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Cycling '74 updates Max/MSP/Jitter to v5.1.2

Cycling '74

Cycling '74 has updated Max/MSP/Jitter and the Max Runtime to v5.1.2 for Windows and Mac OS X.

Bug Fixes and New Features:

  • Change outputs proper transition bangs after receiving a set message.
  • jsliveapi: callback functions respect the scope chain in closures.
  • fffb~ now has a clear message.
  • Fixed crash when inlet or outlet objects in a subpatcher were freed during loadbang.
  • textedit properly outputs as one symbol when that mode is set (via inspector) and append or list messages are received.
  • live.step: copy/paste works between different live.steps objects.
  • live.step: command (ctrl on windows) key in the loop area allows you to move the loop selection without affecting its size.
  • filtergraph~: bgcolor alpha can be set to 0. without affecting the other colors.
  • live.step has a fetch message to query data on specific step.
  • waveform~ no longer redraws if line message is received with same value as prior line position.
  • Fix for jit.gl.asyncread bang in high priority freezes.
  • Fixed crash when Live closes max device open in editor while device is trying to communicate back to Live.
  • Core MIDI driver now converts device names using UTF8.
  • pattrstorage: bound preset objects now properly reflect the state of pattrstorage object's storage slots.
  • pattr: multiple pattr objects bound to a single UI object are properly notified when the UI object's value changes, even if it is changed via another pattr or parameter activity.
  • Improved timing of clocks (i.e. metro or itm usage) for many cases. Timing especially improved during transition when looping over a region in Live for MFL. Improved timing requires Live 8.1.1 or later.
  • In the context of MFL the timing of click~ is now sample accurate.
  • pipe properly handle list of symbols.
  • dropfile works again even when ignoreclick attribute is set.
  • Improved appearance of the drag-n-drop highlight for dropfile and live.drop.
  • jit.vcr: non-editable 'realtime' attribute no longer visible.
  • mstosamps~ and sampstoms~ output correct signal value when the inlet is not connected as signal.
  • Fix for delay sending MIDI from main thread.
  • Color and hide on lock state are preserved when dragging an existing connection.
  • Update of abstractions after patcher is modified and saved is now synchronous with save again.
  • Improved fullscreen window performance.
  • Fix for jit.window fullscreen issues.
  • textedit now stores separator attribute properly.
  • pattr: @autorestore 0 works correctly in non-parameter mode again.
  • fromsymbol: separator is promoted as an attribute.
  • savewindow with thispatcher now saves correct window size when toolbar is shown.
  • fromsymbol improved separator behavior.
  • pattrstorage: 'writeagain' respect xml- or json-ness of the previously written file.
  • M4L: fixed crashing bug when saving M4L devices containing bogus blob parameters.
  • jit.qt.movie: 'moviename' attribute now properly updates the movie's data reference after renaming the file, so that the attribute value properly updates.
  • Windows: Max requires DEP to be disabled for max. This is now added as an exception automatically by the installer.
  • multislider: mouse interaction properly works with huge range.
  • button now draws active state in case when processing bang on main thread takes longer than 150ms.
  • Double click on max patcher now opens properly on Windows XP.
  • Fix for javascript File.writeline() called with the empty string.
  • nslider: foreground color is now accessible as an attribute.
  • pattrstorage: properly autoloads XML files if there is no JSON file available.


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