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News Archive for July 2012

31st July 2012Ohm Force updates Ohm Studio to revision 69928

31st July 2012MeterPlugs releases LCAST Loudness Meter (Win & Mac, VST & AU)

31st July 2012IK Multimedia announces new IK Krazy Deal - SampleTron for 29.99 USD / 24,99 EUR (85% Off)

31st July 2012Synapse Audio Software announces Summer Promotion: 40% off Orion until August 31, 2012

31st July 2012SonicXTC releases Analog Phaser Module APM 111 (VST Win)

31st July 2012ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v4.0.4

31st July 2012LSR audio releases "DynamicsDetail" and "SK_Dynamics" plug-ins for Win & Mac (VST, AU, RTAS) and updates All Other Plug-ins (incl. USB activation)

31st July 2012UVI releases IRCAM Prepared Piano

31st July 2012Arturia releases V Collection 3.0

31st July 2012Teru KAMOGASHIRA updates FreeVerb3 to v2.6.6

31st July 2012Audio Damage updates Panstation for Mac to v1.0.2

31st July 2012Studiolinkedvst releases "Platinum Hit Workstation" Modern Hip-Hop Instrument for Win VST, Mac AU & Reason Combinator

30th July 2012Mecha Audio releases Remus - Pure Synthesis Drum Machine for Windows VST

30th July 2012Sound Magic releases Pianist (Win VST) and Free Jazz Set for Piano One

30th July 2012Twisted Tools updates S-LAYER for Reaktor to v1.1 - New features and improved sound quality

30th July 2012NTS Audio Labs updates "Hip-Hop" to v1.1

30th July 2012MOTU ships Track 16 desktop studio interface

30th July 2012Ross Bencina updates AudioMulch to v2.2

30th July 2012Ueberschall releases Electro House Inferno (Elastik Soundbank)

30th July 2012Zero-G release "Sax Supreme" - Vintage Soprano Sax for Kontakt

30th July 2012Sonic State and iZotope team up to host the "Find Music in Everything" Sound Design Competition

30th July 2012HelloSamples releases RawVermona Sample Pack (incl. Kontakt, Maschine & MPC versions)

30th July 2012Resonance Sound releases "SOR Minimal Techno Revolution Vol. 2" (WAV|REX|EXS|KON)

29th July 2012Ultimate X Sounds releases "Future X Sounds Vol.1" soundset for Sylenth1

29th July 2012Crimson Technology updates WaveSynth for Android to v1.0.1 and WaveSynth for iOS to v2.2

29th July 2012Platinum Samples release 6 new Session Drummer 3 Kits

29th July 2012Status launches Summer Sale: 40% off on sound banks

29th July 2012Sinevibes updates Dynamo (1.4), Deep (1.1.1) and Array (1.0.2) AU Plug-ins for Mac

29th July 2012ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v4.0.3

29th July 2012Diginoiz releases "Electro House - Producers Kit" and "R&B Top 5" (Sample Packs)

29th July 2012Rhythmic Robot releases Analog Piano for Kontakt

29th July 2012reViSiT Pro now available to buy with Introductory Offer

29th July 2012Synth Magic releases FZed for Kontakt

29th July 2012AudioGaming updates AudioWind and AudioRain to v1.1

29th July 2012FatLoud's Dope Loops releases "One Shot Artillery Vol. 1" for Ableton Live (incl. WAV & AIFF)

29th July 2012IK Multimedia announces Summer Strummer Promo Second Wave: Up to 60% Savings on Ampeg SVX and AmpliTube Fender

29th July 2012StrayWorx releases "TeH Tul0k" for Kontakt

29th July 2012The CoreStylerz announces "Summer Sale" - up to 40% Off (incl. Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2)

29th July 2012Kreativ Sound releases new soundsets for Prophet V and SEM V and a Sound Shots Sample Bank (and updates Analord)

29th July 2012Sampleism announces Half Price Sale on The Unfinished Breaks, Exclusive Loops and 1/3 off Massive Patches, and Half Price Sale on Exclusive Samples from Temporal Geometry

28th July 2012SonicXTC releases "ARM 101" Ring Modulator for Windows VST

28th July 2012MaxSynths announces "Summer Sale": Synth Bundle 30% Off

28th July 2012Sunsine Audio launches iOS Preset and Sample Subscription Service

27th July 2012Future Loops releases Pro Dance Kits - Deep House 01

26th July 2012David Mash - Looking at the past and future of technology learning

26th July 2012IK Multimedia releases ARC 2 Advanced Room Correction System

25th July 2012kiloHearts releases Faturator (Win & Mac, VST & AU)

25th July 2012AudioSpillage announces Elecktroid Drum Machine AU Plug-in for Mac

25th July 2012Inear Display releases Eurydice Sound Mangler Plug-in for Win & Mac VST & AU with Half Price Intro Offer

25th July 2012Solcito Musica releases Supertron 1.31 for Windows - Free Virtual Analog Synth with Step Modulator

25th July 2012Karma-Lab releases KARMA Motif Software for the Yamaha Motif XS and XF

25th July 2012Cableguys releases MidiShaper 1.2

25th July 2012Soundiron announces First Anniversary Sale: $100 Off Olympus & All Bundles, $80 Off Requiem Light, $50 Off Emotional Piano & Apocalypse Percussion

25th July 2012Sound Magic updates Supreme Piano for Windows to v2.5

24th July 2012SonicXTC releases Filta Crunch - Free VST effect for Windows

24th July 2012u-he releases The Dark Zebra and ZebraHZ

24th July 2012Equinox Sounds releases 'Deviant Dubstep' Sample Pack

24th July 2012Sugar Bytes updates Turnado to 1.5 (incl. AAX release) and announces Summer Deal

24th July 2012Rob Papen releases AAX versions of Blade, BLUE, Predator, Punch, RG, RP-Delay, RP-Distort, RP-Verb & SubBoomBass

24th July 2012Ardour3 Beta 5 released

24th July 2012Topten Software updates Cantabile 2.0 to Build 2064

24th July 2012Audio Ease updates Snapper to v2.0.4

24th July 2012EastWest updates PLAY to v3.0.38

24th July 2012Native Instruments releases Raw Voltage - Maschine Expansion

24th July 2012Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v1.7.3 (Mac AU Only)

23rd July 2012Mildon Studios extends "Guitar + Vocals Summer Deals 2012" to August 2nd

23rd July 2012UVI offers 15 Products at $99 each from July 24-29, 2012

23rd July 2012Sinevibes updates "Deep" Animated Filter AU Plug-in to v1.1.0

23rd July 2012DaSample updates Cinematix, Basslyne and QPads to v1.4 and releases Audio Unit versions for Mac OS X

23rd July 2012Adobe re-updates Audition CS6 to v5.0.1 (now Build 7)

23rd July 2012ToneBoosters Plug-ins updated to v2.8.2 (Win & Mac, VST & AU)

23rd July 2012Pentacom releases ARPG8R v0.9.5 Audio Unit for Mac

23rd July 2012Zynewave updates Podium to v3.2.0

23rd July 2012Monkey Tools updates Library Monkey Pro and Sound Grinder Pro to v2.0.5

23rd July 2012Ardour updated to v2.8.14

23rd July 2012Homegrown Sounds updates Mesh to v1.1

23rd July 2012MaxSynths releases aPiano for Kontakt

23rd July 2012Mildon Studios releases "Guitar Essentials SFZ" - Four Acoustic Guitars

23rd July 2012Tek'it Audio updates Genobazz to v2.1

23rd July 2012Xils-lab releases Oxium - Performance-Orientated Synth Plug-in for Win & Mac

23rd July 2012Crypto Cipher releases "Tarangs" - Indian Tuned Percussion Instruments for Kontakt

23rd July 2012Soundiron releases The Struck Grand - 88-String Tuned Percussion Library for Kontakt

22nd July 2012TriTone Digital updates ClassicTone-560 to v2.2.2

22nd July 2012Future Loops releases "Wide Noiz 02" Sample Pack

22nd July 2012Wave Arts updates Windows Plug-ins to v5.60/1.10

22nd July 2012WaaSoundLab announces Summer Sale: 50% off all sample packs

20th July 2012Hartley Peavey - Historian, Innovator, and Industry Driver - Part 2

20th July 2012GForce Software releases Re-Tron - Rack Extension for Reason

20th July 2012Applied Acoustics Systems updates Chromaphone to v1.0.5

20th July 2012Ignite Amps releases "SHB-1 Bass Tube Amplifier" VST & AU Plug-in for Win & Mac

20th July 2012Avid releases AAX versions of "Voce Bundle" and "Tel-Ray Variable Delay"

20th July 2012Soundtoys updates Plug-ins to v4.1.7 (Devil-Loc to v1.0.8)

20th July 2012KV331 Audio announces "Summer Sale": SynthMaster 2.5 and Expansions 30% OFF

20th July 2012Volko Audio updates Volko Alaturka Drum to v1.2.1 and releases Mac/Win RTAS versions

20th July 2012Aiyn Zahev Sounds releases Tundra Vol. 2 for DUNE

20th July 2012Pentacom releases ARPG8R v0.9.5 beta for Mac 64-bit

20th July 2012Mildon Studios updates Provoc Series to v1.4

20th July 2012MuTools updates MuLab to v4.3.10

20th July 2012IMEA Studio updates "Groove Drums" and "Groove Drum Synth" - releases Audio Units for Mac

20th July 2012IK Multimedia updates SampleTank for iOS to v1.2

19th July 2012TOK-TOK releases Neuser - Free VSTi for Windows

19th July 2012FXpansion releases DCAM FreeComp - Free Compressor plug-in for Win & Mac VST, AU & RTAS

19th July 2012FXpansion releases "DCAM Dynamics" Plug-in Bundle for Win & Mac VST, AU & RTAS

19th July 2012Abeem Live Technologies updates Rack Performer to v0.98-beta

19th July 2012Sonic Visualiser updated to v2.0 (incl. Mac 64-bit)

19th July 2012Xhun Audio updates LittleOne to v2.5.5 and launches Summer Deal 2012 Special Offer

19th July 2012Ohm Studio organizes Collaborative Saturday's Refuelled #1 on July 21st, 2012

19th July 2012Sony releases SpectraLayers - Spectral Waveform Editing Software

19th July 2012Adobe updates Audition CS6 to v5.0.1

19th July 2012Ueberschall releases Reggaeton (Elastik Soundbank)

19th July 2012reFX releases "7 Skies Trance" Nexus2 Expansion

19th July 2012Ample Sound updates Ample Guitar to v1.0.1 and releases Trial version for Win & Mac VST & AU

19th July 2012discoDSP celebrates 10 Year Anniversary - releases NightShine Compressor as freeware for Windows VST

19th July 2012Kriminal releases 19 Drum Kits for Orion's DrumRack

18th July 2012Longcat Audio updates H3D Binaural Plug-in to v2.1.2

18th July 2012Sound Magic updates Rose Whisper Piano for Windows to Version 1.6

18th July 2012Aiyn Zahev Sounds releases Solarscape trance bank for discoDSP Corona

18th July 2012Standard Beat Company releases "Plus Kit" in Battery, Kontakt, and WAV formats

18th July 2012Equinox Sounds releases 'Rigorously Dubstep' Sample Pack

17th July 2012MeterPlugs updates K-Meter to v1.4.6

17th July 2012Precisionsound releases (Roland) EP-30 for Kontakt, EXS24, HALion & SoundFont

17th July 2012UVI releases Emulation One

17th July 2012Ohm Force announces release date, pricing and exclusive pre-orders for Ohm Studio

17th July 2012Propellerhead updates Reason to v6.5.1 and Reason Essentials to v1.5.1

17th July 2012Softube updates all plug-ins to v1.3.11

17th July 2012VOX updates JamVOX III to v3.0.1

17th July 2012HoRNet announces Summer Sale: ChannelStrip MK2 40% Off and MultiComp 15% Off until 1st August, 2012

17th July 2012Sound Magic releases "Pop Piano Collection 1" for Piano One

17th July 2012Pentacom releases ARPG8R v0.9.5 beta for Windows 64-bit

17th July 2012Line 6 updates POD Farm to v2.5.3

17th July 2012Novation updates Automap to v4.4 - Improved support for Reason

17th July 2012Sinus releases FreeverbToo for Windows 64-bit

17th July 2012Cockos updates REAPER to v4.25

17th July 2012Yamaha updates VOCALOID3 Editor to v3.0.5.0

17th July 2012Mildon Studios releases Strummer S6 v4.12 - Acoustic Guitar Strummer for Windows VST (Intro Half Price Offer)

17th July 2012Producer Pack releases Jeremy Sylvester Producer Sound Library Volume 2 - Deep House, Future Garage, & Old Skool Garage Loops

17th July 2012XT Software releases XTS1 Virtual Synthesizer VSTi for Win & Mac

17th July 2012ProducerLoops.com releases 'Sunny Lax: Modern Trance Vol 1' Sample Pack

17th July 2012Source Elements releases Source-Live 2.0 and Source-Connect 3.7 for Mac OS X

17th July 2012Patchpool announces pre-order for "Granular Worlds" for Steinberg Padshop Pro

17th July 2012Cableguys update Curve 2 to Beta 9

17th July 2012Steinberg releases Nuendo Live

17th July 2012Ableton releases New Partner Instrument: Electrix by Sample Logic (+Live updated to v8.3.3)

16th July 2012Homegrown Sounds releases Mesh VSTi for Windows and "Vintage Synths" for Sampletank

16th July 2012Analogue Drums releases "Big Mono Redux" for Kontakt

16th July 2012The Control Centre releases Dark Territory Instrument Rack for Ableton Live 8

16th July 2012G-Storm Plugins releases String Concerto II (VST Win)

16th July 2012QESounds releases QES Phoenix for Kontakt

16th July 2012Subatomic Software updates Audulus to v1.5 - Modular Synth Plug-in now hosts more Plug-ins

16th July 2012Florian Konigstein updates "Rotating Space" to v1.1.0 - Free 3D Panner based on HRTFs for Windows VST

16th July 2012Anytune releases Anytune 3 Practice App for iOS

15th July 2012Softrave releases Orch Hit VSTi for Windows (Free)

14th July 2012AudioSpillage announces Flash Summer Sale - 35% off DrumSpillage until July 16th

14th July 2012Nine Volt Audio releases TAIKO 2 for Kontakt – Promo Price Ending

14th July 2012Resonance Sound releases "Swen Weber - Electromatic" (WAV|EXS|KON)

14th July 2012Total Composure releases "Definitive Bell Lyre" for Kontakt

14th July 2012IK Multimedia announces VocaLive 50% Off Sale until July 26th, 2012

14th July 2012easytoolz releases easy-Q-delay - Free Stereo-delay VST effect for Windows

13th July 2012Steinberg releases Retrologue - Virtual Analog Synthesizer for Win & Mac VST & AU

13th July 2012Celemony releases the "ARA - Audio Random Access" Development Environment

13th July 2012VSL releases Vienna Jazz Drums, 17 New Single Instruments, and announces "2+1 Summer Special"

13th July 2012PSP BussPressor updated to v1.0.3 and Intro Offer Extended

13th July 2012MakeMusic releases Garritan "Classic Pipe Organs"

13th July 2012Steinberg releases Padshop Pro - Granular Synthesizer for Win & Mac VST & AU

13th July 2012FabFilter announces Summer Sale: 25% discount on plug-in bundles

13th July 2012Sinevibes announces Summer Specials: Diffusion, Frequency, Reactive and Sequential for $19 each, plus $99 Bundle for 11 Audio Units

13th July 2012IK Multimedia announces Summer Strummer Promo: 70% Off on AmpliTube 3 Plus Other Savings

13th July 2012SIR Audio Tools updates SIR2 for Mac to v2.4.011 (incl. 64-Bit Version)

13th July 2012Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.1 - adds Cloud Integration and Educational Pricing

12th July 2012rncbc announces the second coming of the Vee One prototypes - synthv1 and samplv1 for Linux (Jack & LV2)

12th July 2012AudioThing announces 25% off TapeStation for Kontakt

12th July 2012G-Sonique Digital Instruments releases "7inch nails" and "Envelophase" Guitar VST Effects for Windows

12th July 2012Equinox Sounds releases Smash Up The Studio 'MIDI Keys: Sexy Strings' Sample Pack

12th July 2012Wusik Station updated to v7.0.6

12th July 2012WOK releases Superfake - Free Superwave faking effect plug-in for Windows

12th July 2012Sonimus releases Sweetone EQ for Win & Mac (VST & AU)

12th July 2012IK Multimedia updates AmpliTube Fender for iPhone/iPad to v1.2

12th July 2012OverToneDSP releases PTC-2A Pultec-style EQ for Mac AU

12th July 2012MeldaProduction releases MMultiBandGranular and updates all effects to v7.0

12th July 2012TriTone Digital updates ClassicTone-PEV for Mac to v1.2.1

12th July 2012Audio Mind Project releases "Pure Energy vol. 2" - 100 sounds for Amber/Fusor at up to 50% off

12th July 2012UVI offers 24-hour "Lucky Day" Deal on Friday, July 13th, 2012 - 25% Off

12th July 2012ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v4.0.1

12th July 2012YummyBeats releases "Massive Evolutions Free" for Kontakt and Massive

12th July 2012ProducerLoops.com releases 'Experimental Dubstep Vol 3' Sample Pack

12th July 2012Twisted Tools releases S-LAYER for Reaktor - Sampler instrument that creates playable and unique sound combinations by layering samples

12th July 2012Cinematique Instruments releases "The Bowl" for Kontakt

12th July 2012Best Service reduces prices for Titan, Synth-Werk and Drums Overkill to 149 EUR / 159 USD

12th July 2012Sampleism gives away 560MB of Free Loops, Kits, MIDI and Kontakt Instruments

12th July 2012EGP Audio releases Bitcrusher Suite for Windows VST

12th July 2012Supersynths releases Arcana Pads, Textures and Soundscapes multi-sample collection for SFZ, Kontakt, Wusik and Soundfont

12th July 2012FatLoud releases Dope Drumz Bundle - 1206 Drum and Percussion Samples

12th July 2012SyncerSoft updates Electro Bass Landscapes to v1.3

12th July 2012Equinox Sounds releases 'Complete Electro & Progressive Bundle' Sample Pack

11th July 2012Electric Himalaya releases "Old Volt" for Tone2 Saurus

11th July 2012SKnote releases Mattertone - Multiband Envelope Shaper (Win & Mac)

11th July 2012Synapse Audio updates Analog Filter AF-4 to v1.0.1

11th July 2012Blue Cat Audio releases Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Multi 2.0 (incl. AAX Win)

11th July 2012Embertone releases 8 instruments (2 Free) for Kontakt

10th July 2012Cerberus Audio updates Volt Precision Fader to v1.1 (incl. 64-bit)

10th July 2012SyncerSoft updates Bass Landscapes to v2.1

10th July 2012Soniccouture releases CrowdChoir instrument to aid Red Cross

9th July 2012MuTools updates MuLab to v4.3 including Windows 64-bit version

9th July 2012Time+Space announce Cinematic Strings Competition

9th July 2012Sinevibes updates Array (1.0.1) and Sequential (1.4.1)

8th July 2012Cableguys releases MidiShaper 1.2 Public Beta

8th July 2012Sounds And Effects releases Rude Synths ReFill

8th July 2012Softrave releases Vintage Analog Filter VST for Windows

8th July 2012Arturia announces 'Next Generation' Analog Classic software - New Prices: 99 EUR/USD

7th July 2012ASJPlugs Mandelbrot Drummer VSTi updated to run as a stand-alone application for Windows

7th July 2012LSR audio announces 50% price reduction on LSR Vintage Pack

7th July 2012UVI offers 40% off Complete Toy Museum, 25% off Acoustic Toy Museum and Electric Toy Museum

6th July 2012Interview with Hartley Peavey - Historian, Innovator, and Industry Driver

6th July 2012Oscillicious releases BeatCleaver for Windows XP

6th July 2012Propellerhead updates Figure for iOS to v1.1 (adds Song Save and Export)

6th July 2012Sinevibes releases "Array" Spectral Sequencer Audio Unit Plug-in for Mac

6th July 2012XILS-lab announces Oxium - Performance Synthesizer with Pre-Order Offer (Win/Mac;VST/AU/RTAS)

6th July 2012Sound Magic updates Piano One for Windows to v1.32

5th July 2012EGP Audio releases Pedro bass amplifier for Windows VST

5th July 2012discoDSP updates Corona synthesizer to R4.3 and announces 30% Off July Sale

5th July 2012HoRNet launches July Special Offer - Buy "ChannelStrip MK2" Get "MultiComp" Free

5th July 2012ILIO announces Ocean Way Drums Special Offer - Save up to $100

5th July 2012Robot Planet releases Free "BattleComp Vintage" Compressor Plug-in for Mac VST

5th July 2012Softube releases Summit Audio Grand Channel and EQF-100 Equalizer plug-ins for Win & Mac (VST, AU, RTAS & AAX)

5th July 2012ToneBoosters Plug-ins updated to v2.8.0 (Win & Mac VST & AU)

5th July 2012Sonnox releases AAX versions of Oxford EQ and Inflator Plug-ins

5th July 2012Modartt updates Pianoteq to v4.1.0 and releases Rhody R2 add-on

5th July 2012iZotope updates RX to v2.1 (incl. AAX and Win 64-bit)

5th July 2012Ardour updated to v2.8.13

4th July 2012Minimal System Instruments release Tri-Comp Multiband Compressor (VST Win)

4th July 2012SyncerSoft updates Polyvox Station to v2.2

4th July 2012Tek'it Audio releases Genobazz Pro (VST Win)

4th July 2012Ableton Live 8.4 now in Beta - Introduces 64-Bit Support

4th July 2012Sound Magic releases Free KVRer Piano v2.0 presets for Piano One

4th July 2012EastWest announces Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds

4th July 2012Xhun Audio releases Big Steps Expansion for LittleOne

3rd July 2012SyncerSoft updates Boost Effect to v1.1 (VST Win)

3rd July 2012SKnote releases Bus v2.0 (StripBus Console Emulation Bundle - Win & Mac VST & AU)

3rd July 2012IK Multimedia announces new IK Krazy Deal - SampleMoog for 29.99 USD / 24,99 EUR

3rd July 2012Native Instruments updates Reaktor to v5.7 and Kontakt to v5.0.3

3rd July 2012Dance MIDI Samples releases "Mechanimal: Psytrance Samples Vol 4"

3rd July 2012Ample Sound releases Ample Guitar (Electric Guitar Instruments) for Win & Mac VST & AU

2nd July 2012Zero-G No Brainer - Thousands of "World Pack" Apple Loops for 25 GBP

2nd July 2012Willow Software updates Anvil Studio to version 2012.07.01

2nd July 2012Avid Divests Consumer Businesses and Streamlines Operations

2nd July 2012Ableton updates Live 8 to v8.3.2

2nd July 2012HOFA-Plugins announces HOFA CD-Burn & DDP

2nd July 2012analogfactory releases "Dubstep Terror - Bass Attack" for NI Massive

2nd July 2012Agitated State announces MenuMagic V2 early adopter pricing

2nd July 2012Precisionsound releases Hedberg Travel Organ for Kontakt, EXS24, HALion & SoundFont

2nd July 2012MusE 2.0 Now Available

2nd July 2012Audacity updated to v2.0.1

2nd July 2012MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v1.93 (incl. Win 64-bit)

2nd July 2012Softrave releases Vintage Analog Ring Shift Modulator (Win VST)

2nd July 2012EGP Audio releases "Top Ron" Distortion for Windows VST

2nd July 20128Dio announces Composer Contest (win an iPad) & releases "Basstard" for Kontakt

2nd July 2012Little Endian updates SpectrumWorx to v2.7 and SpectrumWorx SDKs to v1.5

1st July 2012MoDSP updates Nocturne Bass to v1.4

1st July 2012Image Line offers 40% Off FL Studio (& upgrades), Plug-ins, Deckadance & IL-Loops

1st July 2012Alex Matheu Glitchbreaks v1.03 Now Available

1st July 2012IK Multimedia announces SampleTank Orchestral Sound Packs Special Promotion - select SampleTank for iOS Orchestral Sound Packs for Less Than Half Price until July 9th

1st July 2012App Sound releases Synthetik Drums for NanoStudio

1st July 2012SyncerSoft updates Technical Noise to v1.0.1