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News Archive for April 2009

30th April 2009Cakewalk updates Rapture to v1.2

30th April 2009Pleasurize Music Foundation releases TT Dynamic Range Meter Plug-in for Mac

30th April 2009VSL releases Vienna Suite v1.1.1301 (incl. new Convolution Reverb plug-in)

30th April 2009Acousticas releases EMT252 Impulse Response Library

30th April 2009The Lower Rhythm releases A-110 Amplifier v1.5

30th April 2009One releases PitchChange v0.1

30th April 2009Steinberg releases new Sequel Content Sets: Chillout, Orchestra and Reggae

29th April 2009Audio Ease updates Speakerphone to v2.0.1

29th April 2009Jasuto Beta for Mac OS X and Windows (and iPhone) now available

29th April 2009de la Mancha announces Spring 09 Offer

29th April 2009MOTU releases Volta

29th April 2009MeldaProduction updates MMasteringBundle (v1.03), MAutoEqualizer (v1.03), MDynamics (v1.07) and MSpectralDynamics (v1.02)

29th April 2009schwa updates Olga to v1.02.01

29th April 2009Acoustica updates Mixcraft to v4.5 b117

28th April 2009Ueberschall releases Studio Works (Elastik Soundbank)

28th April 2009IK Multimedia releases T-RackS 3 Singles

28th April 2009whiteLABEL releases disPRESSA, comPANION, stwETCH, monoLOW and simpleTON (and updates autoBED)

28th April 2009G-Sonique launches Spring Sale

28th April 2009Ohm Force launches Ohm Studio Video Cohmpetition

28th April 2009LinPlug and Meyer Musicmedia announce 'Buy Albino and get 4 Albino Soundsets Free' offer

28th April 2009Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank updates UVI Workstation to v1.0.15

28th April 2009FXpansion releases BFD Oak Custom Expansion Kit

28th April 2009Les Productions Zvon releases Out There [KON|WAV|SF2]

28th April 2009Dusted William Sounds releases Dirty Dose [WAV|GURU|BAT|...]

28th April 2009XLN Audio releases Rock Songs MIDI Pak

28th April 2009Wavelore updates American Zither for Kontakt to v2.0

28th April 2009No Dough releases Deconstructed Vol. 1 [KON|REX|WAV]

28th April 2009Topten Software updates Cantabile to v2.0 Build 2036

28th April 2009BBE Sound updates D82 Sonic Maximizer to v2.2

27th April 2009Blue Cat Audio releases Blue Cat's Dynamics v3.0 for Mac OS X and Windows (and launches May promotion on all plug-ins)

27th April 2009Samplebase releases 4th Floor - Tech | House | Electro - Side A and Side B SoundBlocks for Satellite

27th April 2009HG Fortune releases HGF Big Wave Set #1 [SF2]

27th April 2009Nick Crow Lab releases Nick Crow 8505 Lead

27th April 2009Jeremy Evers updates Atlantis to v0.9l

27th April 20099 Soundware releases Discord for EXS24

27th April 2009Humanoid Sound Systems announces new pricing model for Scanned Synth Pro 2 (Pay what you want)

27th April 2009Line 6 updates POD Farm to v1.1

27th April 2009QuikQUak releases UpStereo v2.0 Beta E

27th April 2009jBridge updated to v0.96e

27th April 2009Puremagnetik releases Vintage Organs Volume 1 for Live, Kontakt and Logic

24th April 2009Homegrown Sounds releases Black Magic Lite

24th April 2009Fretted Synth updates SoftDrum and re-releases Free Amp 2 (+updates it to 2.5)

23rd April 2009Native Instruments releases Urban Arsenal 2 (Kore Soundpack)

23rd April 2009Prime Loops release Glitch Hop Drum Loops [ACID|AL|REX|...]

23rd April 2009Tonehammer releases Epic Dhol for Kontakt

23rd April 2009Equinox Sounds releases Darkside Drum 'N' Bass [WAV|REX]

23rd April 2009Arturia releases minimoog V v2.0

23rd April 2009AcousticsampleS releases DrumTasteJazz for SFZ

23rd April 2009Beatluxe releases Minimalistech [WAV|REX]

23rd April 2009AMG ONE 'Groove Activating Virtual Instrument' - Price Halved

23rd April 2009Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.9.1

23rd April 2009ifoundasound updates LiveProfessor to alpha 3

23rd April 2009BIAS Extends Promotions Through Q2

22nd April 2009HTT releases Sika Oriental Scale v1.5 (incl. Mac release) (and announces 20% Off Sale)

22nd April 2009MeldaProduction updates MAutoEqualizer (v1.02), MSpectralDynamics (v1.01), MStereoProcessor (v1.01), MDynamics (v1.06) and MEqualizerLinearPhase (v1.01)

22nd April 2009Cakewalk releases Music Creator 5

22nd April 2009BIAS announces Soundsoap Pro 2 (and Master Perfection Suite offer)

22nd April 2009Auraplug releases Red Skull Distortion v2.0

22nd April 2009Way Out Ware updates TimewARP 2600 to v1.4.1

22nd April 2009Topten Software updates Cantabile to v2.0 Build 2033

22nd April 2009jBridge updated to v0.93

22nd April 2009Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Elek7ro v1.01

21st April 2009Audio Ease releases Speakerphone 2

21st April 2009xoxos releases Stoq

21st April 2009Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Dub and TAL-Dub-II

21st April 2009Sony Creative Software announces Vegas Pro 9 and Vegas Pro Production Assistant

21st April 2009Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank releases Jazzistic (UVI Soundcard)

21st April 2009Big Fish Audio releases Chill 2 and Rotation Hip Hop [AL|REX|RMX|Acid]

21st April 2009NuGen Audio updates SEQ1 and SEQ2 to v1.2.4

21st April 2009EastWest updates EWQLSO Platinum to v1.0.1 and Symphonic Choirs to v1.0.1

21st April 2009MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.5.8

21st April 2009Sonic Specialists release Urban Fire 5 Drum Library [WAV]

21st April 2009Zero-G releases Progressive House [ACID|AL|REX|...]

21st April 2009Orange Tree Samples announces 'World Bass Star' Competition and 40% Discount Offer

21st April 2009Wusik announces Spring 2009 Group Buy for Wusikstation and EVE

21st April 2009Pettinhouse releases DirectBass 2.0 FREE for Kontakt

21st April 2009Dusted William Sounds releases FreeSP [WAV]

21st April 2009Cluster Sound releases Minus Morph [WAV|REX]

21st April 2009Motion Samples releases Five Sample Libs

21st April 2009Bluezone Corporation releases Trance Traxx [WAV|AIFF]

20th April 2009FabFilter updates One and Simplon and announces 5th Anniversary Sale (get "One" for €5)

20th April 2009AudioMulch v2.0 details and release date announced

20th April 2009PowerFX releases Progressive House [ACID|REX]

20th April 2009FASoft updates n-Track Studio to v6.0.4

20th April 2009knobster releases Keywriter

20th April 2009de la Mancha releases D2 Compressor

20th April 2009reFX updates Nexus to v2.1 and releases Vocoder and NuElectro Expansions

20th April 2009Spectrasonics updates Omnisphere to v1.0.4f

20th April 2009Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Elek7ro (v0.92), TAL-U-No-62 (v1.6) and TAL-BassLine (v1.3)

20th April 2009eSession.com starts Virtual Glass Plug-In for Windows beta testing

20th April 2009Expert Sleepers updates Augustus Loop AU to v2.0.4

17th April 2009MOTU updates BPM (Beat Production Machine) to v1.02

17th April 2009Musicrow releases The Heavenly Prophecy soundest for Arturia Prophet V

17th April 2009BIAS updates Peak to v6.1.1

17th April 2009Christian Knufinke Software updates SIR2 to v2.4.005

17th April 2009EastWest updates Fab Four (v1.0.2), Pianos (v1.0.5), Gypsy (v1.0.3) and Ministry of Rock (v1.0.4)

17th April 2009Jeremy Evers updates Atlantis to v0.9k

17th April 2009jBridge updated to v0.9

16th April 2009NUSofting announces Strings Dream Synthesizer

16th April 2009AAS releases Strum Electric GS-1

16th April 2009i3 updates DSP-Quattro to v3.0.2

16th April 2009Impromptu updated to v1.4

16th April 2009QuikQuak updates UpStereo v2.0 to Beta D

16th April 2009Native Instruments releases Kontakt v3.5 Beta (for registered users)

16th April 2009Renoise v2.1 beta now available (for registered users)

15th April 2009Merging Technologies releases Service Pack 3 for Pyramix Virtual Studio v6.0

15th April 2009Nick Crow Lab releases Nick Crow 7170 Lead

15th April 2009112dB releases Redline Reverb

15th April 2009SONiVOX releases DVI 2.0 with Free Trial of 59 Downloadable Virtual Instruments

15th April 2009Nine Volt Audio updates TAIKO: Multi Sample High Impact Drum Library for Kontakt

15th April 2009vvvv group releases vvvv v4.0 beta 21

15th April 2009Cycling '74 updates Max/MSP to v5.0.7

15th April 2009Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Elek7ro v0.9

15th April 2009Spectrasonics updates Stylus RMX to v1.8.1d

15th April 2009Voxengo updates VariSaturator to v1.6

15th April 2009D16 Group announces Nithonat Feature List and Pre-order

14th April 2009Prime Loops releases Glitch Cuts, Urban & Dance Vocals and Minimal & Twisted House Drum Loops [Various sample formats]

14th April 2009Beta Monkey Music releases Pure Country V: Nashville Shuffles [WAV|AL]

14th April 2009Producer Loops releases Dubstep Constructions [ACID|AL|REX]

14th April 2009Ohm Force launches Quad Frohmage and Symptohm:Melohman Half Price Promotion

14th April 2009ExperimentalScene releases DarkWave Studio and AntiAlias, DGenR8 and SpatialVerb VST plug-ins under GPLv3 Open Source License

14th April 20094Front Technologies updates 4Front Piano and 4Front Bass to v1.1 (incl. AU and UB release)

14th April 2009Mellowmuse releases Windows versions of CP1A, EQ1A and IR1A and updates ATA to v1.2e

14th April 2009Overloud updates TH1 to v1.1.1

14th April 2009MeldaProduction releases MStereoProcessor and updates MDynamics to v1.05

14th April 2009FXpansion updates Guru to v1.6

14th April 2009AuraPlug updates Fuzz-Stone and Fuzz-Stone[Ge] to v2.0

14th April 2009djDecks updated to v0.94

14th April 2009jBridge updated to v0.88

14th April 2009Ambrosia Software updates WireTap Studio to v1.0.11

14th April 2009Topten Software updates Cantabile to v2.0 Build 2032

14th April 2009Admiral Quality updates Poly-Ana and L'il Poly-Ana OS X Beta to v0.02

14th April 2009QuikQuak releases UpStereo v2.0 Beta C (incl. AU release)

14th April 2009Sony Creative Software updates ACID Pro to v7.0c

14th April 2009Modartt updates Pianoteq to v3.0.2 and releases free 'Bells and carillons' add-on

14th April 2009IK Multimedia updates ARC System to v1.1 (Software Update)

9th April 2009Homegrown Sounds announces Black Magic Loop Generator

9th April 2009Bela D Media releases Native Voice for Kontakt

9th April 2009AcousticsampleS releases DrumTasteJazz for Kontakt

9th April 2009Digital Music Doctor releases Cubase 5 - Know It All! Video Training Course

9th April 2009Modartt releases free Pianoteq 3 Video Tutorials

9th April 2009knobster releases Organaut

9th April 2009Little Endian acquires Delaydots

9th April 2009Ueberschall announces Buy 1 Get 1 Free on all Ueberschall titles

9th April 2009SoundsDivine releases New Analogue for Sawer

9th April 2009ifoundasound updates LiveProfessor to alpha 2.2

9th April 2009Brainworx updates bx_dynEQ to v1.0.1

9th April 2009EastWest updates Quantum Leap Voices of Passion to v1.0.6

8th April 2009Steinberg updates Cubase to v5.0.1

8th April 2009Zynewave updates Podium to v2.14

8th April 2009Monkey Tools updates Sound Grinder Pro and Library Monkey Pro to v1.1.5

8th April 2009Brainworx updates bx_digital to v1.1.3

8th April 2009jBridge updated to v0.8c

7th April 2009Terry West Plugins releases Easy-NY v1.1

7th April 2009RNDigital Labs releases Uniquel-izer 2

7th April 2009EastWest teams up with Ohm force to include Ohmicide:Melohman, Quad Frohmage and OhmBoyz plug-ins with select PLAY products

7th April 2009Admiral Quality updates Poly-Ana OS X Beta to v0.01 and releases L'il Poly-Ana OS X Beta v0.01

7th April 2009SONiVOX updates Playa - Hip-Hop Virtual Instrument to v1.1

7th April 2009Jack OS X updated to v0.82

7th April 2009Voxengo updates Voxformer to v2.1

6th April 2009Waves releases H-Comp and H-Delay

6th April 2009Topten Software releases Cantabile v2.0

6th April 2009MeldaProduction releases MSpectralDynamics, updates MDynamics to v1.04 (adds MDynamicsLimiter) and MAutoEqualizer to v1.01 and announces MMasteringBundle

6th April 2009Iliadis releases VH-2 Organ

6th April 2009DSK Music releases DSK ChoirZ (beta)

6th April 2009CCT audioLabz V-Dumper becomes VDumper and is updated to v0.41.41

6th April 2009AZ Audio releases Stempel - Spectral Vocoder

6th April 2009BIAS announces Single Plug-in Editions of the Master Perfection Suite

6th April 2009jBridge updated to v0.78b

3rd April 2009Sample Logic releases WaterHarp for Kontakt

3rd April 2009Groove Monkee releases Punk Rock MIDI Beats Library

3rd April 2009i3 releases DSP-Quattro v3.0

3rd April 2009Iced Audio releases AudioFinder v4.9

3rd April 2009EastWest updates PLAY Software to v1.2.3

2nd April 2009Mutekki Media announces Kick-Free Revolution Vol.1 [KON|EXS|...]

2nd April 2009Ableton releases Live 8 and Suite 8

2nd April 2009PreSonus announces Studio One

2nd April 2009Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer to v2.1.0

2nd April 2009Evopax releases D-Five EQ

2nd April 2009ifoundasound releases alpha version of LiveProfessor

2nd April 2009Brainspawn updates Forte to v2.0.108

2nd April 2009Spectrasonics updates Stylus RMX to v1.8

1st April 2009Solid State Logic announces release of Pro-Convert for Mac

1st April 2009Magix announces Samplitude 11 and Sequoia 11

1st April 2009SPL releases Analog Code Bundle 1 and Free Ranger plug-ins and announces SPL RackPack 500, Frontliner, Auditor and Cabulator hardware

1st April 2009Blue Cat Audio updates Remote Control (v2.1) and Stereo Phaser (v2.4) (incl. Mac VST/AU releases)

1st April 2009zplane acquires PPMulator+ and announces update

1st April 2009xoxos releases Phybes

1st April 2009NTS Audio updates UDLG-1 to v1.2

1st April 2009IK Multimedia launches AmpliTube Preset XChange

1st April 2009IK Multimedia announces T-RackS 3 Singles

1st April 2009Solid State Logic announces MX4 (128 channel MADI I/O with DSP powered SSL software mixer)

1st April 2009Solid State Logic announces Duende V3 and new X-Verb Plug-in

1st April 2009Stillwell Audio updates all plug-ins to v1.52.05

1st April 2009zplane announces Elastique Pitch plug-in

1st April 2009Submersible releases DrumCore v3.0 (incl. RTAS/AU/VST support)

1st April 2009Garritan purchases Giga Technology Assets from Tascam

1st April 2009Ambrosia updates WireTap Studio to v1.0.9

1st April 2009Steinberg launches three new Sequel Content Sets

1st April 2009Cakewalk announces SONAR V-Studio 100

1st April 2009Arturia announces two updates for Origin

1st April 2009Vienna Symphonic Library announces Vienna Ensemble PRO and Vienna Suite v1.1 (incl. new Convolution Reverb)

1st April 2009Cakewalk now shipping UA-1G USB audio interface and UM-1G, UM-2G, and UM-3G MIDI interfaces

1st April 2009Arturia announces minimoog V 2.0 shipping on April 20

1st April 2009EastWest announces the EastWest/Quantum Leap Complete Composers Collection PLAY Edition

1st April 2009Cakewalk announces VS-700C V-Studio Console now available for SONAR 8 Producer

1st April 2009Novation announces SL Mk II MIDI Controllers

1st April 2009Cakewalk updates SONAR REAC Recording System driver to v1.1

1st April 2009Cakewalk announces Rapture v1.2 Update

1st April 2009Steinberg announces The Grand 3

1st April 2009One Small Clue updates Poise Percussion Sampler to v1.0.9.8

1st April 2009Steinberg announces HALion 3.5 (incl. compatibility with 64-bit Vista)