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News Archive for June 2022

30th June 2022Tsugi Summer Sale - Save 40% on all sound design tools

30th June 2022Ginger Audio releases "GroundControl CASTER" - Free Audio Routing Hub for Mac

30th June 2022Mix Challenge Competitions in July 2022

30th June 2022Black Octopus Sound Summer Sale - Up to 50% off Samples, Presets and Templates

30th June 2022ProSoundz Sale: 20% Off All Products - KVR Marketplace Exclusive

30th June 2022Aiyn Zahev Sounds Summer Sale - Up to 50% off

30th June 2022apulSoft updates apTrigga3 to v3.7.1

30th June 2022Acon Digital updates Extract:Dialogue to v1.2 with Improved AI Model

30th June 2022HoRNet updates Hatefish RhyGenerator to v1.2.1

30th June 2022Groove Monkee releases Police Beats MIDI Loops

30th June 2022Empirical Labs releases Arousor LT with Intro Offer

30th June 2022Solid State Logic releases X-Gate Plug-in

30th June 2022Bitwig Studio updated to v4.3

30th June 2022Native Instruments releases "Session Guitarist - Electric Mint" in collaboration with Drumasonic

30th June 2022smaolab releases free Tarabia MK1, TaraTube & TaraLead plugins for Linux in LV2, VST2 & VST3 formats

30th June 2022Resonance Sound Summer Sale - 50% Discount on Loops, Synth Presets & Plugins

30th June 2022ModeAudio releases 'Portal - Ambient Samples & Textures'

30th June 2022Full Bucket Music releases the blooo in the new CLAP format for Windows (free)

30th June 2022Soundiron releases "David Oliver's Drum Kit" for Kontakt Player & NKS with Intro Offer

30th June 20222MGT / Metamusic Generative Tools releases "Auralis" - Free Experimental Ambient Tool for Windows

29th June 2022New Loops Summer Sale: Up to 70% off + an extra 30% off orders over £39

29th June 2022Applied Computer Music Technologies releases free ACM-3SA plug-in for Linux

29th June 2022Hidenori Matsuoka releases Piano Kit 5.0 and updates Guitar Kit to v8.0.1 for iOS

29th June 2022Techivation releases T-Exciter - A Musical-Sounding Exciter Plug-in

29th June 2022Sub51 releases Drop Pad 2.0 for Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol

29th June 2022AngelicVibes releases "Horizon" Guitar Loop Pack

28th June 2022GS DSP updates MagicDelay & MagicPitch

28th June 2022Lese releases Strum - Intuitive Multiband Delay AU / VST3 Plugin

28th June 2022UVI offers 50% off Shade, creative filter and EQ, through July 4th 2022

28th June 2022Antares Auto-Tune best deals available now before July price increase

28th June 2022Heavyocity releases Foundations Nylon Guitar - Free Kontakt Player Instrument

28th June 2022UnitedPlugins releases new plugin for Bass - Bassment Core

28th June 2022ElephantDSP updates free Room Reverb to v0.6.0 - Adds LV2 and experimental CLAP support

28th June 2022Donner Mid Year Sale - Up to 55% off

28th June 2022ANWIDA Soft Phaser plug-in is now available for free

27th June 2022Zenhiser releases "Chrysalis - Melodic Techno" Sample Pack

27th June 2022Cool WAV releases free presets for Cherry Audio DCO-106 and DS Audio Thorn

27th June 2022Big Fish Audio releases "SMACK 2: Claps, Snaps & Stomps" for Kontakt Player with intro offer

27th June 2022UnitedPlugins offer a 50% discount on their FrontDAW plugin

27th June 2022Emvoice releases new Virtual Singer: Keela, a Pop Female Vocalist

27th June 2022Vicious Antelope releases soundbanks for Pigments 3, Massive X, Omnisphere 2 and Analog Lab V

27th June 2022Glitchedtones Summer Sale

27th June 2022LivingRoom Upright Piano by KeyPleezer - $32 intro discount

27th June 2022Audiolounge announces 50% off Summer Sale

27th June 2022Revealed Recordings releases "Techno Kicks Vol. 2"

26th June 2022Incognet releases "Iberian Groove" sample pack

25th June 2022Aiyn Zahev releases Diva Digital - JP-8000 inspired classic trance bank

25th June 2022Resomonics Kontakt Instruments Summer Sale - 70% Off Refraction & Reflection

24th June 2022Resonance Sound releases "Melodic Elements 02 - Deckard's Dream" and "Selected Deep House Patches Vol.1 for Serum"

24th June 2022Vienna Symphonic Library releases historic Synchron Molzer Organ virtual instrument

24th June 2022Blue Cat Audio releases Blue Cat's Plug'n Script 3.32 Audio and MIDI Scripting Plug-in Update

24th June 2022Sounds And Effects "Pure Acoustic SE" 45% Off

24th June 2022Iceberg Audio Massive Summer Sale

24th June 2022MeldaProduction announces specials on selected plugins and bundles

24th June 2022baltic audio releases "Bigroom Melody Starters Vol 1"

24th June 2022Cherry Audio releases Rackmode Signal Processors for Voltage Modular

24th June 2022AudioThing updates Wires to v1.2 adding CLAP support

24th June 2022W. A. Production releases "Lofi Hip Hop Mega Pack 2" with 90% discount

24th June 2022Glitchedtones & Hidden Sound release "Urban Gongs" for Kontakt

24th June 2022Ultimate MIDI Plugin updates UChord (Ultimate Chord Engine) to v1.4.5

24th June 2022Fuse Audio Labs Summer Sale - 50% off all compressor plugins

23rd June 2022Quiet Art Mid-Year Sale - Save more than 50%

23rd June 2022HoRNet releases AnalogStage MK2

23rd June 2022Sonnet announces PCI Express 3.0 Adapter Card featuring Two NVMe SSD Slots, 16-Lane PCIe Bridge

23rd June 2022SparkPackers releases Vintage & Lo-Fi - Wavetable Pack for Serum

23rd June 2022Impact Soundworks Summer Sale: Up to 50% off virtual instruments and plugins

23rd June 2022UnitedPlugins updates Electrum and Bassment amp simulations

23rd June 2022SoundsDivine releases 'Cosmic Funk Vol.1 & 2' for Hive

23rd June 2022Ueberschall releases Flugelhorn 2 for Elastik

23rd June 2022Psytrance Plugins updates HiPulse and beatassist.eu Akkord to v1.2

23rd June 2022Black Octopus Sound and Mindex release Sensorica (Samples & Serum Presets)

22nd June 2022FrozenPlain Summer Sale - Up to 60% off

22nd June 2022SynthIV releases Luxon - Free Synthesizer Plugin for Windows VST3

22nd June 2022Cymatic Form Summer Sale: 50% Off Acousmatic Engine

22nd June 2022Steinberg partners with Sony CSL and updates Backbone to 1.5 with new AI feature

21st June 2022Klevgränd releases 'Fosfat - Transient Fertilizer' with intro offer

21st June 2022Waves releases V14 of Waves Plugins

21st June 2022Andi Vax releases "VITAL Bank" for Vital Synth

21st June 2022Toontrack releases Rock Opera EZkeys MIDI pack

21st June 2022JUCE 7 Now Available - ARA & LV2 Support

21st June 2022G-Sonique Analog Tape ASX-72 limited intro offer

21st June 2022MeldaProduction releases MTurboAmp with an 81% Intro Discount (+ 50% off MCabinet)

21st June 2022ircamLab updates The Snail to v1.4.0 - Apple Silicon Support

21st June 2022Mastering The Mix Summer Sale - Up to 50% Off

20th June 2022Zenhiser releases "Orbital - Progressive Trance" Sample Pack

20th June 2022MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v4.4 with MIDI Mutator added

20th June 2022Rast Sound Deal: Buy 2 or more titles with 60% off through Heat Wave Offers

20th June 2022Cool WAV releases Space Portals V1 for Output Portal (Free)

20th June 2022sonible Summer Sale - Up to 50% off

20th June 2022Glitchedtones Deal of the Week: Retrowave for Serum & Cthulhu for £1.00

20th June 2022ANWIDA Soft Stereoid Week - Stereo Enhancer Plugins 58% off

20th June 2022WIMS updates WoodSynth, Woodulator and Woodscraper with new features and NKS integration

20th June 2022Tone2 updates NanoHost to v1.2.2

20th June 2022Orchestral Tools release Khosso for SINE Player

20th June 2022Vicious Antelope releases "Steppe" for Pigments and Analog Lab and "Technolove" for Serum

20th June 2022Revealed Recordings releases "Serum Stabs Vol. 1" for Serum

19th June 2022OCTO8R releases "Fortis Calore" - Free pack of 400 presets for Knifonium

18th June 2022Thenatan releases "Bells" Virtual Instrument with intro offer

18th June 2022Glitchedtones & Hidden Sound release "Military Truck Percussion" for Kontakt

18th June 2022New Loops releases "EDM Glitch Fills" with 30% off intro offer

18th June 2022Monocasual Laboratories releases Giada v0.22.0 "Baccoo" for Linux, Windows and macOS

17th June 2022KVR Marketplace Exclusive: Miroslav Philharmonik 2 Classic for just $39

17th June 2022Rast Sound releases 'Hang Melo 3' for Kontakt with intro offer

17th June 2022When the going gets tough, the tough get going: An interview with PSPaudioware co-founder Mateusz Wozniak

17th June 2022Xhun Audio announces KickBeat Hybrid Bass Drum Synthesizer and the new SnapLab Collection

17th June 2022Babylonwaves releases Art Conductor 8.2 - support for 20 new sample libraries (Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, VSL among others)

17th June 2022ZenSound releases Ryoko for TAL J-8

17th June 2022The Very Loud Indeed Co. releases Mobilis II: Hybrid Scoring Percussion

17th June 2022Muletone Audio Summer Sale: Up to 50% off on selected libraries

17th June 2022Soniccouture Sun Drums - Vintage Drums for Modern Beats for Kontakt Player

17th June 2022Fuse Audio Labs Summer Sale Round 1 - Get 50% off all preamp plugins

17th June 2022W. A. Production releases "Pumping Summer Bundle 2022" with 86% discount

17th June 2022Roland releases Jupiter-4 Software Synthesizer Plugin

17th June 2022HoRNet Summer Sale: 60% Off Every Plugin

17th June 2022smaolab releases TarabiaMK2 Pro - Singular Morphing Overdrive/Distortion Plugin

17th June 2022baltic audio releases "Slap House Power Pack 2"

17th June 2022KeyPleezer releases LivingRoom Upright Piano Complete Edition for Kontakt

17th June 2022Sound Magic releases "Neo Piano Chapters: 1927" featuring a 1927 Steinway D Grand Piano

17th June 2022Cakewalk by BandLab updated to version 2022.06

17th June 2022Audiomodern Playbeat Lite free with purchase at Plugin Boutique

16th June 2022ThaLoops Summer Sale - Save 50% Storewide

16th June 2022UVI offers up to 50% off on a selection of products for the Fête de la Musique through June 22nd

16th June 2022Steinberg updates WaveLab (v11.1) and WaveLab Cast (v1.2) - New Features and special discount

16th June 2022Vienna Symphonic Library releases "German Upright 1904" - Virtual representation of a historic C. Bechstein upright piano

16th June 2022Arturia releases FX Collection 3

16th June 2022IK T-RackS Group Buy 2022 - Up to 53 for the price of 1

16th June 2022Steinberg releases VST Live - Advanced Live Performance System

16th June 2022ANWIDA Soft offers a $30 gift voucher

16th June 2022Nembrini Audio Crazy Sale - 80% Off

16th June 2022Splash Sound Summer Sale: Up to 90% off on all libraries for Kontakt (Plus a freebie)

15th June 2022Plughugger Summer Sale: 33% off everything

15th June 2022NatLife Sounds releases Cosmic Plucks V2 for DUNE 3 and Future MBass V1 for Spire

15th June 2022Heavyocity Summer Sale - Save up to 50% Storewide

15th June 2022Xhun Audio End Of School Special Offer 2022

15th June 2022HoRNet updates MultiFreqs to v1.1.2

15th June 2022FeelYourSound releases "MIDI Echoes" preset package and video guide

15th June 2022u-he and Bitwig announce CLAP: A new plugin standard

15th June 2022Bremmers Audio Design adds CLAP support to MultitrackStudio

15th June 2022NUGEN updates SigMod - on offer for $29

15th June 2022Rigid Audio Everything Bundle offer - 31 products for $59.99

15th June 2022SoundsDivine Summer Sale - Up to 50% off

15th June 2022Power up your underscores with these orchestral textures and instruments

14th June 2022Toontrack releases "The Sixties EBX" for EZbass

14th June 2022Audiofier releases Sphaera for Kontakt

14th June 2022Venomode updates Complexer to v2.5.0 - Adds Apple M1 Support

14th June 2022Moog Music announce Mavis: Semi-modular analog synthesizer kit

14th June 2022Vicious Antelope Offer: 50% off all soundbanks

14th June 2022Witech releases BassMatrix first release for Windows (free)

13th June 2022Patchpool Summer Sale 2022 - up to 35% discount on selected items, 20% on bundles

13th June 2022Zenhiser releases "Atom - Psytrance" Sample Pack

13th June 2022Andi Vax releases "MODO BASS 2 Mix Ready Presets"

13th June 2022Nektar releases Nektarine 2.5 - Complete beatmaking solution

13th June 2022MusicDevelopments Summer Sale: 40% Off RapidComposer, MIDI Mutator, Melodya, Syne until June 26

13th June 2022Toybox release The Tangle Pack - Reaktor Blocks

13th June 2022MusicDevelopments releases "MIDI Mutator" and announces Summer Sale

13th June 202210 great cinematic percussion instruments to add to your collection

13th June 2022Nembrini Audio releases Overdrive Special Guitar Amplifier - with Intro Offer

13th June 2022Glitchedtones Deal of the Week: Abstract Sound Design for £1.00

13th June 2022Revealed Recordings releases "Big Room Techno Vol. 2" for Serum

11th June 2022NatLife Sounds releases True Trance Sounds V1 for Hive 2

11th June 2022NoiseAsh Audio updates NEED Preamp and Eq Collection to v1.0.9

11th June 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MAutoStereoFix, MDynamicEq, MVintageRotary and MPhaserMB

10th June 2022Soundtrack Loops releases Drip Melodic House loops, one-shots, and MIDI with 50% discount

10th June 2022ModeAudio releases 'Surge - Cinematic Ambient Samples'

10th June 2022W. A. Production releases "Free Anniversary Collection Vol. 8" with 3 GB of free sounds

10th June 2022Sound Magic releases Cadenza Viola 2.0 - Hybrid Modelling Solo Viola

10th June 2022MeterPlugs Perception AB Sale - 30% Off

10th June 2022Emergence Audio releases Cello Textures with intro offer

10th June 2022EastWest offers 60% off Hollywood Orchestra OPUS following NAMM TEC Award win

9th June 2022Intimate Noise launches Everything Bundle at 91% off alongside NI Komplete Kontrol M32 Giveaway

9th June 2022Spitfire releases "Resonate" - Percussion library by Dame Evelyn Glennie

9th June 2022Decomposer releases iPad and iPhone versions of Sitala 16-Pad Drum Sampler

9th June 2022Ueberschall releases Delta Blues (Elastik soundbank)

9th June 2022Toontrack releases Big Stage EZX for EZdrummer 3

9th June 2022hitshaper updates free "mono" plugin with Pro Tools AAX support

9th June 2022baltic audio releases "Slap House Bass Loops Bundle (Vols 1-3)"

9th June 2022KVR Marketplace Exclusive: Get Best Service 'The Orchestra Essentials' for $49

9th June 2022Mathew Lane updates DrMS, TiCo & StereoDelta - Apple Silicon native

9th June 2022Nembrini Audio Weekend Sale - 70% Off

8th June 2022SampleScience releases free Stylo Synthesis virtual instrument

8th June 2022Scoring on a budget? Check out these orchestral libraries

8th June 2022Tom Wolfe releases Premier Collection 2 - Cinematic Synth Toolkit

8th June 2022HoRNet updates Butterfly to v1.0.1

8th June 2022Techivation updates T-Clarity to v1.0.2 - Adds Audition Buttons & Oversampling

8th June 2022Produce-RNB releases "Synsation" Synthesizer Plugin

7th June 2022ANWIDA Soft Sale: MODULA Suite 74% Off

7th June 2022rncbc.org updates Vee One Suite to v0.9.26 for Linux

7th June 2022Waves announces Cloud MX Audio Mixer - Broadcast-Ready Cloud-Based Audio Mixer

6th June 2022Mix Challenge Celebrating 8th Anniversary - Competitions in June 2022

6th June 2022Zenhiser releases "Serene - Lofi Hip Hop" Sample Pack

6th June 2022Sonora Cinematic Deal: 20% Off Poiesis Cello

6th June 2022Cool WAV releases Vitality Volume 2 for Vital

6th June 2022STL Tones releases June 2022 update for AmpHub

6th June 2022Tritonet releases Harmony Network for Ableton Live

6th June 2022Valhalla DSP releases Supermassive v2.0.0 - Two New Reverb Modes

6th June 2022DDMF releases Superplugin - Plugin Chainer

6th June 2022Glitchedtones Deal of the Week: Feedback Loop FX & Atmospheres for £1.00

6th June 2022UnitedPlugin's all-in-one guitar solution Electrum 50% of the regular price

6th June 2022Revealed Recordings releases Top Loops Vol. 7

5th June 2022Groove Synthesis introduces 3rd Wave - Wavetable Synthesizer

5th June 2022Daniel Stawczyk Summer Sale - 40% off only on KVR Marketplace

4th June 2022Plughugger offer: 66% off MQXL for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

4th June 2022JackTrip Labs introduces Software-Only Option for Virtual Studio

4th June 2022Musicsketch Notation App for iOS debuts at NAMM

4th June 2022Spektralisk releases "Aurium: Timbral Complexities" for Hive 2

3rd June 2022Tone2 Audio releases RayBlaster 2.8

3rd June 2022Krotos announces Krotos Studio

3rd June 2022NatLife Sounds - 50% Off VST, Analog & Digital Synth Patches, and Samples

3rd June 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MChorusMB, MDoubleTracker, MVocoder and MWaveShaperMB

3rd June 2022Rast Sound releases 'Master Koto' for Kontakt with intro offer

3rd June 2022Hidenori Matsuoka releases Guitar Kit 8.0 for iOS

3rd June 2022Thenatan releases "Tape" LoFi Plugin & "Clone" MixChecker Plugin with intro offer

3rd June 2022Black Octopus Sound release Chants & Shouts Vol 2

2nd June 2022Ample Sound updates Metal series to v3.6 with native M1 support

2nd June 2022Lese releases Recurse - Recursive Processing AU / VST Plugin

2nd June 2022MAAT Labs Linear Phase thEQorange - 25% Off

2nd June 2022American Synth Pioneer and Sequential Founder Dave Smith passes at 72

2nd June 2022iZotope releases Neutron 4

2nd June 2022Nembrini Audio Weekend Sale: Eddie Kramer F-Audiolabs 80% Off

2nd June 2022JELSTUDIO updates AutoEQ v3 to improve automation

2nd June 2022Antares releases Auto-Tune Vocal EQ

2nd June 2022Inear Display 10 Years Sale: 50% off any purchase

1st June 2022Plughugger releases "MQXL" for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

1st June 2022Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.9.7 for Mac

1st June 2022Soundiron Storewide Sale - Up To 33% Off

1st June 2022Groove Monkee Spring Savings Offer: Save 30% to 45%

1st June 2022Deskew releases Gig Performer 4.5 - Plugin hosting software

1st June 2022The MIDI Association announces MIDI 2.0 over A2B

1st June 2022Expressing yourself with sound: An Interview with ROLI Sound Designer Rafael Szaban

1st June 20228UP releases "8-Bit Ranged" Sample Pack

1st June 2022Heavyocity releases "Damage Drum Kit" - Drum kit for modern music and scoring

1st June 2022Vicious Antelope releases "Tundra" for Pigments 3

1st June 2022Ueberschall releases Downtempo Guitar 2 (Elastik soundbank)

1st June 2022Cherry Audio Voltage Modular 1500 Module June Celebration Sale

1st June 202210 frequently used orchestral articulations - and when to use them

1st June 2022Vienna Symphonic Library releases "Harp Glissandos" - Free Harp Virtual Instrument

1st June 2022KVR Orchestral Month: Win the Berlin Series Main collections from Orchestral Tools

1st June 2022UVI release Augmented Orchestra, included in SonicPass