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$999 / 999 € / ¥ 104,800

KVR Audio news items relating to Maschine

Directly Related News

Soundwide announced as new parent company of Native Instruments, iZotope, Plugin Alliance and Brainworx12 Apr 2022Native Instruments and iZotope unify leadership teams01 Nov 2021Native Instruments and Dinamo release limited-edition Maschine MK328 Jun 2021Native Instruments and iZotope join forces under new music and audio creator group11 Mar 2021Native Instruments announces new investment partnership with Francisco Partners21 Jan 2021Native Instruments releases Komplete 13 including Guitar Rig 6 Pro, Cremona Quartet, Maschine 2.1202 Oct 2020Management Shakeup at Native Instruments: Changing roles for Daniel Haver and Mate Galic12 Aug 2020Native Instruments issues official statement regarding the state of its business06 Sep 2019Native Instruments celebrates ten years of Maschine with Flame Orange Maschine Mk319 Aug 2019Native Instruments announces new entry-level hardware, a free tier of Komplete, Traktor DJ 2, Sounds.com integration for Maschine and Komplete Kontrol, and more24 Jan 2019Native Instruments updates Maschine to v2.7.1023 Oct 2018Native Instruments updates Maschine to v2.7.819 Sep 2018Native Instruments unveils 9 new products including Komplete 12, Kontakt 6, and Massive X, plus major updates to online platforms06 Sep 2018Native Instruments updates Maschine to v2.7.708 Aug 2018Native Instruments updates Maschine to v2.7.418 Apr 2018Native Instruments updates Maschine to v2.7.309 Apr 2018Native Instruments updates Kontakt to v5.7.3 and Maschine to v2.7.222 Dec 2017Native Instruments updates Maschine to v2.7.119 Dec 2017Native Instruments updates Maschine to v2.715 Dec 2017Native Instruments updates Maschine to v2.6.11 and Thrill to v1.129 Nov 2017Native Instruments updates Maschine to v2.6.1027 Oct 2017Native Instruments updates Maschine to v2.6.929 Sep 2017Native Instruments announces new Maschine Mk3 & Komplete Kontrol Mk2 hardware07 Sep 2017Native Instruments updates Reaktor to v6.2.0 and Maschine to v2.6.830 Aug 2017Native Instruments updates Maschine Software to v2.6.604 Jul 2017Native Instruments updates Maschine Software to v2.6.519 May 2017Native Instruments updates Maschine Software to v2.6.014 Feb 2017Native Instruments updates Maschine to v2.5.6 - incl. Ableton Link support15 Dec 2016Native Instruments releases Maschine Jam production and performance system30 Sep 2016Native Instruments announces Maschine Jam production and performance system12 Sep 2016AAS releases an NKS-ready version of the Strum GS-2 acoustic and electric guitar plug-in10 Aug 2016Native instruments updates Maschine, Massive, Absynth, FM8 & Reaktor 506 Nov 2015Native Instruments Daniel Haver and Mate Galic Interview26 Oct 2015Native Instruments releases Komplete Select22 May 2015Native Instruments reveals the Future of Komplete Kontrol keyboards16 Apr 2015Native Instruments Komplete x Maschine Video23 Feb 2015Native Instruments updates FM8 (1.3.2), Massive (1.4.2), and Maschine (2.2.1)19 Dec 2014Native Instruments updates Maschine to v2.2 and Kontakt to v5.4.2 (plus other minor updates)27 Nov 2014KVR Audio Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - The Results (Better Late Than Never!)28 Feb 2014Native Instruments releases Maschine Studio and Maschine 2.0 Software31 Oct 2013Native Instruments updates all Komplete Instruments and Effects - incl. 64-bit AAX29 Oct 2013Native Instruments announces Maschine Studio and Maschine 2.0 Software16 Oct 2013Native Instruments releases Lazer Dice Expansion for Maschine19 Sep 2013Uppercussion releases "Conundrums" and "Monstrosities" for Maschine, Live, Geist, Battery, and more01 Mar 2013Standard Beat Company releases "Black Surface Volume One" in Battery, Kontakt, WAV, REX and Maschine formats25 Feb 2013Fingerpushers updates "Butch Techno Percussion" with new kits for Native Instruments Maschine08 Feb 2013Twisted Tools releases "Micro Kits 05 by Delect" - Free Multi-Format Electronic Drum Kits05 Feb 2013Native Instruments releases "Abbey Road Vintage Drummer" (Kontakt Player) and "Electric Vice" (Maschine Expansion)19 Dec 2012Plugin Boutique release 70 Free Massive Patches from the Loopmasters Patchworx range12 Nov 2012Twisted Tools releases "Micro Kits 04 by Tonebuilder" for Maschine, Battery, Kontakt, Live, Reaktor and EXS2431 Oct 2012Native Instruments releases "Drop Squad" Maschine Expansion18 Oct 2012Precious Sound releases PreSid for Kontakt and Maschine02 Oct 2012New generation of Native Instruments Maschine now available worldwide01 Oct 2012Native Instruments updates Maschine to v1.8.124 Sep 2012Native Instruments announces a new generation of Maschine31 Aug 2012Native Instruments releases "Conant Gardens" - Maschine Expansion23 Aug 2012Twisted Tools releases "Micro Kits 03 by EVAC" for Maschine, Battery, Kontakt, Live, Reaktor and EXS2421 Aug 2012HelloSamples releases RawVermona Sample Pack (incl. Kontakt, Maschine & MPC versions)30 Jul 2012Native Instruments releases Raw Voltage - Maschine Expansion24 Jul 2012Native Instruments releases "Platinum Bounce" Maschine Expansion08 May 2012Twisted Tools releases Micro Kits 02 by Glitchmachines11 Apr 2012HelloSamples releases Sweet Chords Vol 1 in Maschine and MPC formats04 Apr 2012Uppercussion releases Bomblastic - Hip Hop Drum Kits for Maschine, Battery, Geist and more26 Mar 2012SoulViaSound releases Percussive for Maschine, Live and Battery12 Mar 2012Twisted Tools releases Micro Kits 01 by Si Begg - Drum Kits for Maschine, Ableton, Kontakt and more28 Feb 2012Native Instruments releases Dark Pressure Expansion for Maschine16 Feb 2012SoulViaSound releases iMounds - free library for iMaschine users10 Jan 2012SoulViaSound Libraries releases Azalera - Unconventional Drum Library for Maschine and Battery25 Nov 2011Twisted Tools releases Transform Sample Library by Jedsound21 Nov 2011Native Instruments launches "Free Expansion Offer" for Maschine and Maschine Mikro and releases "True School" Expansion28 Oct 2011Native Instruments releases iMaschine for iOS11 Oct 2011Native Instruments releases Maschine Mikro03 Oct 2011Native Instruments announces Maschine Mikro (incl. Maschine 1.7 software) and iMaschine for iOS05 Sep 2011Native Instruments releases Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate01 Sep 2011SoulviaSound releases Pathfinder drum library for Maschine and Battery14 Jun 2011Plughugger releases TR-SONIQ for Geist, Guru, Maschine, Akai MPC and WAV formats13 Jun 2011Native Instruments discontinues Kore product range08 Jun 2011Surround SFX releases Transistor Rhythm - High-End Drum-Library for Maschine, Battery and EXS-24 & 3 Free Kits23 May 2011Twisted Tools releases "Glitchmachines: Elements" for Reaktor, Kontakt, Maschine, EXS and more (incl. MP16b Reaktor Ensemble)04 May 2011SoulviaSound releases REDD M - Hybrid Synth for Maschine25 Apr 2011Uppercussion Releases Digicussion 1 - Synthetic drum kit library20 Apr 2011Native Instruments announces Maschine Expansions with Vintage Heat and Transistor Punch by Goldbaby and Surround SFX15 Apr 2011Native Instruments releases Maschine 1.6 with Plug-in Hosting29 Mar 2011Twisted Tools releases Scapes for Reaktor15 Feb 2011Native Instruments releases Public Betas of Maschine v1.6 (incl. VST/AU Hosting) and Battery v3.2 (both for registered users)31 Jan 2011Twisted Tools releases Richard Devine's Analogue Microcosm (incl. MP16 Reaktor Ensemble)13 Jan 2011SoulviaSound releases Anamorphic for Maschine, Battery 3 and Kontakt 417 Dec 2010Native Instruments Maschine v1.6 (incl. VST/AU hosting) and Kontakt v4.2 Now in Beta10 Dec 2010TwistedTools releases Buffeater for Reaktor 519 Sep 2010Twisted Tools releases Colorflex for Reaktor 523 Apr 2010Native Instruments updates Maschine to v1.5 and the Kontakt 4 Factory Library to v1.0.220 Apr 2010Native Instrument updates Maschine to v1.111 Nov 2009Native Instruments releases 'Maschine Drum Selection' and 'Evolve Mutations' Kontakt-Powered instruments07 Aug 2009Native Instruments releases Maschine03 Mar 2009Native Instruments announces Maschine15 Jan 2009Interview with Daniel Haver and Stephan Schmitt of Native Instruments22 Aug 2008

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8UP releases "8-Bit Drum Kits 2" with Bundle Offer20 Apr 2023Particular-Sound releases Synth Motions for Native Instruments Maschine+ and Maschine Software19 Apr 2022Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes introduces New Bundles11 Dec 2020Samples From Mars releases "TOM From Mars" - Drum Sample Pack08 Dec 2020Thirdmanonthemoon releases "Drummer From Another Mother" for Live, Kontakt, Maschine, Battery, Logic and WAV - Plus Free DFAM Samples27 Oct 2020HelloSamples releases "Silky Juke" and "Arp fantasy", a 130 preset pack for Ableton's Wavetable synth10 Sep 2020TimbresAndTones releases Toontrack drum integration product ranges for Maschine05 Apr 2020Resonance Sound releases Techno Maschinen - Multi-Format Drum Kits14 Feb 2020Soundtrack Loops releases SynEmax Synthwave Multi-format Samples and Maschine Kit15 Nov 2019Native Instruments releases Chromatic Fire sound pack – free to Maschine users10 Sep 2019HelloSamples releases Flavours #7: Lush Beats02 Sep 2019HelloSamples releases "Glass Drums" sound pack for Kontakt, Ableton & Machine15 May 2019HelloSamples releases "Sweet Chords 5" for Kontakt, Ableton Live, and Maschine05 Apr 2019ADSR Sounds releases "ADSR Presents: Rhiannon Roze" Vocal Sample Pack27 Mar 2019Native Instruments releases "Opaline Drift" Expansion23 Jan 2019Native Instruments releases Aquarius Earth Expansion - the sound of late-90s soul17 Dec 2018Rob Papen updates RAW-Kick07 Dec 2018Samples From Mars releases "Soviet Synths From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV16 Nov 2018Native Instruments releases "Mallet Flux" Kontakt Instrument and "Midnight Sunset" Maschine Expansion and launches competition to win A-Series Keyboard08 Nov 2018Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes releases Maschine MIDI Drum Patterns 226 Oct 2018Samples From Mars releases "S612 From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV02 Oct 2018ADSR Sounds releases Sensory - Future Chill31 Aug 2018ADSR Sounds releases Confection - Future Bass03 Aug 2018Native Instruments releases "Polar Flare" Expansion17 Jul 2018Samples From Mars releases "Modular Drums From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV20 Jun 2018Native Instruments releases "Carbon Decay" Expansion23 May 2018lmdsp updates Superchord for Native Instruments NKS - On sale for 69€21 Apr 2018HelloSamples releases Flavours #6: Lo-Fi House07 Mar 2018Native Instruments launches Expansions - genre-specific sound packs for Maschine, Battery 4, Massive, and more19 Feb 2018Native Instruments releases "Basement Era" Maschine Expansion12 Dec 2017Goldbaby releases "Big Little Tonic" Multi-format Sample Pack28 Nov 2017Samples From Mars releases "Drumulator From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV04 Oct 2017Native Instruments releases "Deep Matter" Maschine Expansion26 Sep 2017Marco Scherer releases "Drum Depot: Analog 808" multi-format sample library17 Sep 2017HelloSamples releases Flavours #5: Lo-Fi Haze11 Sep 2017Sample Magic releases "Warehouse Tech" Multi format Sample Pack09 Aug 2017Native Instruments releases "Byte Riot" Maschine Expansion01 Aug 2017Drumdrops releases the "60s Motown Kit" in four different sample packs31 Jul 2017Uppercussion releases "Powerhouse" Electro House and "Littlehouse" Minimal & Tech House Expansion Packs19 Jul 2017Sample Magic releases "Festival Pop" Multi-Format Sample Pack19 Jul 2017Native Instruments releases "Street Swarm" Maschine Expansion inspired by the sample hunters of 90s New York hip hop28 Jun 2017Sample Magic releases "Retro Future" Multi-Format Sample Pack19 Jun 2017Native Instruments releases "London Grit" Maschine Expansion01 Jun 2017Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes releases CGC Shaker - Free Sample Library26 May 2017HelloSamples releases Sweet Chords Vol.4: Organic Modular Chords22 May 2017Sample Magic releases "Raw Grime" Multi-Format Sample Pack09 May 2017Samples From Mars releases "SID From Mars" and "727 From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV09 May 2017HelloSamples releases Raw Series 4: Analog Rytm12 Apr 2017Native Instruments releases Elastic Thump Maschine Expansion29 Mar 2017Native Instruments releases "Headland Flow" Maschine Expansion28 Feb 2017Drumdrops releases "Vintage Funk Kit" in four different sample packs20 Feb 2017Native Instruments releases "Prismatic Bliss" Maschine Expansion23 Jan 2017AAS releases an NKS-ready version of the Ultra Analog VA-2 analog synthesizer plug-in14 Dec 2016Native Instruments releases Radiant Horizon Maschine Expansion12 Dec 2016HelloSamples releases Snack Pack 001 - Re-Amped Acoustic Drums and Snack Pack 002 - Abused Modular Drums for Kontakt, Maschine, Ableton, MPC and WAV29 Nov 2016Native Instruments releases Hexagon Highway Maschine Expansion27 Sep 2016HelloSamples releases Organic House for Maschine, Ableton, MPC and WAV22 Sep 2016AAS releases an NKS-ready version of the String Studio VS-2 String Modeling Synthesizer Plug-in15 Sep 2016thefutureisold releases 5 Packs for Maschine 215 Sep 2016Drumdrops releases the Vintage Disco Kit sample packs06 Sep 2016F9 Audio Releases Forte Evolution Multi-Sampled Piano for Club and Contemporary Pop20 Aug 2016HelloSamples drops Golden Hip-Hop expansion for Maschine, Ableton and MPC06 Jul 2016HelloSamples drops free 2GB sound library based on Moog Sub 3717 Jun 2016Marco Scherer releases Drum Depot: Deep Drums21 Apr 2016Zero-G launches Zero-G Classics05 Apr 2016Native Instruments releases Rising Crescent Maschine Expansion30 Mar 2016Samples From Mars releases "Free SP 1200 Drum Samples" and "Found Sounds From Mars" drum sample collections19 Mar 2016Samples From Mars Releases "Tape Drums Vol II" Drum Sample Collection12 Mar 2016Native Instruments releases Black Arc Expansion for Maschine04 Mar 2016Rob Papen updates BLUE-II, RAW, Blade, RG, and SubBoomBass - Adds NKS Compatibility03 Mar 2016Marco Scherer releases Drum Depot: Vermona DRM05 Feb 2016Native Instruments releases Solar Breeze Maschine Expansion01 Feb 2016Marco Scherer releases Drum Depot: Analog Drums25 Jan 2016HelloSamples releases "Sweet Chords" sample pack30 Dec 2015HelloSamples releases "Spaced Out FX Vol.1" for Maschine and Ableton Live26 Nov 2015EKO1 Creative Innovation releases "Bounce Ohio" in Maschine and WAV formats31 Oct 2015Xenos Soundworks releases "Minimalist Textures" for NI Massive28 Oct 2015Musicrow releases "909 Freaks" for Maschine & WAV formats27 Sep 2015Native Instruments releases Velvet Lounge Maschine Expansion20 Aug 2015Sample Magic release 'Dusty House' and 'Neon Disco'17 Aug 2015Samples From Mars releases DX From Mars01 Aug 2015Musicrow releases '808 Syndrome' for Maschine & WAV formats16 Jun 2015Marco Scherer releases Dangerous Drums15 Jun 2015HelloSamples releases Raw Series Vol.3 "Analog Tempest" Sound pack for Ableton Live, Maschine and MPC Series05 Jun 2015Native Instruments releases Golden Kingdom Expansion for Maschine28 May 2015Native Instruments releases Astral Flutter Expansion for Maschine15 Apr 2015Sample Magic release "Big Room Techno"' and "Retro Analogue House" Sample Packs31 Mar 2015Musicrow releases '100 Crashes' for Maschine, Live & WAV - Free Until March 30 201523 Mar 2015Diginoiz releases Synth Style Sounds 411 Mar 2015Sample Magic releases 'MIDI Elements: Garage House Beats" and 'House Vocal Tracks 2'10 Mar 2015Sample Magic releases 'Low End Theory' and 'Raw House' Sample Packs02 Mar 2015EKO1 Creative Innovation releases "Urban beats Volume 2 - Boosty Cube" in Maschine and WAV formats08 Feb 2015Native Instruments releases Prospect Haze Expansion for Maschine30 Jan 2015EKO1 Creative Innovation releases "Urban Beats Volume 1 - Torrance" in Maschine and WAV formats19 Jan 20158DM releases Deep House Vol. 1 for Maschine, Kontakt and Wav05 Jan 2015Uppercussion releases Digicussion 3 and Digicussion Bundle for multiple formats, and new Kontakt Instruments16 Dec 20148Dio Announces Biggest Sale Of The Year: 40% Off All Products (including Bundles)24 Nov 2014Straight Ahead Samples releases Layback/Throwback, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, Jazz and Funk Loops & Samples for Kontakt 5, Maschine & WAV21 Nov 2014Native Instruments releases Caribbean Current Expansion for Maschine08 Oct 2014Fingerpushers releases "Sampler Anthology 909" - old-school sampled TR909 for Kontakt, Maschine, MPC and Geist26 Sep 2014Native Instruments releases Magnate Hustle Expansion for Maschine22 Aug 2014ADSR launches Maschine Live Performance Course - Learn to build, edit and perform a groove using finger drumming18 Aug 2014Sound Dust releases Found Maschine - a Found Sound Expansion Pack for NI Maschine 211 Aug 2014Native Instruments releases Circuit Halo Expansion for Maschine11 Jul 2014Twisted Tools releases DARKMORPH - sci-fi sample library focused on cinematic sound design and dark groove production (for Kontakt, Reaktor, EXS, Live and more)17 Jun 2014SM release "Maschine Magic: Found Sound" and "Chillwave 2" Sample Libraries09 Jun 2014Native Instruments releases Arcane Attic Expansion for Maschine30 May 2014Multiples Pro releases SYNF for Absynth, Massive, Reason, Maschine & WAV23 May 2014Native Instruments releases Lucid Mission Expansion for Maschine29 Apr 2014Sample Magic releases SM White Label: G-House16 Apr 2014Native Instruments releases Grey Forge Expansion for Maschine21 Mar 2014Echo Sound Works releases Boom Drums (Drum Sample Pack)18 Mar 2014Uppercussion releases "Vocalisms" - vocal drum kits for Ableton Live, Maschine, Geist, Battery, and more13 Mar 2014Native Instruments releases Marble Rims Expansion for Maschine28 Feb 2014ModeAudio.com releases 3 preset packs: 'Dust Road' for Massive, 'Dream Patterns' for Thor and 'Hyper Beats' for Maschine28 Feb 2014Niche Audio Label Joins Loopmasters and Releases "Naked Techno" and "Deep Tone" for Maschine and Live14 Feb 2014ADSR releases 15 Sound Packs for Massive, FM8, Sylenth1 and more (+new free Video Tutorials)13 Feb 2014Twisted Tools releases Sounds of S-Layer II - Free sample pack for Live, Maschine, and Reaktor03 Feb 2014Native Instruments releases Resonant Blaze Expansion for Maschine 2.021 Nov 2013Skin Protective Membrane for NI Maschine Now Available24 Oct 2013Twisted Tools releases Metamorph - Sample library that fuses electroacoustic and designed sound effects10 Oct 2013Native Instruments releases Kinetic Metal for Kontakt and Maschine25 Sep 2013Native Instruments releases "Static Friction" - Maschine Expansion26 Jul 2013Standard Beat Company releases "Trash Standard 1" in Battery, Kontakt, WAV, REX and Maschine formats25 Jul 2013Drumdrops updates Premier Outfit 54 Kit - Multi-Velocity and Single Hits Packs to v1.128 Jun 2013Standard Beat Company releases "Dropstep" in Battery, Kontakt, WAV, REX and Maschine formats11 Jun 2013Native Instruments releases 'Kaoz Theory' Expansion for iMaschine14 May 2013Native Instruments releases Pulswerk Expansion for Maschine03 May 2013Uppercussion and Icebreaker Audio release "Bitkits" - Ten free 8-bit drum kits for Maschine, Live, Geist and more15 Apr 2013Native Instruments releases Helios Ray - Maschine Expansion08 Apr 2013

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