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News Archive for June 2008

27th June 2008FXpansion updates BFD to v2.0.4.17 and releases Demo Versions

27th June 2008Apple releases Pro Applications Update 2008-02 (incl. Final Cut Pro v6.0.4)

27th June 2008AZ Audio updates Ultra trigger FX

27th June 2008Way Out Ware updates TimewARP 2600 for Windows to v1.3.1

27th June 2008Jeremy Evers updates Atlantis to v0.9i

27th June 2008KV331 Audio announces 3 new soundbanks and 60% price drop for SynthMaster

27th June 2008nX-Sound releases Factory v2 soundbank for nX-Synth ONE

27th June 2008KResearch updates KR-Imager STR to v1.1

27th June 2008Eska releases QUODfm v1.0

27th June 2008Cycling '74 updates Max to v5.0.3

27th June 2008Arturia launches Buy One Get One Free offer

27th June 2008Eiosis releases E²Transienter for Windows (Mac VST version also released)

27th June 2008apulSoft updates apTrigga2 for Mac OS X to v2.3.3

27th June 2008Crysonic releases SINDO v2.0

26th June 2008Voxengo updates Overtone GEQ to v1.5

25th June 2008Vir2 Instruments releases BASiS

25th June 2008EastWest/Quantum Leap Play-Powered Symphonic Orchestra to be released July 15th

25th June 2008Kong Audio updates Chinee Guzheng to v1.51

25th June 2008FMJ Soft updates Awave Audio to v10.2

25th June 2008tubePlug updated to v1.15

25th June 2008Togu Audio Line updates TAL-U-No-62 to v1.3

25th June 2008Algoriddim updates djay to v2.1.1

24th June 2008Modartt releases Grimaldi harpsichord add-on for Pianoteq

24th June 2008whiteLABEL releases autoBED, baddASS and sideGATE

24th June 2008EricSound Plugins releases UniQ v1.0 and FreeeQ v1.3

23rd June 2008Benedict Roff-Marsh releases SynthStudio Pack III - Virgo Constellation

23rd June 2008LinPlug releases SaxLab 2 for Windows

23rd June 2008Aradaz updates Aradaz Amp 2 White to v1.2

23rd June 2008Saltline updates Ni to v1.2

23rd June 2008Jeremy Evers updates Atlantis to v0.9h

23rd June 2008Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.7.9

23rd June 2008Sonoma Wire Works updates Riffworks to v2.2

23rd June 2008Ueberschall releases LoungeOramA

20th June 2008MOTU releases Digital Performer 6

20th June 2008Image Line releases DirectWave v1.4.1

20th June 2008Univers Sons announces UVI Workstation Public Beta and UVISoundsource.com

20th June 2008Eiosis releases the E²Transienter for Mac

20th June 2008Flux updates all plug-ins to v1.4 (Epure II v2.0.1)

20th June 2008Bela D Media introduces DLV (DownLoad Versions)

20th June 2008KResearch releases KR-Reverb FS v1.1 (formerly KR-Micro Reverb)

20th June 2008HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro to v1.3.1

20th June 2008Peavey releases ReValver MKIII

20th June 2008Siegfried Kullmann updates SQ-8L to v0.91b

19th June 2008Applied Acoustics Systems releases Strum Acoustic GS-1 - Acoustic Guitar Synth

19th June 2008HV Synth Design releases Acoustic Modeled Trumpet Collection

19th June 2008Fielding DSP releases Reviver - Alias-Free Harmonic Distortion

19th June 2008macProVideo.com releases new Logic 8 and Reason 4 Tutorial Videos

19th June 2008Fixed Noise announces Kreate by Speedy J

19th June 2008Abbey Road releases the Brilliance Pack (incl. EMI RS127 and RS135 EQs)

19th June 2008Vienna Symphonic Library releases Chamber Strings II Vienna Instrument

19th June 2008Extreme Sample Converter updated to v3.5.9; Samplelord updated to v1.4.2

19th June 2008Audio Ease updates Speakerphone for Windows to v1.1

19th June 2008Modartt updates Pianoteq to v2.3

19th June 2008de la Mancha announces three new Plug-in Bundles

19th June 2008ModernBeats releases Vox Chantz 1: Long Cuts - Vocal Samples for Hip Hop [KON|HAL|EXS|...]

19th June 2008Kreativ Sounds re-launches LOOPSalad Minipacks [ACID|REX|...]

19th June 2008Jeroen Breebaart releases Barricade Pro

18th June 2008Big Fish Audio releases Rush 2: Progressive House [AL|ACID|REX|...]

18th June 2008Voxengo releases Sound Delay

18th June 2008AZ Audio updates DoMaj to v1.01

18th June 2008Raw Material Software releases JUCE v1.46

18th June 2008Sensomusic updates Usine to v3.66d

18th June 2008Intermorphic updates Noatikl to v1.5.0.12

18th June 2008Future Audio Workshop updates Circle to v1.0.2

18th June 2008One Small Clue releases Poise v0.4 beta 4

17th June 2008Magix releases Sequoia and Samplitude v10.1

17th June 2008VirSyn updates Bark to v1.0.1

17th June 2008Wusikstation v5.0.0 Beta released

17th June 2008PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2008.5 Build 261 Beta

17th June 2008Sensomusic updates Usine to v3.66c

17th June 2008Psychic Modulation updates Cerebrum to v4.0.2

17th June 2008B.Serrano releases Nucleus v3.0

17th June 2008yedey releases LoopDrive3

17th June 2008DSK Music releases DSK Chaos Theory v1.0

17th June 2008Kreativ Sounds released Abyss Pro-53 Sounds

17th June 2008MoReVoX updates RetroVerb Reverb IR Library to v1.2

16th June 2008Waves releases the Jack Joseph Puig Collection

16th June 2008Sensomusic updates Usine to v3.66

16th June 2008RS-Met releases Pitch Shifter v0.5

15th June 2008Line6 updates Gearbox to v3.64

15th June 2008Expert Sleepers updates Latency Fixer to v1.0.2

15th June 2008Zynewave releases Podium v2.0

15th June 2008Acoustica releases Mixcraft v4.1 build 94 Public Beta

15th June 2008Bela D Media releases Retro Flute for Kontakt

12th June 2008Digital Music Doctor releases FL Studio 8 - Know It All! Training Video

12th June 2008Dance Midi Samples releases z3ta+ Hardstyle Preset Bank

12th June 2008AZ Audio releases DoMaj v1.0

12th June 2008Neotec updates CetoneSynth2 (v0.75) and CetoneOrg

12th June 2008Voxengo updates Crunchessor to v2.2

12th June 2008MachineCodex Software updates AudioCodex to v1.11

11th June 2008Native Instruments releases Deep Transformations and FM8 Transient Attacks [Kore Soundpacks]

11th June 2008Aradaz Maximizer 5 updated to v1.2

11th June 2008GenieSoft releases Overture v4.1.0 Patch 15

11th June 2008Sugar Bytes updates Effectrix to v1.1.1

10th June 2008NaokiT releases Pirezo Acoustic Piano beta demo

10th June 2008Sonoris Audio Engineering releases Sonoris Equalizer and Sonoris Linear Phase Equalizer and updates Sonoris Dither to v1.1

10th June 2008QuikQuak reveals Fusion Field - Diffusion Reverb

10th June 2008Acon Digital Media releases AudioLiquid Converter

10th June 2008Time+Space announces Toontrack Music Superior Drummer 2.0 competition

10th June 2008NuGen Audio updates Stereoizer to v2.7 and Stereoplacer to v2.4

10th June 2008Cluster Sound opens Download Shop

10th June 2008Precisionsound releases Meghan Celtic Harp [HAL|KON|SF2]

10th June 2008Le Lotus Bleu releases Pick Cell I & II for MS-20 and Polysix

10th June 2008Ohm Force updates All Plug-ins and launches Video Tutorial Cohmpetition

10th June 2008Seelake releases AudioStation - Hardware Host

10th June 2008MHC Synthesizers and Effects renames Ambient Drums to Ambient Kits and offers a 50% Introductory Discount

9th June 2008Future Audio Workshop releases Circle

9th June 2008DUY Software releases DUY Silence

9th June 2008Intermorphic announces Mixtikl and updates Noatikl to v1.5.0.10

9th June 2008ART Teknika updates Console to v1.6.2 (beta)

9th June 2008ddmf releases IIEQPro v2.0

9th June 2008Ftec-Audio releases HV-Formant - Heptaverton Surround Synth

9th June 2008Psychic Modulation releases Cerebrum v4.0

9th June 2008Blue Cat Audio updates Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi to v1.1

9th June 2008KarmaFX Synth Modular updated to v1.02

9th June 2008Martin Eastwood Audio updates Compressive to v1.11

9th June 2008Audio Ease updates Speakerphone for Mac to v1.1

9th June 2008Pro-Sounds updates PS-1 to v1.2

9th June 2008Kotkas Soft updates Paax Pro to v3.2.1

6th June 2008Celemony updates Melodyne (studio and cre8 to v3.2.2.2; essential and uno to v1.8.1.3)

6th June 2008Sugar Bytes updates Effectrix to v1.1 and Artillery to v2.0.4

6th June 2008XT Software releases new energyXT2 Beta

5th June 2008Softube releases Metal Amp Room

5th June 2008DSK MUSIC releases DSK DrumZ AkoustiK

5th June 2008Expert Sleepers releases Augustus Loop v1.8.0

5th June 2008IK Multimedia releases StompIO Upgrade Version and Enhanced Software Bundle for StompIO Full Version

5th June 2008Voxengo updates VariSaturator to v1.3

5th June 2008PowerFX releases All Them Beats - Essential Rhythm Library [WAV|REX|MIDI]

5th June 2008macProVideo.com: Remix & Win A Logic Workstation

4th June 2008MachineCodex Software updates AudioCodex to v1.1

4th June 2008BTE Audio releases BEQ3 British Console Equaliser Algorithm for Software Developers

4th June 2008Bismark updates bs-0, bs-1 and bs-16 to v4.0.1 (Mac only)

4th June 2008Togu Audio Line updates TAL-BassLine, TAL-U-No-62 and TAL-Dub

4th June 2008Audio Damage updates Kombinat to v1.0.1

3rd June 2008Kong Audio updates Chinee Guzheng to v1.5

3rd June 2008Mellowmuse releases 5 New VST Effects for Mac (CP1A, EQ1A, IR1A, Mellowhead & Auto Time Adjuster)

3rd June 2008Cockos releases REAPER v2.3

3rd June 2008Beta Monkey Music releases Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville [ACID|AL]

3rd June 2008H. G. Fortune releases Anvilia (Free / Pro / Premium)

3rd June 2008FabFilter Volcano updated to v2.01

3rd June 2008Asseca releases asHost v1.2.1

3rd June 2008xoxos releases Mass and Cymbal (percussion synthesizers)

3rd June 2008Realsamples releases Early Pianoforte - Edition Beurmann [KON|HAL|...]

3rd June 2008HowAudio releases "Mixcraft 4: The Essentials" tutorial video

3rd June 2008AMG updates Kick-Ass Brass! to v1.07 (+launches ONE Special Offer for KAB! users)

3rd June 2008Splurgo releases Reggae Guitar Loops and Snare Fills sample packs [ACID|AL]

3rd June 2008MidiKarval releases VB3 Controller

3rd June 2008Aradaz updates AradazAmp2_White to v1.1 and "reworks" AradazMaximizer5

3rd June 2008Native Instruments launches 'Komplete Your DAW'

3rd June 2008Native Instruments releases Guitar Rig Session and Guitar Rig 3 XE

3rd June 2008Pettinhouse releases DirectGuitar v2.1 [KON]

3rd June 2008Sonnox updates Mac VST versions of Oxford plug-ins

3rd June 2008Softube updates Vintage Amp Room for Mac to v1.0.7

3rd June 2008Prosoniq updates morph AU to v1.1.3 and OrangeVocoder 10 AE AU to v3.1.2

2nd June 2008Jeroen Breebaart announces Barricade Pro (+releases demo version)

2nd June 2008Ueberschall releases Balkan Lines

2nd June 2008Audiffex updates inTone Bass, Guitar, Keys and Matrix to v1.1 (for Windows)

2nd June 2008Companion Engineering & Design updates Intuem to v4.0.3u

2nd June 2008East West updates Quantum Leap Goliath to v1.0.5

2nd June 2008Brainworx updates bx_control to v1.0.5

2nd June 2008Muxer updates InstantSampler to v1.2

2nd June 2008XT Software releases new energyXT2 Beta

2nd June 2008Saltline updates Ni to v1.1

2nd June 2008Jeremy Evers updates Atlantis to v0.9g

2nd June 2008[CodeOperator] updates URSonic Reverb Bundle to v1.1 (incl. new Blue Spring reverb)

2nd June 2008Galbanum announces Synth Expansion Line and releases Piscis Rapture Expansion