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Cycling '74

Cycling '74 updates Max to v6.1.7

Cycling '74 has updated Max to v6.1.7.

New Features:

  • Gen: added subpatcher message to gen subpatchers.
  • Gen: ISF export to jit.gl.pix gen patchers (see Gen Code Export ISF Wiki Article).
  • maxurl: wrapper around libcurl that can perform HTTP requests.
  • poly~: prevents opening window if subpatcher was saved with the window open.

Fixed Bugs:

  • audio bitwise objects: work the same on all architectures.
  • buffer~: fixed 4th arg to the 'read' message so that a '0' will resize the number of channels.
  • buffer~: fixed behavior of 'replace' to resize the number of channels in addition to the length.
  • buffer~: fixed crashing on 'importreplace'.
  • buffer~: writes raw data.
  • coll: improvements for very long entries.
  • dict: 'contains' works with heirarchy.
  • dict: fix for not wrapping symbols in quotes if the symbol starts with a digit.
  • dict: fixed crashing when setting a value at an invalid array position.
  • dict: fixed memory leak.
  • dict: improved error reporting when using 'set'.
  • dict: improved syntax parsing when quotes are used.
  • dict.pack: added name argument.
  • gen~: fixed gate operator compilation under certain circumstances.
  • jit.gl.node: enabling @capture no longer affects the color of gl objects.
  • jit.gl.pix: fix for cell operator.
  • jit.phys.body: no longer loses child shapes when enable toggled or shape changed.
  • jit.phys.ghost: fixed crash with colliding ghost objects.
  • jit.phys.multiple: @shape attribute no longer is reset when receiving a new mesh_matrix.
  • jit.release~: fixed possible hang on free.
  • jit.turtle: fixed crash / memory corruption.
  • jsui: new Image from graphics context preserves alpha.
  • kslider: fixed potential memory corruption.
  • live.drop: fixed spurious 'Attempting to convert non UTF-8 characters' warning.
  • live.drop: restores protected sample presets.
  • Max For Live: misc fixes for parameter blob recall and freeing.
  • Max For Live: reading of encrypted samples now works in 64-bit mode.
  • Max For Live: undo gesture improvements.
  • mxj: no longer crashes when it can't find a class.
  • number/flonum: no longer stops scrolling in bpatcher.
  • object defaults: fixed dialog box when saving settings.
  • Packages: Extensions folder can contain mxe64 files.
  • Packages: extras folders now added to the searchpath.
  • patchcord menu: 'delete' no longer removes text in object box.
  • poke~: fixed crash when there is no valid buffer.
  • poke~: fixed sound distortion issues.
  • polybuffer~: numeric sorting for channel in window.
  • pong: fixed fold mode.
  • pong~: properly reads attributes.
  • pow~: no longer sends NaNs or denormals.
  • Projects: app building includes gen~ abstractions.
  • Quicktime: removed API calls from Max kernel.
  • transport: fixed bar count with uneven time signatures.
  • uzi: middle outlet no longer stops firing under certain circumstances.
  • vst~: fixed CPU spike with pitchbend updates.
  • vst~: fixed MIDI out note velocity.
  • waveform~: fixed redrawing issue with channeloffset.
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