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Cycling '74 updates Max/MSP to v5.0.6

Cycling '74

Cycling '74 has updated Max/MSP to v5.0.6.

Bug Fixes and New Features in v5.0.6:

  • Fixed excessive memory allocation when zooming in very far.
  • Filebrowser: new 'description' column displays description metadata about objects in the search path.
  • Filebrowser: fixed bug where files that have been deleted from the searchpath still show in the filebrowser.
  • Pattrhub: fixed parent resolution bug introduced in 5.0.5.
  • Delay~: fixed problem with setting delay time in samples -- accuracy was messed up and value was corrupted by sample rate changes.
  • Sysexout doesn't appear in the autocompletion anymore, because it doesn't exist.
  • Curve~ now restarts properly after a stop message.
  • Displaying contextual menu on a bogus poly~ doesn't crash anymore.
  • Dial: minimum number of steps set to 2.
  • Out~: fixed crash when loading patcher into a poly~ without outlets.
  • Poly~: fixed error messages when loading a patcher containing omx.4band~ or tapin~ / tapout~ via the patchername attribute.
  • Groove~ doesn't crash when double clicking on the object when it's not attached to a valid buffer~.
  • Delay~: delay time conversion via ITM or initial argument uses rounding rather than truncation.
  • Fix for crash with the combination of quickref menu, jit.gl.*, and frozen attributes.
  • Args attribute now visible (only takes effect with each patcher load). made parallel message an attribute. removed redundancies of messages and attributes for steal, voices, and vs.
  • Fix for stack overflows with large chains of message boxes.
  • Seq: hook message accepts floats again.
  • Sfrecord~ can use 2 symbols as arguments as documented.
  • Fseventwatcher: fix for some reported crashes.
  • Poly~: improved safeties and error message for nested, parallel enabled poly~ objects.
  • Buffer~: writewave automatically select the sound file type.
  • Fix for wclose message with no open views.
  • Fix for crash in certain VST plugs (when vst_refresh is on call stack from non-main thread).
  • Textbutton now has an active attribute.
  • Zigzag~ no longer crashes when receiving bad looppoints.
  • Signal probe: fixed crashes.
  • Mxj: isPatcher() is now compatible with Max 5.
  • Umenu: prev and next message a la tab object.
  • Timepoint: changing time to < current time no longer makes timepoint fire immediately.
  • Translate: input to notevalues output is rounded to the nearest int when calculating the ticks, eliminates errors when converting ms to notevalues.
  • Augraph: audio is now stopped before loading a sound bank to avoid crashes.
  • Minmax~ works properly with vector size of 1 sample.
  • Line: removed useless dump outlet.
  • Multiple instances of different standalone applications can now be launched.
  • Sleep interval no longer shown in preferences window (or saved), since it didn't do anything.
  • Preferences window label for Refresh Interval (ms) changed to Refresh Rate (Hz) to match documentation (and what it actually does).
  • JSON parser now understands json character escapes of form \uxxxx (where x is one hex digit) and this can be a convenient way of inserting a special character into a patcher.
  • VST~: reports changes in host edit window (for plug-ins without editors) out fourth outlet.
  • Lookup~: fixed for negative input values.
  • Lookup~: fixed for negative input values.
  • Windows max now supports network paths such as \\sharename\folder\foo.txt.
  • Windows: runtime and standalones now work when launched from a network share.
  • Improved speed of saving patchers that have a lot of subpatchers.
  • Cascade~ doesn't go crazy when it does not receive signal.
  • Open Recent item moves to the top of the menu after it is chosen.
  • Svf~ is now denormal proof.
  • Filebrowser: fix for silent audio playback in the preview pane.
  • Fix for crash that could happen after encapsulating a buffer~ object.
  • Coll: when embedding data in a patcher, data is now saved in a modern, easy-to-edit format that preserves backslashed semicolons, dollar-args, etc.
  • Coll: #N is no longer converted to $N when opening an editing window.
  • Coll: #N rather than $N arguments are now replaced in a subpatcher, which is more consistent with other uses of #N.
  • Function outputs up to 128 pairs for line~.
  • Fixed crashes happening due to assertions being enabled in release version.
  • Tab output integers when the tab elements are integers.
  • Mxj: embedMessage() can now store up to 4094 Atoms.
  • Creating a message box from the quickref menu for messages with more than one argument adds $1 $2 etc. to the message box.
  • Improved accuracy of quantized timing with external clocksources.
  • Ad_coreaudio: when switching input devices, the device is properly updated with the io vector size.
  • rslider works smoothly with range of 1 in floating point mode.
  • Fix for some memory leaks that could happen when patching.
  • Fix for crashes after removing objects from presentation view via the inspector when the patcher is in presentation mode.
  • MaxAPI.framework: updated to expose header files more recently added to the Max 5 SDK.
  • Dragging a patch cord segment that is over another object no longer jumps segment position at times.
  • Patch cord align no longer hangs if source object is on top of destination object.
  • If patcher is too complex for automatic patch cord align will now give up and do a simple align instead of trying too hard to find a good path.
  • Closing extra views of a subpatcher now really frees those views instead of just hiding them.
  • File browser: fixed crash dragging a file whose kind is shown as a "file" onto any box in a patcher.
  • Fixed hang when using signal probe and creating a new patch cord.
  • when time value is changed from bbu to non-bbu (raw ticks), it is now unaffected by time signature recalculations when seeking -- this fixes bug where changing a time point from a bbu value to a ticks value retained the old bbu value after a change to the transport time.
  • Timepoints and other permanent events do not fire after transport has been turned off.
  • Zl displays an error when the arguments are incorrect.
  • Combine now accepts also lists as input.
  • Fix for msp object scheduler corruption problems with overdrive off.
  • (Windows only) fix for substantial memory leak when painting text based objects with native text rendering on.
  • Metro: autostarttime is now automatically set to transport via @transport attribute.
  • Metro: fixed crashes when using autostarttime together with transport attribute.
  • Fix for crash after bad attempt at scripting connections.
  • Fix for crash after deleting inlet or outlet objects in an abstraction in response to loadbang.
  • Spectroscope~: orientation attribute displayed properly in the inspector.
  • Function works properly with any box size.
  • Filebrowser: a drag into a patcher, when initiated from a folder listing and the folder is in the search path, passes just the name of the file rather than the complete path.
  • New message to max: 'db.dump' will dump the contents of Max's database to JSON files for debugging or examination.
  • jit.plot: byte order fix for little endian machines.
  • Number~ now has a second background color to change pict background.
  • Fix for crash when using poly~ with patchers that don't contain the same number of inlets as one another.
  • (Windows) font names such as "Arial Italic Bold" now work on windows (as such font names often come from mac).
  • jit.gl.text2d:fix for crashes when resizing font cache.
  • jit.spill:support for listlength up to 16384.
  • Meter~: improved responsiveness.
  • Sprintf can display % by using the standard %% syntax.
  • File browser: metadata for an item in the file browser may be edited.
  • Suckah: added @boundmode, constrains output to coordinates within the object box's rect.
  • New message to max: sortpatcherdictonsave - sending this message to max with an argument of 1 will tell max to sort the patcher dictionary before saving.
  • Waveform~: cropping is more precise.
  • jit.expr: fixed crashes with malformed expressions.
  • Tri~: fixed crash when modulating high frequencies.
  • Choosing the Preferences item on the Mac no longer crashes if menus defined by the menubar object are in use.
  • The ESC key will now move the focus from the currently focused object in a locked patcher to the patcher -- useful, for example, so key objects can then report numbers typed.
  • Thispatcher now supports select message which will cause patcher to grab keyboard focus away from another object (i.e. number) if said patcher is active.
  • Dial: outline color can have its own alpha.
  • Added "Route Patch Cords" command (which does automated routing) and changed "Align" on patch cords to make simple segmented cords.
  • Fixed issues with ReWire sync and events triggering at time 0.
  • Fixed problem where seeking while using the translate object would cause negative bbu to ticks conversion output.
  • Fix for inconsistent outermost patcherargs triggering before innermost in a patcher hierarchy.
  • jit.qt.movie: Fix for @loop 3 audio playback bug.
  • Vexpr now accepts list of up to 4096 items.
  • Pattrstorage: eliminated application hang when opening windows when there are many client objects.
  • Mxj: MaxSystem.isRuntime() reports if the class runs inside the MaxMSP Runtime.
  • Signal probe now works when line is over part of a box.
  • Makenote now accepts a third argument to specify the channel.
  • Round~: nearest is now an attribute.
  • Round now has a nearest attribute and can also round to any step.
  • Fixed problem where opening a patch via the finder didn't turn audio on for the opened patch.
  • Filebrowser: the filebrowser and autocompletion now list the % and %~ objects.
  • Fixed enablement of "color..." menu item on box context popup menu.
  • Mxj: fixed crashed with newDefault().
  • Instantiating a juibogus doesn't crash anymore.
  • Text editors (i.e. text editors, textedit object, etc) now convert carriage return to line feed so line endings are always consistent in order to avoid problems with text object.
  • Waveform~: multichannel portion of the helppatcher now links the control modes of the waveform~ objects.
  • Textedit: improved text positioning.
  • Opening a help file a second time will bring previously opened instance to the front.
  • Dropping files on the max window takes an appropriate action (opens patchers, installs externals, etc).
  • Umenu accepts floats (and automatically converts them to ints).
  • (Windows) date object now reports local time instead of gmc time.
  • Buffer~:fix for import message with 24bit AIFF and WAVE files.
  • Patcherargs: args passed to poly~ are now available to its patcher using patcherargs.
  • Javascript "visible" property of wind object property of patcher object is now settable as well as gettable allowing a patcher window to be hidden / shown without destroying patcher (which wclose method of patcher would do).
  • Waveform~: line followed by a negative number hides the vertical line.
  • Maxversion() max API function now properly sets bit 0x4000 when inside a standalone.
  • Dial: improved vertical dragging with small ranges (integer mode).
  • Improved debug window resizing.
  • Pictslider: notify pattr on mousedown.
  • Cellblock: Fix restoration of column widths on patcher open.
  • Slider and dial can have a minimum range of 1. in floating mode.
  • Select message to textedit, number, etc, now works in runtime and standalones.
  • Kslider: fixed velocity output when dragging across keyboard in monophonic mode.
  • Pattrstorage: 'insert' and 'remove' no longer result in missing entries in the storagewindow.
  • Windows: save / don't save / cancel dialog can now be navigated via keyboard.
  • Pictslider: fixed "jump to position" mouse tracking.
  • Fixed issues with timepoint firing and time signature changes.
  • Items dropped into a patcher (i.e. from File Browser or from inspector) while the patcher is scrolled now are created in the correct place.
  • Zl: plugged memory leak in zl filter mode.
  • Front -> thispatcher on a notitle window that has its y position at 0 no longers moves the window down 20 pixels or so.
  • Windows: key shortcuts now work when created via menubar (i.e. ctrl+G in menubar.maxhelp).
  • Onepole~ now accepts integer cutoff frequency as argument.
  • Zl: mode stream unrolls lists.
  • Seconds are a valid unit for translate object conversion purposes only.
  • Cellblock: initialization routine changed to improve stability of row adds and deletes.
  • Colons are now stripped from scripting names, as this character is reserved and cannot be used.
  • VST~: subfolders of the vst plug-ins folder are no longer automatically added to Max's database when the folder is automatically added to the searchpath.
  • Fix for jit.gl.text2d memory leak.
  • Fix for jit.gl.text3d memory leak.
  • Fixed problem where Tahoma could not be selected using the Mac Font Panel.
  • Fixed a Font Panel problem that would lead to the text color of a selected object being set to a random color.
  • Windows: keyboard accelerators now work when windows without menus are topmost (such as the clue window or a jit.window window).
  • Windows: fix for jit.openexr (and possibly others) when building a standalone -- now maxcrt_p.dll is copied to the standalone's application folder automatically.
  • Eliminated 128 x 128 minimum window size on Mac when resizing a window by hand.
  • Udpsend: fixed memory leak when changing the host or port.
  • Fix for crash when right clicking on a poly~ object who's patcher wasn't found.
  • Movie: fixed behavior of time message with no arguments.
  • Mxj net.*: fixed crash when changing the host or port ceaselessly.
  • jit.buffer~:fix for crashes when visualizing soundfiles.
  • Mxj buf.Op: normalize doesn't invert the phase anymore.
  • Radiogroup: doesn't produce harmless warning when saving a preset.
  • Poly~: fix for parallel attribute argument not taking effect.
  • Fpic: now includes its image file in a collective automatically.
  • Hint: fixed positioning on second monitors.


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