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News Archive for May 2009

29th May 2009Schwa releases CMX Stereo Microshifter and x64 installers for Olga, Tin Man, Schope and Bitter

29th May 2009Toontrack Music announces The Metal Foundry SDX for Superior Drummer

29th May 2009MakeMusic announces Finale 2010

29th May 2009Overloud releases TH1 Triode v1.1

29th May 2009reFuse Software releases Mid-Side Suite and Flipper for Windows

29th May 2009PG Music releases RealBand 2009 Build 3

29th May 2009Wave releases V6r5 Essentials, Expanded and Complete installers and JJP V6

29th May 2009DDMF updates ColourEQ to v1.1

28th May 2009Native Instruments releases Deep Reconstructions (Kore Soundpack)

28th May 2009Simplosive releases Hard Kicks [WAV|AIFF]

28th May 2009Goldbaby Productions releases Tape-101 [KON|EXS]

28th May 2009Impact Soundworks releases Groove Bias: Vintage Drum Sounds [KON|EXS|...]

28th May 2009Bluezone Corporation releases 'Tech & Minimal Energy' and 'Dark Techno & Acid Synth' [WAV]

28th May 2009Human Touch Technology releases HTP4 Darbukator Desert Drums VSTi (+WAV|EXS|REX|SF2)

28th May 2009Matt L releases NCL EQ

28th May 2009Loomer updates Aspect, Manifold and Resound to v1.3.2 (incl. RTAS)

27th May 2009Variety Of Sound releases TesslaPRO v1.0

27th May 2009Cockos releases REAPER 3

27th May 2009SSynth releases Sosnowski Synthesizer

27th May 2009IK Multimedia releases StealthPedal

27th May 2009Renoise updated to v2.1

26th May 2009Time + Space launches Sale offering discounts of up to 70%

26th May 2009jBridge updated to v0.99d

26th May 2009Insert Piz Here updates Mr. Alias to v2.02

26th May 2009Zynewave updates Podium to v2.16

26th May 2009Loopmasters releases Global Beatworks Vol.1 - Afro Cuban Percussion [ACID|REX|AL]

26th May 2009Sample Magic releases Progressive House [WAV|REX|...]

26th May 2009Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9687

26th May 2009Loopmasters releases Fidget House [WAV|REX|...]

26th May 2009Sensomusic updates Usine to v4.21b

26th May 2009Topten Software updates Cantabile to v2.0 Build 2039

26th May 2009Audio Ease updates Nautilus Bundle to v2.5.5 and Rocket Science Bundle to v3.5.4

26th May 2009Tonehammer releases 'Forgotten Voices: Barbary' for Kontakt

26th May 2009Le Lotus Bleu releases Wave Grooves for Massive

26th May 2009Voxengo releases Tube Amp v2.0 and updates MSED to v2.1

26th May 2009Polac updates VST Loaders for Jeskola Buzz to v1.

26th May 2009Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v5.21

26th May 2009discoDSP updates Discovery to R3.2

26th May 2009Humanoid Sound Systems updates Scanned Synth Pro to v2.0.7

26th May 2009Sonic Sidekick updates Extreme Drumsynth to v1.1.0

26th May 2009Wusik updates Wusikstation to v5.8.2 and Wusik VM to v1.2.4

26th May 2009ProducerLoops releases Bunker 8 'Symphonic Hip Hop' Library

26th May 2009Big Fish Audio releases Hip Hop Exotica 2 [AL|ACID|REX|...]

26th May 2009Bolder Sounds releases Bavarian Zither and Bavarian Zither Demo [KON|EXS|WAV]

25th May 2009FabFilter releases FabFilter Timeless 2 Delay Plug-in

22nd May 2009SKnote releases KickHaas

22nd May 2009Image Line updates DirectWave to v1.4.3

22nd May 2009Audiffex updates Gallien Krueger Amplification to v1.0.5

22nd May 2009EastWest updates PLAY to v1.2.5

22nd May 2009IK Multimedia announces Software Partnership with SAE Institute Campuses in USA

22nd May 2009macProVideo releases Logic 401: Logic's Mastering Toolkit Tutorial Videos

21st May 2009Expert Sleepers releases Little Spacey

21st May 2009HG Fortune release X-Wheel of Fortune 6

21st May 2009Homegrown Sounds updates Black Magic to v1.01; announces Introjector; launches Group Buy

21st May 2009EastWest launches 'Buy One Get one Free' Worldwide Promotion of PLAY products

21st May 2009NuGen Audio releases Stereo Techniques Tutorial Video

21st May 2009PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2009 for Macintosh

21st May 2009iZotope updates RX to v1.20

21st May 2009PSPaudioware updates Lexicon PSP42 and PSP 84 v1.5.3 (incl. x64 beta)

21st May 2009Steinberg releases HALion v3.5

20th May 2009Ableton updates Live to v8.0.3

20th May 2009Kong Audio releases ChineeSheng: The Mouth Organ of Concord and introduces Essential China Pack

20th May 2009Odo releases Double Six XXL

20th May 2009Avid releases Sibelius 6

20th May 2009The Lower Rhythm releases B-400

20th May 2009AcmeBarGig releases AfterShock Digital Delay

20th May 2009Brainworx releases bx_boom!

19th May 2009Iliadis releases EfthimiaSM Organ and sets VH-2 Free

19th May 2009MeldaProduction updates All Free VST Plug-ins

19th May 2009Yamaha updates Motif XS Editor VST to v1.2.1

19th May 2009Nucleus SoundLab announces Viral Outbreak / VS Resurrection Special Offer

19th May 2009reFuse Software updates Ugly VSTi Interface to v0.4

19th May 2009UVI SoundSource introduces Spirit of Gongs (UVI Soundpack)

18th May 2009Voxengo updates Elephant to v3.3

18th May 2009Modartt updates Pianoteq to v3.0.3 (incl. native Linux version) and releases Vibes add-on (2 virtual vibraphones)

18th May 2009Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v5.2

18th May 2009KarmaFX Synth Modular updated to v1.07

18th May 2009jBridge updated to v0.98e

18th May 2009Image Line updates Deckadance to v1.5.1

18th May 2009Sonic Studio updates soundBlade to v1.3.3

18th May 2009Nucleus SoundLab releases Synthetic Kits - Advanced Drum Synthesis [Refill]

18th May 2009Precisionsound releases Vintage Keyboard Collection Volume 1 [KON|HAL|SF2|RX2]

18th May 2009Big Fish Audio releases Electron Smasher [AL/REX/WAV/RMX/Acid]

18th May 2009MESA+ releases Waveformer for Ableton Live 7

18th May 2009Mutekki Media releases Bass Infarct by Swen Weber [WAV|AL|...]

18th May 2009Puremagnetik releases Two Free Artist Kits for Ableton Live 8 (Human Beatbox Kit and Funky Constructions)

18th May 2009Tonehammer releases Bamblong for Kontakt

18th May 2009Native Instruments releases Discovery Series:North India (Kore Soundpack)

18th May 2009DontCrac[k] Extends Flux Promotion until May 31st, 2009

18th May 2009The Lower Rhythm releases Abyss

18th May 2009NTS Audio updates Drum Loop to v1.1

18th May 2009GoldWave updated to v5.52

18th May 2009MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.5.10

15th May 2009KResearch releases KR-Fatter STR - Spectral Enhancer

15th May 2009Real Sound Lab releases CONEQ P2 EQ Plug-in

15th May 2009Alterex releases modified version of ViCON

15th May 2009Evopax releases D-Five EQ v1.0 Trial Version (and 20% Discount Offer)

15th May 2009112dB updates Redline Reverb to v1.0.1

15th May 2009Cycling '74 discontinues Pluggo (Moves Pluggo Technology to 'Max for Live')

15th May 2009AZ Audio updates SuperMidiScripter to v0.902

15th May 2009Topten Software updates Cantabile to v2.0 Build 2037

14th May 2009Algorithmix releases LP SplitComp

14th May 2009Zynewave updates Podium to v2.15

14th May 2009MellowMuse updates Mellowhead, IR1A, CP1A and EQ1A to v1.2

14th May 2009Sagan Technology updates Metro to v6.4.7.2

13th May 2009Linux MultiMedia Studio v0.4.4 released

13th May 2009Sensomusic releases Usine v4.20b

13th May 2009reFuse Software releases Mid-Side Suite v0.51

13th May 2009AcmeBarGig releases RedShift Pickup Replacer v1.0

13th May 2009Peavey releases RTAS version of ReValver Mk III

13th May 2009Propellerhead Software announces Record

13th May 2009Access Music releases Virus TI OS3

13th May 2009Tekky Synths releases CrAzYx v1.0, SaMpLyX v2.5, eZmYx v2.0 and sTrEtChYx v2.0

13th May 2009The Lower Rhythm releases Mindrot

12th May 2009Voxengo releases PHA-979 v2.0

12th May 2009Rob Papen releases SubBoomBass

12th May 2009The Lower Rhythm releases Equivibe

12th May 2009Brainspawn updates Forte to v2.0.116 and EHCo to v2.0.1

11th May 2009Audioxygen releases Gemini

11th May 2009Soundlib updates G-Player to v1.1

11th May 2009Expert Sleepers releases Augustus Loop v2.1.0 (+new script/skin)

11th May 2009Xylio updates FutureDecks Pro to v1.3.3

11th May 2009GoldWave updated to v5.51

11th May 2009Rayzoon releases free 'Mark' Drummer Model for Jamstix 2 and announces 2009 Spring Sale Event

8th May 2009NUSofting releases free Modelonia Player for Windows

8th May 2009xoxos releases Boing2 - Bowed String Synthesizer

8th May 2009de la Mancha releases thr33some - Multi-band Stereo Tool

8th May 2009reFuse Software releases Flipper v0.51 for Mac; announces Lowender for Windows

8th May 2009J releases IPC MIDI v1.0 and updates jBridge to v0.97d

8th May 2009nashNET releases reViSiT Pro v1.1.1

8th May 2009Avid announces M-Audio and Digidesign Listen Up! World Tour 2009

8th May 2009Sonic Sidekick updates Extreme DrumSynth to v1.006

8th May 2009i3 updates DSP-Quattro to v3.0.3

8th May 2009Haunted House Records releases free Old Skool Computer Games Samples [WAV]

8th May 2009ProducerLoops releases Ambient Metal Constructions 2 [ACID|AL|MIDI]

8th May 2009Ableton updates Live 8 and Suite 8 to v8.0.2

8th May 2009AcousticsampleS releases TheBox [KON|EXS|SFZ|M5]

8th May 2009GoldWave updated to v5.50

7th May 2009AcmeBarGig releases BIG v1.0.1 and DIG v2.0 - Guitar / Bass Amp & FX Suites

7th May 2009Denis Eismann releases SuperSynthFX - Touch Panel Synthesizer

7th May 2009MusE - Linux Music Editor v1.0 RC2 now available

7th May 2009Blue Cat Audio updates All Mac VST Plug-ins for Cubase 5 Compatibility

6th May 2009Tone2 updates Warmverb Multi-FX to v1.1

6th May 2009Akai Professional announces APC40 Ableton Performance Controller launch date: May 30, 2009

6th May 2009Jeroen Breebaart announces Smash Pro and updates Red Phat Pro to v1.0.2

6th May 2009knobster releases BeatVox v1.0

6th May 2009AZ Audio updates ADopplerEn2 to v2.002

6th May 2009QuikQuak releases UpStereo v2.0

6th May 2009Acoustica updates Mixcraft to v4.5 b118

6th May 2009IK Multimedia announces 'Super Sonic Promotion' (Buy-One-Get-One-Free on 'Powered by SampleTank' virtual instruments)

6th May 2009Native Instruments announces Buy Kore 2 (with controller) get six Kore SoundPacks for Free Offer

6th May 2009Precisionsound releases Ostlind Compact Piano [HAL|KON|WAV|SF2]

6th May 2009Goldenchild Records releases Bhangra Beat [WAV]

6th May 2009Les Productions Zvon releases Cosmology SF2 for M42 Nebula

6th May 2009Dusted William Sounds releases Dirty Dose in SFZ format

5th May 2009Camel Audio updates Alchemy to v1.0.9

5th May 2009Studiodevices announces Reflections XS

5th May 2009Rhythm Lab releases Mo'Verb

5th May 2009SKnote announces Q796 (Analog Series)

5th May 2009discoDSP discontinues HighLife Shareware (Open Source version remains available)

5th May 2009Back In Time Records releases The Second Wave Pro II and Absynth Presets by kpr

5th May 2009Wave Arts updates all plug-ins to v5.47

5th May 2009IK Multimedia updates AmpliTube Fender to v1.0.1 and AmpliTube X-GEAR to v1.3.1

5th May 2009NTS Audio releases Drum Loop v1.0

5th May 2009Ueberschall releases Club Toolz (Elastik Soundbank)

5th May 2009ByteWeavers releases OscVstBridge v1.0

5th May 2009Softube releases Bass Amp Room and Amp Room Bundle

5th May 2009DontCrac[k] to distribute Flux plug-ins online and offers 40% discount to celebrate

5th May 2009AuraPlug releases Whamdrive v2.0 and updates Red Skull to v2.01

5th May 2009112dB updates Redline Monitor to v1.0.2

5th May 2009AZ Audio updates SuperMidiScripter to v0.901

5th May 2009Quiet Art updates Wave Rider to v1.3.2.6

5th May 2009MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.5.9b

1st May 2009Haunted House Records releases Experimental Percussion Sample Library [WAV]

1st May 2009Bluezone Corporation releases Percussive Loops [WAV|AIFF]

1st May 2009Sonic Sidekick releases Extreme DrumSynth

1st May 2009Iliadis announces Efthimia Organ

1st May 2009Steinberg launches Cubase Producer Pack

1st May 2009MV Pro Audio extends Waldorf Blofeld/Waldorf Edition SoftSynth "Perfect Pair" Bonus Program through May 31st

1st May 2009Ableton updates Live 7 to v7.0.16

1st May 2009ProjectSAM updates Symphobia and Orchestral Brass Classic to v1.1

1st May 2009HairerSoft has updated Amadeus Pro to v1.4.1