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News Archive for June 2007

29th June 2007Nine Volt Audio releases Beat Bandit: Hans Scheffler Edition [Stylus RMX|REX]

29th June 2007Odo Synths releases Six

29th June 2007Cakewalk releases Expansion Packs for Rapture and Dimension Pro

29th June 2007Samplelord updated to v1.1

29th June 2007discoDSP announces Discovery Pro (pre-order available)

29th June 2007de la Mancha releases entropy v1.0, kitchen sync v2.0 and thrummaschine v1.0

28th June 2007Extreme Sample Converter updated to 3.1.5

28th June 2007Apple releases Pro Applications Update 2007-01; Soundtrack Pro v2.0.1; Final Cut Pro v6.0.1

28th June 2007Leftover Lasagne updates PushTec 5+1A to v1.2

28th June 2007AraldFX updates StormGate1 to v1.0b

28th June 2007Christian Budde and Dalor release Rubberfilter

28th June 2007ndc Plugs releases Fragmental v1.0

28th June 2007Beta Monkey Music releases Pure Country III: Nashville Brushes [WAV|AL]

28th June 2007Crysonic launches CryEverything bundle; 50% Discount Offer; Imminent support for Mac OS X and Windows native

28th June 2007Nucleus SoundLab launches Group Buy for Viral Outbreak Volume One for Wusikstation

28th June 2007Sample Magic releases Sunset Sessions [HAL|KON|EXS|...]

28th June 2007TrackTeam Audio releases ORbITER SYnTH for Live's Sampler

28th June 2007SoundFonts.it releases Miles'tone v1.0

28th June 2007Pettinhouse releases DirectBass [KON]

27th June 2007Antares Audio Technologies announces Harmony Engine - Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator

27th June 2007Muse Research releases version 1.6 of the Receptor software

27th June 2007VirSyn updates TERA to v3.2.1

27th June 2007Synthogy updates Ivory to v1.63

27th June 2007Cakewalk releases Studio Instruments Collection

26th June 2007MusicLab updates RealGuitar to v2.1.5

25th June 2007Mackie updates Tracktion to v3.0.2.6

25th June 2007Sugar Bytes updates Unique to v1.0.2

25th June 2007Psychic Modulation updates Optik to v1.4

25th June 2007M-Audio releases Torq Xponent

25th June 2007IK Multimedia updates AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix

25th June 2007BTE Audio updates Juicy77 and TS' Secret to v1.0

25th June 2007AraldFX updates DKS PRO to v1.0d

25th June 2007Togu Audio Line updates Vintager to v1.4.0 and U-NO-60 to v1.1.3

22nd June 2007Universal Audio releases Neve 88RS Channel Strip, LA-3A Compressor and updates UAD software to v4.7

22nd June 2007FXpansion updates Guru to v1.1.280

22nd June 2007Psychic Modulation updates Minimal to v1.5

21st June 2007Cakewalk updates Project5 to v2.5.1

21st June 2007Maizesoft releases Maize Sampler (with Save as VST)

21st June 2007Sonalksis releases TBK3 Ueber Compressor

21st June 2007Ueberschall releases Liquid Drums

21st June 2007Forever For Now releases Reverse Sampler 2

20th June 2007Vir2 Instruments releases syntAX

20th June 2007Numerikart releases Stepazoide Sequencer v1.0

20th June 2007ddmf updates IIEQ

20th June 2007Les Productions Zvon releases Chromatic Hits [SF2]

20th June 2007Eiosis updates the ELS Vocoder to v1.1.1

20th June 2007Puremagnetik releases RackPak for Live 6

20th June 2007Devine Machine Software updates Krishna Synth to v1.02

20th June 2007RSO releases Vocal Magic 5

20th June 2007NuGen Audio updates SEQ1 and SEQ2 to v1.2

20th June 2007PG Music releases Build 237 of Band-in-a-Box Version 2007.5

20th June 2007Wusik releases first Wusikstation v4.0 update for v3.x users

20th June 2007Kjaerhus Audio releases MPL-1 Pro Second Edition

20th June 2007Novuzeit releases X-FX v1.0

18th June 2007Wallander Instruments releases WIVI Brass 1 for Mac OS X (+updates for Windows)

18th June 2007XT Software releases energyXT 2.0

18th June 2007STUDIODEVICES updates Reflections LE to v1.1

18th June 2007Kreativ Sounds releases The LOOPS Salad [REX|ACID]

18th June 2007Tascam updates GVI (Giga Virtual Instrument) to v3.62

18th June 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v1.866

18th June 2007Native Instruments releases free Battery 3 library add-on with exclusive artist kits

18th June 2007East West releases Quantum Leap Voices of Passion

18th June 2007apulSoft updates Chip32 Mac OS X port to Universal Binary

18th June 2007Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.5.6

18th June 2007PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box Version 2007.5 build 236

18th June 2007d16 Group releases Nepheton

18th June 2007Homegrown Sounds updates Astralis to v1.1

18th June 2007BandmateLoops announces partnership with Sounds Like Drums and releases 12 Multi-Sampled VI products

15th June 2007VirSyn updates Poseidon to v1.3

15th June 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.89

14th June 2007NUSofting announces BDM (Broken Drum Machine)

14th June 2007Bojo updates Wave changer 3 to v1.02

13th June 2007Vienna Symphonic Library releases Vienna Instruments: Special Brass

13th June 2007East West releases Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock

13th June 2007URS announces Sizzling Summer 20% off June Special

13th June 2007SoundFonts.it releases VB3

13th June 2007Humanoid Sound Systems releases Scanned Synth Pro and Scanned Synth Mini

13th June 2007Transvaal Audio updates Lost Technology to v0.2.3 and Refuzznik to v0.5.1

13th June 2007Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.5.5

13th June 2007apulSoft updates SlimSlowSlider C3 Multiband Compressor Mac OS X port to Universal Binary

13th June 20074Front Technologies releases TruePianos v1.0.1 (incl. Mac OS X AU version)

13th June 2007Cakewalk updates z3ta+ to v1.5.3

13th June 2007Topten Software updates Cantabile to v1.2 Build 1255

13th June 2007MackTuesday updates Orz to v0.3

12th June 2007Freeverse updates Sound Studio to v3.5.2

11th June 2007VertexDSP updates MultiInspector to v1.2.1

11th June 2007macProVideo.com releases Logic Tips 'N Tricks Video Subscription

11th June 2007ChocolateAudio releases Mock Bass electric bass library for Kontakt/EXS

11th June 2007de la Mancha releases subhuman v2.0

11th June 2007AraldFX releases StormGate1

11th June 2007bismark releases bs-spectrum v1.3 beta (incl. Universal Binary and AU)

8th June 2007Livelab.dk releases LiveSlice v1.45

8th June 2007Toontrack Music releases EZdrummer v1.1 and Nashville EZX for EZdrummer

8th June 2007Native Instruments updates Battery to v3.0.2

8th June 2007Starplugs updates its entire Multi-channel/Surround plugin-range

8th June 2007Rogue Amoeba updates Audio Hijack Pro to v2.7.3

7th June 2007East West releases Quantum Leap Gypsy

7th June 2007Togu Audio Line updates U-NO-60 (v1.1), Chorus-60 (v1.1) and Vintager (v1.3)

6th June 2007de la Mancha releases Dynamite Cowbell v1.0, Envy v1.1 and Moot v2.3

6th June 2007The Musicrow Group releases Drum Queen

6th June 2007Raw Material Software updates Juce to v1.43

6th June 2007Eiosis updates ELS Vocoder to v1.1

6th June 2007Modern Beats releases Klub Klapz 2 [KON|HAL|...]

5th June 2007GForce releases Minimonsta v1.0.8 (incl. Universal Binary)

5th June 2007XT Software announces energyXT2 release date with limited pre-order offer

5th June 2007Elevayta updates Creativity Tools to v2.20

5th June 2007Togu Audio Line updates U-NO-60 to v1.0.4

5th June 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v1.863

5th June 2007Blue Cat Audio updates Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ series to v3.1

5th June 2007Smart Loops releases 3 new SL MultiTracks Drum Loop Libraries (Bossa Nova, Country, Rock)

5th June 2007reKon audio updates entire product line with Mac-Intel support

5th June 2007Ultimate Sound Bank updates Plugsound Pro (v1.0.4) and Universal UVI Player (v1.0.3)

5th June 2007Ohm Force updates all plug-ins (Mac versions now available)

4th June 2007Jeroen Breebaart releases Omniverb v2.0.1

4th June 2007apulSoft updates the Big Tick Cheeze Machine Mac OS X port to be a Universal Binary

4th June 2007Vir2 releases VI.ONE v1.1

4th June 2007FASoft releases n-Track Studio v5.0.9 Beta

4th June 2007AlgoMusic and BK Synthlabs releases AMB ElectraBass v1.0

4th June 2007reViSiT v0.90.2 Beta released

1st June 2007AMG updates ONE, Metropolis and Infinite Groove (incl. Universal Binary) (+KAB/ONE Special Offer)

1st June 2007db audioware releases Quantum FX v2.5 (incl. Universal Binary)

1st June 2007SQ8L updated to v0.84a

1st June 2007Togu Audio Line updates U-NO-60 to v1.0.3

1st June 2007VertexDSP updates MultiInspectorFree to v1.1.2