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News Archive for January 2009

30th January 2009Jewel Audio releases Singer's Delay

30th January 2009Vir2 Instruments announces BLUE: Jazz Drums and World Impact: Global Percussion

30th January 2009Puremagnetik releases Microtron Tape 1 for Live, Kontakt and Logic

30th January 2009Zero-G releases Indian Dance Classics [ACID|AL|REX]

30th January 2009Parking B releases Zweeger 2.0 beta 1

30th January 2009Audiffex and Gallien-Krueger announce GK Amplification Pro

30th January 2009Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v1.0.0.5

30th January 2009Sonnox updates Oxford Series Plug-ins (Windows VST)

29th January 2009Wallander Instruments announces WIVI Saxophones 1 & 2

29th January 2009Audacity v1.3.7 Beta Now Available

29th January 2009Audio Ease updates Speakerphone for Mac to v1.1.1

29th January 2009All Free MeldaProduction VST plug-ins Updated

29th January 2009Christian Knufinke Software releases SIR2 Public Beta (incl. x64)

29th January 2009Thirty Two Audio releases Multiband Expander, Stereo Audio/MIDI Gate, Simple Stereo Gate and Mix Compressor

29th January 2009Tekky Synths releases SaMpLyX and PsYbAsSyX and updates SlIsTErYx v1.5a

29th January 2009DSK Music releases mini DRUMZ 2

29th January 2009Lexicon updates PCM96 and PCM96 Surround for Mac to v3.0.1.4

29th January 2009Time+Space launches 'Win 1 of 4 Loopmasters Artist Series Bundles' promotion

29th January 2009Harvestworks announces Max/MSP & Jitter Full Week Intensive Course (in NYC)

29th January 2009Loomer updates Aspect, Manifold and Resound for Mac to 1.1.1

29th January 2009Groove Monkee releases Rock 2: Alternative/Soft [MIDI]

29th January 2009NuGen Audio updates Line-up to v2.2.3

29th January 2009ProducerLoops releases Ambient Metal Constructions and Electro House Generation [ACID|AL|REX]

29th January 2009Equinox Sounds releases Subconscious Dubstep [ACID|AL]

27th January 2009Brainspawn releases Forte v2.0

27th January 2009Spectrasonics updates Omnisphere to v1.0.3f (incl. Sound Library Update)

27th January 2009SKnote updates Voices to v1.0.1

27th January 2009Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank updates UVI Workstation to v1.0.14

27th January 2009MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v2.09 (+ships DVD version)

27th January 2009Native Instruments announces Acoustic Refractions (Kore Soundpack)

26th January 2009Parking B releases Zweeger v2.0 (beta 0)

26th January 2009Jeroen Breebaart updates Barricade Pro to v1.0.3

26th January 2009Dangerous Bear Underground announces Apokrypha 2 SFZ Universal Sample Library

26th January 2009Blue Cat Audio updates Blue Cat's Protector to v1.1 (incl. Mac VST & AU release)

26th January 2009Intermorphic updates Noatikl to v1.5.0.15

26th January 2009DSK Music releases DSK Ethereal PadZ 2

25th January 2009Moppel updates Tetra to v1.2

25th January 2009Impromptu updated to v1.34

25th January 2009MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.5.2

23rd January 2009Saltline releases Bachelard (beta)

23rd January 2009Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v1.0.0.4

23rd January 2009GForce announces impOSCar 2

23rd January 2009RNDigital releases FIREQ and FIREQ LE and the 'Initial Bundle'

23rd January 2009Audiffex updates inTone for Mac to v1.1.6

22nd January 2009SKnote releases Specter

22nd January 2009KResearch updates KR-Imager STR to v1.2

22nd January 2009112dB releases Redline Monitor

22nd January 2009Acoustica updates Pianissimo to v1.0 build 12

22nd January 2009vacuumsound releases RIAA v1.0 VST for Mac

22nd January 2009Bismark updates bs-0, bs-1 and bs-16 to v4.0.2

22nd January 2009EastWest updates PLAY (1) to v1.1.13 and QL Voices of Passion to v1.0.5

21st January 2009MOTU announces Volta - MIDI-CV Virtual Instrument

21st January 2009Ueberschall announces Synthlines, Electrolines and Dancehall Madness Vol. II

21st January 2009evil alliance release combover

21st January 2009Scarbee join forces with Alicia Keys to create virtual piano for Kontakt - Alicia's Keys

21st January 2009Jonathan Schmid-Burgk releases VisualVox polyphonic v0.9

21st January 2009Vir2 Instruments unveils Mojo: Horn Section

21st January 2009Cockos updates REAPER to v2.55

21st January 2009MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.5.1

21st January 2009Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.8.3

21st January 2009EZ-SOUND releases FAZ 2000

21st January 2009Shuriken.se releases CopyShop2

21st January 2009Sonic Reality announces Cinema Sessions for the Infinite Player

21st January 2009Artificial Audio updates Obelisk to v1.0.1

21st January 2009Tonehammer releases Propanium for Kontakt

21st January 2009ProducerLoops.com launches own Sample Label and releases Subtractive House Grooves [ACID|AL|REX]

21st January 2009Dance MIDI Samples releases Sylenth1 Sound Bank

21st January 2009Bluezone Corporation releases Electro Fx, Psy Trance Reflexion and Hip Hop Edition [WAV|AIFF|...]

19th January 2009Overloud announces Breverb BFD to Breverb Upgrade Offer

19th January 2009Devine Machine announces One Shot Recorder v2.0 and Krishna Synth v1.5

19th January 2009SoniqWare updates PE-1 Linear Phase Parametric Equalizer to v1.1

19th January 2009MIDIKarval releases MidiMaster v2.0

19th January 2009Moppel updates Sonitarium to v1.2

19th January 2009DSK Music releases DSK Synthopia

18th January 2009Jack OS X updated to v0.80

18th January 2009One Small Clue updates Poise Percussion Sampler to v1.0.9.3

18th January 2009Garritan announces Orchestral Strings 2

18th January 2009Devine Machine announces OTR88 Electric Piano

18th January 2009Garritan announces Personal Orchestra 4th Edition

18th January 2009Garritan announces World Instruments

18th January 2009Sonic Reality Download Cards released for DownloadableSoundz.com

16th January 2009QuikQuak releases Pitchwheel v2.0

16th January 2009MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.5

16th January 2009Steinberg updates VST3 SDK to v3.0.2

16th January 2009FXpansion announces BFD v2.1

16th January 2009FXpansion announces D-CAM: Synth Squad - Suite of Advanced Synthesizer Instruments

16th January 2009MOTU announces and releases BPM - Beat Production Machine

16th January 2009iZotope announces Ozone 4 release at NAMM

16th January 2009Focusrite announces the Guitar FX Suite

16th January 2009EastWest releases Quantum Leap SD2 Pro (Expansion)

16th January 2009EastWest announces Symphonic Choirs - PLAY Edition

16th January 2009EastWest announces Quantum Leap RA - PLAY Edition

16th January 2009XT Software releases energyXT v2.5

16th January 2009Renoise 2.0 Final Launched; 20% Discount Promo for 10 Days

16th January 2009Garritan releases Downloadable Edition of the Authorized Steinway Virtual Concert Grand Piano

16th January 2009Universal Audio announces UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop

16th January 2009Universal Audio announces Manley Labs and Antares Audio as New Plug in Partners

16th January 2009Source Elements releases Source-Connect v3.1 (incl. AU)

16th January 2009Peavey announces RTAS version of ReValver MK III Amp-Modeling Software

16th January 2009Waves updates V6 product line to v6.0.8 (now supports Pro Tools 8)

16th January 2009Overloud updates Breverb to v1.5.2

16th January 2009iZotope updates RX to v1.07

15th January 2009Muse Research announces The MuseBOX Plug-in Player

15th January 2009Muse Research debuts RECEPTOR 2 at Winter NAMM

15th January 2009Ableton announces Live 8, Suite 8 and New Initiatives

15th January 2009Roland releases RTAS Editor for Sonic Cell

15th January 2009Focusrite announces the Focusrite Plug-in Suite

15th January 2009Focusrite announces Liquid Saffire 56

15th January 2009Solid State Logic announces new Duende Mini Expanded and Duende Studio Packs at NAMM 2009

15th January 2009Waldorf announces Largo

15th January 2009Steinberg and Yamaha announce METAlliance membership

15th January 2009Cakewalk releases Craig Anderton's Electronic Guitars Expansion Pack for Rapture and Rapture LE

15th January 2009Cakewalk announces new line of Portable Cable-Based Interface Products

15th January 2009Native Instruments announces Maschine

15th January 2009Native Instruments announces Guitar Rig Mobile

15th January 2009Native Instruments introduces Audio 4 DJ

15th January 2009Cycling '74 and Ableton announce Max for Live

15th January 2009Spectrasonics announces Massive Sound Update for Omnisphere Power Synth (2000 New Patches from Renown International Sound Designers)

15th January 2009Steinberg announces Cubase RC (iPhone and iPod Touch controller application for Cubase 5)

15th January 2009Cakewalk now shipping SONAR V-Studio 700

15th January 2009Steinberg announces VST Expression technology to be supported by leading sample content producers

15th January 2009EastWest introduces PLAY 2.0 at NAMM 2009

15th January 2009Spectrasonics announces new Trilian Bass Instrument

15th January 2009Spectrasonics announces Stylus RMX v1.7 with 'Time Designer'

15th January 2009Steinberg announces Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 5

15th January 2009Novation announces FX Plug-in Suite

15th January 2009Cakewalk announces Free SONAR v8.3 Update

15th January 2009Sonic Reality releases Konstruction - Infinite Player-powered Expandable Loop Workstation

15th January 2009Overloud announces TH1 Triode - Essential Guitar Effects Suite

15th January 2009Overloud announces TH1 Guitar Amp v1.1

15th January 2009Novation announces Automap 3 Pro and Automap 3 Standard

15th January 2009Sonic Reality announces Ken Scott Collection for the Infinite Player

15th January 2009Vienna Symphonic Library unveil Vienna MIR and Vienna Imperial at NAMM

15th January 2009EastWest/Quantum Leap announces Quantum Leap Silk Virtual Instrument at NAMM 2009

15th January 2009Sonic Reality distributes Serafine Sound Effects collection and announces FX Tron workstation for the Infinite Player

15th January 2009Sonic Reality and Ocean Way Recording introduce the Ocean Way Drums Expandable series

15th January 2009Access Music announces Virus TI2 and releases OS3 Public Beta

15th January 2009JazzMutant releases Lemur v2.0 and announces Price Drops for Lemur and Dexter at NAMM

15th January 2009Psicraft Designs announces Vyzor Evolver v2.0

15th January 2009TC-Helicon announces new Vyzor 2.0 Editors for TC-Helicon Products

15th January 2009Redmatica previews Compendium Pro Bundle 2 at NAMM (incl. Keymap Pro 2)

15th January 2009IK Multimedia announces StealthPedal

15th January 2009IK Multimedia and Fender announce AmpliTube Fender: the official Fender Software Amp and FX suite

15th January 2009Arturia announces minimoog V v2.0 and Brass v2.0

15th January 2009URS releases Saturation v2.5

15th January 2009Open Labs releases multiple New Products at NAMM 2009

15th January 2009MIXOSAURUS DAW Drums announces MIXOSAURUS KIT B (get 25% off KIT A)

15th January 2009Celemony announces Melodyne editor with DNA Direct Note Access

15th January 2009E-MU Systems announces Emulator X3 Now Shipping

15th January 2009Akai Professional expands MPK Keyboard Series with new 25-Key model

15th January 2009Akai Professional launches APC40 Control Surface for Ableton Live

15th January 2009Audio Ease previews Speakerphone 2 at NAMM

15th January 2009SPL releases Analog Code TwinTube

15th January 2009Submersible Music announces DrumCore 3 (incl. RTAS/AU/VST)

15th January 2009Synapse Audio releases Toxic v2.5 VST

15th January 2009Sony revamps ACIDplanet.com and releases ACID Xpress 7

15th January 2009ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio (v2.6.8), AntiAlias, DGenR8 and SpatialVerb (v2.8.2)

15th January 2009Loomer updates Aspect, Manifold and Resound to v1.1

14th January 2009Waves releases The Tony Maserati Collection

14th January 2009SONiVOX announces Playa – Hip Hop Virtual Instrument

14th January 2009Prime Loops releases Minimal Synthesis, Minimal & Tech House Drums and Vanguard Electro Bass Essentials

14th January 2009Digital Music Doctor releases Digital Performer 6 - Know It All! Training Video

14th January 2009rs-met updates Straightliner to v1.1.1.

14th January 2009AZ Audio releases ADopplerEn2

14th January 2009Tekky Synths updates eZmYx to v1.2.k and AuToBaSsYx to v1.2

13th January 2009Native Instruments updates Guitar Rig to v3.2

13th January 2009Prosoniq releases NorthPole AU

13th January 2009Digital Redux adds 5 new releases to the A Class Series

13th January 2009Equinox Sounds releases Hip Hop Foundations and Smash Up The Studio Cosmic House [ACID|REX|AL]

13th January 2009EdgeSounds releases Pipe Organ [KON|GIG]

13th January 2009URS launches 25% Off Promotion

13th January 2009Abbey Road Plug-ins announces Bundle Promotion

13th January 2009Insert Piz Here releases Mr. Alias 2

12th January 2009Waves sets GTR Solo FREE (for a year)

12th January 2009Toontrack Music announces the Jazz EZX

12th January 2009Sanford Sound Design releases Sanford Super Chorus

12th January 2009Blue Cat Audio releases Audio Unit free plug-ins bundle Beta 2 for Mac

12th January 2009Expert Sleepers updates Augustus Loop to v2.0.1

12th January 2009D16 Group releases Redoptor v1.0

12th January 2009Kreativ Sounds releases ShortCircuit Drum Loops and SequenceK Drum Loops [ACID|REX]

12th January 2009Tonehammer releases Kalimba for Kontakt

12th January 2009Zero-G announces Special Offer: 30% off Vocaloid Prima Download (Save $75)

12th January 2009Puremagnetik releases RackPak 2 for Ableton Live

12th January 2009KResearch updates KR-Delay FS (v1.1.1) and KR-Reverb FS (v1.2.1)

12th January 2009xoxos sets Syng2 FREE

12th January 2009Artificial Audio releases Obelisk for Windows

12th January 2009Zynewave updates Podium to v2.08

12th January 2009Koblo updates Nexsyn to v1.1 r16 (DVD version)

12th January 2009MidiKarval updates VB3 Controller to v1.1

12th January 2009Polac VST Loaders for Jeskola Buzz updated to v1.

12th January 2009Mildon Studios releases EQONE v2.0 and Vocals v2.0 (formerly Back Stage Vocals)

9th January 2009rs-met updates Straightliner to v1.1

9th January 2009Sagan Technology updates Metro to v6.4.7.1

9th January 2009Jeroen Breebaart updates Auditor Pro to v1.0.5

9th January 2009Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v1.0.0.3

8th January 2009Loomer updates Aspect, Manifold and Resound for Linux to v1.0.2

8th January 2009Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v6.3.1

8th January 2009pethu releases Hahaha DS-01 Drum Synthesizer

8th January 2009Sonnox updates Oxford R3 Dynamics to v1.0.6

8th January 2009Softube updates Mac RTAS versions of Metal Amp Room, Tube Delay and Vintage Amp Room

8th January 2009eSession updates Virtual Glass to v1.2.3

7th January 2009Muse Research and Univers Sons announce Plugsound BOX Virtual Instrument Collection now included on every RECEPTOR 2

7th January 2009u-he releases Uhbik Plug-in Bundle

7th January 2009Audio Damage releases Rough Rider Pro

7th January 2009RNDigital releases D4 (formerly known as Dynamizer)

7th January 2009Apple introduces iLife '09 (incl. GarageBand '09)

7th January 2009Sonnox updates Oxford (R3) Dynamics AU to v1.0.5

7th January 2009Protonfx releases Curemo - Universal Software Controller for Cubase

7th January 2009BIAS updates Peak to v6.0.5

7th January 2009Ambrosia Software updates WireTap Studio to v1.0.7

6th January 2009Prosoniq updates OrangeVocoder 10AE to v3.2.3 and morph AU to v1.2.3

6th January 2009Synapse Audio updates Orion to v7.62

6th January 2009Loomer releases Aspect, Resound and Manifold

6th January 2009Universal Audio releases UAD-2 Software v5.2 (incl. Pro Tools support; Harrison 32C EQ and Little Labs IBP)

6th January 2009All Softube Mac RTAS plug-ins updated [Not FET]

6th January 2009Image Line Software releases Edison v2.1

6th January 2009Companion Engineering & Design updates Intuem to v4.0.4u

6th January 2009Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.8.2

6th January 2009PG Music updates Band-in-a-Box 2009 to Build 282 (BETA)

6th January 2009NuGen Audio releases SEQ1 and SEQ2 'Master Editions' Public Betas for Mac

6th January 2009Fretted Synth Audio releases SafFron2L Audio Triggered Synth

6th January 2009Variety Of Sound releases epicVerb

5th January 2009IK Multimedia announces ARC Promotion

5th January 2009Sonic Studio updates soundBlade to v1.3.1

5th January 2009AtomSplitter Audio updates Distroyr to v2.2

5th January 2009All Ohm Force Plug-ins Updated

5th January 2009Synful releases Synful Orchestra to v2.5.1

5th January 2009Line 6 updates POD Farm to v1.02

5th January 2009Cluster Sound expands Tech Producer DSP with 3 new Xpanders and releases House O' Matic [WAV|REX]

5th January 2009Waves releases Waves Center

5th January 2009MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v2.08 and MAnalyzer to v1.03

5th January 2009Ueberschall releases Ambient Works

5th January 2009MachineCodex Software updates AudioCodex to v1.49

5th January 2009RJProjects releases Aqualizer v1.1

5th January 2009Kong Audio updates Chinee Series plug-ins

5th January 2009Jeroen Breebaart releases Red Phatt Pro

5th January 2009Hypersynth releases ion-editor

5th January 2009KResearch releases KR-Delay FS v1.1 for Windows and Mac OS X

5th January 2009Puremagnetik Releases Modular Patterns [LIVE|KON|AL]

5th January 2009Renoise 2.0 Release Candidate 2 released

5th January 2009Synapse Audio releases Orion 7.61 for Non-SSE processors

5th January 2009Way Out Ware updates KikAXXE for Mac to v1.1.0.2

5th January 2009Arturia updates the Origin firmware to v1.0.6