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News Archive for July 2004

31st July 2004SONICBYTES Gat'R released

31st July 2004Rogue Amoeba Releases Audio Hijack Pro 2.0

31st July 2004MultifxVST updated to v0.7.3

30th July 2004Tobybear MiniHost v1.0 released

30th July 2004reFX opens soundshop

30th July 2004USB Charlie Competitive released

30th July 2004EST-BLOCK:02 Human Beat Box Transplants released

30th July 2004East West Kompakt modules updated to v1.0.3.010

29th July 2004IK Multimedia Expansion Tank modules announced

29th July 2004MusE v0.7 released

29th July 2004VocController v1.1 released

29th July 2004Plugzilla now shipping

28th July 2004HALion v3.0.1.489 pre-release (PB1) update released

27th July 2004Voxengo Redunoise v1.2 released

27th July 2004Tubebaby v0.9 released

27th July 2004Zero-G Morphology (Kompakt) v1.0.3.010 released

27th July 2004SAWStudio v3.8 (& Basic v1.3) released

26th July 2004New banks for Battery, EXSP24 & RMIV

26th July 2004Elevayta Space Boy v1.0.9 released

25th July 2004MultiFXVST v0.7 released

24th July 2004Zynewave Podium v1.1 released

24th July 2004Ableton Live 4 released

24th July 2004Korg Legacy Collection v1.1 announced

24th July 2004Arturia Moog Modular V v2.0 announced

23rd July 2004IK Multimedia SampleTank 2 FREE released

22nd July 2004Best Service Kompakt modules updated to v1.0.3.010

22nd July 2004EastWest Intakt modules updated to v1.0.3.021

22nd July 20044ormulator Vocoder Extreme v3.4 released

22nd July 2004Cameleon Morph Maker released

22nd July 2004Elevayta Space Boy released

22nd July 2004Audio Ease Nautilus Bundle v2.0 released

21st July 2004FX-MAX Giga VST Adapter released (& FX Teleport v1.0.3)

21st July 2004Cakewalk VST Adapter v4.4.2 patch released

21st July 2004EastWest Percussive Adventures 2 released

21st July 2004scuzzphut6.5-lite v1.1 released

21st July 2004BIAS SoundSoap Pro v1.0.1 released

20th July 2004apulSoft apTrigga2 released (inc. Win version)

20th July 2004Toontrack DFH Superior AU public beta available

20th July 2004Zero-G Intakt modules updated to v1.0.3.021

19th July 2004SKnote Solo v0.0.2 released

19th July 2004Voxengo Pristine Space 1.2 released

18th July 2004TazMan VocController released

18th July 2004VSTiHost v3.1x released

18th July 2004polyIblit v1.0.0.6 released

18th July 2004g200kg ProtoPSG v0.0.2 released

18th July 2004Arboretum Ray Gun Pro DX v3.0 released

18th July 2004scuzzphut 6.5 lite released

18th July 2004SoundFont Synth v1.2.2 released

17th July 2004mgPhaseShifter v0.2.4 released

17th July 2004Kjaerhus Audio Classic Delay v1.0.1 released

17th July 2004SynthFont v0.9.7.4 released

17th July 2004TbT Tapestop v1.6 released

16th July 2004LUXONIX RSL Vol.1 - Vintage Legend released

16th July 2004Buzzroom RoomReverb v1.0 released

16th July 2004Cycling '74 Max/MSP v4.5, Pluggo v3.2 & MODE v1.1 released

15th July 2004crusherX-Live! v3.4.2 released

14th July 2004NUSofting Peti released

14th July 2004Muse Research - We're Hiring!

14th July 2004Kjaerhus Audio Classic Delay released

13th July 2004Sonicbytes EST v1.0.1 released

13th July 2004FXpansion BFD XFL now shipping

13th July 2004NI Intakt demo version released

13th July 2004Basement Arts Reflex v1.0.1 released

13th July 2004Voxengo Elephant 2.1 released

13th July 2004SynthFont v0.9.7.3 released

13th July 2004Multi Delay v0.0.6 released

12th July 2004Wizoo GM-4 module for Hypersonic released

12th July 2004SoundFont Synth v1.2.1 released

12th July 2004RML Labs MIDI WorkShop v1.5 released

12th July 2004Mukoco v0.5 released

12th July 2004ndcPlugs Physically-Modelled Drum alpha 2 released

12th July 2004TubeBaby v0.2.1 released

11th July 2004Maxx Claster eJ v1.0, Bazzoid v2.2 & OxyWaveZ Live v2.1.5 released

11th July 2004ConcreteFX Vocal released + ProSounds for Adder & Micron

10th July 2004DashSignature EVE v1.4a released

9th July 2004g200kg ProtoPSG released

9th July 2004LUXONIX LFX-1310 announced

9th July 2004Chopitch v0.8.5 released

9th July 2004discoDSP Vertigo cross-grade offer

8th July 2004Spectrasonics Atmosphere, Stylus and Trilogy updated (Win & OS X)

8th July 2004Dash Signature EVE v1.4 released

8th July 2004USB Charlie, Ultra Focus & Plugsounds updated

8th July 2004Waves v5.0 released

8th July 2004Free Cycling '74 plug-ins with KEYBOARDS Magazine

8th July 2004Voweler v1.3 released

8th July 2004energy XT v1.2.7 released

6th July 2004Steinberg Virtual Instruments Collection released

6th July 2004SpinAudio SpinEQ v1.0 released

6th July 2004Korg Legacy Collection v1.0.1 released

6th July 2004NI Guitar Rig demo released

6th July 2004BuzComp v0.8 beta released

6th July 2004New Banks Uploaded

5th July 2004NI Guitar Rig v1.1 released

5th July 2004Voxengo Polysquasher v1.3 released

5th July 2004VirSyn Cantor released

5th July 2004LUXONIX Ravity(S) & (R) v1.1.1 released

5th July 2004DSP-Quattro v1.5.3 released

5th July 2004ARPocalypse v1.0.1 released

5th July 2004VOID Modular System v1.5.2 released

5th July 2004C3 Multi Band Compressor v1.2.8 released

4th July 2004SynthFont v0.9.7.2 released

4th July 2004Multi Delay v0.0.5 released

4th July 2004Mutant Koto v0.9.8 released

3rd July 2004Cameleon Competition Winners

3rd July 2004Coyote Wah/GT released

3rd July 2004DSP-Quattro v1.5.2 released

3rd July 2004FXpansion BFD XFL open for pre-orders

3rd July 2004VOPM v0.1.2 released

1st July 2004Zero-G Vocaloid Miriam released

1st July 2004pHATmatik PRO v1.2.1 Windows Beta available

1st July 2004LinPlug Alpha v2.2 released

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