/MSP to v5.0.6

3rd March 2009Steinberg releases HALion Symphonic Orchestra v1.5

3rd March 2009Sample Modeling updates Mr.Sax T to v1.02 and The Trumpet to v2.01a

3rd March 2009NuGen Audio updates Visualizer to v1.7

3rd March 2009Blue Cat Audio releases Analysis Pack Audio Units for Mac (+updates Win/Mac VST/DX versions)

3rd March 2009MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.5.4

3rd March 2009VertexDSP updates MultiInspectorFree to v1.2

3rd March 2009Twisted Lemon updates SideKick to v4.1