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Cycling '74 releases Max 8

Cycling '74

Cycling '74 has announced the release of Max 8, a major new version of the visual programming language for the specialized needs of artists, educators, and researchers working with audio, visual media, and physical computing.

Summary of what's New in Max 8:

  • Tap into sonic complexity with MC.
  • Noticeably improved performance.
  • Simplified MIDI and keyboard control with Mappings.
  • Vizzie 2, completely rebuilt with OpenGL.
  • Open your patches to the world with Node for Max.
  • Experience a streamlined patching workflow.
  • Uncover the secrets to Max mastery with search.
  • 37 more features including VST3 and Gen for events.


New Features:

  • Audio signal probe: history and scope display modes.
  • buffer~: waveform display is scrollable.
  • button: blinktime attribute.
  • capture: usability improvements.
  • chooser: Display a scrolling list of selectable items.
  • coll: dialog rewording when closing text window.
  • Collections Browser in Toolbar: supports bpatcher drag like the File Browser.
  • Color palette: new implementation.
  • comment: bubbleusescolors attribute to use background color for bubble mode.
  • console object: Console output in patcher.
  • dial: Live, Classic, Needle and Pan modes.
  • Dict: performance improvements for big files.
  • Event Probing: display event data from the patch cord under the cursor.
  • external editor: preference to use an external editor for some text-based objects (js, coll, text, etc).
  • frame~: Output a list as an FFT frame or a signal vector.
  • framesnap~: snapshot a spectral frame inside pfft~.
  • gen (no tilde): event domain Gen.
  • Gen: @expr mode for expression evaluation in a single object box.
  • gestalt: modernization.
  • Global Transport: icon in the Toolbar by default.
  • gridmeter~: Display signal levels as brightness.
  • Groups: Manage multiple objects as a single group.
  • Inspector / Max Console, etc: selection color reflects focus state.
  • jit.anim.drive: non-qwerty keyboard usage in help/ref (ui_dict keyboard layout attribute).
  • jit.cellblock: signal modes.
  • jit.gl.asyncread: can perform texture readback and works with invisible contexts.
  • jit.gl.camera: capture fsaa functionality.
  • jit.gl.model: FBX, glTF and OpenGEX file format support.
  • jit.gl.node: can be a jit.gl.multiple target.
  • jit.gl.node: objects can belong to more than one sub-context.
  • jit.gl.node: scene dict output.
  • jit.gl.pix: trunc() support.
  • jit.gl.slab: text editor opens to a default .jxs pass shader.
  • Jitter: GL objects can automatically find and join a render context.
  • Keyboard shortcut: shift + option + command opens subpatcher window.
  • kslider: negative low offsets.
  • line: multi segment like line~.
  • line~/curve~: maxpoints attribute to increase list length.
  • live.banks: manage parameter banks on Push controller.
  • live.param~ / live.remote~: respects exponent attr on live.* ui objects.
  • live.text / live.tab: improved SVG functionality.
  • matrix~: connect message has a gain argument.
  • Max Console: Filter and timestamp events.
  • Max Console: toolbar badge indicates when new messages or errors have arrived.
  • Max PlugIn Scanner: new implementation to improve notifications / progress.
  • mc.cell: Format messages from a jit.cellblock for use with MC objects.
  • mc.channelcount~: Report channel count of MC signals.
  • mc.deinterleave~: Multichannel audio deinterleaver.
  • mc.dup~: Duplicate signals into multiple channels.
  • mc.evolve~: Multichannel breakpoint driven audio modulation.
  • mc.gradient~: Generate a time-varying function over the space of a multi-channel signal.
  • mc.interleave~: Interleave two or more multichannel signals.
  • mc.list~: Create a multi-channel signal from a list of values.
  • mc.makelist: Create a list from non-signal output of MC wrapped objects.
  • mc.mixdown~: Mix and pan a multi-channel signal.
  • mc.noteallocator~: Determine a voice number for MIDI / MPE events.
  • mc.op~: Combine the channels of a multi-channel signal using an arithmetic operation.
  • mc.pack~: Combine inputs into a multi-channel signal.
  • mc.range~: Generate a constant multi-channel signal with a range of values.
  • mc.resize~: resize a multi-channel signal to a fixed number of channels.
  • mc.route: direct output of messages based on an index received.
  • mc.separate~: Split multi-channel signals.
  • mc.target: Format "setvalue" messages to control multi-channel wrapped objects.
  • mc.targetlist: format setvalue messages to the multi-channel wrapper to target specific instances.
  • mc.transpose~: reorganize signals based input channel index.
  • mc.unpack~: split a multi-channel signal into single-channel outputs.
  • mc.voiceallocator~: Determine a voice number for Max messages.
  • mc.wrapper~: Multichannel (MC) versions of most MSP objects.
  • MIDI: name attribute for matching incomplete port name.
  • Modifier: reports ALT key.
  • multirange: Graphical function breakpoint editor.
  • Node for Max: control and communicate with custom applications using the Node JavaScript framework.
  • nodes: clickmouseinactive attribute.
  • nodes: filternodeschanges attribute.
  • nodes: setnodename message.
  • nrpnin: Output received NRPN values.
  • nrpnout: Format 14-bit MIDI NRPN messages.
  • number box: support for arrow keys in flonum.
  • Operate While Unlocked: mode to adjust user interface objects while you are patching.
  • Package Manager: Support local Packages w/o package-info.json.
  • Patcher UI: rendering performance improvements.
  • patching: improved mousewheel / trackpad patcher zooming.
  • Patching: keyboard shortcuts for turning probing on and off.
  • Patching: preference to turn off selection rectangles in patching mode.
  • Patching: shift drag to insert/remove object from patch cord.
  • phasor~: transport attribute.
  • Platform / OS: Windows N and KN compatibility.
  • poly~: bypass message.
  • poly~: legacynotemode attr added for note / MIDInote messages to use old voice assignment algorithm.
  • poly~: patchername attribute can specify multiple patchers.
  • poly~: voice outlet to identify which voice sent the last event.
  • print: new features - time, show output, float precision.
  • print: removed 2048 character limit.
  • Project: choose multiple files when using an OS file dialog for adding files.
  • Project: Empty project accepts drag.
  • Project: right click to add new or existing files in empty window.
  • rpnin: Output received RPN values.
  • rpnout: Format 14-bit MIDI RPN messages.
  • Search Path: duplicate files in search path prints locations.
  • Search Sidebar: unified search across the Max application and the Cycling '74 web site.
  • send + receive: contextual menu items to create the other object.
  • Set Patcher to Default Values in Object menu when nothing is selected.
  • Sidebar: can be closed while it has focus.
  • Styles: implement deleting a named style from the style pop-up menu.
  • Styles: paste and match style option to use the current patcher style.
  • tapin~/tapout~: no longer introduce a vector size of delay automatically.
  • Text editor: save window position when JS or other objects open the same text file within a launch.
  • textedit: accepts any drag to set its text.
  • themecolor: Change and/or listen for changes in interface colors.
  • Themes: color themes for the Max interface.
  • umenu: dump message.
  • VIZZIE 2.0: rebuilt with OpenGL.
  • vst~: can swap plugs via drag and drop.
  • vst~: support for 64-bit processing.
  • vstscan: Audio Plugin Scanner.
  • watchpoints: print watchpoint.
  • Windows: HiDPI support (Win 10+).
  • xctlin: Output received 14-bit MIDI control values.
  • xctlout: Format 14-bit MIDI controller messages.

Fixed Bugs:

  • amxd in project: fixed internal project conflicts with parent.
  • amxd: fixed save as project usage.
  • amxd~: fixed issues with temp svg files being repeatedly written.
  • attrui: eliminated leftover cursor when changing parameters.
  • Audio Driver: ad_portaudio driver no longer crashes with some sampling rates (Mac).
  • Audio Settings: Live audio driver is not selected if you haven't launched from Live.
  • bpatcher: transform to bpatcher works when space is in name.
  • clue window: removed errant sidebar.
  • coll: dialog rewording when closing text window.
  • coll: improved performance.
  • combine: fixed crash with cold inlet input.
  • crash recovery: no longer makes empty patcher if original file was deleted.
  • deltaclip~: fixed blow up when changing the minimum.
  • Dict: fixed crash when opening text editor after receiving 2nd append message.
  • Dict: fixed crash with append and @parameter_enable 1.
  • Doc Browser: alphabetized messages to objects.
  • Documentation menubar entry: fixed issues with occasional disappearance (Mac).
  • expr: improved text to float conversion.
  • filtergraph~: fixed issues with setting Q and bandwidth with mouse.
  • fpic: fixed pic / embed attribute issues.
  • function: draws 0,0 point correctly when next point has an X value of 0.
  • function: dump message includes curve info.
  • Gen codebox: scroll even when genpatcher is locked.
  • Gen: codebox font size is modifiable.
  • Gen: fixed crash moving patchcoords with sub-patchers.
  • Gen: fixed crash related to undo and Modify Read-Only.
  • Gen: fixed crash when pasting Max objects into a Gen patcher.
  • Gen: gen operator prevents recursive loading.
  • Gen: improved syntax highlighting.
  • Gen: poke and splat no longer add unnecessary parameter.
  • Gen: removed unnecessary params/attrs in attrui.
  • Gen: respects style/template choices.
  • Gen: work is saved when first argument is not a valid genpatcher in the search path.
  • Gen: work not lost when renaming a [gen~] to [gen~ awesome].
  • gen~ codebox: stateless functions calling stateful functions do not share state.
  • gen~: @expr clears the expression when retyped.
  • gen~: cycle @name attribute works.
  • gen~: export samplerate and vectorsize in export are variables (not constants).
  • gen~: fixed issues with gendsp dependencies and codebox errors.
  • gen~: functions returning objects no longer crash max.
  • gen~: param @default is respected.
  • gen~: reset_param properly resets the parameter.
  • Global Transport: icon in the Toolbar by default.
  • groove~: always responds to float message.
  • hover: improved behavior on lock.
  • Inspector: improved scroll behavior when clicking to edit attribute.
  • Inspector: keyboard navigation improvements.
  • ITM: objects ignore bogus input.
  • itoa object: fixed bug with extended ASCII that lead to patcher bloat and corruption.
  • jit.anim.drive: fixed "turn" message.
  • jit.anim.drive: non-qwerty keyboard usage in help/ref (ui_dict keyboard layout attribute).
  • jit.anim.path: fixed crash when setting a new path without sending the 'getlength' message.
  • jit.anim.path: fixed crash with evallength.
  • jit.gen: fixed crash when using more than 13 total inlets/outlets.
  • jit.gen: fixed swiz crash in for loop.
  • jit.gl.cornerpin: fixed mouse interaction when capture dims don't match window dims.
  • jit.gl.cubemap: improved behavior.
  • jit.gl.model: assimp node naming scheme changed.
  • jit.gl.model: fixed @file attr usage in object box.
  • jit.gl.model: fixed crash when attached to jit.gl.material and name attribute changed.
  • jit.gl.node: can be a jit.gl.multiple target.
  • jit.gl.node: non-automatic objects in a jit.gl.node sub-context respect camera transforms.
  • jit.gl.shader: fixed crash when freeing file with errors.
  • jit.gl.sketch: fixed screentoworld when bound to jit.gl.node or jit.world.
  • jit.gl.videoplane: fixed gridmode error.
  • jit.grab: fixed crash with 'open' and output_texture 1 when there is no render context.
  • jit.grab: index indicator appended to devices with the same name.
  • jit.gradient: fixed crash.
  • jit.matrix: interp attribute no longer fails if 1d matrix dim is above 65537.
  • jit.movie / VIDDLL: fixed crash when rate changed.
  • jit.movie / VIDDLL: fixed crash when using loop 2.
  • jit.movie: fixed automatic usage which was broken in certain situations.
  • jit.movie~: respects sample rate of file.
  • jit.net.send / jit.net.recv: no longer alters float values.
  • jit.record: fixed crash with certain dims.
  • jit.window / jit.gl.videoplane: fixed Invalid Framebuffer errors under certain circumstances.
  • jit.window: fixed full screen issues on Mac OS 10.11.
  • jit.window: fixed issues with visible attribute and rect in some cases.
  • jit.window: fixed mouse output when fsaa is set to 1 (Win only).
  • jit.window: fullscreen mode works with esc key in Max For Live.
  • jit.world: fixed auto handle shape distortion.
  • Jitter Gen: fixed issues with exportcode isd.
  • JSON: improved accuracy of stored floating point numbers.
  • jweb: improved performance.
  • jweb: improvements when in presentation mode, tabbed patcher etc.
  • jweb: no longer displays over sidebar.
  • lcd: getsize reports correct value.
  • levelmeter~: improved rise and fall time.
  • line: improved timing and output linearity.
  • live.gain~: inspector updates when changing number of channels.
  • live.gain~: minimum size is not too small.
  • live.gain~: signal output set properly after loadbang in bpatcher.
  • live.grid: fixed error when recalling preset and object is in matrix mode with 1 row.
  • live.numbox: displays slider bar when inactive.
  • live.param~: fixed invalid object warnings.
  • live.step: 'Display Mode' can be frozen.
  • live.step: loop clips to the minimum.
  • live.step: stepcolor alpha is used.
  • Max App: firewall dialog suppressed when Max launches.
  • Max For Live Parameters: fixed issues with initial values, exponent and ranges.
  • Max For Live: device development path respected in Max.
  • Max For Live: device width stays the same on re-save.
  • Max For Live: fixed accidental saving of snapshots.
  • MIDI: fixed memory leak in sysex handling.
  • midiout: improved sysex performance when sending large packets.
  • model.anim.blend example: fixed.
  • Modifier: reports ALT key.
  • multislider: can have a transparent background in line / point scroll modes.
  • Package Manager: fixed errors when installing some packages on Windows 10.
  • Package Manager: Support local Packages w/o package-info.json.
  • Parameters: fixed Parameter window memory leak.
  • parameters: UI objects in parameter mode are no longer missing some attributes.
  • Patchers: no longer save locked_bgcolor and editing_bgcolor when they are default values.
  • Patching: fixed crash when deleting patch cords when audio is on and iovs is set to 128.
  • pattrstorage: clears stored values for missing objects.
  • pattrstorage: greedy attribute no longer inherited by pattrstorage objects in subpatchers.
  • phys.6dof.spring example: positions initialized correctly (Win only).
  • plot: color attributes can be frozen.
  • poke~: responds to lists.
  • poly~: fixed crash with no arguments.
  • poly~: always note-offs when voice-stealing.
  • poly~: fixed issues with notemessage / adsr~.
  • poly~: legacynotemode attr added for note / MIDInote messages to use old voice assignment algorithm.
  • poly~: subpatchers properly show/hide signal probes.
  • polyin: outlets are correct when using port and channel arguments.
  • pong: no longer produces NaNs with bad range input.
  • print: fixed hang when printing many lines quickly.
  • Projects: fixed potential crash when right-clicking files.
  • Projects: save as from project-based patcher added to Recent Items and Calendar.
  • Prototypes: fixed usage with live.* UI objects.
  • qlist: no longer clutters console when reading files.
  • Right inlet of int operators: input values no longer limited to 32-bit (Windows).
  • rslider: size < 2. displays correct range.
  • scale: scaling and exponential calculations performed in correct order.
  • sfplay~: plays back .wav multichannel files.
  • Sidebar reference: fixed crash when scrolling.
  • Sidebar: can be closed while it has focus.
  • snapshots: fixed undo/redo deletion issues.
  • speedlim: fixed memory leak.
  • speedlim: improvement when stopping/starting the scheduler.
  • Standalone: fixed crash with jitter objects.
  • Standalone: no longer tries to create shared user directories.
  • Styles: fixed name field issues / hang.
  • Styles: redefine style is enabled when a patcher-level style is dirty.
  • Styles: styles copied to library retain parent style information.
  • swatch: four-float message changes alpha.
  • Sylenth1: fixed crashes in Live (Win).
  • tab / umenu: fixed crash with certain accent characters in inspector modal editor.
  • tapin~ / tapout~: no longer introduce a vector size of delay automatically.
  • Templates: bgcolor / bgfillcolor used in subpatchers.
  • Templates: bgfillcolor is no longer dirtied by default.
  • Templates: list updates after saving a new template.
  • Templates: prevent saving a template with an empty name.
  • Text editor: save window position when JS or other objects open the same text file within a launch.
  • textedit: accepts any drag to set its text.
  • thispatcher: recognizes active window.
  • Toolbar: right toolbar is shown when patcher is full screen.
  • tr.vignettes.jxs: fixed error on param changes.
  • Transform: Changed Attributes to Arguments no longer removes quotes.
  • viddll / jit.gl.model: fixed crash when loading model file.
  • VIDDLL: improved playback of videos with mono audio tracks.
  • VIZZIE / BEAP: fixed problems with dragging modules to patch in presentation mode.
  • vst~: fixed editor hint issues.
  • vst~: fixed issues with quitting Max while 'plug' dialog window is open.
  • Windows: all Max processes appropriately exit after crash.
  • workspace restore: restores subpatchers correctly.
  • xnoteout: outputs correct velocity values.


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