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News Archive for November 2011

30th November 2011Prime Loops releases "Complex Electro Synths" sound pack

30th November 2011MusicLab launches Winter Sale and announces v3 of "Real" Instruments

30th November 2011Equinox Sounds releases 'Drastic Dub' sample pack

30th November 2011Xenobioz updates Dulcet softsynth for Windows to v1.1

29th November 2011Steinberg revives Model E and VB-1 - Both now 64-bit and Free

29th November 2011MARVIN releases Free BDX, SDX, and HCX Drum Plug-ins v1.0

29th November 2011XT Software releases energyXT 2.6

28th November 2011Prominy releases V-METAL - Virtual Electric Guitar Plug-in

28th November 2011VSL releases Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 and Vienna MIR PRO

28th November 2011VSL releases version 2.0 of Vienna Instruments Pro

28th November 2011Homegrown Sounds updates Arp to v1.5 and announces "Site Raid Deal"

28th November 2011Diamond Synths updates Subliminal to v1.6

28th November 2011Cloudkillers.com Launches - Helping artists, labels and the music industry, through human to human promotions

26th November 2011BBE Sound releases SonicMax Pro for iOS

25th November 2011Ardour3 Beta 1a Released

25th November 2011CtrlBrk updates VstBoard to v0.5.7

25th November 2011VRSonic releases VibeStudio Designer 2.8 3D Audio Design Software Suite for Mac and Win

25th November 2011LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.730

25th November 2011BlauKraut Engineering updates Charlatan to v1.1.3

25th November 2011iZotope updates Ozone to v5.01

25th November 2011Sensomusic updates Usine to v5.70.034

25th November 2011KarmaFX Synth Modular updated to v1.16

25th November 2011FMJ-Software updates Awave Studio to v10.5

25th November 2011Xylio releases FutureDecks DJ pro 3.0

25th November 2011HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro and Lite to v2.0.5

25th November 2011RML Labs updates SAWStudio / SAWStudio Lite to v5.1 and SAWStudioBasic to v2.3

25th November 2011accSone updates crusherX-Studio! and crusherX-Mac! to v3.23

25th November 2011SynthFont updated to v1.604

25th November 2011Cycling '74 updates Max to v6.0.1

25th November 2011Swar Systems updates SwarGroove to v1.1 Build 1

25th November 2011Sony Creative Software announces Artist Integrated Loop Library Trio

25th November 2011Defective Records updates Klee Step Sequencer for Mac to v2.1.1

25th November 2011Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v1.7.1

25th November 2011Arturia updates Moog Modular V to v2.6 (incl. 64-bit support)

25th November 2011Obedia announces Free Training Offer for PreSonus Studio One 2

25th November 2011Digital Music Doctor updates "Sonar X1 - Know it All!" Tutorial Video to cover Sonar X1 Producer Expanded

25th November 2011Sounds Of Revolution releases "Abstract & Weird Vol.2" Sample Pack (SOR micro series)

25th November 2011Soundtrack Loops releases Latin Loops for Mobile Apps

25th November 2011Chicken Systems releases Translator 6 Beta and launches 50% Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

25th November 2011Sample Magic releases "The Secrets of House Music Production: iPad Edition"

25th November 2011Detunized releases "Vlamba Live Pack" and Waschsalon (Free)

25th November 2011Longcat Audio Technologies updates H3D to v2.1.0 and releases AAX-Native version

25th November 2011Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v5.4.5

25th November 2011Sound Radix releases SurferEQ - Pitch Tracking Equalizer Plug-in for Mac & Win

25th November 2011Minimal System Instruments releases Nebula Space Reverb

25th November 2011SuperMegaUltraGroovy updates Capo for iOS to v1.2

25th November 2011Toontrack releases "Library of the Extreme - Fill Insanity" MIDI Library and more "Metal Month" presets for Superior Drummer

25th November 2011SoulViaSound Libraries releases Azalera - Unconventional Drum Library for Maschine and Battery

25th November 2011Ueberschall releases Synth Pop - Elastik Soundbank

25th November 2011Audio Mind Project releases FM8 Experience Soundbank 160 sounds (with Introductory 50% Discount)

25th November 2011Yuroun Sound Design releases Sapphire Dream Pads for Alchemy

25th November 2011Zero-G release "Beats from the East" - Multi-format Beats Library

25th November 2011Adam Szabo releases Adam Van Baker Sylenth1 Soundset Part 3

25th November 2011Plughugger releases Rough for Sylenth1

24th November 2011Cinematique Instruments releases Jetlag for Kontakt

24th November 2011Best Service releases Desert Winds by Eduardo Tarilonte

24th November 2011Ftec-Audio releases Formant Classic Advanced v1.0

24th November 2011Expert Sleepers release Silent Way v1.7.0, incl. new plug-in: Silent Way Sync

24th November 2011Sound Radix releases Auto-Align 1.4 RTAS and VST for Windows and Mac OS

24th November 2011Applied Acoustics Systems releases Chromaphone - Creative Percussion Synth for Mac and Win

24th November 2011Xenium Audio updates XR-1 Convolution Processor to v1.0.1

24th November 2011Cableguys update Curve to v1.4.5

24th November 2011VirSyn updates Addictive Synth for iPad to v1.2

24th November 2011Sinevibes updates Drift Fractal Modulator AU to v1.1.2

24th November 2011Camel Audio releases "Himalaya: Vintage" for Alchemy and Alchemy Player

24th November 2011Teru KAMOGASHIRA updates Freeverb3_vst to v2.6 and releases Mac version

22nd November 2011Big Melon Audio releases PSIonic - Precision Stereo Imager VST Effect

22nd November 2011jsAudio releases jsCompShaper - Free Soft-Knee Compressor / Waveshaper VST Effect

21st November 2011xoxos releases Spring2 Spring Reverb Emulation Plug-in

21st November 2011Sinevibes updates Sequential to v1.1.3

21st November 2011Soundlib updates G-Player to v1.3 (incl. Mac 64-bit)

21st November 2011discoDSP updates Corona to version R2.3

21st November 2011Camel Audio releases Alchemy Mobile v1.1.8 for iPhone/iPad

21st November 2011Apple updates Final Cut Pro X to v10.0.2

21st November 2011Brainworx releases "Vertigo VSC-2 Quad Discrete VCA Compressor" plug-in with Intro Offer

21st November 2011algoriddim releases djay 4.0 for Mac - Introducing Harmonic Match

21st November 2011G-Sonique releases "Mid-Side: Creative Stereo-Phase filter+"

21st November 2011TC Electronic announces LM6 Radar Loudness Meter Support for the AAX Plug-in Format (+VST, AU, RTAS)

21st November 2011Steinberg updates Cubase to v6.0.5

21st November 2011NUGEN Audio releases LM-Correct - Loudness Finalizer for Avid editors

21st November 2011Steinberg releases Yamaha Vintage Plug-in Collection

21st November 2011QuikQuak updates Fusion Field to v3.0

21st November 2011Cakewalk announces SONAR X1 Production Suite Now Shipping

21st November 2011Steinberg releases HALion 4.5

21st November 2011Twisted Tools releases Transform Sample Library by Jedsound

21st November 2011Advanced Pro Gear releases the MIDI Bridge 120 "No Jitter" MIDI Recording Interface

21st November 20118DIO announces "Mega Sale" and "iPad 2 Giveaway" and releases "Bulbul Tarang" for Kontakt

18th November 2011Wolfgang Palm Plex - Restructuring Synthesizer updated to v2.0.4 Beta (incl. 64-Bit)

18th November 2011Ueberschall releases "Rock: Elastik Inspire Series"

18th November 2011Virsyn updates KLON - The Vocal Designer to v1.1 (incl. 64-bit Win) and announces Special Pricing

18th November 2011Martinic updates Free Combo Model V to v1.1.0

18th November 2011Bluezone Corporation releases "Lightning Blue" sample pack

18th November 2011Bluenoise releases Drummix Metal 1 VSTi for Windows

18th November 2011Nomad Factory releases Magnetic II - Real to Real Audio Tape Warmer Plug-in

17th November 2011Loomer updates Sequent to v1.3.1

17th November 2011XLN Audio releases Indie ADpak for Addictive Drums

17th November 2011CWI releases Free TX16Wx VSTi Sampler v1.0

16th November 2011Sinevibes updates Dynamo (1.3.3), Turbulence (1.0.4) and Oscillator (1.2.1) plug-ins

16th November 2011Futucraft updates Kairatune to v1.1

16th November 2011TubeOhm releases TubeOhm T-FM v1.48 - 6-OP FM Synth with Effects and Step-Sequencer

16th November 2011ToneBytes and Softrave release "Analog Noise" VST Effect

15th November 2011Open Labs introduces Music OS 3.0 and announces alliance with Dell

15th November 2011Les Productions Zvon releases the Memory Collection Sample Pack 02

15th November 2011Synth Magic releases Logan Big Band for Kontakt

15th November 2011Kreativ Sound updates ABYSS PlastiCZ Sounds to v2.0

14th November 2011Soundiron releases Sick II for Kontakt

14th November 2011Patchbanks releases Soul Soup Samples Vol. 2

14th November 2011DDMF releases LinComp - Linear Phase Multiband Mastering Compressor

14th November 2011AAX Versions of Softube Plug-ins released for Mac

14th November 2011Valhalla updates ValhallaRoom to v1.0.9 and adds new Dark reverb mode: Sulaco

14th November 2011u-he releases "Diva - the Spirit of Analogue" Public Beta with Introductory Discount Offer

12th November 2011Steinberg releases 4 new VST Sound Loop Sets: Dubstep, Indie Rock, Nu Metal and Urban

12th November 2011de la Mancha launches Winter Sale 2011

11th November 2011Soniccouture releases Tremors Vol.2 Dubstep & Breakbeat Loop Library

10th November 2011iZotope releases Ozone 5 and Ozone 5 Advanced

10th November 2011Native Instruments launches Special Offer for Traktor Audio Interface range

10th November 2011Image Line releases version 1.0.2 of Groove Machine

10th November 2011Audiffex announces "The Eleven Discount", a special offer limited to November 11, 2011

10th November 2011White Noise updates Genome MIDI Sequencer (1.0.2) - adds background mode

10th November 2011Steinberg and Yamaha offer special Sequel Deal

10th November 2011Peavey offers ReValver HP Amp Modeling software FREE with Raptor Stage Pack

10th November 2011Groove Monkee releases "R&B 1 MIDI Beats" - Multi-format Loops

10th November 2011Steinberg releases LoopMash HD for iPad

10th November 2011IK Multimedia releases VocaLive for iPad

10th November 2011Toontrack releases Metal Essentials EZmix Pack

9th November 2011Diginoiz releases "Synth Style Sounds 2" and "No Competition - Hip Hop Kits" Loop Libraries

9th November 2011Tek'it Audio releases Anniversary Bundle

9th November 2011Orange Tree releases "Passion Flute" Jazz-Rock flute sample library for Kontakt

9th November 2011Five12 updates Numerology SE and Pro to v3.1.1

9th November 2011DirectSynth updates DirectEMX to v1.0.5 and releases AudioUnit version

9th November 2011Sonokinetic releases New Vocal Libraries for Kontakt: "Aliye" Eurasian Female, "Rojin" Traditional Kurdish and "Yemenite" Ethnic Male

8th November 2011SSL announces RTAS versions of Duende plug-ins

8th November 2011analogfactory releases "Black Mamba" Ableton Live Pack with Intro Pricing

8th November 2011Producer Loops releases "Deep House Progressions Vol. 4" Construction Kits

8th November 2011Loopboutique announces 35% Discount Offer and releases "Afri-Tech 2" Sample Pack

8th November 2011Sounds of Revolution releases "Clicks & Glitches Vol.2" Sample Pack

8th November 2011Kong Audio releases ChineeGuZheng Classic as Freeware

8th November 2011MeldaProduction releases MDynamicEq and MAutoDynamicEq and updates Effect Plug-ins to v5.05

8th November 2011Sinevibes updates Diffusion AudioUnit to v1.0.3

8th November 2011n-Track Software updates n-Track Studio for Mac to v1.1.2 Build 2844 and n-Track Studio for Win to v6.1.2 Build 2834

8th November 2011SonoReplicator updates SonoReplicator VST to v1.1.4 and SonoReplicator for Winamp to v1.1.6

8th November 2011ePipes releases Studio Piper 3.0 Virtual Bagpipes Plug-in for Win & Mac

8th November 2011hamburg-audio updates Nuklear to v1.0.8

8th November 2011CWI Technology updates TX16Wx Software Sampler to v0.9.11

8th November 2011Straightarrow updates Quiver Modular Synth to v1.0.1

8th November 2011AudioFront updates DSP Trigger to v1.3.0.9

8th November 2011EastWest updates many PLAY-powered products

8th November 2011Empty Room Systems releases EMpTy 250 for Win 64-bit and Dim D for Mac

8th November 2011Niall Moody releases Pedalboard2 v2.03

8th November 2011BlauKraut Engineering updates Charlatan to v1.1.2

8th November 2011Eventide Announces Native Plug-ins - Reverb 2016 Stereo Room and Omnipressor

8th November 2011Lexicon releases MPX Native Reverb Plug-In

8th November 2011MellowMuse updates CS1V to v1.3 and EQ3V to v1.1

8th November 2011SynthFont updated to v1.602; VSTSynthFont updated to v1.070

8th November 2011reKon audio updates VST-AU JUNO-106 Editor to v1.2.0

8th November 2011Abeem Live Technologies updates Rack Performer to v0.97-alpha

7th November 2011ASL Sound Labs releases Electro Hau5 for Massive

7th November 2011PreSonus updates Studio One to v2.0.2

7th November 2011Audio Damage updates ADverb to v1.1.0 (incl. 64-bit Win & Mac)

7th November 2011SONiVOX updates Big Bang Cinematic, Big Bang Drums and Eighty Eight to v1.2 (incl. Win 64-bit)

7th November 2011Cytomic announces AAX DSP Support for ProTools HDX

7th November 2011Audio Ease updates Altiverb for Mac to v6.3.7

7th November 2011Maizesoft updates Maize Sampler to v2.12

7th November 2011Sugar Bytes goes RTAS

7th November 2011Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v5.4.4

7th November 2011Rosegarden 11.11 "Edelweiss" released

7th November 2011QuikQuak updates Glass Viper to v1.3

7th November 2011BIAS updates Peak Pro to v7.0.3 (incl. new Peak DDP Player from Sonoris)

7th November 2011Apple updates GarageBand App to v1.1 - Now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

7th November 2011Psycle v1.10 Released

7th November 2011Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v6.5 - Adds 64-bit support

7th November 2011Cycling '74 releases Max 6 and the Gen Add-on

7th November 2011Xenium Audio updates XR-1 VST Convolution Processor - Adds Windows 64-bit support

7th November 2011Adobe updates Premiere Pro CS5 to v5.5.2

7th November 2011URS announces 64-bit Support "Coming Soon"

7th November 2011Longcat Audio Technologies updates AudioStage to v1.3

7th November 2011Sound Magic releases Rose Whisper Piano Convertible Version (Adds 64-Bit and Mac support) and PianoComp (dynamic processor for pianos)

7th November 2011Cerberus Audio releases Volt Precision Fader VST for OS X

7th November 2011Xenobioz releases Dulcet VSTi for Windows

7th November 2011Rob Papen updates RP-Verb to v1.5.1 and RP-Delay to v1.0.1

7th November 2011Novation releases Automap v4.1 - Now for all Novation controllers

7th November 2011LinPlug updates Alpha and FreeAlpha to v3.2

7th November 2011Expert Sleepers updates Augustus Loop to v2.3.4 (adds Windows 64-bit support) and Silent Way to v1.6.14

7th November 2011AudioSpillage updates DrumSpillage to v1.4.3

7th November 2011Cableguys update Curve (1.4.4), FilterShaper (2.2.4), VolumeShaper (2.2.4), MIDIShaper (1.1.3) and PanCake (1.2.4)

7th November 2011Voxengo updates PHA-979 Phase Alignment Plug-in to v2.3

7th November 2011AudioTeknikk updates Equilibre, GreenEugene and RedAmption

7th November 2011Cakewalk releases PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor for SONAR X1 Producer Expanded

7th November 2011Synthogy Ivory II Upright Pianos and Ivory II Italian Grand now available for online testing at Try-Sound

7th November 2011Audiokinetic unveils new partnership with Audio Ease - Altiverb Impulse Responses available for Wwise

6th November 2011Manx releases "Destiny" ARP Odyssey emulation

6th November 2011Softrave releases "Alice 2012" for Windows

6th November 2011SM Pro Audio releases Classic Keys Collection for V-Machine

5th November 2011SoundsDivine releases "Chaos Ripple" Soundset for Madrona Labs Aalto

2nd November 2011Overloud releases Breverb 2

2nd November 2011Universal Audio releases UAD Software v6.1 and MXR Flanger/Doubler and Little Labs VOG Plug-ins for UAD-2

2nd November 2011M-RGT releases Ambitron Virtual Soundscape Generator VSTi for Windows

1st November 2011Camel Audio releases Biolabs: Dark Space for Alchemy and Alchemy Player

1st November 2011Toontrack releases Metal Machine EZX Expansion Pack for EZdrummer

1st November 2011Propellerhead updates ReCycle to v2.2 (incl. 64-bit)

1st November 2011Scuffham Amps releases S-Gear (1.0.4) for Mac and offers Intro Discount

1st November 2011Sinevibes updates Diffusion synthesizer to v1.0.2