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News Archive for December 2007

31st December 2007AlgoMusic updates AMB Enceladus to v2 (Next Mission) and ElectraBass to v1.1

31st December 2007Spectralhead Audio updates SilverBox to v1.1

31st December 2007MUTOOLS releases MU.LAB v1.0

31st December 2007Nassen Software Development releases Matryx v1.0

31st December 2007VertexDSP releases vxPlug v1.0

31st December 2007Voxengo releases Overtone GEQ v1.3 for Windows and Mac OS X

20th December 2007FXpansion releases BFD2

20th December 2007Ueberschall releases Liquid Instruments Series Vol. 10 Adlibs

20th December 2007VSL releases Vienna Instruments: Appassionata Strings II

20th December 2007Apple updates Logic Pro to v8.0.1 and MainStage to v1.0.2

20th December 2007QuikQuak updates Glass Viper to v1.0.5 and RaySpace to v2.90

20th December 2007Psychic Modulation updates Cerebrum to v3.5

20th December 2007Togu Audio Line updates Chorus-60 to v1.3

20th December 2007Modartt releases free CP-80 add-on for Pianoteq (+updates Pianoteq to v2.2.1)

20th December 2007Precisionsound releases Gefle Bells for HALion, Kontakt & SoundFont

20th December 2007Soniccouture announces Balinese Gamelan for Kontakt

20th December 2007TriTone Digital launches Holiday Sale

20th December 2007Nucleus SoundLab releases Tempest for Albino 3

20th December 2007Expert Sleepers releases Minky Starshine for Windows

20th December 2007Magix updates Sequoia and Samplitude to v10.0.1

20th December 2007Synapse Audio announces Orion Platinum 7.5 and launches Two-Week Special Promo

20th December 2007Voxengo pre-releases Overtone GEQ for Mac OS X and announces Holiday Sale

20th December 2007Native Instruments updates Kontakt 2 (v2.2.4), Battery (v3.0.3) and KORE 1 Controller Driver (v1.6.7)

17th December 2007Muse Research announces Special Receptor Upgrade Program

17th December 2007Steinberg updates Groove Agent to v3.0.1

17th December 2007Darrell Tam releases DtBlkFx v1.1 for Mac OS X

17th December 2007Apple updates GarageBand to v4.1.1

17th December 2007Rob Papen / RPCX updates BLUE to v1.7

17th December 2007Audjoo releases new Helix beta (2007-12-15b)

17th December 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v2.018 and ReaPlugs to v1.11

17th December 2007MachineCodex Software releases AudioCodex v0.96 beta

17th December 2007Extreme Sample Converter v3.5.3 and Samplelord v1.3.3 now available

17th December 2007MUTOOLS pre-releases MU.LAB v1.0

17th December 2007Expert Sleepers updates Crossfade Loop Synth to v3.0.3

17th December 2007Sugar Bytes updates Robotronic to v1.1.1

13th December 2007Eiosis updates AirEQ to v1.3.2

13th December 2007PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2008

13th December 2007PSPaudioware releases PSP Xenon Mastering Limiter

13th December 2007NuGen Audio releases Stereo Pack Bundle for Mac OS X and Windows

13th December 2007Blue Cat Audio updates 4 Audio Analysis plugins and announces Christmas Offer

13th December 2007SVAr software announces Holiday Sale

13th December 2007Inspiration Sounds releases Funked Up Guitars [WAV]

13th December 2007NuGen Audio releases Monofilter for Mac OS X

13th December 2007Audeon releases UFO for Mac OS X UB and announces Christmas Sale

13th December 2007Universal Audio releases UAD v4.9 software (incl. SPL Transient Designer and Precision Buss Compressor demos)

13th December 2007Tone2 releases Gladiator v1.0 for Windows

13th December 2007Audiofile Engineering releases Rax v2.1, Wave Editor v1.3, Sample Manager v3.1.1 and Audio Unit Manager v2.0.1

13th December 2007Celemony updates Melodyne studio and Melodyne cre8 to v3.2.2

12th December 2007Muse Research now shipping Receptor with Komplete 5 Inside

12th December 2007Algoriddim releases djay v2.0

12th December 2007Samplebase releases new Instrument Sets

12th December 2007URS announces December 20% off Sale

12th December 2007LinPlug announces Special Christmas Offers

12th December 2007Zero-G releases Ecstatic Grooves [EXS|KON|...]

12th December 2007VOPM for Windows updated to v0.15

12th December 2007Synful Orchestra v2.4.1 now available

12th December 2007Dodo Bird releases McDodo's Super-Volu 1.0

12th December 2007A Garritan Community Christmas, Volume 4 - 2007 Holiday Album Freely Available

12th December 2007Percussa announces AudioCubes Xmas Offer

12th December 2007Precisionsound releases Solovox [HAL|Kon|SF2]

12th December 2007Stallion Sounds releases Gator Loves Arp for Vanguard

12th December 2007Perimeter Sound releases Gearbox Tone Sets (+announces holiday/end of year special)

12th December 2007Christian Knufinke Software announces Winter Special Sale

12th December 2007DDMF releases IIEQPro AU v1.0 for Mac and updates Windows version to v1.3

12th December 2007discoDSP Discovery Pro Release 3 now available (+final call on cross-grade offer)

12th December 2007Ohm Force updates all plug-ins for Mac OS X

12th December 2007FabFilter launches Holiday Sale

12th December 2007Music Unfolding updates all Audio Units and announces Holiday Sale

12th December 2007d16 announces Christmas Promotion

12th December 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v2.017

12th December 2007Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v1.2

11th December 2007Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.0.9

11th December 2007XLN Audio updates Addictive Drums to v1.1.1

11th December 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.96

11th December 2007Topten Software updates Cantabile to v1.2 Build 1260

11th December 2007Soniccouture announces Christmas Sale

11th December 2007Audjoo releases a new beta version of Helix

11th December 2007DFX @ Smart Electronix updates RMS Buddy AU to v1.1.5

11th December 2007Scarbee updates Black Bass/Red Bass to v1.1.3

11th December 2007QuikQuak releases UpStereo v1.0

11th December 2007Rogue Amoeba releases Audio Hijack Pro 2.8 Preview 3

11th December 2007Extreme Sample Converter v3.5.2 and Samplelord v1.3.2 now available

11th December 2007Native Instruments releases Kontakt 3 demo version

11th December 2007Vienna Symphonic Library announces Holiday Offer

11th December 2007MUTOOLS releases MU.LAB v1.0 Public Beta C

11th December 2007Prosoniq announces Audio Unit plug-in sales starting December 2007

11th December 2007Nucleus SoundLab announces Christmas Sale

11th December 2007Eiosis releases E²Deesser for Mac OS X

11th December 2007discoDSP launches Discovery Pro Group Buy

11th December 2007Sonalksis announces Winter Special: 20 Days - 20% Reduction

11th December 2007DSK MUSIC releases DSK KaoS v1.0 beta

11th December 2007Starplugs releases RuntimePanner

11th December 2007KResearch releases KR-Imager STR

7th December 2007Camel Audio updates CamelSpace and CamelPhat and launches Winter Sale

7th December 2007Audjoo releases a new beta version of Helix

7th December 2007Rosegarden v1.6.0 released

7th December 2007Mu Technologies updates Mu Voice to v1.1.1 (incl. AU release)

7th December 2007Topten Software updates Cantabile to v1.2 build 1259

6th December 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v2.015

6th December 2007Xylio updates FutureDecks Pro to v1.0.7

6th December 2007Steinberg releases Leopard compatible installers for Cubase 4, Cubase Studio 4 and Sequel (+updates Cubase Studio to v4.1.1.749)

5th December 2007Nine Volt Audio releases Action Drums: Boom Jinx Breakbeat Edition [RMX|REX|ACID|...]

5th December 2007Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v4.31

5th December 2007EastWest updates PLAY to v1.0.035 (adds RTAS support on Mac)

5th December 2007Cockos updates ReaPlugs to v1.1 (adds ReaXcomp and ReaDelay)

5th December 2007MUTOOLS releases MU.LAB v1.0 Public Beta

5th December 2007Native Instruments updates Reaktor to v5.1.4.

5th December 2007Bismark updates bs-1, bs-16 and bs-spectrum

4th December 2007Ueberschall releases 80s Punk & New Wave

4th December 2007MHC Synthesizers and Effects releases Industrial Tones v1.5 for Mac OS X

4th December 2007Focusrite announces the Liquid Mix Challenge

4th December 2007Steinberg launches Sequel Competition

4th December 2007XLN Audio updates Addictive Drums to v1.1 and announces Retro, the first ADpak expansion for AD

4th December 2007Spectrasonics releases Stylus RMX Xpanded

4th December 2007EastWest launches Holiday Sale

4th December 2007Smart Loops releases SL MultiTracks Volume 7 [ACID]

4th December 2007Bitword releases Expanse for Kontakt

4th December 2007Jeremy Evers updates Atlantis to v0.9e

4th December 2007Extreme Sample Converter updated to v3.5.1

4th December 2007Topten Software updates Cantabile to v1.2 Build 1258

4th December 2007Pro-Sounds release Pyromania for Tone2 FireBird

4th December 2007Arturia releases Analog Factory 2.0

3rd December 20074Front Technologies announces TruePianos Christmas discount

3rd December 2007db audioware announces 10th anniversary sale and teases Flying Haggis

3rd December 2007Sugar Bytes releases WOW

3rd December 2007Kong Audio releases Matouqin v1.0.3

3rd December 2007Wusik releases Wusik VM (VST Manager/Organizer) v1.0

3rd December 2007Cableguys releases VolumeShaper public beta (v1.0 beta 2)

3rd December 2007Stallion Sounds releases Octopussy Vol. 1 for Octopus

3rd December 2007Native Instruments updates Kontakt to v3.01 (R2)

3rd December 2007Galbanum announces Abstraction Sample Line and releases Abstraction 01 [WAV|REX|...]

3rd December 2007Pettinhouse releases DirectGuitar v2.0 for Kontakt

3rd December 2007Analog to Digital updates Supersaw Plus (and reduces price)

3rd December 2007Wavosaur updated to v1.0.1.0

3rd December 2007Audio Ease updates Altiverb for Mac to v6.1.1

3rd December 2007Extreme Sample Converter updated to v3.5; Samplelord updated to v1.3.1

3rd December 2007Jeversi Software releases new AirTraffic Control beta

3rd December 2007discoDSP releases Discovery Pro Release 3 Beta

3rd December 2007tzec releases VstLua v0.06 beta

3rd December 2007Nucleus SoundLab releases SoundCell X for Xphraze