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MuTools releases Version 6.3 of MuLab and MUX Modular


MuTools has updated the MuLab and MUX Modular to version 6.3.


  • New Audio Unipolarizer module.
  • You can now set exact parameter values by double-clicking a parameter value which pops up an input dialog.
  • New "Import MIDI File" and "Export MIDI File" functions for individual sequences.
  • You can now drag-drop a MIDI file onto the sequence editor, that will merge the MIDI file into that sequence.
  • Dropping a MIDI file on the browser when it's at Sequences + This Session will import the MIDI file as a new sequence.
  • Sequence input field now also accepts dropping MuSequence and MIDI files, for example in the Sequence Player module.
  • You can now drop samples directly onto MuDrum pads, that will load them into that pad's MuSampla element 1.
  • Audio Envelope Follower now has an On/Off switch for its 1ms RMS window.
  • New preference "Use VST Program Name As Default VST Name".


  • Floating Windows Bar: The window buttons now toggle between show and hide. And a right-click closes the window.
  • Each VST now memorizes its last bank/program file path, so next time you load/save a bank/program for that VST the browser will start at the last location.
  • Improved behavior when loading sessions with registered VST plugins of which the DLL has been moved to another location.
  • Session browser -> "MIDI Files" and "All Files" now also have relevant options for the Where field.
  • Optimized speed for certain sequence functions especially noticeable for sequences with thousands or more events.
  • Improved inputting of parameter values in the event list editor, logical selector, meta-parameter map editor, ...
  • Sequence Player module now has an On/Off switch.
  • Modulation Monitor now also includes a text display that displays the modulation value.
  • Improved the way how the display string and default value is defined for the modular meta-parameters. It's simple now: The defaults are defined by the first parameter mapping for that meta-parameter. To control this, the meta-parameter map editor now supports pushing a mapping to the top.
  • Top keyboard has scroll left+right buttons.
  • Clicking the time bar to set a new play position now has instant response.
  • Mixer strip modulation mode changed to multiplication.


  • Fixed an issue with the tooltips while dragging objects around.
  • Shortcut to Shortcut Map -> Edit wasn't working.
  • Alt+click on integrated sample display didn't monitor the selection.
  • Fixed an issue when feeding overloaded values in certain curve transformations.
  • When saving a MUX preset that includes the Sequence Player Module, the used grid now is saved too.
  • In some cases the browser was unintentionally changing the list position.
  • Undo-redo of editing an envelope point via a popup dialog was not working.
  • Fixed a possible sonic bug in LFOs and looped Multi-Point Envelopes.
  • Modular area: Lasso selecting multiple modules and dragging them could make only a single module to be dragged.

Detailed info and downloads on www.mutools.com



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