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News Archive for December 2009

28th December 2009Waldorf updates Largo to v1.5.0

28th December 2009MusicLab releases RealLPC (Les Paul Custom)

28th December 2009QuikQuak releases Pitchwheel v3.0

28th December 2009Arturia releases Hip-Hop Producer

24th December 2009All xoxos Plug-ins Set FREE

24th December 2009MeldaProduction releases MMultiBandReverb and updates MCreativeBundle to v2.03 and MReverb to v2.01

24th December 2009Overloud updates Breverb to v1.5.6

24th December 2009Jack OS X updated to v0.85

24th December 2009Cableguys releases VolumeShaper v2.0 (incl. Mac VST)

24th December 2009Cockos updates REAPER to v3.16

22nd December 2009KV331 Audio updates SynthMaster to v2.0.3.2

22nd December 2009u-he updates Uhbik to v1.1 (adds Uhbik-G - GrainDad plug-in)

22nd December 2009PSPaudioware updates sQuad (incl. new plug-in ClassicQex), EasyVerb (both incl. x64) and Vintage Warmer; announces Winter PSP sQuad offer (60% off)

22nd December 2009MusE v1.0 released

22nd December 2009AAS updates All Plug-ins

22nd December 2009MeldaProduction updates MMasteringBundle to v2.01

22nd December 2009Image Line updates Harmless to v1.0.1

22nd December 2009SoundToys releases Decapitator Public Beta

22nd December 2009Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v6.01

22nd December 2009SKnote announces Unpolite - Attitude Synthesizer

22nd December 2009Ametrine Audio releases Fire and Ice Synthesizer (mini series)

22nd December 2009Nucleus SoundLab releases Pantheon II - Thor Refill for Reason

22nd December 2009Digital Music Doctor releases Sound Forge 10 - Know It All! (Training Video)

22nd December 2009URS announces Year End Sale (40% off Everything)

22nd December 2009MakeMusic updates Finale 2010 to 2010b

22nd December 2009D16 Group updates Decimort to v1.2.0

22nd December 2009The Lower Rhythm releases TLR Aggressive Kit [WAV]

22nd December 2009Overloud updates TH1 and TH1 Triode for Mac to v1.1.4

22nd December 2009DETUNIZED releases ROLFING Laid Back Vol. 1 for Live

21st December 2009Big Fish Audio releases G-Suite and Impressions: Jazz Construction Kits [ACID|AL|REX]

21st December 2009Sonic Reality announces 'Ultimate Studio Drums Group Buy' (Final price of $99 already reached)

21st December 2009Nucleus SoundLab announces Holiday Sale (50% off)

21st December 2009AcousticsampleS announces Christmas sale (30% off)

21st December 2009Wave Alchemy announces Christmas Sale (up to 50% off)

21st December 2009Puremagnetik announces 'Max Fuel, the First' for Max for Live

21st December 2009Cycling '74 updates Max (Max/MSP/Jitter) to v5.1.1 (incl. Runtime)

21st December 2009MOTU updates Custom '59 (DP7 Amp)

21st December 2009Image Line releases Harmless - Additive Subtractive Synthesizer

21st December 2009Tonehammer releases Tablas Vol. 2: Multi-Samples for Kontakt

21st December 2009Eska releases SMEQ (Sequenced Morphing EQualizer)

21st December 2009nashNET updates reViSiT Pro to v1.3

21st December 2009The Sound Guy updates ReSpatializer for Mac to v1.1.2

21st December 2009AuraPlug updates AmpFire to v2.1.1

21st December 2009Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v2.0.1.0

21st December 2009Psychic Modulation updates Aethereal to v1.2.1

18th December 2009GSi updates MrTramp to v2.1

18th December 2009Steinberg updates WaveLab to v6.1.1 and launches HALion 4 Blog

18th December 2009u-he updates Zebra to v2.5

18th December 2009XILS-lab updates XILS 3 LE to v1.0.4a

18th December 2009Ohm Force sets Symptohm:Melohman Performer Edition FREE

18th December 2009Mathew Lane releases DrMS Spatial Processor Plug-in v3.0

18th December 2009WOK announces Tonmeister (Included with CLOCKWOrK; Free for all on Dec 25 ONLY)

18th December 2009Wave Alchemy announces 'Minimal Techno & Tech House' and releases Free 'Drum Tools Teaser Pack' [WAV]

18th December 2009W.Grabowski announces Xmas Offer (50% Off Samplelord and Extreme Sample Converter)

18th December 2009Sonic Specialists releases Urban Electro Drum Library [WAV]

18th December 2009Native Instruments releases Free 'Holiday Selection 2009' Instrument for Kore

18th December 2009Prime Loops releases Guitar Anthology [ACID|AL|...]

18th December 2009SoundsOnDemand offers free sound library: Advanced Media Tracks 2: Classic Composer for Kontakt

18th December 2009ModernBeats releases Urban Guitar Chopz Vol.1 & 2 [KON|EXS|HAL|...]

18th December 2009Goldbaby Productions releases MPC60 Vol 3 (Finale) [BAT|GURU|...]

18th December 20094Front Technologies announces TruePianos 33% Christmas Discount

18th December 2009Rob Papen updates SubBoomBass to v1.0.3b (Adds Dirty Flavor bank)

18th December 2009Beatserv releases Bombs And Bits [BAT|LIVE|WAV]

18th December 2009Avid / Digidesign updates Pro Tools to v8.0.3

18th December 2009Mildon Studios releases Lemonstrum 3 Acoustic Guitar Strummer

18th December 2009Loomer updates String for Windows to v1.0.3

17th December 2009Blue Cat Audio adds x64 support for Freeware Pack (Beta) and announces Winter Special Offers

17th December 2009MeldaProduction updates Free VST Effect Plug-ins to v2.01

17th December 2009Renoise v2.5 Beta Now Available

17th December 2009MellowMuse updates CP1A Compressor and EQ1A Equaliser to v1.4.1

17th December 2009Loomer updates Aspect to v1.5.0

17th December 2009PSPaudioware updates PSP VintageWarmer to v2.3.0

17th December 2009Tonehammer releases Epic Guitars for Kontakt and EXS

17th December 2009Soundsdivine releases 'Vintage Electronic' for DCAM: Synth Squad Strobe and 'Spacetime' for Largo

16th December 2009Insert Piz Here updates Mr. Alias Pro to v2.4

16th December 2009MeldaProduction releases MFreeformEqualizer

16th December 2009PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2010 and RealBand 2010 (both for Windows only)

16th December 2009Acustica Audio updates Nebula3 Free to v1.3.363

16th December 2009Empty Room Systems releases EMpTy 250 - Reverb

16th December 2009Novation releases StepSeq (beta) for Max For Live

16th December 2009Magix releases Samplitude 11 Trial Version

16th December 2009Modartt updates Pianoteq to v3.5.2 and releases cimbalom add-on

16th December 2009FabFilter updates Pro-Q to v1.02 and announces Holiday Bundle Sale (25% Off)

16th December 2009Antress updates Modern Plugins to v4.80 (incl. new plug-in: Modern Deathcore)

16th December 2009Sknote announces Kitz

16th December 2009accSone releases crusherX-Live! v4.10 and crusherX-Studio! v2.10

16th December 2009Digital Music Doctor releases FL Studio 9 - Know It All! (Training Video)

16th December 2009Monkey Tools updates Library Monkey Pro and Sound Grinder Pro to v1.1.9

16th December 2009AuraPlug updates Whamdrive to v2.1 (incl. x64)

16th December 2009Heavens*onEarth releases Husserl Mini for Reaktor (Free Christmas Special)

15th December 2009D16 Group updates Nepheton, Drumazon and Nithonat to v1.4.4 and Redoptor to 1.2

15th December 2009mickygemma releases In-Kult

15th December 2009Kong Audio releases ChineeGuQin and announces Holiday Special Promotions

15th December 2009Psychic Modulation releases Metatron

15th December 2009ISM releases SCAF (Sidechain-Controlled Amp & Filter) and updates MuSiCX to v1.03

15th December 2009Psychic Modulation updates Aethereal to v1.2 (incl. Free version)

15th December 2009Expert Sleepers announces new Product Bundles and Holiday Discounts

15th December 2009Sion Software releases QuickScore Elite Level II 2010

15th December 2009Terry West releases Twelve Graphic Equalizer (Beta)

15th December 2009Mildon Studios releases HUE-X

15th December 2009BIAS releases PitchCraft EZ

15th December 2009Daniel Stawczyk (Status) announces Christmas Sale on Discovery Pro and V-Station Soundsets (20% Off)

15th December 2009AudioSpillage updates MiniSpillage to v1.0.1

15th December 2009Nexoe updates Resampler to v1.002.003

14th December 2009cochleor releases Harmony Improvisator Demo Version

14th December 2009SKnote releases FD4 v2.0.1

14th December 2009Loomer updates String to v1.0.2

13th December 2009LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.240

13th December 2009Cockos updates REAPER to v3.15

12th December 2009Sonic Assault releases Kassiopeia! v2.0

12th December 2009Steinberg updates Cubase to v5.1.1

11th December 2009Variety Of Sound releases FerricTDS - Tape Dynamics Simulator (DC'09 Winner!)

11th December 2009de la Mancha releases FMMF

11th December 2009Mike Norrish releases Armchair Guitarist v1.0.2.0

11th December 2009The Lower Rhythm releases Explor3r v1.1

11th December 2009HG Fortune releases Alien Space Weaver

11th December 2009Cakewalk updates SONAR to v8.5.2

11th December 2009VSL releases Vienna Ensemble PRO Boxed Edition (incl. Free Epic Orchestra Pack)

11th December 2009D16 Group updates Toraverb Mac VST to v1.2.1

11th December 2009GSi releases MrTramp2 (incl. Mac VST/AU)

11th December 2009jBridge updated to v1.17 (jBridger tool updated to v1.12)

11th December 2009yedey releases LoopDrive v4.0

11th December 2009Sonic Assault releases MIDIMod! v1.0

11th December 2009Starplugs releases MEQ Analysis

11th December 2009audioMIDI and Nomad Factory announce No-Brainer Deal: BlueVerb DRV-2080 for $15

11th December 2009Crysonic announces Christmas Specials (50% Off Plug-ins; 60% Off Bundles)

11th December 2009Sounds And Effects announces December Sale (10-28% Off Downloadable Sound Libraries)

11th December 2009Producer Loops releases Classic Bollywood Construction Kit Collection [ACID|AL|...]

11th December 2009Applied Acoustics Systems releases the 'Synthesis Bundle' and the 'Instrument Bundle' for the Holiday Season

11th December 20099 Soundware releases Helix for ES2

11th December 2009Native Instruments and Abbey Road Announce Partnership

10th December 2009Soundlib releases G-Player v1.2 for Mac and Windows

10th December 2009Miroslav Vitous String Ensembles: Composer's Dream Announced

10th December 2009AudioSpillage releases MiniSpillage - Drum Synth

10th December 2009Zero-G announces Christmas Offer

10th December 2009AcousticsampleS releases The Dulcet for Kontakt

10th December 2009Togeo Studios releases Soundset 1 for Sylenth1

10th December 2009Precisionsound announces Winter Sale (50% Off)

9th December 2009u-he releases ACE (Any Cable Everywhere)

9th December 2009Intermorphic releases Mixtikl 2 - Generative Music Mixer

9th December 2009TC Electronic updates M30 Studio Reverb to v1.0.2

9th December 2009ISM updates BazzISM (v2.1 Win), MuSiCX (v1.02) and EQISM220 (v1.02)

9th December 2009TeamDNR releases Oscillator Orange for VAZ Modular and VAZ Plus

9th December 2009Soundbytes releases v1.1 updates for BagPipes, HurdyGurdy, HurdyGurdyLE, Sympathizer and StringVerb

9th December 2009Crysonic releases SINDO v3.0

9th December 2009XLN Audio releases Funk ADpak for Addictive Drums

9th December 2009Adobe updates Premiere Pro CS4 to v4.2.1

8th December 2009Soniccouture announces Xmas Offer: Buy 1 Download Get 1 Free

8th December 2009sidsonic libraries announces Advent Calendar Promotion (Free Samples & Win CCBL)

8th December 2009ToneBuilder expands Driven Machine Drums with new Sounds and Effects

8th December 2009Tonehammer releases Tablas V.1: Loops for Kontakt and EXS

8th December 2009Rayzoon releases Jamstix 3 BETA and announces Holiday Sale (Up To 40% Off)

8th December 2009Prime Loops announce Winter Sale: 25% Off All Sample Packs

8th December 2009de la Mancha announces December Offers: $40 for 5 Effects; GTA available in Vintage Bundle

8th December 2009Synapse Audio announces Holiday Offers for Orion and SynthPack Ultimate

8th December 2009Sample Magic releases 'The Secrets of House Music Production' (Book)

8th December 2009Xylio releases FutureDecks Pro v2.0

8th December 2009LinPlug updates Mac version of RMV to v5.0.5

7th December 2009Benedict Roff-Marsh releases SynthStudio Pack IV - Wide Boys & Heroes

7th December 2009Christian Budde releases VST-Plugin Unit Test v1.2 and updates Dual Linkwitz-Riley Filters (+other plug-ins)

7th December 2009SPL releases Analog Code Vitalizer MK2-T

7th December 2009Acoustica releases Mixcraft 5 Public Beta

7th December 2009KResearch updates KR-Reverb FS to v1.3 (incl. Linux VST release)

7th December 2009GSi updates ShakePad to v1.1

7th December 2009Best Service releases Chris Hein Horns Complete (incl. Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4)

7th December 2009Zynewave updates Podium to v2.23

7th December 2009Quiet Art updates Wave Rider to v1.4.3.1

7th December 2009Scarbee announces The Final Sale - 40% Off

7th December 2009Audio Ease updates Nautilus Bundle to v2.5.8 and Rocket Science Bundle to v3.5.7

7th December 2009Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Filter to v1.20

7th December 2009Sonic Sidekick updates Extreme Drumsynth to v1.5.1 Beta

7th December 2009LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.230

7th December 2009Cockos updates REAPER to v3.14159

7th December 2009Wave Arts announces December Holiday Sale

7th December 2009WOK releases CLOCKWOrK - Vintage Step-Sequencer

7th December 2009Propellerhead Software offers 'Soul School ReFill' for free to new Reason users

7th December 2009TwistedWave updated to v1.7

7th December 2009Trance Euphoria releases Euphoric Trance Volume 3 For z3ta+

4th December 2009XT Software releases ReWire VST

4th December 2009Ueberschall releases Score FX II and offers Scoretrax for 60% Off in December

4th December 2009DontCrack launches Sonnox Group Buy (Up to 50% Discount)

4th December 2009SKnote releases Baz (Bass Saturator; Compressor; Exciter) and FD4 (Compressor)

4th December 2009Harrison updates Mixbus to v1.1

4th December 2009Way Out Ware announces Cyber Bundle Sale (Save 30% on TimewARP 2600 and KikAXXE)

4th December 2009MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.7

4th December 2009Vienna Symphonic Library announces Holiday Discounts: Up to 30% Off

4th December 2009Flux announces "Pure Holiday" Winter Promotion (50% & 30% Discounts)

4th December 2009Brainworx announces Reversed Advent Calendar Promotion

4th December 2009No-Brainer deals from audioMIDI: XILS 3LE for $20; Blue Tubes Analog Trackbox for $15

4th December 2009JazzMutant announces Holiday Promo Pricing for December on Lemur and Dexter App

4th December 2009Homegrown Sounds launches Black Magic and Introjector Group Buy

4th December 2009MoReVoX releases |X|PACK| Bundle [WAV|GOG|...]

4th December 2009QESounds releases PianoFx for Kontakt

4th December 2009Source Elements release Source-Zip v1.0

4th December 2009TeamDNR launches Half-Price sale for MixControl Channel Strip and releases Symmetry for u-he ACE

4th December 2009Soundtrack Loops releases R & B Hip Hop [ACID|AL|RX2|LOOP]

4th December 2009Puremagnetik releases B-System: Basses and Leads for Live, Kontakt & Logic

4th December 2009Steinberg releases New Sequel Content Sets: World Beatz, Electronic Dance and Groovy 70s

4th December 2009Nine Volt Audio Promo: "Best of Electronic Guitars" Free with any Purchase of $79.99 or more

4th December 2009Studio Devil announces Holiday Savings

4th December 2009ASK Video releases Cubase 5 Level 2 Tutorial Video

4th December 2009Spectrasonics updates Stylus RMX to v1.9.2d

3rd December 2009KVR Developer Challenge 2009: The Winners Are: 1st: FerricTDS; 2nd: HybridReverb2; 3rd: FMMF

3rd December 2009AuraPlug updates California Sun (v1.1), Fuzz-Stone (v2.1), Fuzz-Stone[Ge] (v2.1) and Red Skull Distortion (v2.1) (incl. x64)

3rd December 2009Airwindows releases Desk

3rd December 2009PreSonus updates Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist to v1.0.2

3rd December 2009Homegrown Sounds releases HG Electric Sitar

3rd December 2009Outsim updates Synthmaker to v1.1.5

3rd December 2009LinPlug updates Alpha (v3.1), Organ (v3.1) and RM V (v5.0.5) (incl. x64 releases); Albino v3.1 in beta

3rd December 2009Native Instruments releases Scarbee Jay-Bass

3rd December 2009Novation updates Automap to v3.4

3rd December 2009Toontrack Music updates EZplayer pro to v1.0.5

3rd December 2009D16 Group updates Drumazon, Nithonat and Nepheton to v1.4.2

3rd December 2009Pettinhouse releases AcousticGuitar for Kontakt

3rd December 2009Native Instruments updates Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v4.0.3

2nd December 2009Audacity v1.3.10 Beta Now Available

2nd December 2009Image Line updates DirectWave to v1.4.8.4

2nd December 2009cochleor reinvents Harmony Improvisator (incl. Intel-Mac VST)

2nd December 2009URS releases Strip Pro v2.0

2nd December 2009vst-control.de releases JX-8v - Controller for JX-8p and MKS-70

2nd December 2009Chicken Systems updates Translator to v5.9.0.76 (Mac) / v2.9.0.124 (Win)

2nd December 2009Bolder Sounds releases 'Toy and African Marimbas (Free)' for Kontakt & EXS and updates 'Hammered Dulcimer Trilogy' and 'Bavarian Zither' Libraries

2nd December 2009Kreativ Sounds released SYN One Sounds V1 for FabFilter One

1st December 2009Developer Challenge 2009: Last Call For Votes!

1st December 2009sidsonic libraries releases Circus Circuit Bending Library

1st December 2009KV331 Audio releases SynthMaster v2.0

1st December 2009Tonehammer releases Forgotten Voices Terrie for Kontakt

1st December 2009The Lower Rhythm releases BD2 - Kick Designer

1st December 2009Loomer releases String - Synthesizer

1st December 2009Lexicon releases PCM Native Reverb Plug-In Bundle

1st December 2009Centipeak updates ProTrig

1st December 2009nashNET updates reViSiT Pro to v1.2.5

1st December 2009Blue Cat updates Blue Cat's Free Pack RTAS

1st December 2009Audjoo updates Helix (2009-12-01)

1st December 2009Merging Technologies updates Pyramix (v6.1.8 MR2), Ovation (v1.0.7 MR2) and VCube (v2.1 MR2)

1st December 2009Audiffex updates Guitar Pedals to v1.0.5