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News Archive for August 2019

31st August 2019Mix Challenge - Competitions in September 2019

31st August 2019reFuse Software Cheeseverb Not-A-Labor Day Sale (2019)

31st August 2019ThaLoops releases free hip hop sample pack "Juicy"

31st August 2019Youlean Loudness Meter 2 Deal - 43% off

31st August 2019Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Year One Celebration Extended

31st August 2019Kwonky Instruments releases free "Frictions - Traction" for Kontakt

30th August 2019Blue Cat Audio updates Blue Cat's Plug'n Script Audio and MIDI Scripting Plug-in to v3.2

30th August 2019Beatskillz Bollywood Maharaja Bundle $32 until September 30th

30th August 2019Function Loops releases Trap Scale sample collection

30th August 2019Freshtone Samples "Lost Tapes 3" 20% off at Time+Space

30th August 2019Sounds and Effects Labor Day Weekend Sale

30th August 2019Fume Music "Organic Textures II" available free until September 15

30th August 2019Kuassa releases Rack Extension of the free Efektor GQ3607 Graphic Equalizer

30th August 2019Fanan team updates Ringo to v1.5 and Jumper to v1.4 for Windows

30th August 2019Andrew Macaulay releases "Andrew Macaulay's Modules" for Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular

29th August 2019United Plugins offers EDU pricing program

29th August 2019Synth-Presets releases "Production Box" for Valhalla VintageVerb with intro discount

29th August 2019Youlean updates Youlean Loudness Meter 2 to v2.3.1

29th August 2019Big Fish Audio Labor Day Sale: Buy One, Get One Free Loops & Virtual Instruments

29th August 2019LVC-Audio Labor Day Sale - 30% off

29th August 2019forward audio releases "faIR - MARSH 1960A LE" - Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack

29th August 2019RJ Studios updates "SideMinder ME" Dynamic Stereo Width Maximizer Mastering Edition to v1.2.0

29th August 2019Soundiron 72 hour flash sale on Emotional Piano for Kontakt Player

29th August 2019UVI releases "Toy Suite" - The ultimate musical toy collection

29th August 2019SubsonicArtz releases "Origin" for Diva with intro offer

29th August 2019123Creative Sale: 50% off on all samples, loops and construction kits

29th August 2019Ueberschall releases Breaking Beats and Downtempo Beats for Elastik

28th August 2019Syntheway releases SamplerFont SoundFont Player v3.0 - Adds VST3 support for Windows and Audio Unit for macOS

28th August 2019Bob Moog Foundation announces Raffle for Dr. Fink's Vintage Memorymoog Plus

28th August 2019W. A. Production releases Mutant Delay Plug-in - 70% off launch discount

28th August 2019Mastering The Mix updates Bassroom to v1.0.2

28th August 2019Glitchedtones releases Scare Tactics - Horror Sound Library

28th August 2019Hidenori Matsuoka updates Piano Kit to v4.5.4 and Chord Note to v7.7.5 for iOS

27th August 2019Boz Labor Day Sale (2019)

27th August 2019VSTBuzz: 82% off frei:raum by Sonible

27th August 2019Touch The Universe releases "Serene Dreams" for Diversion

27th August 2019AAS Sale extended get 50% off everything plus T+S exclusive get Free AAS Sound Packs worth £58/$78/€75

27th August 2019Arturia 12 Effects You'll Actually Use for €249 - 72% Off

27th August 2019Sononym updated to v1.1 for Mac, Windows and Linux

27th August 2019Kilohearts updates all their software to v1.7.7

27th August 2019AngelicVibes releases "NEO" Multi-Effects Plugin

27th August 2019Acousticsamples 2019 Summer Sale

27th August 2019Thomas Mundt updates free LoudMax to v1.31 for Win, Mac, Linux and Winamp

27th August 2019Cluster Sound All Drums Deal: 15,000 electronic drums for 49 €

26th August 2019ModeAudio releases 'Analog Pad Loops' & 'Driven Guitar Loops'

26th August 2019Zenhiser releases "Headliner - Lunatica" Sample Pack

26th August 2019zzsound releases "PADSSESSIONS for Synthmaster One"

26th August 2019NatLife Sounds True Trance Sounds Vol.2 for Hive 2 on offer until September 1

26th August 2019Splash Sound Sale: 70% Off All Libraries for Kontakt

26th August 2019Riot Audio releases Bowed Guitar Clouds - Morphing Pads for Kontakt (Intro Deal)

26th August 2019Replika Sound releases RSGL04 Steel String Acoustic Guitar v71 for Kontakt 5 with Intro Offer

26th August 2019United Plugins Royal Compressor gets new functions, Hyperspace and FireCobra updated to v1.3

25th August 2019Empty Vessel releases first curated sample pack, Industrial Complex by Jorgalad, with 25% intro discount

24th August 2019Kilohearts offers 50% off Bitcrush, Distortion and Phase Distortion (VST/AU/AAX/Snapin)

24th August 2019Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.7.3.0 for Windows

24th August 2019Kwonky instruments releases "Cyclotronic Signals" collection for Kontakt

23rd August 2019Datacode releases FOCUS: Mainroom Tech House (Sample Pack)

23rd August 2019Audentity Records releases 'Super Future House'

23rd August 2019forward audio offers 35% off faGuitarAlign in final KVR Guitar Month weekend deal

23rd August 2019Strix Instruments Final Summer Sale - Up To 79% Off

23rd August 2019Rast Sound releases free "African Gyl II" for Kontakt and WAV

23rd August 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboReverb, MHarmonizerMB, MDynamics and MRingModulatorMB

23rd August 2019Zero-G releases Northern Lights Pad Machine

23rd August 2019Samplesphere releases new Didgeridoo instrument for Windows 32-bit

23rd August 2019Sampleson releases Sub - Free Analog Drum Instrument for Mac & Win VST & AU

23rd August 2019Kwonky Instruments "Cyclotronic Signals" for Kontakt Pre-order 25% Discount

22nd August 2019Madrona Labs releases Aaltoverb - Performance Reverb

22nd August 2019alex.nadzharov releases Phawuo synth v3.0 with AUv3 support on iOS & macOS

22nd August 2019SoundGym releases 'Bass Detective' Ear Training Game

22nd August 2019Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.7.1 for Mac

22nd August 2019IK releases AmpliTube Brian May for Mac/PC, iPhone, & iPad

22nd August 2019FeelYourSound updates ChordPotion composition plug-in to v1.2.0 - adds sequencer and sharing options

22nd August 2019Full Bucket Music releases free FB Phaser for Mac & Win VST & AU

22nd August 2019New Loops Survey and Competition - Win a £40 coupon

22nd August 2019Channel Robot release The Modernist Collection - 5 Tuned Percussion instruments as VST/AU plug-ins

22nd August 2019Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre Audio Interface now in stores

22nd August 2019APD Offer: 80% off Synthetic Soundtracks Bundle by Ueberschall

21st August 2019Zynaptiq Wormhole 47% off at Time+Space (+free download of Ian Boddy's Dark Ambient)

21st August 2019Freshtone releases Lost Tapes Vol 3 - Funk + Soul through the mid '60s to mid '70s

21st August 2019Plughugger releases "Distorted Evolution 3 Fantasy" for Omnisphere with Intro Offer

21st August 2019Plughugger offers 50% off "Distorted Evolution 3 Fantasy" for Omnisphere

21st August 2019Function Loops releases 80's Neon Waves sample library

21st August 2019Bingoshakerz 5 Year Anniversary Sale - up to 60% off

21st August 2019Audible Genius releases Building Blocks 1 - Videogame-like training course for beat-making and composition

21st August 2019Sonex Audio releases free 6GB Stein D Grand Piano Collection for Kontakt

21st August 2019In Session Audio releases Riff Generation: Outside In Edition for Kontakt Player

21st August 2019Synth Magic releases "Mini Magic Digisizer" for Kontakt 5

20th August 2019D10Labo releases LowBitSyn and LowBitMonoSyn for Mac & Win VST

20th August 2019CFA-Sound releases APEX-1 Diva Presets

20th August 2019VSTBuzz: 60% off Hollywood Orchestra (Gold Edition) by EastWest/Quantum Leap

20th August 2019Gothic Instruments 35% Off - including DRONAR + SCULPTOR for Kontakt

20th August 2019Solidtrax releases Summer of '64 TAL-U-NO-LX

20th August 2019HoRNet updates Tape to v1.1.3

20th August 2019Audentity Records Offer: Buy 2 Sample Packs Get 1 Free

20th August 2019Eplex7 DSP Seasonal Sale: 50% off on plug-ins and samples

20th August 2019Fanan team updates Callisto Arranger Module to 1.57

20th August 2019Sound Radix updates SurferEQ Pitch-Tracking Equalizer to v2.0.4

20th August 2019Soundiron releases Hopkin Instrumentarium: Rattletines for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer

20th August 2019ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v5.8.5 for Windows

20th August 2019Splash Sound Sale: 50% off Indie Voices - Vocal Library for Kontakt

20th August 2019Nembrini Audio - 60% Off Guitar Amplifier Plug-ins

19th August 2019Zenhiser releases "Recoil - Drum & Bass" Sample Pack

19th August 2019Native Instruments celebrates ten years of Maschine with Flame Orange Maschine Mk3

19th August 2019Celemony updates Melodyne to v4.2.3

19th August 2019Les Productions Zvon releases "Memory Collection 10 - Eclectic" (WAV)

19th August 2019Eventide Newfangled Audio Elevate Mastering Bundle – 50% Off

19th August 2019Triple Spiral Audio releases Nordic for Omnisphere 2

19th August 2019MAAT releases thEQblue with Intro Offer

19th August 2019HoRNet End of Summer Sale - Plugins Up To 60% Off

19th August 2019Aaron Venture releases Infinite Woodwinds for Kontakt (v1.1 available)

19th August 2019Karoryfer releases "Vengeful Cello" for Sforzando with intro offer

19th August 2019ZenSound releases "Radium" for Hive 2

19th August 2019FabFilter Summer Sale - 25% discount on all bundles and in accounts

19th August 2019Hypergiant Sounds releases Cosmic Rupture - Zebra Presets

19th August 2019[BEN/SCHULZ] RedVerb 2 Deal - 75% Off

18th August 2019Nusofting End Of Summer Offer on Synths in the KVR Marketplace - 80% Off

18th August 2019Sounds And Effects "Electrified! Guitars" 50% Off

18th August 2019Red Sounds releases Hip-Hop Heavyweights - Hybrid Presets for Serum

18th August 2019Hidenori Matsuoka updates Guitar Kit to v7.5.1 for iOS

17th August 2019Fuse Audio Labs German Rundfunk Classics Sale - 66% off VCL-373 and VPRE-376

16th August 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MAutoAlign, MStereoSpread, MRotary and MWaveShaperMB

16th August 2019MeldaProduction updates all plugins to v13.05

16th August 2019Voltage Modular Year One Anniversary Celebration

16th August 2019forward audio releases "faIR - Modern Rock" - Free Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack

16th August 2019AudioKit Pro updates FM Player to v2.1 - Free Preset Bank by JEC, plus iPadOS support

16th August 2019Kuassa Amplifikations up to 51% off for KVR Guitar Month

16th August 2019NatLife Sounds releases True Trance Sounds Vol.12 for Massive X

16th August 2019ZZSOUND releases "BASSESSIONS: Bass Presets" for Synthmaster One

16th August 2019GBR Loops releases Harmonium Scale Changer for Kontakt

16th August 2019BOOM Library releases liftFX for Mac & Win AAX, VST & AU

15th August 2019Syntheway releases Waverator Spectra v2.0 - Adds VST3 support for Windows

15th August 2019MAAT thEQblue Intro Offer

14th August 2019Black Octopus Sound release Future Glow - Future Pop Vocals

14th August 2019PinkNoise Studio “Back to school” Sale

14th August 2019TAQS.IM updates Oriental Synthesizer to v1.4: Makam, Raga & Western Scales + 32 Rhythms

14th August 2019SonalSystem releases "Dark Matter", "Break Beet Roots", and "TranShifted Guitars" microSDs for Eurorack

14th August 2019Puremagnetik releases Zerone - Audio Particle Splitter

14th August 2019Auburn Sounds releases Panagement 2 - Binaural Positioning, Reverb, Delay (incl. Free Version)

14th August 2019Existing owners of FL Studio can purchase Akai Fire Controller for $99.99 until August 31st

14th August 2019Function Loops releases Vocal Pop Stories, Sacred Psytrance and 90's Infused Hiphop

13th August 2019VSTBuzz: 96% off Billboard Domination Bundle by Modern Producers

13th August 2019Overloud TH-U Rigs 40% off at Time+Space

13th August 2019Youlean updates Youlean Loudness Meter 2 to v2.3.0

13th August 2019All Chocolate Audio sampled instruments for Kontakt and BFD on sale for up to 70% off

13th August 2019Babylonwaves updates Art Conductor to v5.3

13th August 2019Audentity Records 200th release: Techno & Tech House Bundle for $9.95

13th August 2019VSL releases Blüthner 1895 Grand Piano

13th August 2019Voxengo updates PrimeEQ to v1.2

13th August 2019Sono Elements releases RetroByts for Mac & Win VST & AU

13th August 2019Intimate Noise Summer Sale - 40% Off Everything

13th August 2019Eplex7 DSP releases Hitech SFX2 plug-in instrument for Win / Mac

13th August 2019Sound Radix updates POWAIR Loudness Optimized Leveler/Compressor to v1.1.1

13th August 2019HoRNet updates HATEFISh RhyGenerator to v1.1.0

13th August 2019App Sound releases "Spectral Trip" for the Novation Peak with introductory price

13th August 2019Kwonky Instruments releases free "Cyclotronic Signals - Auroral" for Kontakt

12th August 2019Zenhiser releases "First Light - Trance" Sample Pack

12th August 2019Venomode releases Complexer 2 - Multi Stage Dynamics Processor

12th August 2019Fanan team releases Spacelifter - Modular Echo-Reverb Plug-in for Windows

12th August 2019AIR products up to 90% off in the KVR Marketplace

12th August 2019discoDSP updates OB-Xd iOS Oberheim based synth to v1.0.6

12th August 2019reFuse Software to release Cheeseverb analog BBD reverb plug-in August 13th

12th August 2019ProducerLoops releases 'Chilled Out Deep House Vol 3' Sample Pack

11th August 2019HISSandaROAR 9th Birthday Sale - 50% Off

11th August 2019KV331 Audio announces up to 50% Off Summer Sale between August 12-September 2

10th August 2019Wusik releases Wusik ZR and Wusik SP22 (Free)

10th August 2019Hidenori Matsuoka updates Chord NOTE to v7.7.4 for iOS

9th August 2019Cut Through Recordings now supports AAX Native

9th August 2019forward audio joins the KVR Guitar Month by offering faGuitarAlign 35% off (only this weekend)

9th August 2019TBProAudio releases LA xLimit III - Enhanced Limiter Plugin for Windows and Mac OS X

9th August 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MPhatik, MStereoProcessor, MRhythmizerMB and MPhaserMB

9th August 2019THEPHONOLOOP 2019 Summer Sale - 20% off everything until 23.08.2019

8th August 2019SampleScience releases Room Piano v2 for Mac & Win VST & AU

8th August 2019ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v5.8.2 for Windows

8th August 2019AudioThing Summer Sale - 30% off Plugins, 10% off Bundles

8th August 2019SynthIV / Lurker Beats releases Soft Glow Organ 3 - Now compatible with Mac and Windows 64-bit Systems

8th August 2019CodeUltra Sounds announces Arkeon - The Composer's toolkit for Serum - $35 limited time Pre-Order offer

8th August 2019Mercuriall Audio "August Special" sale

8th August 2019Glitchedtones releases Future Urban for Serum & Cthulhu

8th August 2019IK Multimedia releases MODO Drum Physical Modeling Drum Virtual Instrument

8th August 2019Ueberschall releases African Dance (Elastik soundbank)

8th August 2019Audio Plugin Deals Offer: 80% Off World's Originals Collection by Rast Sound

7th August 2019ModeAudio releases 'Unwind - Serum Chord Presets'

7th August 2019discoDSP updates OB-Xd iOS Oberheim based synth to v1.0.5

7th August 2019AudioKit releases FM Player 2 - Classic DX7II inspired App for iOS

7th August 2019Audentity Records releases Summer Vocal Hits Sample Pack

7th August 2019Diginoiz releases Trap Drum Shots

7th August 2019Sampleson releases Glassy - 90s Digital Electric Pianos module

7th August 2019ToneBoosters releases Reverb plug-in with gating, compression, ducking and shimmer for iOS

6th August 2019Tom Wolfe releases "Dystopia" cinematic sound bank for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

6th August 20192getheraudio Summer Free Plugin Contest

6th August 2019Creativity, craft, and career: An interview with Steve Vai

6th August 2019CWITEC updates TX16Wx Software Sampler and TX16Wx Professional to v3.1

6th August 2019Accusonus Beat Making & Drum Mixing Summer Sale

6th August 2019Sample Fuel releases Revolution-CRE8 Lite - Free Reversing Instrument for HALion Sonic SE

6th August 2019HoRNet Plugins update TheNormalizer to v1.1.1

5th August 2019Zenhiser releases "Repeat - Techno" Sample Pack

5th August 2019Initial Audio updates Sektor to v1.3.4

5th August 2019Newfangled Audio August Flash Sale from Eventide

5th August 2019Enter to Win A Berklee Online Course - a $1497 Value

5th August 2019MeldaProduction updates all plugins to v13.04

5th August 2019LFO.Store releases "Arturia MatrixBrute - 64 'Must Have' Presets"

5th August 2019zzsound updates SynthMaster One Techno Arps Presets Pack

5th August 2019MuTools updates MuLab to v8.1.5

5th August 2019SparkPackers releases "Bass & Freaks" with Presets and Wavetables for Xfer Serum

5th August 2019Thenatan Trap AU/VST Deals (70% Off - Entire Store)

5th August 2019ProducerLoops releases 'Hybrid Pop Vocals' Sample Pack

4th August 2019United Plugins update Hyperspace, FireCobra and Royal Compressor to v1.2

4th August 2019lkjb releases free QRange

3rd August 2019Raising Jake Studios releases Demo Ducker - Random Level Ducking Generator

3rd August 2019BoB SwanS releases Tharsis for u-he Diva with 30% off Intro Deal

3rd August 2019Wusik Scratch & Win Deal Offers Up To 90% Off

3rd August 2019THEPHONOLOOP updates Texture Mozaik to v1.02

2nd August 2019TBProAudio releases FinalLoud 2 - Loudness and True Peak Finalizer Plugin

2nd August 2019SampleSumo SaltyGrain granular effect plug-in for Mac/Win summer deal: 30% off

2nd August 2019Beatskillz "Retro KZ" $9 Until August 13th

2nd August 2019KVR Marketplace - Guitar Effects Department

2nd August 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MUnison, MTransformer, MCombMB and MAmp

2nd August 2019Benard releases Mega Bundle Volume 2 Modules for Voltage Modular

2nd August 2019Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 4 & VocALign Pro 4 Upgrades 30% Off

2nd August 2019GBR Loops releases Ghadwa Traditional for Kontakt

2nd August 2019Channel Robot Endless Summer Sale

2nd August 2019Pick & Mix: IK's Biggest Group Buy Ever

2nd August 2019forward audio joins the KVR Guitar Month by offering faGuitarAlign 35% off (only this weekend)

2nd August 2019Sounds And Effects "Drums and Perc Of Ancient Mexico" One Week Sale

2nd August 2019SoundsDivine releases 'Synthetic Sounds' bundle for u-he Synths

2nd August 2019Kuassa Releases 7-band Graphic Equalizer Pedal Effect Plug-in

2nd August 2019The Unfinished releases Zebra Tunguska

2nd August 2019Cluster Sound Full Catalog Deal: 59 Gigabytes for 59 € (62 Ableton Live Packs / 29 WAV Packs)

2nd August 2019SPC Plugins updates ArcSyn to v4.0.1

2nd August 2019Nembrini Audio releases The Boss Led Diode Distortion Bundle with Intro Offer

1st August 2019Muletone Audio releases "Vibraphone" for Kontakt

1st August 2019Xhun Audio Summer Special Offer 2019 - Up To 50% Off

1st August 2019iZotope Iris 2 free with any purchase at Plugin Boutique

1st August 2019Syntheway releases Harmodion v2.0 - Adds VST3 support for Windows

1st August 2019discoDSP updates OB-Xd iOS Oberheim based synth to v1.0.4 with AUv3 and iPhone support

1st August 2019Outsider Sound Design releases Point Of Departure

1st August 2019Rast Sound Summer Sale: Up To 65% Off Until August 31

1st August 2019Sound Response releases 'DATA' Hi-Tech, Interface & Data Processing Sci-Fi Sound Effects Sample Pack

1st August 2019SSA Plugins Summer Sale - Up to 50% Discount

1st August 2019UVI offers 40% off Synth Anthology 2 through August 19th, 2019