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MuTools updates MuLab App & Plugin to v9.4


MuTools has announced the release of MuLab 9.4.


  • MultiForm Oscillator also supports vectorial wave shapes.
  • Curves: New curve type 'Bezier' replaces the Exponential, Exponential2, Symmetric, SineQ1, SineQ4, SineQ1Q4 and SineQ4Q1 curves. This new Bezier curve type is much more flexible and as it replaces 7 other ones the curve system becomes more easy to use, yet offering many more curve options than before.
  • Wave Shapes: Support for Copy-Paste.
  • Sequence Clip Editor: New "Split" function to split note(s).
  • Sequence Clip Editor: New "Repeat Note(s) " shortcut function to quickly repeat notes after each other, eg. for a drum fill, chord repeats, arpeggio phrases, etc. Note that this is a shortcut-only function so you need to assign a shortcut to it to use it.


  • MultiForm Oscillator auto-renders upon edits, so no need to click the "Render" button any more.
  • Front Panels: MultiForm Oscillator Display now supports custom colors.
  • Oscillator Layers: Now each layer has an on/off switch. This is more comfortable and flexible than the previous method using "Num Layers".
  • Oscillator Layers Quick Edit: Now applies "Invert" for each even layer to avoid that the resulting wave values grow too high i.e. beyond clipping. This could especially happen with waveforms with many asymmetric high values, like e.g. a block wave 20% etc.
  • Noise Generator also supports stereo noise. Doubleclick the module to set Num Channels.
  • MuLab App now supports up to 64 inputs and outputs. (was 32).
  • Enhanced CLAP support.
  • Other small improvements.


  • "Manage Latency" didn't work for VST3 and CLAP plugins. Fixed.
  • Rack on front panel: Background color initialization issue. Fixed.
  • Note Length Modifier: Possible issue on quit. Fixed.
  • Fixed a possible crash bug when using a step sequencer on a front panel and editing that front panel.
  • Automation Clip Editor: When an automation clip has a tempo factor, the play cursor was not drawn at the right position. Fixed.
  • Envelopes: When the last point used a curve not ending at 100% of the value then the curve was drawn wrong, assuming it continued at 100% of the value. Fixed.
  • Windows: Audio Setup: When opening the ASIO control panel, it could be that the control panel window was loosing focus all the time. Fixed.
  • Mac: When using the Apple Quit menu while a modal window was open, things went wrong. Fixed.

All info & downloads on MuTools.com



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