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Cycling '74

Cycling '74 updates Max to v7.3.2

Cycling '74 has updated Max to v7.3.2.

New Features:

  • AVF grab: allow capturing connected iOS device.
  • Gen: gen.chucker~, gen~.gcd_and_lcm, gen~.interpolation, gen~.interpolation.splinecurve, gen~.routing examples.
  • jit.gl.material: new heightmap_mode attribute.
  • jit.gl.node: support for capturing to texture non-automatic objects via "begin_capture" notification.
  • jit.gl.slab / jit.gl.pix: new rectangle attribute.
  • jit.vcr: support for audio bitrate options (see help patcher).
  • Max: 'clearmaxwindow' message to Max.
  • Projects: sort files within sections in Project window via attribute in Project Inspector.
  • seq/follow: supports Type 1 standard MIDI files.

Fixed Bugs:

  • AVF grab: fix for some crashes.
  • combine: fixed crash with 'list' input.
  • Database: fix for crash on startup when a corrupt obj-qlookup.json file is in a pacakge interfaces folder.
  • dict.group: Negative int values are preserved.
  • embedded bpatcher: new view window sized appropriately.
  • Gen: param declaration as an attribute in object box no longer gives error.
  • groove~: lock 1 no longer causes playback distortion.
  • jit.matrixset: fixed 'read' in 64-bit mode.
  • jit.matrixset: fixed exportmovie with AVF engine (forces VIDDLL usage).
  • jit.movie: fix for wrong height value return on getmoviedim on win 64.
  • jit.movie: fixed flatten in place / jitter crash.
  • jit.record avf engine: fixed overwriting existing files.
  • jit.streak / jit.sprinkle: now work in 64-bit.
  • Jitter colormodes: fixes for AVF and VIDDLL colormodes.
  • JS: fixed issues with tasks from a non-jsthis-bound callback.
  • JS: fixed XMLHttpRequest intermittent crash.
  • JSUI: fixed setpixel method.
  • live.remote~: fixed stack corruption and possible threading issues.
  • Max For Live: fixed conditions for when automation would become disabled.
  • MFL Crash Recovery: fixed.
  • MFL devices / amxd~: only freeze AMXDs when they have been frozen before.
  • MFL devices: Fixed issue with deactivated devices not outputting any sound when they have been hot-swapped/replaced.
  • MIDI setup: improvements to disabling MIDI ports.
  • mira.frame: arbitrary frame size attribute (for Miraweb only).
  • Packages: removing a package also removes its enabled/disabled state from the prefs.
  • pattrhub: eliminated unnecessary error message.
  • pattrstorage: improved performance when using @subscribemode.
  • seq: when file is not found, correctly posts error and no longer opens a file open dialog window.
  • Snapshots: fixed save issues.
  • spectroscope~: fixed crash under special conditions.
  • spray: works with symbols.
  • vst~: implement 'get -11' to return the count of user presets, as documented.
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