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Cycling '74 updates Max to v7.2

Cycling '74

Cycling '74 has updated Max to v7.2.

New Features:

  • New Tutorials: Video & Graphics (found under Help->Reference->Documentation Home, links on the bottom of the left grey 'Contents' sidebar).
  • Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support:
  • midiparse / MIDIformat: @hires attribute to output a two-byte list to set high-resolution (14-bit) pitch bend output.
  • mpeconfig: Configure MIDI devices that support MPE.
  • mpeformat: prepare MPE-compatible MIDI messages.
  • mpeparse: Interpret and parse raw MPE data (similar to MIDIparse).
  • polymidiin: Output MPE MIDI data in a patcher loaded by poly~.
  • poly~: @midimode attribute to send MIDI events to all voices.
  • poly~: @zone attribute for setting the MPE 'zone' that the poly~ will listen to (the default is to ignore zones).
  • vst~: accepts 'mpeevent' message to handle MPE data.

Fixed Bugs:

  • amxd~ / vst~ snapshots: check mark appropriately changes after new snapshot is added.
  • deferlow: no longer breaks 'stdlist' behavior (autofanning of lists to object inlets).
  • dict.print: no longer changes dictionary if it contains strings.
  • function: documented mousemode and mousereport.
  • gen~: fix for gen~ curve~ emulation in the case of the curvature being zero.
  • gen~: fixed delay time calculations (spline/cubic delayed by proper amount and @feedback 0 works).
  • gen~: fixed subpatchers reverting to default gen patcher issue.
  • jit.gl.material: fixed errors when sending texture to emission and heightmap inlets.
  • jit.gl.mesh: autonormals works with large dims.
  • jit.matrix: fixed exportimage memory leak.
  • jit.matrix: png image import correctly calculates alpha channel.
  • jit.movie: outputs file name on read failure.
  • jsui: fixed crash when parameter enabled (x64).
  • live.dial: fixed mousing in 'enum' mode.
  • live.step added 'next' message.
  • live.step: added 'getcurrentstep' message.
  • live.step: dump_to_dict properly contains interval.
  • live.step: set message properly et the targeted sequence.
  • Max For Live: device development path respected in Max.
  • Max For Live: fixed jit.gl.render / jit.pwindow memory leak after open / close in Max editor.
  • Max For Live: pattr in parameter mode properly outputs value when @_parameter_linknames is set to 1.
  • Max For Live Device Project: amxdtype attr is correct for default / old devices.
  • Max For Live Devices: SVGs appropriately deleted from User/Temp folder (Win only).
  • Max For Live parameters: blob param fixes.
  • Max For Live parameters: automation optimizations.
  • maxurl: always process incoming headers.
  • playlist~ / jit.playlist: improved memory leak issues.
  • objects explorer: filters duplicates.
  • parameter: fixed problem when typing values into parameter box UI.
  • Parameters: fixed deferred parameter output.
  • seq: fixed crash on reading text files.
  • Side Bar: minimization behavior improvements.
  • standalone: fixed crash when building project.
  • standalone: no longer creates a ~/Documents/Max 7 folder.
  • toolbar calendar: fixed week start.
  • vst~: snapshot message works as expected when changing file name.


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