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Cycling '74

Cycling '74 updates Max to v7.3.4

Cycling '74 has updated Max to v7.3.4.

Fixed Bugs:

  • attrui / nslider / tab: fixed memory leak.
  • BEAP: miscellaneous fixes.
  • Debugging: fixed error when patch cord is disabled.
  • Export amxd from Project: device appropriately frozen.
  • fpic: no longer grows when force aspect is on.
  • Install: Max starts normally on other user accounts (Windows).
  • jit.anim.path: no longer crashes on 'next' message.
  • jit.gl.camera / jit.gl.slab: fix for strange behavior with capture jit.gl.model @cull_mode 2 to jit.gl.slab.
  • jit.gl.model: finds model file in Project when using @file attr in object box.
  • jit.gl.multiple / jit.gl.material : mat_diffuse is appropriately applied to all instances.
  • jit.gl.multiple: fixed crash when second argument is > 10.
  • jit.gl.multiple: fixed drawing with certain rotatexyz values.
  • jit.gl.node: fixed capture output when sent directly to syphon.
  • jit.gl.pass: fix recursion crashes due to user error when setting layer and child attributes.
  • jit.gl.pix: fixed issues with only setting a @min param.
  • jit.gl.slab: fixed crash when changing subdiv attribute.
  • jit.gl.slab: fixed errors when processing texture from capturing jit.gl.node.
  • jit.gl.textureset: misc bug fixes.
  • jit.grab: fixed clear message.
  • jit.movie: fixed unique behavior with still images.
  • jit.movie: no longer outputs after 'dispose' and @unique is set to 1.
  • jit.movie: restarts after stop when rate is set to -1.
  • jit.movie~: fixed usage in Max For Live.
  • jit.phys: fixed crash when filter count arg exceeds 10.
  • jit.playlist AVF engine: fixed playback when playing clip slot that is not looped.
  • jit.pwindow / OpenGL: fixes for rendering in Max For Live if certain VST plugs are loaded.
  • jit.pwindow: fixed use in bpatcher.
  • jit.record: fixed misaligned planes for certain dims.
  • jit.rubix: fix crash with 64-bit and fix all warnings.
  • Jitter OpenGL: fixed invisible GL contexts in windows.
  • Jitter OpenGL: fixed 'turn' message errors.
  • Jitter: fix for software rendering with matrix context on Windows.
  • live.remote~ / gen~: fixed threading issues that was causing Live UI freezing.
  • Max For Live: fixed issues when clicking 'edit' in device toolbar.
  • maxurl: stability fixes.
  • midiformat: pitch bend input is constrained.
  • mira.frame: added to standalones.
  • miraweb multislider: size attribute is updated in browser when changed with list input.
  • Patching: color is not retained when duplicating more than once.
  • Patching: Fixed crash when deleting patch cord.
  • pattrstorage: improved state recall and subscription list updates.
  • peak / trough: second inlet is hot.
  • playlist~: Fixed file ordering when dragging/dropping a folder.
  • playlist~: Playback properly continues after 'remove' message.
  • qlist: 'fwd' message with arg no longer freezes Max.
  • qlist: 'set' message appropriately uses arguments.
  • seq: fixed crash when reading saved text file.
  • Standalones: improvements for signing issues.
  • VIDDLL engine: fixes for memory leaks, a rework of 'File Open' functionality & misc other updates.
  • VIDDLL: Can now play PCM audio files.
  • VIDDLL: Fixed crash when audio-only files are loaded.
  • VIDDLL: Fixed photo-jpeg output_texture.
  • VIDDLL: Improved support for prores codecs.
  • vst~ / character encoding: fixed charset issues when reloading Max patchers with VST snapshots.
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