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News Archive for January 2022

31st January 2022Zenhiser releases "Zenith - Melodic Techno" Sample Pack

31st January 2022Mix Challenge Competitions in February 2022

31st January 2022Code Sounds releases Fusion Downtempo Breaks (Sample Pack)

31st January 2022Spitfire offers free Philip Glass Piano

31st January 2022Revealed Recordings releases Big Room Leads Vol. 4

31st January 2022UnitedPlugins discounts Voxessor Voice-over Plug-in

31st January 2022Speakerfood releases PlugSearch 3 - Search Plug-ins in Logic Pro

31st January 2022audiolatry releases Drum8 - Free Virtual Drum Instrument Plug-in

31st January 2022TheZhe releases TheSplit - Free Multimode Splitter Plug-in

30th January 2022Stargate DAW updated to 22.02.1

30th January 2022Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.9.3 for Mac

30th January 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MSpectralDelay, MChorusMB, MFreeformAnalogEq and MFilter

30th January 2022Igor Vasiliev updates BeatCutter - Rhythm slicing and recombining app to v1.6 for iOS

30th January 2022discoDSP updates Oberheim based synth OB-Xd for iOS to 1.9.1

29th January 2022Sound Magic releases Cadenza Violin 2.0 - Hybrid Modelling Solo Violin

29th January 2022TTM Works updates ttm001(Drum machine) to v2.00 and ttm000(Organ) to v2.01 for Windows

29th January 2022W. A. Production releases 10in1 "Premium EDM Bundle" with 90% discount

28th January 2022Time+Space offer an exclusive 25% off Acon Digital's Acoustica 7 Standard and Premium

28th January 2022ModeAudio releases 'Stasis Melt - Synthwave Loops'

27th January 2022Eplex7 DSP Deal: 49% Off Hitech Bass HBS1 bassline synthesizer

27th January 2022UVI offers 40% off IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 through January 31st 2022

27th January 2022JamSoft updates SampleSort to v1.2.718 – Adds Duplicates Removal

27th January 2022Voxengo updates CurveEQ to v3.12

27th January 2022Rob Papen updates Predator 3 and RP-Distort

27th January 2022New Loops releases Alive - UVI Falcon Expansion with 30% Off Intro Offer

27th January 2022Solcito Musica updates SuperTron VSTi to v6.1

27th January 2022A.O.M. plugins updated to v1.13.3

27th January 2022Soundiron and BOOM Library release Aevium for Kontakt

27th January 2022FeelYourSound updates ChordPotion melody generator plug-in to v2.2.0

27th January 2022Wave Arts updates free Convology XT plug-in to v1.24

27th January 2022Monocasual Laboratories releases Giada v0.20.0 "Alicanto" for Linux, Windows and macOS

27th January 2022Sub51 & soundtrax release Drop Pad for Kontakt & Komplete Kontrol

27th January 2022Black Octopus Sound and The Lion's Den release "Filthy Dubstep Bass" for Serum and Vital

27th January 2022Luftrum releases "Hey! That's What We Call Pads, vol. 1" for Serum

26th January 2022Kemper releases new lighter weight Kemper Kabinet for Profiler systems

26th January 2022GForce Software releases M-Tron MkII

26th January 2022Babylonwaves releases Art Conductor 8 - support for 86 additional sample libraries (Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, 8DIO, VLS and many others)

26th January 2022Rast Sound releases 'Bass Boutique' for Kontakt with intro offer

26th January 2022Alonso Sound releases "Tropical Pops" for Sylenth1

26th January 2022Tom Wolfe releases "Synth Vault - The 2021 Collection" in aid of music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins

26th January 2022Bossart Analytics Deal: 50% Off "Psy Trance Syndrome Sounds Vol. 3 - Kick Bass Loops"

25th January 2022ProSoundz releases "The Perfect Storm R&B Collection" and "The Trap Bible Collection"

25th January 2022ProSoundz Sale: 10% Off All Products - KVR Marketplace Exclusive

25th January 2022MAAT Labs New Year Tool Sale

25th January 2022Xhun Audio announces ZeroBox Analogue Modeled Bass Line Synthesizer

25th January 2022Toontrack releases "Americana EBX" for EZBass and updates EZbass to v1.1.3

25th January 2022Adam Szabo updates Viper to v1.1.0 for Windows with Virus import feature

25th January 2022ToneLib updates ToneLib GFX to v4.7.3

25th January 2022G-Sonique releases DARKPSY FX466 - Dark / Forest psytrance, Darkprog, Psycore VST / AU plug-in instrument

25th January 2022Tsugi updates DSP Motion to v1.2

25th January 2022Red Sounds releases Lo-Fi & Soul Chords For Cthulhu Vol. 2

25th January 2022WIMS updates Woodpressor to v1.12 on MacOS adding full immersive sound track support

25th January 2022Daniel Gergely updates Emergence to v0.3.0 - Free Granular Effect Plug-in

24th January 2022Zenhiser releases "Caress - Deep & Melodic" Sample Pack

24th January 20228UP releases "8-Bit Punches" Sample Pack

24th January 2022UnitedPlugins Deal: 50% Off MorphVerb

24th January 2022Vicious Antelope releases Massive X and Omnisphere2 soundbanks

24th January 2022SoundFingers releases Le Skank - Reggae Guitar VST3/AU plug-in

23rd January 2022Resonance Sound releases Ultimate Future Bass for Serum Vol.4

23rd January 2022Online Music Foundry - Iris 2 Soundset Sale - 50% off

23rd January 2022Revealed Recordings releases Spire 303 Sequences Vol. 2

23rd January 2022MeldaProduction Eternal Madness Discount: 50% off MTurboDelay, MWobbler, MStereoGenerator and MAmp

23rd January 2022GuDa Audio updates KickR with new grain section and Mac M1 support

22nd January 2022accSone releases "Robert Dudzic" crusher-X update (v9.40)

22nd January 2022AudioThing updates Hats to v1.5.1

22nd January 2022Voxengo updates free SPAN FFT Audio Spectrum Analyzer Plug-in to v3.13

21st January 2022STL Tones releases "Mega DC10" pack for ToneHub and Kemper Profiler

21st January 2022ttm updates free ttm000(organ) to v2.00 for Windows

21st January 2022Tom Wolfe flash sale - up to 40% off presets for Soundtoys, Valhalla, Blackhole & more

21st January 2022Big Fish Audio releases 'Country Lovin': Modern Country' Loop Library and updates Momentum to v1.3.2

21st January 2022sonicLAB updates Fundamental2 to v2.1

21st January 2022Sound Magic releases "Neo Piano Chapters: Imperial" featuring Bösendorfer 290SE grand piano

20th January 2022SampleScience releases free "Abstract Crystal Pads" VST/AU Plug-in & Sample Library

20th January 2022Ueberschall releases Upright Bass 2 (Elastik soundbank)

20th January 2022Sonus Dept. releases"Neuraloot" - Neural network based devices for Max for Live

20th January 2022Positive Grid releases RIFF – Portable Guitar Audio Interface and Music Creation Rig

20th January 2022UVI offers 50% off Drum Designer through January 24th, 2022

20th January 2022Black Lotus Audio releases "Breakout DnB Drums" Sample Pack

20th January 2022Sounds And Effects Sale: 50% Off The Resonant Drop

20th January 2022Roland Commences 50th Anniversary Celebration

20th January 2022Ample Sound releases Ample China Dadi with native Apple Silicon M1 support

20th January 2022Antelope Audio releases "Zen Q Synergy Core" Compact Audio Interface

20th January 2022Overloud releases TH-U RockGuy VST, AU & AAX

20th January 2022Black Octopus Sound and CallumCantSleep release Final Frontier

20th January 2022Blue Cat Audio releases "Connector" Streaming Plug-in

20th January 2022Produce-RNB releases "Wave" Multi-FX Plugin VST/AU

20th January 2022Wave Alchemy TRIAZ Review

20th January 2022Spektralisk releases "Trees" - Presets for Massive X, Pigments, Ableton Live + Sample Pack

19th January 2022Audiomodern introduces new 'SMART' Algorithm with Playbeat 3.1

19th January 2022SoundsDivine Omnisphere Unplugged - 40% off until February 14th 2022

19th January 2022HoRNet updates Valvola Free Tube Emulation Plug-in to v1.1.0

19th January 2022IK Multimedia announce 'MODO Month' & AmpliTube 5 deals

19th January 2022Mavrik Sounds releases free "Bento 808" sample pack

18th January 2022Thomas Mundt updates free LoudMax to v1.41 for Win, Mac, Linux and Winamp

18th January 2022KVR Marketplace Worldwide Exclusive - Magix Samplitude Music Studio 2022 $79 Jan 17-30

18th January 2022RJ Studios releases Cans2Cones v4 - Headphones-to-Speaker Emulator - Apple Silicon

18th January 2022Voxengo updates TEOTE to v1.8

18th January 2022Karoryfer releases "Hadzi-Fia" West African vocal and "Turkish Rebab" for Sforzando

18th January 2022Surge Synth Team updates Surge to Surge XT 1.0

18th January 2022Heavyocity releases Mosaic Leads for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer

17th January 2022Zenhiser releases "Organic House 2" Sample Pack

17th January 2022Vicious Antelope offers 30% off all Diva soundsets until January 29th, 2022

17th January 2022Soundiron releases Hyperion Brass Micro for Kontakt Player

17th January 2022Revealed Recordings releases "Serum Hardstyle Vol. 2" for Serum

17th January 2022Steinberg releases Dorico 4 for Mac, Windows and iPad

17th January 2022PSPaudioware updates PSP FETpressor to v1.2.0 - Apple Silicon support and more

17th January 2022D16 Group updates plug-ins from SilverLine Collection (introducing VST3 and Apple Silicon support)

17th January 2022Chris St' Aubyn releases Simple 1.5 for HALion - Steinberg "Instrument Of The Month" Intro offer

17th January 2022NUGEN Annual Survey 2022: $100 voucher & free plugin for participation

17th January 2022HoRNet January Sale: Plugins up to 60% off

17th January 2022UnitedPlugins discount Hyperspace - 50% off on the algorithmic reverb

15th January 2022Organic Instruments updates "arcadia" Grand Piano

15th January 2022Fanan team releases Djup - Free nordish bass module for Windows

15th January 2022NoiseAsh Audio releases NEED Preamps - 4 Classic British Preamps

15th January 2022discoDSP reissues HighLife sampler R1.3 and v1.4

14th January 2022Thenatan Hatz 75% Off Intro Offer

14th January 2022Tone2 releases Heavenly Flights soundset for Icarus2

14th January 2022Code Sounds releases Discovery Chill Kits (Sample Pack)

14th January 2022New Audio Technology releases Spatial Audio Designer In-One plug-in v3.0

14th January 2022Rast Sound releases 'Juicer' effect plugin with intro offer

14th January 2022W. A. Production releases "Chords" MIDI Plug-in

14th January 2022ZAK Sound Deal: Buy Orange Dreams and get Lofi Stack for free

14th January 2022ModeAudio releases 'Minimalist Percussion Loops'

14th January 2022Sound Magic releases Sienna Bass - Free Acoustic Bass Plug-in

14th January 2022MeldaProduction Eternal Madness Discount: 50% off MAutoEqualizer, MFlangerMB, MHarmonizerMB, MTurboReverb, MMultiAnalyzer, MRhythmizer, MBitFunMB and MRingModulatorMB

14th January 2022Nembrini Audio releases IR Loader Impulse Response Tool - with Intro Offer

14th January 2022audiolatry releases FunkBass - Free Virtual Instrument Plug-in

13th January 2022UVI offers 50% off Shade, creative filter and EQ, through Jan. 17th 2022

13th January 2022Source Audio releases Zio Analog Front End + Boost Pedal

13th January 2022Audified releases Linda IronVerb Plug-in with Intro Offer

13th January 2022Sounds of Revolution updates SOR Hats & Tops Bundle

12th January 2022Resonance Sound releases Future EDM Generation Vol.1 for Serum

12th January 2022inouï samples New Year Discounts

12th January 2022inouï samples updates Breath & Beat Box and Clarinet Multiphonics

12th January 202212bitz releases free T30-GP for Windows and macOS

12th January 2022Alonso Sound releases "Trance Leads Vol. 1" for Spire

11th January 2022Steinberg New Years Sale: Save 40% on WaveLab, Cubasis and instruments

11th January 2022Zenhiser releases "Didgeridoo" Sample Pack

11th January 2022Mavrik Sounds releases free "Vintage Foley SFX 1" Sample Pack

11th January 2022HoRNet updates DeeLay to v1.4.0

11th January 2022PreSonus updates Studio One to v5.5 - New Mastering Tools and More

11th January 2022Thenatan releases Hatz - Hi-Hat & Percussion Rolls Plug-in with Intro Offer

11th January 2022AudioThing updates Hand Clapper to v1.5.1

11th January 2022Time+Space offers an exclusive 25% off Audiomodern Riffer

10th January 2022rncbc.org updates Qtractor to v0.9.25 and the Vee One Suite to v0.9.24 for Linux

10th January 2022Soundspear releases "Supertube" Variable-Gain Compressor Plug-in

10th January 2022MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v4.3.2

10th January 2022Revealed Recordings releases "Serum FX Vol. 2" for Serum

10th January 2022The Very Loud Indeed Co. Winter Sale - 30% off

10th January 2022W. A. Production "2022 Vocal Mega Box" 90% Off

10th January 2022Nova Sound The Percussion Room Master Collection 40% Off

10th January 2022discoDSP updates Oberheim based OB-Xd synthesizer to v2.6

10th January 2022UnitedPlugins QuickBass - 50% Off

9th January 2022sonicLAB releases Fundamental2 on iOS

8th January 2022App Sound releases "New Legacy" sound pack for Korg Wavestate

8th January 2022STL Tones releases January 2022 update for AmpHub

8th January 2022suzumushi releases SoundObject v2.0

7th January 2022GuDa Audio releases "Eko" - Echo plugin

7th January 2022Audio Brewers releases "ab Decoder Suite" - Set of plugins for manipulating and decoding Ambisonics signals

7th January 2022Psytrance Plugins releases Gotcha 2 - SF2 Player/Sampler for Windows and macOS

7th January 2022New Loops releases Eternal Hive Presets and Hive Presets Bundle

7th January 2022Ultimate MIDI Plugin releases UChord (Ultimate Chord Engine) for Windows VST

7th January 2022Vicious Antelope offers 50% all Omnisphere2 soundbanks

7th January 2022NoiseAsh Audio releases NEED 81 Console EQ - Classic British Class-AB with M/S and NDS

6th January 2022A.O.M. plugins updated to v1.13.2

6th January 2022Roland announces Aerophone AE-20 wind controller

6th January 2022ModeAudio releases 'Grit & Groove - LoFi Hip Hop Loops'

6th January 2022Black Octopus Sound and Basement Freaks release Disco Chunky Guitars

6th January 2022Plughugger releases “Cellos of Darkness” for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

6th January 2022Plughugger offer: 75% off “Cellos of Darkness” for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

5th January 2022UVI offers 50% off Key Suite Bundle Edition through January 10th, 2022

5th January 2022Muletone Audio releases "Brazilian Series: Tamborim 2" for Kontakt

5th January 2022Tom Wolfe releases "Luminesce" Lo-fi Ambient Soundbank for u-he Hive

5th January 2022KV331 Audio updates SynthMaster One to v1.4.5 - Apple Silicon compatibility and more

5th January 2022HoRNet updates Chorus60 to v1.2.0 - Apple Silicon support

4th January 2022Time+Space offers an extra 40% off Bela D Media Kontakt Vocal Instruments

4th January 2022D16 Group updates Repeater to v1.2.0 (introducing VST3 and Apple Silicon support)

4th January 2022Audiolounge releases Rhodes Affair 3 Classic Blend / DI Mark

3rd January 2022Stargate DAW 22.01.1 released for macOS, Windows and Linux

3rd January 2022Blue Cat Audio updates Free Plug-Ins - Apple Silicon Support and more

3rd January 2022ttm updates free ttm000(organ) to v1.02 for Windows

3rd January 2022Psytrance Plugins releases Esfera 4 for Windows and macOS

3rd January 2022Wave Alchemy releases Triaz for Kontakt Player

3rd January 2022MusicDevelopments New Year Sale: 40% Off RapidComposer, Melodya, Syne until January 13

2nd January 2022Aurally Sound adds native support for Apple M1 to Song Master

2nd January 2022Psychic Modulation New Years Sale - Save up to 30%

2nd January 2022Psychic Modulation updates EchoMelt3 to v3.1.1

1st January 2022SOUND7 release Dublicious 2 for Elektron Analog RYTM

1st January 2022Nutty Traxx releases "Rave Samples Vol. 1" Sample Pack