Cycling '74

Cycling '74 recently released Max version 7.1, which includes two major new features: Snapshots and the Package Manager.

The enhanced Snapshot system allows users to save the state of a patcher with one click. An integrated browser makes it easy to create, recall, and rename snapshots.

The Package Manager allows users to browse and download online content created by Cycling '74 and third party developers. Downloaded packages work instantly with no installation and can be easily disabled.

"Our goal with the Package Manager is to make the amazing work of the Max community instantly accessible to every user," said Cycling '74 CEO David Zicarelli. "We plan to add new packages on a continual basis so users never run out of inspiration."

Max 7.1.0 release notes

New Features:

  • buffer~: removed channel limits for buffer~, waveform~, index~, poke~, peek~, jit.buffer~, record~, wave~, play~.
  • comment: 'suppressinlet' attribute.
  • flonum: very large numbers now use scientific notation.
  • javascript: added 'readtext' feature that reads a text file into a string.
  • jit.matrix: support for TIFF image export on both platforms.
  • Package Manager.
  • Patcher Snapshots and Snapshots API.
  • 'relaunchmax': message to Max to restart.

Fixed Bugs:

  • BEAP: presentation rect is respected.
  • Debug Window: improved highlight colors.
  • Doc Browser: improved relevance sorting for doc search.
  • Encapsulation: encapsulation in new view respects patching/presention mode.
  • Encapsulation: no longer adds to presentation when in new view.
  • filterdesign: fixed Live crash when saved in MFL device.
  • flonum: fixed crash when trying to display large number.
  • Inspector: fixed standalone window opening issues.
  • Javascript Documentation: layout improvements.
  • jit.convolve: fixed crash with long matrices in 64-bit.
  • fixed crash on shader file replacement and free.
  • / jit.textfile: no longer renders errant characters.
  • fixed issues with input from jit.str.fromsymbol.
  • jit.grab: fixed crash when adding / removing USB capture device (AVF).
  • jit.matrix / improved PNG file reading.
  • 32 QT engine reports correct framecount for stock h264.
  • animated gif support for QT 32.
  • asyncread works with AVF engine.
  • avf engine @adapt 0 @output_texture 1 properly reads files.
  • avf engine non-adapt asyncread outputs first frame.
  • clear/dispose messages work with output_texture 1.
  • fixed avf engine issues when switching from palindrome loop mode.
  • fixed avf engine memory leak with read message.
  • jit.phys.ghost: fixed crash when closing patch.
  • jit.phys.multiple: properly outputs right to left.
  • jit.phys.picker: fixed touch message.
  • jit.pwindow: reports correct mouse coords when bound to gl context.
  • jit.window: disabled OS fullscreen capabilities for all windows ('fullscreen' message still works).
  • fixed toggle fullscreen crash.
  • jstask: properly freed from memory.
  • Keyboard input: fixed crash with 2-set Korean (el capitan only).
  • live.gain~/plot~: dsp is properly not restarted when changing the number of inputs.
  • live.param~: appropriately gets parameter value on device load.
  • live.param~: fixed invalid object warnings.
  • Max Database: improve database performance especially in the case of network user accounts.
  • Max network user accounts: improved database performance.
  • Max For Live: fixed crash on freeze/unfreeze of device with BEAP module.
  • Max For Live: fixed crash when starting Max 7 with ARCLite signature.
  • Mouse: cursor no longer disappears when typing any key.
  • nslider: removed roundness attribute.
  • Objects: editing text of box no longer sets fontface attribute to default.
  • onepole~: frequency response accuracy improvements.
  • patch cords: improvements to horizontal curve / bend.
  • patching: fixed crashing when escaping an in-progress patchcord connection.
  • patching: patch cord connections work as expected when scheduler is stopped (and 'Stop/Resume Scheduler' returns to the Edit menu).
  • patching: performance improvements for dragging many boxes and patchlines.
  • playlist~: fixed 'append' usage without arguments.
  • Projects: non-explicit files in the project search path are found.
  • Reference & Documentation: properly uses digest entries instead of label values.
  • rslider: fixed jittery drawing of low range value.
  • Snippets: embedded bpatcher snippet is no longer empty when dragged from mini browser in toolbar.
  • Standalone: fixed mp3 buffer~ inclusion crash.
  • vst~: fixed crash when unchecking 'show controls in patcher'.


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