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News Archive for March 2010

31st March 2010MeldaProduction releases MDrummer v3.01 for Windows and Mac OS X

31st March 2010DTS announces Neural UpMix

31st March 2010de la Mancha releases loophole - MIDI-Triggered Loop Sampler

31st March 2010Soundcells releases Salad Bar v2.0 [REFILL]

31st March 2010Toontrack Music announces EZmix

31st March 2010AudioSpillage releases DrumSpillage and updates MiniSpillage to v1.0.4

31st March 2010SoundToys updated to v4.0.2

31st March 2010PG Music updates Band-in-a-Box 2010 for Mac to Build 14

31st March 2010Beatserv releases Clash [WAV|AL|BAT|LIVE]

31st March 2010AcousticsampleS releases Elektron for Kontakt

31st March 2010SampleOddity releases Weird Ambient Stuff for Kontakt

31st March 2010Loopsjunkiez releases eChillout Junkiez Multi-format Acid Loop Remix Pack

30th March 2010Loomer releases Sequent - Multi FX

30th March 2010Wusik releases Wusik Station v6.0

30th March 2010simpleVSTs releases urrth, muun, praamp, spaank and duuaal

30th March 2010PreSonus announces Free Studio One v1.5 Update

30th March 2010HV Synth Design releases Total Flute

30th March 2010Line 6 releases POD Farm 2 and POD Farm 2 Platinum

30th March 2010Soundtrack Loops releases L.A. Underground Electro [ACID|REX|AL]

30th March 2010Precisionsound releases Monzter Drumz for Kontakt, HALion, EXS24, Drumagog & SF2

30th March 2010Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Reverb II to v0.9b

30th March 2010Bosphorus Cymbals releases Stanton Moore Series BFD2 Expansion Pack

30th March 2010Sounds And Effects releases Hidden Objects Percussion [KON|EXS|REF]

29th March 2010JTones releases Timecore - MIDI Arpeggiator

29th March 2010g200kg releases KeroVee - Free Pitch-Correction

29th March 2010Best Service releases K-Size FX Edition [ACID|AL|...]

29th March 2010Sonic Reality releases 10 DrummerTracks Titles for Download

29th March 2010eaReckon updates BloXpander to v1.0.3

29th March 2010Ueberschall releases Pop Ballads (Elastik Soundbank)

29th March 2010SoundToys updated to v4.0.1

29th March 2010Cluster Sound releases Minimal GBox for Live

29th March 2010Yellow Tools updates Independence to v2.5.3 and Engine to v1.0.3 (+announces 30% Discount Special Offer)

29th March 2010QuikQuak updates BarChimes to v1.01 (incl. x64) and Pitchwheel (Win) to v3.11

29th March 2010Zynewave updates Podium to v2.27

29th March 2010Impromptu updated to v2.3

29th March 2010Laidman & Katsura release Vocal Lab AU and WaveWindow AU v2.0 (incl. 64-bit)

29th March 2010Brainworx updates bx_digital to v2.1.1

29th March 2010SynthFont updated to v1.402

29th March 2010Zephod updates [BLOK] to SVN 275

29th March 2010jBridge updated to v1.2 (jBridger tool updated to v1.14)

29th March 2010Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.9.9

29th March 2010Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v1.5.3

29th March 2010Prime Loops releases 'Wonky Beats' and 'Hip Hop Producer Combo Pack' Sample Packs [WAV|REX|...]

29th March 2010Motion Samples releases "Mikromatik Drum Fills", "R&B Exquisite Synths" and "Trance Aura Synth Loops" [WAV]

26th March 2010Cockos updates REAPER to v3.4

26th March 2010IK Multimedia updates Amplitube to v3.0.1

26th March 2010Tonehammer releases Bizarre Sitar for Kontakt

26th March 2010Brickwall Audio releases Deviant States for Kontakt

26th March 2010ModernBeats releases Pop Anthemz [ACID]

26th March 2010Harpordian released for Kontakt

26th March 2010Beta Monkey releases Two New Rock Drum Sample Libraries [ACID|AL]

26th March 2010Sinevibes releases Critical Mass Vol. 2 for Massive

26th March 2010PG Music updates Band-in-a-Box 2010 for Windows to Build 297 and for Mac to Build 12

26th March 2010Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v2.1.0.10

26th March 2010Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Elek7ro to v2.65

26th March 2010Pentacom updates ARPG8R to v0.9.3

26th March 2010Le Lotus Bleu updates Wave Grooves for Massive to v1.3

25th March 2010Spectrasonics announces Omnisphere and Trilian v1.3 (incl. New Features and Sounds)

25th March 2010VirSyn releases Matrix v2.0 and announces April Special Offer

25th March 2010Apple releases Pro Applications Update 2010-01 (incl. Final Cut Pro v7.0.2)

25th March 2010n-Track Software updates n-Track Studio to v6.0.9

25th March 2010Audiofile Engineering updates Sample Manager to v3.2.2

25th March 2010PG Music updates Band-in-a-Box 2010 for Mac to Build 11

24th March 2010DMG Audio updates EQuality to v1.04

24th March 2010Flux:: and IRCAM announce IRCAM Tools

24th March 2010Muse Research selects Ultimate Sound Bank for MuseBox Sounds

24th March 2010Soniccouture releases Free RMI Rocksichord for Kontakt

24th March 2010Steinberg releases 'Alternative Rock' and 'Jazzy Latin' Sequel / Cubase Content Sets

24th March 2010Modartt releases Pianoteq v3.6 (incl. K1 Grand Piano)

24th March 2010Lexicon announces LXP Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle

24th March 2010Magix releases Vandal Virtual Guitar & Bass Amp

24th March 2010Softube announces Valley People Dyna-mite

24th March 2010ToneBytes releases GLS! - Vocal Remover

24th March 2010Korg announces microSTATION - Micro Synthesizer with Sequencer (Hardware with Plug-in Editor)

24th March 2010Korg announces PS60 Performance Synthesizer (Hardware with Plug-In Editor)

24th March 2010Steinberg announces free 5.5 Update for Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 5

24th March 2010Steinberg announces "HALion Sonic" VST3 Production Workstation

24th March 2010Arturia announces the V Collection 2 Now shipping

24th March 2010Steinberg announces WaveLab 7 for Mac OS X and Windows

24th March 2010VertexDSP updates MultiInspector to v2.3.0 (incl. x64)

24th March 2010Syntheway updates Master Hammond B3 to v2.2

24th March 2010Audiofile Engineering updates Sample Manager to v3.2.1

23rd March 2010Toontrack Music announces Beatstation

23rd March 2010WOK updates MoogoFilter to v1.2

23rd March 2010Muse Research RECEPTOR 2 supports Native Instruments Komplete 6

23rd March 2010Rob Papen announces RG v1.5 Update (and new lower price)

23rd March 2010Flux:: updates all Windows Plug-ins to v2.0.40

23rd March 2010Theodor Krueger releases Dark Mass

23rd March 2010Native Instruments releases Abbey Road 70s Drums

23rd March 2010Cluster Sound releases Dirty Tech House [WAV|REX|LIVE|KON]

23rd March 2010JazzMutant announces Mu for Lemur for Ableton Live

23rd March 2010TC Electronic software added to Waves' Virtual Stock Software System to enhance availability in US and Canada

23rd March 2010Equinox Sounds releases Acoustic Drum Grooves [ACID|AL|REX]

23rd March 2010SPL announces Analog Code DrumXchanger (and launches four other new products at Musikmesse)

23rd March 2010112dB updates Redline Preamp to v1.0.1

23rd March 2010Open Ambience Project updates SHEPPi Spatial Enhancer to v1.04

23rd March 2010DETUNIZED releases "Curetronic Modular Live Pack Vol. 1: The Loops" for Live

23rd March 2010Image Line announces the "FL Extension" Box

23rd March 2010Christoph Hart releases 'Volker - the funky Melodica' for Kontakt

23rd March 2010Five12 releases Numerology v2.3

23rd March 2010PG Music updates Band-in-a-Box 2010 for Mac to Build 10

23rd March 2010Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Elek7ro to v2.61

23rd March 2010Firelight Technologies releases FMOD v4.30 (FMOD Designer 2010 coming soon)

23rd March 2010Toontrack Music releases Songwriters Drumpack - Complete Song Structure MIDI for Drums

23rd March 2010Overloud announces March Specials

23rd March 2010Producer Loops releases Ambient Glitch Bundle (Vols 1-3) [ACID|AL]

22nd March 2010Freeverb3_vst v2.5.0 RC 1 Released

22nd March 2010Voxengo releases Deft Compressor - Track and Bus Compressor Plug-in

22nd March 2010Teragon Audio releases AUNotes v2.0

22nd March 2010Nine Volt Audio releases "Metal Guitar: Riffs & Rhythms" in REX2, RMX, Kontakt, ACID and Apple Loop Formats

22nd March 2010rs-met updates Straightliner to 10.03

22nd March 2010DMG Audio releases EQuality

22nd March 2010Cableguys updates FilterShaper (v2.0.3), VolumeShaper (v2.0.1) and PanCake (v1.0.3)

22nd March 2010Tekky Synths releases SpDp (Small Pattern Dual Player) v1.0

22nd March 2010QuikQuak updates Pitchwheel to v3.1

22nd March 2010Shuriken releases BitTest for Windows

22nd March 2010Jewel Audio releases Area 52 for FXpansion DCAM: Synth Squad

22nd March 2010Loopsjunkiez releases DeepTech House Multi-format Acid Loop Remix Pack

22nd March 2010PLP releases Electro Drum n Bass [ACID|AL|REX|MIDI]

22nd March 2010Progsounds releases The Modular Piano for Kontakt

22nd March 2010Softrave & Syncer update Bass Booster to v1.2

19th March 2010Arturia announces "The One" Now shipping

19th March 2010eaReckon updates BloXpander to v1.0.2

19th March 2010Pentacom updates ARPG8R to v0.9.2

19th March 2010Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank updates UVI Workstation to v1.1.4

19th March 2010Time+Space announces "Buy Superior Drummer Get A Free SDX Expansion Pack" Offer

19th March 2010Ian Boddy releases Beatalogue [WAV|REX|AL]

19th March 2010ToneBytes announces 40% Off Sale

19th March 2010Vengeance Sound releases Vengeance Producer Suite: Metrum - Kick Drum Synthesizer

19th March 2010Sounds of Revolution releases Minimal Techno Revolution Vol. 1 [WAV|REX|AL|...]

19th March 2010audioMIDI.com and Nomad Factory announce "No-Brainer" deal: Retrology Series British Bundle for $30

19th March 2010VSL announces Vienna Special Editions Special Offer

19th March 2010Crysonic releases nXtasy V3

19th March 2010macProVideo.com launches Cross-Platform Software Tutorial Site: Nonlineareducating.com

19th March 2010Valhalla DSP releases ValhallaFreqEcho MkI

19th March 2010Stillwell Audio updates all plug-ins to v2.0 (incl. x64)

19th March 2010Arturia releases Analog Factory v2.5

19th March 2010Celemony announces Melodyne Updates

19th March 2010FatLoud releases Pro Series: Urban Orchestra 2 Loops Collection [ACID|REX|...]

19th March 2010macProVideo.com releases "Trilian 101: Core Trilian" Video Tutorial

19th March 2010ProjectSAM launches Community Section: Win Symphobia; Download Free Multis

19th March 2010Kreativ Sounds updates Abyss Pro-53 Sounds to v2.1

19th March 2010Future Loops releases House Fragments [WAV|REX]

19th March 2010Apple updates Logic Pro and Express to v9.1.1

19th March 2010Sensomusic updates Usine to v5.13 (beta)

18th March 2010Pentacom releases ARPG8R MIDI Arpeggiator v0.9 Public Beta

18th March 2010CGM Prods releases Beat Replacer v1.1 and SF2 Control VST v2.0

18th March 2010Tone2 Audiosoftware releases State of Art Expansion Pack for Gladiator 2

18th March 2010MoReVoX announces 'Creative Bundle' and 'Quick Bundle' [GOG|WAV|...]

18th March 2010Big Fish Audio releases Elemental Studio Percussion and Off The Hook Dirty South 2 [REX|ACID|...]

18th March 2010Blip Drums releases Magenta for Live

18th March 2010Goldbaby Productions releases The FatJuno-6 [KON|EXS]

18th March 2010Audiovapor releases Drumbreaks MIDI Loop Pack

18th March 2010Splurgo Audio releases Piano Arpeggios and Vocoder Beats [ACID|AL]

18th March 2010Waves updates V7 to r8

18th March 2010Zenhiser releases Global House Drum Beats 1-3, The Techno Construktion Kit 1 and Deep Tech House Beats & Grooves 1-4 [WAV]

18th March 2010Soundcells releases bitBUMPER deluxe v2.0 [REFILL]

18th March 2010Wave Alchemy releases Club Kicks 2 [WAV]

18th March 2010DETUNIZED releases Forststrasse 8 for Live

18th March 2010Puremagnetik releases TrapKit for Live, Kontakt and Logic

18th March 2010AcousticsampleS releases DrumTaste Free for Kontakt, EXS24 and SFZ

18th March 2010Sounds/To/Sample releases 'Riemann Kollektion 4 - Tech-House Beats' and 'Essential Elements Tech-House' [WAV]

18th March 2010Soundprovocation releases Ethnic Bagpipe [KON|EXS]

18th March 2010Equinox Sounds releases Downtempo Chill [ACID|AL]

18th March 2010Prime Loops releases Dubstep Nation and NYC Piano Sessions [ACID|AL|...]

18th March 2010Samplecraze releases Dark To Light for Albino 3

18th March 2010PLP releases Abrasion Tactics and Clubland Build Ups [ACID|AL|RX2|MID]

18th March 2010ProducerLoops releases Trance Elevation Volume 2, Ambient Glitch Vol 3 and Club Tip Trixxx Bundle

18th March 2010Platinumloops releases Metalcore V2 – Death Metal Drum Loops [ACID|REX|AL]

18th March 2010QuickmixAudio releases Static: Hip Hop Underground Keys [WAV|AL]

18th March 2010WOK releases daBUMZ Drum Synthesizer

18th March 2010Sensomusic updates Usine to v5.12 (beta)

18th March 2010Rob Papen updates RP-Verb for Windows to v1.0.3

17th March 2010Sony Creative Software updates Sound Forge Pro to v10.0b

17th March 2010SoundToys releases SoundToys 4 (incl. Decapitator Analog Saturation Modeler and PanMan Rhythmic Auto-Panner)

17th March 2010Waves releases Chris Lord-Alge Artist Signature Collection

17th March 2010da la Mancha Releases GTS; Updates GTO, GTX and GTA to rev. B; Announces Vintage Colour Bundle Group Buy

17th March 2010FabFilter releases Synth Classics Sound Set for FabFilter Twin 2

17th March 2010Line 6 updates GearBox to v3.72

17th March 2010Soundspectral releases VocTuneX v2.0 - Automatic Pitch Correction

17th March 2010PreSonus updates Studio One to v1.0.3

17th March 2010pethu releases Hahaha CS33 V2

17th March 2010vacuumsound updates Poor Plate AU to v1.0.2

17th March 2010PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2010 for Mac (Intel)

17th March 2010Maizesoft releases Maize Sampler 2 Beta 3 (Adds VST/AU Generation)

17th March 2010Geniesoft updates Overture v4.1 to Patch 24

17th March 2010VSL updates Vienna Imperial to v1.0.475

16th March 2010Variety Of Sound announces NastyVCS - Virtual Console Strip

16th March 2010MeldaProduction releases MDrummer Small v3.01 Public Beta for Win (32+64) and Mac

16th March 2010Stillwell Audio releases Bombardier Buss Compressor and updates 1973 EQ

16th March 2010Shuriken releases BitTest

16th March 2010Ueberschall releases Supreme Styles (Elastik Soundbank)

16th March 2010Universal Audio releases "Manley Massive Passive EQ", "Precision Enhancer Hz" and "EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverb" plug-ins (and updates UAD Software to v5.60)

16th March 2010G-Sonique releases Twisthead VS-206 - Vintage Vacuum Tube Preamp

16th March 2010MidiKarval releases MidiTransposer Plus

16th March 2010Dmitry Sches releases Ambient Voices Soundset for u-he Zebra

16th March 2010The Lower Rhythm updates Rhinoceros to v1.5

16th March 2010NUGEN Audio releases Stereoizer 3

16th March 2010Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v1.5.2 (incl. Silent Way AC Encoder - removes the need for a DC-coupled interface)

16th March 2010Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Reverb II v0.8 beta

16th March 2010XT Software releases new beta version of energyXT v2.5.3

16th March 2010vvvv group releases vvvv v4.0 beta 23

16th March 2010GSi updates VB3 to v1.3

16th March 2010Apple updates MainStage to v2.1.1

16th March 2010Overloud updates Breverb to v1.5.8 and TH1 and TH1 Triode to v1.1.6

16th March 2010Rob Papen updates Predator for Mac to v1.5.8

16th March 2010Subatomic Labs updates Mantis307 to v1.8.1

16th March 2010LePou Plugins updates LeGion to v1.01

16th March 2010Kong Audio updates All Chinee Series Plug-ins

12th March 2010MUTOOLS releases MU.LAB 3

12th March 2010Screaming Bee updates MorphVOX Effects Rack to v4.2

12th March 2010MeldaProduction Updates All Effect Plug-ins

12th March 2010Monkey Tools updates Library Monkey Pro and Sound Grinder Pro to v1.1.10

12th March 2010Rob Papen updates Predator for Windows to v1.5.8

12th March 2010Intermorphic updates Noatikl (v1.6.0.3) and Mixtikl (v2.1.0.6) (incl. x64 versions)

11th March 2010zplane releases Elastique Pitch Plugin v1.1 (incl. VST & AU)

11th March 2010i3 announces "Buy DSP-Quattro Get PSP sQuad Free" Offer

11th March 2010D16 Group launches Buy 2 and Get 3rd Free Offer

11th March 2010SONiVOX releases Eighty Eight - Grand Piano

11th March 2010Iliadis updates Efthimia Electronic Organ to v1.4

11th March 2010Sonnox updates Oxford Series (Mac VST & RTAS)

11th March 2010VSL updates Vienna Instruments (v2.1.5132) (incl. Mac 64-bit), Vienna Imperial (v1.0.470) and Vienna Suite (v1.2.1449)

11th March 2010FXpansion releases BFD Signature Snares Vol.2

11th March 2010Antares updates Auto-Tune Evo for Mac to v6.10

11th March 2010Soundlib updates G-Player to v1.2.1.3

11th March 2010Freak Show Enterprises updates JambaLaya to v1.3.1

11th March 2010XILS-lab announces polyKB

11th March 2010Steinberg updates The Grand to v3.0.1 and HALion Player to v3.5 (incl. x64) (and releases Compatibility Patches for HSO and GA3 for Mac)

11th March 2010Togu Audio Line releases x64 versions of: BassLine, Chorus-60, Dub, Dub-2, Elek7ro-II, Flanger, Phaser, U-No-62 and Vocoder

11th March 2010Voltage Disciple releases "Analogue Synplant" and "Voltage Disciple ACE Presets Vol. 1" Soundsets for Synplant and ACE

11th March 2010rs-met releases CrossOver

11th March 2010Audiffex updates Guitar Pedals to v1.0.6 (incl. AU versions)

11th March 2010ifoundasound updates LiveProfessor Beta to v1.2.1

11th March 2010LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.402

11th March 2010FMJ-Software updates Awave Studio to v10.3

11th March 2010Sound Quest updates Midi Quest and Midi Quest XL to v10.0.5

11th March 2010Waldorf releases TechnoTrance Soundset for Largo

11th March 2010Merging Technologies releases Pyramix v6.2, Ovation v1.2 and VCube v2.2

11th March 2010GForce releases OptiTron for M-Tron Pro

11th March 2010Sensomusic updates Usine to v5.10 and releases 3 New Free "Packs" (Matrix, MIDI, Surround)

11th March 2010LePou Plugins releases LeGion - High Gain Preamp Simulator

11th March 2010HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro to v1.5

11th March 2010Voxengo releases SPAN FFT Spectrum Analyzer v2.0 (incl. Mac VST/AU and Win VST x64) and updates MSED to v2.2

11th March 2010All DSK Music Virtual Instruments Updated

11th March 2010Applied Acoustics Systems releases Starlight sound bank for Ultra Analog VA-1

11th March 2010CFA-Sound releases CableForce, CableSphere and CableDrum Soundsets for u-he ACE

11th March 2010Kreativ Sounds releases SYN Sylenth1 Sounds

11th March 2010MIDIKarval releases MIDILatch

11th March 2010Soundspectral releases ChoirsX v2.0

11th March 2010Expert Sleepers updates Latency Fixer to v1.0.3 (incl. 64-bit AU & Win/Mac VST versions) and Oomingmak AU to v1.1 (incl. 64-bit AU)

11th March 2010Gargaj updates ShoutVST (2010_03_08)

11th March 2010Geniesoft updates Overture v4.1.0 to Patch 23

11th March 2010Pethu releases Hahaha CS01 v2.0

11th March 2010Topten Software updates Cantabile v2.0 to Build 2052

11th March 2010Safwan Matni releases Clavi Piano

11th March 2010TubeOhm releases N-Gate and T-Xciter

11th March 2010Sinus updates FreeverbToo to v1.71

11th March 2010Open Ambience Project updates SHEPPi Spatial Enhancer to v1.03

11th March 2010SynthFont v1.401 BETA Now Available

10th March 2010Cockos updates REAPER to v3.35 (incl. Mac 64 Alpha)

10th March 2010Plogue updates Bidule to v0.97

10th March 2010Xhun Audio updates LittleOne to v1.1.1

10th March 2010Subatomic Labs releases Mantis307 v1.8

10th March 2010eaReckon releases BloXpander v1.0

9th March 2010IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube 3

9th March 2010Renoise v2.5 released

9th March 2010Synapse Audio releases X-Poly (formerly Poly-850)

9th March 2010QuikQuak releases BarChimes v1.0

9th March 2010Native Instruments updates Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v4.0.5

9th March 2010Native Instruments releases Evolve Mutations 2

9th March 2010Sound magic updates Supreme Pianos to v1.4

9th March 2010Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v6.1

9th March 2010112dB updates Redline Monitor to v1.0.4

9th March 2010One Small Clue updates Poise to v1.0.20

9th March 2010Tekky Synths updates sYnYx Free to v1.7.d

9th March 2010Camel Audio releases Cinematic and Dance & Trance Soundbanks

9th March 2010HG Fortune releases Percumat 2 - Rhythm Machine

9th March 2010Starplugs releases Vintage MS-Limiter

9th March 2010Camel Audio releases Alchemy Player - Free with any Soundbank

3rd March 2010b.serrano releases Nibiru v2.0

3rd March 2010KX77FREE updates Kx-Synth-x16 to v2.5

3rd March 2010One Small Clue updates Poise to v1.0.19

3rd March 2010Native Instruments announces Alicia's Keys