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News Archive for April 2008

30th April 2008Acon Digital Media releases Acoustica v4.1 and Acoustica Premium v4.1

30th April 2008Brainworx updates bx_digital to v1.1.0 (incl. AU release)

30th April 2008de la Mancha releases dirtbox 3

30th April 2008xoxos releases Hyperion - algorithmic MIDI note generator

30th April 2008Scuzzphut releases Phatbeatz - Drum Machine

30th April 2008Pettinhouse releases free Vinyl Drumkits - Electronic [BAT|KON|SF2]

30th April 2008Time & Space announces MySpace promotion - win a Zero-G sample CD every month

30th April 2008Prominy releases SC Electric Guitar

30th April 2008Le Lotus Bleu releases Add Cell I & II Soundbanks for Korg's Legacy Cell Analog Edition

30th April 2008Retro Sampling releases Evolutionary Pads Of Beyond demo version

30th April 2008Access Music releases Virus TI OS v2.7 Public Beta 3

30th April 2008Wusikstation updated to v4.6.4

30th April 2008Voxengo updates Pristine Space to v1.8

30th April 2008VSTSynthFont updated to v1.021

30th April 2008BIAS updates Peak LE to v6.02

28th April 2008Eiosis announces E²Transienter

28th April 2008SoundFonts.it releases VB3 v1.2

28th April 2008Basement Hum releases basement_crossfade v0.1

28th April 2008RS-Met updates Straightliner beta to v0.6.5 and releases MIDI Monitor v0.5

28th April 2008Cockos updates REAPER to v2.203 for Windows; v0.73 for Mac OS X (preview build)

28th April 2008Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.7.7

28th April 2008Atomsplitter Audio releases Flang-3R

28th April 2008Loopmasters launches Artist Series Downloads with Future Drum & Bass from Nu:Tone

28th April 2008Realsamples releases Dutch Harpsichord - Edition Beurmann [HAL|KON|...]

28th April 2008Rayzoon launches Spring Sale - Up To 40% Off

28th April 2008Chris Hein Guitars now available as individual downloads at SoundsOnDemand.com

28th April 2008Physical Music releases TimeFreezer AU

28th April 2008Jonathan Schmid-Burgk releases House Effect VST for Mac

28th April 2008C.Hackl releases GrooveBoxII v2.0

28th April 2008Cycling '74 updates Max/MSP to v5.0.1

28th April 2008Togu Audio Line updates TAL-BassLine for Windows; releases a beta Audio Unit for Mac OS X

28th April 2008VOPM for Windows updated to v0.17

28th April 2008SynthFont updated to v1.113

28th April 2008Sagan Technology releases Metro v6.4.3.2

25th April 2008Clear Complex releases Transistor

25th April 2008Nugen Audio releases Visualizer for Mac OS X

25th April 2008Pink Noise proVitamin GM Soundset free with Music Tech Magazine

25th April 2008Native Instruments announces KORE 2 workshop tour (USA & Canada - May & June)

25th April 2008Music Marketing announces MusicXPC Professional P2 now shipping

25th April 2008Zero-G announces Free CD Giveaway from Time & Space

25th April 2008Westgate Studios releases 'Rare Winds' and 'Harps' Modules for Kontakt and GigaStudio

25th April 2008Puremagnetik releases MS-20 Analog Bass Micropak for Live 7, Kontakt 3, Logic 8 and GarageBand

25th April 2008Les Productions Zvon releases 'Chromatic Hits' and 'Sidekick Electronic Percussion' sample sets for Kontakt 3

25th April 2008Inspiration Sounds releases Pure Live Breaks Volume 1 [ACID|AL|REX]

25th April 2008Equinox Sounds releases Trance Creator Inspirational Tools [ACID|REX construction kits]

25th April 2008TwistedWave updated to v1.4

25th April 2008g200kg updates Vocov2 Vocoder to v2.11

25th April 2008Voxengo updates GlissEQ to v2.9.1 and Pristine Space to v1.7.3

24th April 2008Ableton updates Live 7 to v7.0.5

24th April 2008Cycling '74 releases Max/MSP 5

24th April 2008Outsim releases SynthMaker v1.1

24th April 2008apulSoft updates apEQ to v1.3.0

24th April 2008VertexDSP updates FaderWorks to v1.3.0

24th April 2008IK Multimedia releases SampleTron

24th April 2008Christian Knufinke Software updates SIR2 for Mac to v2.3.003

24th April 2008SONiVOX releases Anatomy for Kontakt

23rd April 2008Spectrasonics announces Omnisphere Preview Remix Contest (incl. Free Omnisphere soundset in RMX, WAV and REX2 formats)

23rd April 2008NUSofting sets Groove Analogizer FREE

23rd April 2008Cockos updates REAPER to v2.202

23rd April 2008Extreme Sample Converter updated to v3.5.6; Samplelord updated to v1.4

23rd April 2008FXpansion updates BFD2 to v2.0.3.15

23rd April 2008BIAS updates Peak Pro to v6.01

23rd April 2008reFX updates Nexus to v1.4.1

23rd April 2008Schwa updates Olga, Oligarc, Spectro, and Bitter

23rd April 2008Intermorphic updates noatikl to v1.5.0.8

22nd April 2008runagate releases CombOver v0.1

21st April 2008Image Line updates Poizone (v2.2), Toxic Biohazard (v1.0.1) and Morphine (v1.4.1)

21st April 2008HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro to v1.3

21st April 2008Zero-G and Xfonic release Urban Ammunition [ACID|AL]

21st April 2008SPC Plugins releases Gater v1.2 and Wobbulator v2.2

21st April 2008Atomsplitter Audio releases Forma-8 v1.0.2

21st April 2008de la Mancha releases freq show

21st April 2008EastWest launches 'Score This Movie' contest - win all seven EastWest 'PLAY' products

21st April 2008Peavey releases ReValver Mk III demo

21st April 2008iZotope updates RX to v1.06

21st April 2008Togu Audio Line updates its Audio Units

18th April 2008Novation updates V-Station to v1.5.1

18th April 2008Ueberschall releases Urbanic Producer Pack (Elastik Soundbank)

18th April 2008Sensomusic updates Usine to v3.63c and Usine VST to v3.63c beta 10

17th April 2008FXpansion releases BFD B.O.M.B (Big Orchestral & Marching Band) expansion pack for BFD (1.5 & 2.0)

17th April 2008VirSyn releases VTape - The Analog Tape Suite v1.2 (incl. VST3 support)

17th April 2008Vienna Symphonic Library announces New Upgrade Paths; Price Increase in North America; Free Extended Libraries

17th April 2008Puremagnetik releases three new bundles for Live, Kontakt, Logic and GarageBand

17th April 2008BIAS releases Peak LE 6

16th April 2008PSPaudioware releases PSP MixPack2 (incl. new plug-in - PSP MixGate2)

16th April 2008Vir2 Instruments releases Complex Evolution for syntAX

16th April 2008Ugo updates M-theory to v1.1 and releases Dualism v1.0

16th April 2008Schwa releases Oligarc Virtual Analog Effects Package

16th April 2008Yellow Tools releases Freedom v2.1 (adds VST hosting)

16th April 2008Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Flanger Audio Unit

16th April 2008MeldaProduction releases MDrummer Small and Demo v1.02

16th April 2008Audio Damage updates Ricochet for Mac to v1.0.2.a

16th April 2008ModernBeats releases Hit Theory - Music Producer Ebook

16th April 2008Cluster Sound announces free Xpander Pack Series for Tech Producer DSP

16th April 2008SAE Institute teams up with Audiocourses.com to launch new distance learning education division

16th April 2008Darrell Tam releases DtBlkFx v1.1 for Windows

15th April 2008Sonnox releases Oxford SuprEsser for Mac

15th April 2008Prosoniq updates morph AudioUnit to v1.1

15th April 2008Jonathan Schmid-Burgk releases House Effect VST for Windows

15th April 2008Pro-Sounds releases Atomik Tags Sound-Bank for Massive

15th April 2008Frieve updates Music Studio Independence & Producer to v1.25

15th April 2008Precisionsound releases Chimes Collection for HALion, Kontakt & Gigastudio

14th April 2008Acoustica releases Mixcraft 4 (v4.1 b91)

14th April 2008Blue Cat Audio releases Blue Cat's Triple EQ series v3.0 and announces global price reductions

14th April 2008Antares releases AVOX 2 (Antares Vocal Toolkit)

14th April 2008NOVAkILL and Synapse Audio announce Remix Contest

14th April 2008Chironex Audio Works releases Buzzkill v0.2

14th April 2008DSK MUSIC releases DSK OranZe

14th April 2008VSTKit updated to v0.5.3 (Cocoa framework for hosting VST3 plug-ins)

14th April 2008AlgoMusic and BK SynthLab release Atomic; update AMB ElectraBass to v1.2; release AMB Tools Pack Bundle

14th April 2008EastWest/Quantum Leap Pianos updated to v1.0.3

14th April 2008MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB for Mac to v1.1b

14th April 2008Togu Audio Line releases AU beta versions of TAL-Tube, TAL-Flanger and TAL-Phaser

14th April 2008Audjoo updates Helix to beta 2008-04-13

14th April 2008The Sound Guy updates ReSpatializer to v1.1

14th April 2008Jack OS X v0.77 now available

14th April 2008MeldaProduction releases MDrummer Small and Demo v1.01

14th April 2008Digital Music Doctor releases Ableton Live 7 - Know It All! (Training video)

14th April 2008Oli Larkin updates Dronebox to v2.3 and Polycomb to v1.3

11th April 2008Chicken Systems updates Translator for Windows to v2.9.113

11th April 2008Pro-Sounds release Sanford Signature Bank for PS-1

11th April 2008Apple releases Pro Applications Update 2008-01 (incl. Final Cut Pro v6.0.3)

11th April 2008Way Out Ware updates KikAXXE for Mac OS X to v1.0.4

11th April 2008Sensomusic updates Usine to v3.63 and Usine VST to v3.63 beta9

10th April 2008Soniccouture releases Kontakt Scriptorium: Sound Design Tools and Tutorials for Kontakt 2 and 3

10th April 2008Schaack Audio Technologies releases Transient Shaper v2.0

10th April 2008NuGen Audio updates Monofilter, Stereoizer, Stereoplacer (Stereo Pack)

10th April 2008Mu Technologies releases Mu Voice v1.1.2 and v1.2

10th April 2008BTE Audio releases PEQ3 Program Equalizer Algorithm for Software Developers

10th April 2008Rayzoon updates Jamstix to v2.2.1

10th April 2008Jeremy Evers updates Atlantis to v0.9f

10th April 2008Ardour v2.4.1 released

10th April 2008Sugar Bytes updates WOW Filter to v1.1

10th April 2008G-Sonique announces XBass4000 - Analog-style bass saturation / enhancer

10th April 2008rhythminmind.net updates 2-Band/4-Band to v1.1

9th April 2008rs-met releases Straightliner v0.6 beta

9th April 2008Saltine updates Cadence and Jekyll to v1.1

9th April 2008Sonic Reality releases 15 R.M.X Groove Paks for Stylus RMX

9th April 2008Synthogy releases Ivory v1.70 VST update for Windows XP and Vista

9th April 2008Kong Audio updates ChineeWinds (v1.77), ChineeErhu (v1.32) and ChineeNanXiao (v1.32)

9th April 2008Ambrosia Software updates WireTap Studio to v1.0.6

8th April 2008Nucleus SoundLab releases Viral Outbreak (VSTi and Refill)

8th April 2008Ueberschall releases two new Elastik Soundbanks - Reggae Fundamentals and Analog Attack

8th April 2008Audio Damage updates Dubstation delay to v1.5

8th April 2008Livelab.dk updates LiveSlice to v1.47

8th April 2008Sensomusic releases Usine v3.62 and Usine VST v3.62 beta

8th April 2008Softube Studios updates Vintage Amp Room to v1.0.4

8th April 2008Yellow Tool releases Independence Pro v2.1 (Adds VST hosting)

8th April 2008Synthogy releases Ivory Italian Grand as a complete Virtual Instrument

7th April 2008Voxengo updates Overtone GEQ to v1.4

7th April 2008Cockos releases REAPER v2.2

7th April 2008Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.7.6

7th April 2008Togu Audio Line releases Chorus-60 and TAL-Dub Audio Unit betas

7th April 2008Tonearm releases Vitamin L workflow enhancement tool for Ableton Live

7th April 2008Andyware updates Analog Box (ABox) to v2.39

7th April 2008Soundhack releases +delay (Mac VST)

7th April 2008The Covert Operators releases Release for Live 7 (Tension)

4th April 2008Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v6.1.4 for Windows

4th April 2008AudioRealism releases BassLine (ABL) v2.1.0

4th April 2008Dangerous Bear Underground announces release of Prometheus and Fortuity

4th April 2008iZotope releases RX Audio Restoration plug-ins (v1.0.5)

4th April 2008VSL updates Vienna Instruments and Vienna Ensemble

4th April 2008NUSofting releases Microrock Pro Universal Binary

4th April 2008EastWest updates Quantum Leap Pianos to v1.0.2

4th April 2008Line 6 updates GearBox to v3.60

4th April 2008de la Mancha releases unstable v1.0

4th April 2008ILIO / Samplebase updates Satellite to v1.0.22 (Free version now loads Wav, Aiff, Rex)

4th April 2008Sounds And Effects releases Asia Pacific Drums and Percussion Download Pak for Kontakt

4th April 2008Arbiter announces Arturia Origin UK Launch Event

4th April 2008Meyer Musicmedia releases Electronic Sounds for ARP2600V Trance Vol.1

4th April 2008SoundUniverse releases ACK3 (Ambient Construction Kit Vol. 3) for Synth1

4th April 2008Puremagnetik releases Purple Kit for Live, Kontakt, Logic and Garageband

4th April 2008Time+Space launches competition to win Rob Papen's RG (+Albino, Blue and Predator too)

3rd April 2008SampleModeling (Peter Siedlaczek & Giorgio Tommasini) releases The Trumpet

3rd April 2008Christian Knufinke Software releases SIR2 v2.3 for Mac OS X and Windows

3rd April 2008Flux updates its plug-ins to v1.3.0.4

3rd April 2008Ableton announces Live 7 LE

3rd April 2008M-Audio updates Key Rig to v1.1.0.4 (incl. Universal Binary)

2nd April 2008rhythminmind.net releases 2-Band / 4-Band Frequency Divider plug-ins

2nd April 2008Retro Sampling releases Evolutionary Pads Of Beyond v1.0 [VST|KON|HAL|...]

2nd April 2008MusicLab updates RealStrat (v1.1), RealGuitar (v2.2) and RealGuitar ToolBox (v1.1)

2nd April 2008Sugar Bytes updates Effectrix to v1.0.1

2nd April 2008EastWest updates PLAY to v1.0.056

2nd April 2008de la Mancha releases subhuman v3.0

2nd April 2008AZ Audio releases Monobar v1.0

2nd April 2008Gallo Engineering releases Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp v1.3 for Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) and Windows (VST/RTAS)

2nd April 2008EastWest announces 20th Anniversary Promotion (Two for One on selected products)

2nd April 2008Atelier Robin re-launches ns_kit7 as Natural Drum Kit (NDK) [HAL|KON|WAV]

2nd April 2008Native Instruments launches Special offer: Free Massive synth with every Kore 2 purchase

2nd April 2008Time+Space announces Special Offers for April

2nd April 2008Toontrack and DigiFreq announce EZdrummer Giveaway Contest

1st April 2008Native Instruments updates Guitar Rig to v3.1

1st April 2008Ardour version 2.4 released

1st April 2008Intermorphic updates noatikl to v1.5.0.7

1st April 2008MachineCodex updates AudioCodex to v0.99b

1st April 2008DDMF updates IIEQPro (v1.42) and LP10 (v2.32) for Windows

1st April 2008Alphakanal updates Automat to v1.0b build 28

1st April 2008zplane.development updates vielklang to v1.1.3