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News Archive for July 2009

31st July 2009SONiVOX releases Playa - Aggro Electro Boom

31st July 2009Best Service releases Chris Hein Horns Vol. 3 Muted

31st July 2009Yamaha releases S90 XS/S70 XS Editor v1.2.2

31st July 2009VSL releases Vienna MIR - Mixing and Reverberation Host

31st July 2009ArtsAcoustic Reverb updated to v1.5.0.4

31st July 2009Steinberg updates Nuendo to v4.3

31st July 2009Zynewave updates Podium to v2.19

31st July 2009Rogue Amoeba updates Nicecast to v1.9.7

31st July 2009Togu Audio Line updates TAL-DUB-II to v1.51

30th July 2009Native Instruments releases Kore v2.1 with MIDI Control Mode

30th July 2009Propellerhead launches Record Open Beta

30th July 2009ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v2.7.6

30th July 2009MeldaProduction updates all plug-ins in the MCreativeBundle and releases 64-bit versions

30th July 2009Universal Audio releases UAD Software v5.4 (incl. FATSO Jr./Sr., EMT 250 and Neve 31102)

30th July 2009Soundlib updates G-Player to v1.1.2 (incl. RTAS release)

29th July 2009Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v1.1.0

29th July 2009Image Line updates Sytrus to v2.6.3

29th July 2009MeldaProduction updates all plug-ins in the MMasteringBundle and releases 64-bit versions

29th July 2009AriesCode updates AriesVerb to v0.7.3

29th July 2009Access Music and TC Electronic release Access Virus for PowerCore v2.0

29th July 2009Loopmasters releases Dino Psaras - Global Trance and Psy Styles and Todd Terry – NYC Classic House [WAV|AL|LIVE|...]

29th July 2009QESounds releases Altered Reality FX for Kontakt

29th July 2009Prime Loops release Planet of the Orchestra and Reggaeton Producer Grooves [ACID|AL|...]

29th July 2009miniSoftmusik updates Symetrizer to v1.1

29th July 2009Topten Software updates Cantabile v2.0 to Build 2045

28th July 2009Submersible Music releases RocKit Pack I and DrumKit Pack I Expansion Packs for KitCore/KitCore Deluxe

28th July 2009Smart Loops releases 3 new SL MultiTracks ACID Drum Loop Libraries

28th July 2009Sample Magic release Sunrise Sessions [RX2|WAV|RMX|...]

28th July 2009Beta Monkey releases Double Bass Mania III Extreme Metal Drum Loop Collection [WAV|AIFF]

28th July 2009Galbanum releases Abstraction 04: Found Sound Urban Intelligence [REX|AL|ACID]

28th July 2009Nine Volt Audio releases Big Bad Bass Guitar and Big Bad Guitars Direct [RX2|RMX|ACID|AL]

28th July 2009ProducerLoops releases Artis Audio Club Groove [WAX|RX2]

28th July 2009Equinox Sounds releases Deep Electro Lounge 2 [ACID|AL]

27th July 20097Aliens announces Catanya - MIDI arpeggiator

27th July 2009The Lower Rhythm releases Equivibe 2

27th July 2009Audio Damage updates Ronin AU to v1.5.2

27th July 2009Native Instruments announces Partnership with Scarbee

27th July 2009Sample Modeling releases The Sax Brothers (Mr. Sax A. / Mr. Sax B.)

27th July 2009Mike and Dave release Harmony Box

27th July 2009Rob Papen releases RP-Verb

27th July 2009Best Service releases Titan - 200 Synthesizers in One

27th July 2009MachineCodex Software releases Neutrino v1.70 (formerly known as AudioCodex)

27th July 2009Sonic Lion releases LionPhaser

27th July 2009Universal Piper - Highland Bagpipe released

27th July 2009WOK releases Quatropolis

27th July 2009Justin Robert releases Mothman 1000

27th July 2009Yellow Tools releases Independence Free v2.5 and updates Independence Pro Software Suite to v2.5 rev. 1

27th July 2009Antress updates Modern Plugins to v3.96 (adds Modern Flash Verb)

27th July 2009Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.9.4

27th July 2009Sonic Sidekick updates Extreme DrumSynth to v1.32

27th July 2009M-Audio updates Torq to v1.5.2

27th July 2009Togu Audio Line updates TAL-DUB-II to v1.5

27th July 2009iZotope releases Radius for Soundtrack Pro 3 (and Logic 9)

27th July 2009Wusikstation updated to v5.8.4

27th July 2009MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.6.1

27th July 2009AM Music Technology updates Pro SoloVst to v1.08 (Win)

24th July 2009SoundToys updates all plug-ins to v3.1.2

24th July 2009XT Software releases new beta version of energyXT v2.5.2

24th July 2009MeldaProduction updates all Free VST Plug-ins and releases Native 64-bit Versions

24th July 2009Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v6.3.4 (Win) and Speakerphone to v2.0.2 (Mac)

24th July 2009djDecks updated to v0.96

24th July 2009Pro Audio DSP releases Dynamic Spectrum Mapper v1.3 (incl. Win/Mac VST)

24th July 2009Impromptu updated to v1.5

24th July 2009Mutekki Media releases SOR Electro House Revolution Vol.1 [WAV|AL|KON|...]

24th July 20099 Soundware releases Error for EXS24

24th July 2009Bluezone Corporation releases Hip Hop Revelation [WAV|AIFF]

24th July 2009ModernBeats releases Ethnic Music Chopz 1 [WAV|KON|EXS|...]

24th July 2009Soundcells releases Salad Bar [ReFill]

24th July 2009Digital Sound Factory releases Studio Orchestra [EMU|SFZ|SF2]

24th July 2009Bolder Sounds releases Harmonium and Harmonica [KON|EXS] (+announces 2 for 1 Summer Sale)

24th July 2009Wallofsound releases Robo voice

23rd July 2009Apple unveils new Logic Studio (incl. Logic Pro 9, MainStage 2 and Soundtrack Pro 3)

23rd July 2009Apple updates Final Cut Studio (incl. Final Cut Pro 7 and Soundtrack Pro 3)

23rd July 2009PlugInGuru releases BeatTropolis Vol. 1 & 2 RX2 Drum Loop Libraries and FM8 & Stylus RMX PowerPacks

23rd July 2009Le Lotus Bleu releases Electroshock Cronox3 and Sophistry

23rd July 2009Sonic Element releases Valkyrie for Zebra2

23rd July 2009Antares Audio Technologies releases AVOX Evo Antares Vocal Toolkit

23rd July 2009Imperfect Samples releases Hohner White Baby Grand for EXS24 and Kontakt

23rd July 2009Sonic Reality announces Summer Sound Off Promo

23rd July 2009Myst Sonic releases Bamboo & Woods for Kontakt

23rd July 2009Antares Audio Technologies releases Harmony Engine Evo Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator

23rd July 2009Sonic Reality releases ReMiX Gold DL Edition for Stylus RMX

23rd July 2009Sonic Reality releases Sonic Refill 4 Gold DL Edition for Reason

23rd July 2009PowerFX releases Nu Club Producer [ACID]

23rd July 2009AcousticsampleS releases AkousKontr for Kontakt

23rd July 2009fisound releases Universal 120 for Rapture

23rd July 2009Blip Drums Electronic Drum Samples updated [WAV]

23rd July 2009SAE to award 100+ full and part-scholarships

23rd July 2009Tonehammer releases Forgotten Voices Cait for Kontakt

23rd July 2009MoReVoX releases PocketSlam 01 Acoustic [GOG|REHAB|WAV|BAT]

23rd July 2009Mason Software updates Dammit Distortion to v1.2 (Win only)

23rd July 2009macProVideo.com launches New Online Tutorial Library

23rd July 2009ASK Video announces Auto-Tune Tutorial DVD

22nd July 2009Steinberg releases The Grand 3 Virtual Piano Suite

22nd July 2009Cakewalk updates to SONAR V-Studio 100 to v1.20

22nd July 2009Ueberschall releases Finest R&B (Elastik Soundbank)

22nd July 2009AuraPlug releases California Sun - Freetortion Series Vol. V (+updates Fuzz-Stone[Ge] to v2.01)

22nd July 2009NuGen Audio updates Visualizer to v1.9

22nd July 2009Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp and Virtual Bass Amp updated and Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro announced

22nd July 2009Image Line releases FL Studio 8.5 Public Beta 5 (incl. new Vocodex plug-in)

22nd July 2009Angular Momentum releases KickLab XXL - Virtual Kick Drum Designer

22nd July 2009AcmeBarGig releases Whisper Tube and Preampus Brain

22nd July 2009Submersible Music releases DrumCore FREE

22nd July 2009Sony Creative Software updates Vegas Pro to v9.0a

22nd July 2009Waves releases CLA Classic Compressors

22nd July 2009AcmeBarGig, LePou plug-ins and Catharsis Studios release the Canadian Metal Pack

22nd July 2009iZotope updates iDrum to v1.72

22nd July 2009Ardour updated to v2.8.2

21st July 2009rs-met releases EasyQ EQ

21st July 2009XT Software releases new beta version of energyXT v2.5.2

21st July 2009AZ Audio updates Stempel to v1.003

21st July 2009Jeff Larson updates Mobius to v1.33 (Win) / v1.35 (Mac)

21st July 2009HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro to v1.4.3

21st July 2009RML Labs updates SAWStudio to v4.7

21st July 2009Sonic Lion releases Nitrox

21st July 2009ArtsAcoustic releases ArtsAcoustic Reverb v1.5.0

21st July 2009Native Instruments updates FM8 to v1.0.4 (incl. x64)

21st July 2009VSL updates Vienna Instruments (v2.0.3710), Vienna Ensemble (v2.0.3711 / v3.0.3711) and Vienna Imperial (v1.0.431)

21st July 2009VirSyn updates Reflect to v2.01

21st July 2009spacedad releases shekrs v0.24

21st July 2009Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v6.3.3

21st July 2009Audacity v1.3.8 Beta released

21st July 2009Sonic Reality and Toontrack Music announce EZplayer pro bundled with Ocean Way Drums and Drum Masters

21st July 2009Cockos updates REAPER to v3.06

21st July 2009reFX updates Nexus to v2.2 and releases two new expansions: Vintage DrumKits and Crank 2

21st July 2009WOK releases VDimension

21st July 2009Prodyon releases Enchoir v1.2

21st July 2009Syntheway releases RetroMagix Harpsichord v1.0

21st July 2009Wildfunk releases Electro House Sounds 2

21st July 2009Kriminal releases Omaha

21st July 2009MODARTT updates Pianoteq to v3.0.5 and releases YC5 Rock Piano add-on

21st July 2009NTS Audio updates Drum Loop to v1.2b

21st July 2009XILS-lab updates XILS 3 to v1.0.2

21st July 2009n-Track Software updates n-Track Studio to v6.0.5

21st July 2009Audio Damage releases Ronin - Modular Multi-Effect v1.5 (incl. AU & UB)

21st July 2009ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v2.7.4

17th July 2009NUSofting releases Modelonia Player for Mac OS X (+updates Windows version)

17th July 2009Native Instruments releases Kontakt 3.5 with Extended Memory Addressing

17th July 2009Human Touch Technology updates Sika Oriental Scale to v1.6.1

17th July 2009Mellowmuse updates all plug-ins to v1.3

15th July 2009XT Software releases new beta version of energyXT v2.5.2

15th July 2009Universal Audio announces Trident Audio Developments as new Plug-in Partner

15th July 2009Ugo releases Ironhead:Spawn

15th July 2009QuikQuak updates Pitchwheel to v2.50

14th July 2009MOTU updates BPM to v1.04

14th July 2009Christian Borß, Institute of Communication Acoustics, releases HybridReverb

14th July 2009Sound Magic updates Supreme Pianos to v1.1

14th July 2009Zero-G releases Vocaloid Sonika

14th July 2009D16 Group announces Toraverb (Space Modulated Reverb)

14th July 2009MeldaProduction releases MCreativeBundle (incl. 6 new effect plug-ins)

13th July 2009Camel Audio updates Alchemy to v1.10

13th July 2009Sanford Sound Design releases Sanford Reverb v2.0

13th July 2009i3 updates DSP-Quattro to v3.0.5

13th July 2009Quiet Art updates Wave Rider to v1.4

13th July 2009Aradaz updates Aradaz Amp (Crunch) to v1.4

13th July 2009Jeremy Evers updates Atlantis to v0.9p

13th July 2009Toontrack Music updates Toontrack solo to v1.2.1

10th July 2009Native Instruments releases Battery v3.0.5 public beta (for registered users)

10th July 2009VescoFx updates Free Haas, Free Queue and Free Outsider to v1.2

10th July 2009Ardour updated to v2.8.1

10th July 2009IK Multimedia updates AmpliTube Fender to v1.1

10th July 2009HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro to v1.4.2

10th July 2009Native Instruments updates Massive to v1.1.4

10th July 2009Tekky Synths updates PsYbAsSyX to v2.0 and releases TrIgGyX, AcCeLeRaToR, ALeoDoM and NuCLeoDoM

9th July 2009Time+Space announces the Rob Papen Power Tools Collection

9th July 2009SPL releases Analog Code MicroPlugs - Attacker, De-Verb and Mo-Verb

9th July 2009Yellow Tools releases 'Independence Pro v2.5 Software Suite' and 'Halls Of Fame - Origami Edition'

9th July 2009Waldorf updates Largo to v1.1

9th July 2009Rob Papen updates Predator to v1.5.5

9th July 2009Softube releases the Passive-Active Pack (incl. Passive Equalizer, Active Equalizer and Focusing Equalizer)

9th July 2009D16 Group updates Nepheton (v1.1.2) and Drumazon (v1.1.7) (incl. Mac AU release)

9th July 2009Back In Time Records releases UX3 VST Expansions: Orchestral, Grand Piano and Organ and Evalon II VST Expansion: 8/12 Bit Heritage

9th July 2009de la Mancha releases ballistic - Drum Sampler (For Charity)

9th July 2009Iliadis releases Efthimia Organ

9th July 2009Zynewave updates Podium to v2.18

9th July 2009XILS-lab announces the "Summer XILS 3 Promotion" (25% off XILS 3)

9th July 2009Kriminal releases Felix

9th July 2009Cableguys updates FilterShaper to v1.0.2 and VolumeShaper to v1.0.4

9th July 2009Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v1.0.2 (VST)

9th July 2009Voxengo updates LF Max Punch to v1.1

9th July 2009Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9690

9th July 2009Sonic Visualiser updated to v1.6

9th July 2009Blue Cat & Computer Music release FreqAnalyst CM Edition v1.1 (incl. Mac release)

9th July 2009Semerika sets Auto-Filter and Stereo Jackie Free

9th July 2009Parking B releases Zweeger v2.0 beta 2

9th July 2009Native Instruments launches "Tone Up For Summer" Special Offer for Guitar Rig 3

9th July 2009Alterex releases ViNOM

9th July 2009Loomer updates Aspect to v1.4

9th July 2009Sonic Sidekick updates Extreme Drumsynth to 1.3

5th July 2009SoundHack updates Spectral Shapers to v1.29

5th July 2009LiquidSonics updates Reverberate v1.101

3rd July 2009Best Service announces Titan - 200 Synthesizers in One

3rd July 2009XT Software releases new beta version of energyXT v2.5.2

3rd July 2009Audjoo updates Helix for Windows

3rd July 2009AriesCode updates AriesVerb to v0.7.2

3rd July 2009Topten Software updates Cantabile v2.0 to Build 2044

3rd July 2009Prosoniq updates NorthPole AU to v1.1.1

3rd July 2009iZotope updates RX to v1.21

3rd July 2009Recent releases from Loopmasters [ACID|AL|REX|...]

3rd July 2009Groove Monkee releases 'Rock 3: Contemporary' MIDI Beats Library

3rd July 2009Prime Loops releases 'Gasolina Beats' and 'Tech House Synth Loops' [ACID|REX|...]

3rd July 2009Puremagnetik releases VoxBox for Live, Kontakt and Logic

2nd July 2009Expert Sleepers releases Silent Way VST versions for Win & Mac

2nd July 2009Eska updates QUODfm to v1.4

2nd July 2009Wave Alchemy releases SFX Collection 01 [KON|HAL|...]

2nd July 2009Samplebase releases 'Gloria – Cathedral Organs' and 'Scarlatti Harpsichords' SoundBlocks for Satellite

2nd July 2009Time+Space announces Special Offers for July

2nd July 2009Sonic Elements releases Dragonfly Bundle for Sylenth1

2nd July 2009Jayzen Sound announces Legacy GOLD Sound Library Series [SF2|WAV]

2nd July 2009Bluezone Corporation releases Score & Break Drum Loops [WAV|AIFF]

2nd July 2009Native Instruments launches "Kompletely Insane" Special Offer for Komplete 5

2nd July 2009IK Multimedia announces "Summer Group Mix" Promotion: up to 4 T-RackS 3 Singles plug-ins for the price of 1

2nd July 2009Intermorphic updates Noatikl to v1.5.0.20 and Liptikl to v1.0.0.29

2nd July 2009Voxengo updates Voxformer to v2.2

2nd July 2009Cockos updates REAPER to v3.05

2nd July 2009Synthogy updates Ivory to v1.72 (Win & Mac) and releases Ivory Cantabile for Windows

2nd July 2009HyperSynth updates HyperSID to v1.2 (and HW unit OS to v1.2)

2nd July 2009Cakewalk announces Free Update when you buy SONAR 8

2nd July 2009EastWest updates EWQL Symphonic Choirs to v1.0.4

1st July 2009VirSyn releases Reflect v2.0

1st July 2009Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank releases Beat Box Anthology UVI Soundbank

1st July 2009Ableton launches Summer of Sampler offer: Buy Live 8 and get Sampler free

1st July 2009URS releases URS N4 series EQ

1st July 2009GSi releases ShakePad Multi-FX

1st July 2009Digital Music Doctor releases Ableton Live 8 - Know It All! Training Video

1st July 2009CubicAudio releases Dancida

1st July 2009Cluster Sound releases Minimal Impact [WAV|REX|KON]

1st July 2009Big Fish Audio releases Symphonic Manoeuvres 2 [ACID|AL|WAV]

1st July 2009K-SIZE Audio and Best Service release K SIZE Minimal Edition and K SIZE Techhouse Edition [ACID|AL|...]

1st July 2009Rob Papen announces RP-Verb - Algorithmic Reverb

1st July 2009AcousticsampleS releases AcademicGrand for EXS24, GIGA, SFZ and HALion

1st July 2009QESounds releases QES Bowed Cymbal Libraries for Kontakt

1st July 2009LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.100

1st July 2009ConcreteFX releases Kubik v2.5 for Windows and Mac OS X

1st July 2009Myosis releases Phrase-Delay

1st July 2009miniSoftmusik releases Symetrizer

1st July 2009Denis Eismann updates SuperDrumFX to v1.4

1st July 2009EastWest updates EWQL Pianos to v1.0.7 (+Gold Edition to v1.0.2)

1st July 2009Steinberg announces Nuendo v4.3 update (to be released this month)

1st July 2009Sensomusic updates Usine to v4.22d

1st July 2009NuGen Audio updates SEQ1 and SEQ2 to v1.2.5