Cycling '74

Cycling '74 recently updated Max to v8.0.3.

New Features:

  • mc.ifft~: added MC version.
  • mc.plugin~: @chans attribute (like mc.plugout~).

Fixed Bugs:

  • dialog: fixed colors of Windows version (follows Theme).
  • jit.cellblock: fixed crash on clear all when using refer to coll.
  • fixed crash when opening text editor with shader that has errors.
  • Jitter: fixed crash when processing XML.
  • Max For Live: fixed MIDI output after opening device in editor.
  • MC Wrapper: accepts ints in inlets.
  • mc.dac~ arguments no longer ignored.
  • mc.gradient~: fixed crashes.
  • node.script: improved finding .js files in amxds.
  • regexp: fixed intermittent crash with empty symbol replacement.
  • scope~: fixed issues with intermittent drawing.
  • signal probe: fixed potential crashes if object is deleted.
  • sqlite: fixed db errors when using certain characters in an object box.
  • vst~: fixed right channel input for some plugs.
  • vst~: generic controls are visible in presentation mode.


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