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GenieSoft releases Overture v4.1.0 Patch 15

Sonic Scores Music Software

GenieSoft has released Patch 15 for Overture v4.1.0.

Changes since Patch 10:

  • Fixed Help contents to work with Lyric window and Chord Window.
  • Fixed a crash caused by changes that deleted pages.
  • Fixed bug that had incorrect placement of natural accidentals on some chord clusters.
  • Changes Options>Save Settings to Options>Save Window Positions. Because of numerous complaints and confusion I did this to match the MAC version and because it makes sense. Preferences are saved at exit and window and palette positions are save manually by user.
  • Fixed bug that destroyed timing when hiding tuplet numbers on beams.
  • Fixed crash when importing some MIDI files.
  • Fixed default insert characters for of Inverted SForzando and SForzando Dot in articulation palette.
  • Fixed crash when dragging slurs that crosses measures and were into the previous staves general area.
  • Fixed display update problem when switch from inches to centimeters in Page Dimensions dialog.
  • Shift clicking or shift dragging on the Chord, Lyric, and Dynamic position handles forces appropriate symbols to baseline.
  • When changing meters the new meter hides surrounding meters if they are identical.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented dragging notes vertically if they were out of the instrument's range set in Setup track.
  • Made dragging notes chromatically a little easier.
  • Added the ability to use keySwitchOff and prgChgOff values to XML files.
  • Add a fix that will eliminate some crashing when reading corrupted files.
  • Fixed a small problem in choosing pitches from Drum Library.
  • Fixed a crash when reading an old score with symbols created from Graphic Palette.
  • Fixed a playback crash of some scores that contained the repeat measure symbol.
  • Fixed a problem in Setup track Dialog when going between percussion tracks and normal tracks.


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