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MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v3.0.41


MUTOOLS has updated MU.LAB to v3.0.41.

Changes since v3.0.38:

  • Fixed: Sequence editor -> Sequence -> Delete => possible crash.
  • Tuned: Sequenced note-offs get priority on note-ons.
  • Tuned: Sequence Editor: When drawing new notes or changing note lengths the notes now do get full indicated length.
  • Tuned: Event List Editor: Right-click in empty background also pops up the context menu.
  • Fixed: Edit Tempo Changes -> context menu -> Delete => could cause a crash sooner or later.
  • Fixed: Issue with renaming sends.
  • Tuned: Modular editor: When deleting a connection and there is more than 1 connection for that jack, any relevant module name index is included in the connection list.
  • Tuned: VstPluginBasicControls.Png: OpenFileButton icon was pointing in wrong direction.
  • Tuned: In the composer, when zoomed in very much, audio files are drawn in full detail instead of more 'squared'.
  • Tuned: When changing the start of a shared part, the other shared parts are updated as necessary.
  • Fixed: In certain specific circumstances, there could be weird notes at the start of the composition loop.
  • Fixed: In some special cases, the sequence loop wasn't played properly.
  • Fixed: Sequence editor -> Sequence -> Delete => crash.
  • Fixed: Tempo change edits were not always immediately reflected in the playback.
  • Fixed: When inserting/removing plugs from an auto-named rack, renaming was not 100% ok.
  • Fixed: When recording events into an existing empty sequence part, an irrelevant name dialog popped up.
  • And some other minor improvements.


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