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News Archive for March 2022

31st March 2022Mix Challenge Competitions in April 2022

31st March 2022Three-Body Tech Spring Sale: Kirchhoff-EQ now $119, over 20% off on all products

31st March 2022Moogseum explores Modular Synthesis with New Patching Sound Exhibit

31st March 2022Tachyon Sonics updates Tachyon Audio Time Stretch to v1.0.4

31st March 2022UA launches UAD Spark Plug-ins and Subscription Service (Mac Native; No UA hardware required)

31st March 2022ILIO releases Andy Narell Steel Pans - The Ellie Mannette Collection for Kontakt Player

31st March 2022A.O.M. releases free Triple Fader and updates plugins to v1.14.0

30th March 2022Kemper Profiler Rig Manager now available for iPhone

30th March 2022ROLI launches Seaboard RISE 2 MPE controller

30th March 2022Tsugi releases GameSynth 2022

30th March 2022PlugInGuru releases Renegade - All-In-One Cinematic Library for Unify

30th March 2022Tsugi GameSynth 2022 launch offer: 30% off until April 30th, 2022

29th March 2022Blue Cat Audio updates Axiom, PatchWork, MB-7 Mixer and Late Replies

29th March 2022Impact Soundworks releases Charisma Vol. 1 Vocal Sample Library for Kontakt

29th March 2022Sound Radix updates Drum Leveler, Muteømatic, Powair, and SurferEQ - Native Apple Silicon support

29th March 2022Arturia announces 'Experience V Collection' Sale

29th March 2022Fuse Audio Labs releases VREV-140 All-In Channel Strip with Intro Offer

29th March 2022Audio Brewers releases 'ab Delay' - spatial delay for Stereo and Immersive formats

29th March 2022Tone2 updates Icarus to v2.0.8

29th March 2022ZenSound releases Sirius II for Hive

28th March 2022Glitchedtones Deal of the Week: Nightlight Synthwave for £1.00

28th March 2022Digital Brain Instruments releases Talkie Box 3 - Radio, Walkie talkie & Telephone Sounds Designer

28th March 2022UnitedPlugins FireCobra Enhancer - 50% Off

28th March 2022Tom Wolfe's Arturia Pigments Presets: Up To 40% Off This Week

28th March 2022Soundtoys updates plug-ins to v5.3.7 - Apple Silicon Compatibility

28th March 2022Karoryfer releases "Three Tagelharpas" for Sforzando with intro offer

28th March 2022MusicDevelopments updates "Fyler" file manager for media and metadata to v1.0.1

28th March 2022Revealed Recordings releases MIDI Anthems Vol. 7

27th March 2022Online Music Foundry releases The Grid expansion for Chris St'Aubyn's Simple v1.5

27th March 2022discoDSP updates OB-Xd Oberheim based synth to v2.8

27th March 2022Cool WAV releases "Vintage Lab" preset bank for Arturia Analog Lab

26th March 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% off MAutoDynamicEq, MConvolutionMB, MTransformer and MTransient

26th March 2022W. A. Production releases "Daily Music Producer Tips 2022" Free eBook

25th March 2022Touch The Universe releases Cherry Blossoms for Viper with New Bundle

25th March 2022The Very Loud Indeed Co. releases Omnisphere Virtaus

25th March 2022GForce Software releases Hainbach Artist Expansion for M-Tron with 50% Intro Discount

25th March 2022Best Service and Sonuscore release Dark Horizon for Kontakt Player

25th March 2022Native Instruments releases Playbox for Kontakt Player

25th March 2022Sonic Charge updates Microtonic, Synplant, Bitspeek, Permut8, and Echobode - Apple Silicon support and more

25th March 2022HY-Plugins releases HY-Filter4 for Windows, macOS and Linux VST2, VST3 & AU

25th March 2022MeterPlugs Sale - Loudness Penalty 30% Off

25th March 2022Sound Magic updates Electric Guitar T to v1.2 and Guqin to v1.1

25th March 2022London Acoustics Flash Sale Weekend: 20% - 40% Off

25th March 2022UVI offers 60% off Retro Organ Suite through March 28th, 2022

25th March 2022Ultimate MIDI Plugin updates UChord (Ultimate Chord Engine) to v1.2.0

25th March 2022sonicLAB offers high resolution parameter control using Rotary Encoder MIDI controllers on Thermo and Fundamental2

24th March 2022IK Multimedia announces MODO BASS 2

24th March 2022AudioThing updates SR-88 and Latin Percussion to v1.6

24th March 2022SIR Audio Tools releases StandardGATE

24th March 2022RJ Studios releases "SideMinder ZL2" - Zero Latency Dynamic Stereo Width Maximizer

24th March 2022VGTrumpet Spring Sale – all products 20% off

24th March 2022Sampletrip releases Synth & Soundscapes for Kawai K1

24th March 2022MAAT FiDef JENtwo - 20% Off

24th March 2022ModeAudio releases 'Electric Boogie - Retro Dance Loops'

24th March 2022HoRNet releases Butterfly - Mastering Tool and Channel Strip

24th March 2022Soundethers releases "Three Sides" for AudioThing Noises

24th March 2022GS DSP MagicDelay Launch Offer: $49.49 until March 31, 2022

24th March 2022Black Octopus Sound and Basement Freaks release Archipelago

23rd March 2022Sound Dust releases Infundibulum#2.1 for Kontakt with 40% off intro offer

23rd March 2022Mastering The Mix Spring Sale - Up to 50% Off

23rd March 2022Emvoice launches $59 sale for virtual singers Lucy, Jay, and Thomas

23rd March 2022Spektralisk "Polychrome for Vital" - 100 presets and 50 wavetables 30% off

22nd March 2022MusicDevelopments Intro Offer: Fyler for $29 until April 4, 2022

22nd March 2022SampleScience updates all plugins to VST3 and macOS M1 chip compatibility

22nd March 2022Heavyocity releases free "FOUNDATIONS | Piano" for Kontakt

22nd March 2022Nextmidi releases free Universal Orchestral Voicings for Divisimate

22nd March 2022Eplex7 DSP "Analog Plugins Deal": Up To 52% Off

22nd March 2022HoRNet celebrates Saverio's birthday with a 60% sale

22nd March 2022MusicDevelopments releases "Fyler" File Manager for media and metadata with intro offer until April 4

22nd March 2022Soundspear releases "Aloha" Vintage Tape Plug-in

22nd March 2022Luftrum and Sonic Underworld release Luftrum 26 for TAL U-NO-LX

22nd March 2022Martinic releases Alberto Rizzo Schettino Sounds from The Outskirts - Free preset collection for the AX73 Synth plug-in

22nd March 2022ZAK Sound releases "Retro Keys VII" - Free Piano Plug-in

21st March 2022Zenhiser releases "Plush - Organic House" Sample Pack

21st March 2022Treeswift Audio offers Zebra Elementals: ISLA at 30% off for week of World Water Day

21st March 2022PSP SpringBox - $19

21st March 2022UnitedPlugins Verbum vintage-style reverb discounted by 50%

21st March 2022Apisonic Labs updates Speedrum to v1.3.0

21st March 2022Audiolounge Spring Sale - 40% Off

21st March 2022Revealed Recordings releases Tonal Risers Vol. 1

20th March 2022apulSoft updates apShaper to v1.1.4

19th March 2022Cool WAV releases Cool Loops Volume 1 [Free Melodic Loops]

19th March 2022Momo releases OP-Z teenage engineering Groovebox Editor and Controller, VST and Standalone

19th March 2022W. A. Production releases "Chords Pro" MIDI Plugin (64% Off Launch Sale)

19th March 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboReverbLE, MEqualizerLP, MReverb and MFreeformAnalogEQ

18th March 2022Rast Sound releases Sephardic Vocals for Kontakt with intro offer

18th March 2022A different approach to MPE control: An interview with moForte's Pat Scandalis

18th March 2022UVI Spring Sale: Up to 50% off on a selection of products through March 22nd

18th March 2022RJ Studios MB3X Mastering Compressor 28% off introductory sale at KVR Marketplace

18th March 2022Tone2 updates Saurus to v3.1 - VST3 and more

18th March 2022HoRNet updates SAMP Spatial Audio Master Processor to v1.1.0

18th March 2022Sound Magic releases Cadenza Solo Strings v2.0 - Italian solo strings collection and announces March Madness Sale Event

17th March 2022discoDSP updates Discovery Pro to v7.4

17th March 2022Cherry Audio releases Dreamsynth

17th March 2022Studio Major7th release "KMG7 V" 7-String guitar VST 3 Plug-in for Windows

17th March 2022GoranGrooves releases Handy Drums - 15 Drum Plug-ins for macOS & Windows VST & AU

17th March 2022Nextmidi Divisimate 15% Off - Celebrating Logic 10.7 Compatibility

17th March 2022NUGEN Audio Paragon ST - 50% Off Upgraded Reverb

17th March 2022Spektralisk releases NI Sounds Bundle

17th March 2022Digital Brain Instruments offers Re:Cycle for free on any order

17th March 2022Line 6 releases Metallurgy Collection - Trio of Amp & Effects Plugins for Metal Guitarists

17th March 2022Krotos Spring Sale: Up to 70% Off

16th March 2022Plughugger releases “Hydrapolarity” for Arturia Pigments

16th March 2022Plughugger Offer: 50% off Hydrapolarity for Arturia Pigments

16th March 2022Soundiron Spring Sale - Up To 33% Off Storewide

16th March 2022Alan ViSTa releases "VS Conga" - Free Plugin for Mac and Windows

16th March 2022TheZhe releases TheUtility - Free Wet/Dry Mixer

16th March 2022Reveal Sound updates "Spire" synthesizer to v1.5.11

16th March 2022Toontrack updates EZkeys to 1.3.3 and releases EDM EZkeys MIDI pack

16th March 2022New Loops Sale: 60% Off Phase Plant Presets Bundle

16th March 2022FeelYourSound announces Apple Silicon support for MelodicFlow

16th March 2022ANWIDA Soft: Crazy Weekend - 40% Off Everything

15th March 2022Impact Soundworks releases "The 88E" - Free Virtual Piano for Kontakt Player

15th March 2022GS DSP releases MagicDelay - Multi-Curve Spectral Delay with built-in Modulation System

15th March 2022STL Tones releases March 2022 update for AmpHub

15th March 2022UVI releases 'Organic Keys' expansion for Falcon

15th March 2022Black Octopus Sound Spring Sale - Up to 50% off Samples, Presets and Templates

15th March 2022Apple updates Logic Pro, GarageBand & MainStage

15th March 2022Crocus Soundware releases Liminal: Reeds for Kontakt

15th March 2022MPE compatible apps to grab for your mobile devices

14th March 2022Zenhiser releases "Recycle - House' Sample Pack

14th March 2022Fanan team releases Ymer - Free Distortion Plug-in for Windows

14th March 2022The Goodhertz Pi Day Sale - Save 31%

14th March 2022Crocus Soundware "Liminal: Reeds" Intro Sale and Bundle offer - up to 50% off until 12, April, 2022

14th March 2022Nembrini Audio releases Faceman 2-Channel Head Guitar Amplifier - with Intro Offer

14th March 2022Sound Radix updates Pi to v1.1.2 and launches a Pi day sale

14th March 2022Audiomodern releases Refract II Pack for Playbeat

14th March 2022Aurally Sound updates Song Master to v1.7

14th March 2022NoiseAsh Audio releases NEED Preamp and Eq Collection - 7 Classic British-style preamp/eq plugins with M/S and NDS

14th March 2022Trackbout updates Ripchord to v2.6.0 with Preset Tagging and Apple Silicon support

14th March 2022Audio Perception Music Percussion Sample Libraries Sale - 25% off through March 31

14th March 2022Revealed Recordings releases Top Loops Vol. 6

13th March 2022Mavrik Sounds Offers 35% Off To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

13th March 2022Gregor Quendel 'Cinematic Sound Design' Spring Sale - Up to 40% off all sound design libraries

13th March 2022Samba Godschynski updates Werckmeister MIDI Compiler to v1.0.3

12th March 2022Audio Assault releases Shibalba - Amp Simulator

12th March 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MSpectralDynamicsLE, MVocoder, MAmp and MFreeformEqualizer

11th March 2022Organic Instruments announces Apple Silicon support for Grand Piano

11th March 2022Organic Instruments: 30% off Grand Piano

11th March 2022Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes 7th Anniversary Sale

11th March 2022Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes releases 7th Year Free Pack and Guitar DI

11th March 2022ZAK Sound releases "Colorwoods Piano" from Inspiring Sessions

11th March 2022Ample Sound releases China series v1.5 with native M1 support

11th March 2022Initial Audio releases Dynamic EQ and updates 808 Studio 2

11th March 2022W. A. Production releases "Premium Vocal Bundle" with 88% discount

11th March 2022Sound Magic releases free Drum One plug-in and updates Carvin Brothers to v1.1

11th March 2022Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v4.4

11th March 2022apulSoft updates apQualizr2 to v2.5.0

11th March 2022HY-Plugins updates HY-SEQ32, HY-SeqCollection2, HY-POLY, HY-Delay4, HY-MBMFX2, HY-Slicer and HY-MPS2

11th March 2022Noise Engineering releases Basimilus Iteritas, Cursus Vereor, and Desmodus for VST and AU

10th March 2022Datacode Glitchedtones Label Feature - 50% Off Sample Packs & Presets

10th March 2022Eventide updates SplitEQ to v1.0.12

10th March 2022LibreArp updated to v2.3

10th March 2022UVI offer 50% off cinematic and post-production tools - this weekend only

10th March 2022Bitwig Studio updated to v4.2 - Includes Notes in Motion Sound Package

10th March 2022Eplex7 DSP Spring deal: 50% off Klerhaim N1 analog synthesizer & 37% off Vintage Vacuum Tube VD76 plugin effect

10th March 2022Sugar Bytes announces VST3 Support for all plug-ins

10th March 2022Bela D Media releases Gothic Sister for Kontakt

10th March 2022In Session Audio releases "Shimmer Shake Strike 2" for Kontakt Player

9th March 2022Resonance Sound releases Melodic Elements 01 Moog Matriarch

9th March 2022Touch The Universe UVI Falcon Bundle 40% Off (322 Presets)

9th March 2022A Sound Effect gives away 1000 sounds for free or donations

9th March 2022Alonso Sound releases "Acid Vs Lasers (Round 1)" for Spire and Sylenth1

9th March 2022Psytrance Plugins releases 4Padz - Dark Pads creator for Windows and macOS

9th March 2022HoRNet updates L3012 Bass Channel to v1.0.1

9th March 2022Tom Wolfe releases Luscious Pads preset pack for u-he Diva

9th March 2022Spektralisk releases "Signal for Pigments: Transforming Articulations" with 40% off intro offer

9th March 2022discoDSP updates OB-Xd Oberheim based synth to v2.7

9th March 2022Harrison releases 32C Bus plug-in

9th March 2022MAAT releases "FiDef JENtwo" plug-in for the psychoacoustic enhancement of audio content

9th March 2022Soundiron releases Vintage Keys Series: Clavi Twin 78 for Kontakt

9th March 2022Igor Vasiliev releases SpaceFields - Space Ambient Machine app for iOS

9th March 2022Xhun Audio Spring Special Offer 2022

9th March 2022Ultimate MIDI Plugin updates free "Simple Chord Detection" VST plug-in for Windows to v1.2

8th March 2022Oblivion Sound Lab releases Dischordant soundset for Diva

8th March 2022Harvest Plugins releases Forager Mini

8th March 2022UnitedPlugins discounts UrbanPuncher (50% off) - Hip-Hop Loops Energizer

8th March 2022Sound Radix updates Auto-Align to v1.6.3 - Native Apple Silicon support

8th March 2022Grassroots pioneering of a standard: An interview with Roger Linn

8th March 2022Klevgrand releases Borsta - Brushed Percussion plug-in with intro price

8th March 2022Schaack Audio Technologies releases QuadraChor Chorus VST/AU developed in cooperation with Trance DJ/Producer Sean Tyas

8th March 2022Sampletrip releases SA-330 Digital Piano for Kontakt 5

7th March 2022Zenhiser releases "Filmic - Psytrance" Sample Pack

7th March 2022KV331 Audio releases Bluffmunkey Cinematic Sounds for SynthMaster One

7th March 20222B Played Music releases Warble VST3/AU with intro offer

7th March 2022Incognet Samples releases Club Life Vol.1 Sample Pack

7th March 2022Luftrum updates Bioscape to v1.4 and offers 40% discount

7th March 2022Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.8.11.0 for Windows

7th March 2022Revealed Recordings releases "Revealed Serum Ultimate Plucks Vol. 2" for Serum

6th March 2022ProSoundz Sale: 25% Off All Products

6th March 2022Fanan team releases Sultana - oriental drums machine for windows

5th March 2022The Sound Gardxn releases Mortal Dust for Native Instruments Straylight

5th March 2022Touch The Universe releases Skyline for Synapse Audio Obsession

5th March 2022Soundtoys to donate 100% of Sales to Ukraine Humanitarian Relief

5th March 2022Rast Sound updates Naturaliser to v1.2

5th March 2022Rast Sound offers Slavic Vocals 50% off & all net income goes to support humanitarian crisis

5th March 2022NoiseAsh Audio releases NEED 84 Console EQ - Classic British Class-A with M/S and NDS

5th March 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MRhythmizerMB, MAutoEqualizer, MLimiterX and MTremoloMB

4th March 2022Tone2 updates Electra to v2.9 - VST3 and more

4th March 2022Tachyon Sonics releases Tachyon Audio Time Stretch

4th March 2022discoDSP updates Bliss sampler and virtual instrument recorder to v2.1

4th March 2022Need an MPE controller? Check out these 5 inspiring instruments

3rd March 2022Kuassa Amp Week: 50% Off All Kuassa Amps

3rd March 2022UVI offers 40% off World Suite 2 through March 7th, 2022

3rd March 2022ReChord updated to v1.0.2 with Apple Silicon M1 compatibility

3rd March 2022RJ Studios updates MB3X Mastering Compressor, DRP2amkII Dynamic Range Processor and Limited-S plugins with bug fixes, improvements and Apple Silicon Support

3rd March 2022ModeAudio releases 'Skylight - Ambient String Loops'

3rd March 2022Nugen Audio: Introducing Women In Audio 2022

3rd March 2022Black Octopus Sound 303 Sale - 10 packs for $30.30

3rd March 2022Stargate DAW updated to 22.03.1

3rd March 2022HoRNet March Super Sale: Up To 60% Off

3rd March 2022Plughugger releases “Le Freak” for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

3rd March 2022FeelYourSound updates HouseEngine to v1.2.0 - New features and presets

3rd March 2022Plughugger offer: 66% off Le Freak for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

2nd March 2022Casual Computing updates Sputter to v1.3.0 - Distortion, Bitcrusher

2nd March 2022MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular Plug-In to v8.8.6

2nd March 2022Steinberg releases Cubase 12

2nd March 2022Eventide releases Anthology XII with intro offer

2nd March 2022Blåfot-Produktion updates MidiVideoPlayer to v1.1

2nd March 2022Arturia release Efx Fragments - Granular effect plugin

2nd March 2022ANWIDA Soft: Buy Any Product, Get 1 free

2nd March 2022Soundiron releases Sonespheres 4 - Direction for Kontakt with intro offer

1st March 2022KarmaFX Synth Modular 2 is 50% off during KVR MPE Month

1st March 2022Q Up Arts releases "Heavy Hitters Greatest Hits" for Kontakt

1st March 2022Toontrack releases Dance EZX and updates EZdrummer to v2.2.3

1st March 2022Sound Radix updates Auto-Align Post to v2.0.2

1st March 2022PSPaudioware releases PSP Impressor

1st March 2022Synchro Arts launch 33% off VocAlign Project 5 sale

1st March 20228UP releases "8-Bit Jumps" Sample Pack

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