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News Archive for September 2022

30th September 2022Lese releases Glow - Mass Granular AU / VST3 Plugin

30th September 2022Babylonwaves releases Art Conductor 8.3 - Support for 10 new sample libraries

30th September 2022Mix Challenge Competitions in October 2022

30th September 2022AcousticSamples releases VHorns Saxophones for UVI Workstation

30th September 2022The Very Loud Indeed Co. releases Chimaera: Mutated Pitched Percussion for Kontakt

30th September 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MRhythmizerMB, MDelayMB, MTremoloMB and MDynamicsMB

30th September 2022ModeAudio releases 'Rhythmic Texture Loops - Mini Pack 0020'

30th September 2022Martinic releases Colorsound Tremolo FX Pedal - VST/AU Plugin

30th September 2022Forgotten Keys updates ROLA-78 (formerly Compu-78) for Kontakt

30th September 2022David Forner El Dorado: Legato Bowed Guitar - 25% off intro offer

30th September 2022David Forner releases El Dorado: Legato Bowed Guitar - 25% off intro offer

29th September 2022UVI offers 60% off BeatBox Anthology 2 through October 3rd, 2022

29th September 2022IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube TONEX

29th September 2022AudioThing releases Dials - a test equipment channel strip plugin

29th September 2022Celemony updates Melodyne to v5.3

29th September 2022Avid updates Pro Tools to v2022.9 - integrates Melodyne via ARA

29th September 2022Ableton updates Live to v11.2

29th September 2022FLUX:: Immersive releases free Ableton Live Tools for SPAT Revolution for macOS

29th September 2022baltic audio releases "Serum Essentials Vol 8 - Future Rave"

29th September 2022Native Instruments releases Komplete 14, Kontakt 7, and Choir: Omnia

29th September 2022PSPaudioware updates PSP Echo to v1.5.0 - VST3 & Apple Silicon support and more

29th September 2022Ueberschall releases new Downloader and Elastik 3.6 update with Apple Silicon support

29th September 2022Karoryfer releases Ghana Drums for Sforzando with intro offer

29th September 2022Black Octopus Sound, Beò and Low:R release Indigo Vocals

29th September 2022Sound Magic updates Strings One to v1.2 - Adds 2 new instruments

29th September 2022Nembrini Audio Autumn Sale: Desktop 80% Off / Mobile Up To 50% Off

29th September 2022Apogee Fall Plug-in Bundle Sale - Save up to 45%

28th September 2022Produce-RNB releases "New Sauce" R&B Progressions Pack

28th September 2022Waves releases Spherix Immersive Compressor & Limiter Suite

28th September 2022Rast Sound releases 'Generative Collection 3.0' with intro offer

28th September 2022Truality Audio releases TruPan - Free VST3 Plugin for Windows

27th September 2022Reveal Sound Autumn Sale - 50% Off Spire & Sounds

27th September 2022Universal Audio announces UAD Spark compatibility for Windows

27th September 2022Soundtrack Loops releases Dark Halloween Soundtracks sample pack

27th September 2022McDSP updates APB Plug-ins to v1.4 - Universal Binary Support and More

26th September 2022Xhun Audio announces ModFlorus with 75% Off Introductory Offer

26th September 2022App Sound releases "Virtual VCO" for Korg opsix

26th September 2022Inertia Sound Systems introduces Bundles

26th September 2022Blue Cat Audio updates PatchWork to v2.6 - 20% off until October 26th

26th September 2022Audacity updated to v3.2.0 - real-time effects support, non-destructive editing, VST3 support & more

26th September 2022Vicious Antelope releases Harmonic Keys - Free Pigments 3 Library

26th September 2022Tal Aviram updates TICK Metronome to 0.5.0 for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS & Android

26th September 2022Dream Audio Tools releases Surfin Guitar for Kontakt

26th September 2022UVI updates Augmented Orchestra to v1.1 - special offer and free update for existing users

26th September 2022Revealed Recordings releases "Serum Techno Kicks Vol. 1" for Serum

25th September 2022Techivation releases T-Puncher - Musical Transient Shaper

24th September 2022Treeswift Audio releases "Zebra Elementals: AERA" - 120 Air-Inspired Instruments for u-he Zebra2

24th September 2022FluffyAudio releases Simple Opera Singer for Kontakt

24th September 2022Kuassa releases "Amplifikation VVV" with Intro Offer

24th September 2022Tom Wolfe effects presets for Soundtoys, ValhallaDSP and more up to 40% off

24th September 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MCompare, MTransient, MWaveFolderMB and MBitFunMB

23rd September 2022Touch The Universe 2022 BDAY Sale - Up to 70% Off

23rd September 2022Incognet releases "Tech House Evolution Vol.2" Sample Pack

23rd September 2022W. A. Production "Front 2 Back Remix Contest" ($2000 in Prizes)

23rd September 2022Spitfire Audio release Fractured Strings

23rd September 2022ZenSound releases Kerio for Xfer Serum

23rd September 2022GSi releases GS-201 Mark II for iPad in AUv3 plugin format

23rd September 2022Fuse Audio Labs releases VREV-305 Vintage Spring Reverb with Intro Offer

23rd September 2022Nembrini Audio Weekend Sale: BST100 V2 Super Overdrive Guitar Amplifier $19.99

23rd September 2022Alonso Sound releases "Snacks Synthwafers" for Serum

23rd September 2022Ueberschall Fall Sale - Up to 80% off loop libraries

22nd September 2022New Sonic Arts Freestyle v1.65 Intro Offer - Save over 25%

22nd September 2022New Sonic Arts updates Freestyle to v1.6515

22nd September 2022Noise Engineering releases Bundle 2: Manis Iteritas, Loquelic Vereor, and Imitor

22nd September 2022Syntheway releases Alphatron Oscillion - Polyphonic Subtractive Synthesizer

22nd September 2022SampleScience releases free 1960s Piano plugin instrument

22nd September 2022Ample Sound updates Acoustic Guitar to v3.6

22nd September 2022UVI Augmented Orchestra v1.1 Special Offer

22nd September 2022Digital Brain Instruments updates Oscar Multi-Oscillator & Noise Generator Tool to v1.4

22nd September 2022Steinberg release "Materials: Wood and Water" for HALion with Intro Offer

22nd September 2022HoRNet releases JammingRock - guitar amplifier and effects for the reggae sound

22nd September 2022Orastron ports A-SID Wah Effect to macOS and Linux

22nd September 2022Produce-RNB releases "Summer Heat Expansion" for Signature 4.0

22nd September 2022Smaolab updates Tarabia MKII Pro to v1.1

22nd September 2022Buy Bitwig Studio, get a u-he plug-in for free

22nd September 2022A Sound Effect releases new sound effects libraries: Zombies, sounds for slots, unique weapons, and more

22nd September 2022Black Octopus Sound and Basement Freaks release Fusion Beatmaker

21st September 2022Scarbee Autumn Savings: 50% off Classic EP-88s and Matrix Expansion

21st September 2022MAAT DR2 Tools & Bundle Sale - 25% Off

21st September 2022ZAK Sound releases Morning Coffee Piano - Free Library for Kontakt

21st September 2022Sonora Cinematic releases free "Aria Libera" Kontakt Instrument

21st September 2022VG Trumpet releases "VG Soul Trumpet" for Kontakt with Intro Offer

21st September 2022Audentity Records releases Afro Reggaeton Guitars 2

21st September 2022Igor Vasiliev releases VintageRack - Easy Lofi Vintage Vibe Effects app for iOS and macOS

21st September 2022Riot Audio releases Phonetic Intro Offer

21st September 2022Riot Audio releases Phonetic - Multi-Layer Syllable-Based Vocal Instrument for Kontakt

21st September 2022MOTU updates Digital Performer to v11.2 - now with ARA support and Melodyne 5 essential

21st September 2022NatLife Sounds releases SuperACID Bundle

21st September 2022Bela D Media releases "DSP Paravox EFX" for Decent Sampler

20th September 2022Roland unveils SPD-SX Pro Sampling Pad

20th September 2022Toontrack releases "Hitmaker SDX" by Hugh Padgham for Superior Drummer 3

20th September 2022Punk Labs releases OneTrick Simian - Drum Synth Inspired by the SDS-V

20th September 2022Numerical Audio updates KB-1 Expressive Keyboard Suite to v1.3.1 for iOS

20th September 2022Forgotten Keys releases ROLA-8000 for Kontakt

20th September 2022Devious Machines releases Infiltrator 2 - 25% Off

20th September 2022accSone releases "Oktoberfest 2022" crusher-X 9.54 update

20th September 2022baltic audio releases "Ultimate Drum Machine Collection" Sample Pack

20th September 2022ModeAudio releases 'Impression - FX Drum Samples'

19th September 2022Quiet Art releases Defaulter for Windows AAX

19th September 2022Zenhiser releases "Warmth" Sample Pack

19th September 2022Voxengo releases TEQ-421 - Freeware triple-band equalizer plugin

19th September 2022patchpool releases First Light for Novum

19th September 2022Tritik updates Krush (freeware) and KrushPro

19th September 2022HoRNet Autumn Sale: Up To 70% Off

19th September 2022Revealed Recordings releases "Revealed Serum Ultimate Bass Vol. 2" for Serum

18th September 2022A.O.M. updates plugins to v1.15.4

18th September 2022MathAudio updates Room EQ Plug-in to v2.8.0

18th September 2022GSi releases TimeVerb-X for iPad

17th September 2022Sancho Sound Design releases free "Year 2058 Drums" sample pack

17th September 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboDelay, MEqualizerLP, MVibratoMB and MFlangerMB

17th September 2022Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes End Of Summer Sale - up to 80% off

16th September 2022The FXB Project releases "Percussions Playground" presets pack for W.A. Production Babylon

16th September 2022Soundtrack Loops releases "Cold Fission Industrial" loops with 50% discount

16th September 2022Xhun Audio releases ModFlorus Dual Chorus / Flanger Processor with Introductory Offer

16th September 2022Eplex7 DSP releases "Psytrance lasers 1" sound effects for Win / Mac, VST / AU

16th September 2022Ginger Audio releases "GroundControl ROOM V2" - Software Monitor Control (Free & Pro)

16th September 2022Visions TNT Music "Morphed - Weaving Soundscapes" 25% Off

16th September 2022W. A. Production updates ImPerfect to v1.6 (70% Off Sale)

16th September 2022Muletone Audio releases Brazilian Series: FX Ensemble for Kontakt

16th September 2022GPU Audio Digital Sound Processing Platform Now Supports AMD Radeon GPUs

16th September 2022ANWIDA Soft releases Total Suite - Complete Plugin Collection

16th September 2022HTTmusic releases "Darbukator X", "Sika-Pro X" and "X-Bundle" for Kontakt

16th September 2022Krotos Deal: 50% Off Sound Design Bundles and Sound Effects Libraries

16th September 2022Alonso Sound releases "Supersaws [Hero Edition]" for Serum

15th September 2022Fanan team releases Gala SE - Free multi instrument ensemble for Windows

15th September 2022Majetone Deal: 40% off Extended Glockenspiel

15th September 2022UVI offers 40% off World Suite 2

15th September 2022Best Service releases Celtic ERA 2

15th September 2022Mercuriall Audio releases Rectofire and updates Ampbox to v1.1

15th September 2022HoRNet updates AnalogStage MK2 to v1.0.4

15th September 2022Alex Antonov releases "AC Guitar" for Kontakt

15th September 2022Synchro Arts release RePitch Vocal Tuning Plug-in with 30% off

15th September 2022SampleScience releases free Zither Renaissance virtual instrument

15th September 2022Inertia Sound Systems releases Hinder - Bucket-Brigade Delay Plugin

15th September 2022New Loops releases Particles - Serum Presets Expansion with 30% off intro offer

15th September 2022HyperSynth releases Hcards REV.2 for Yamaha DX series and Roland D-50

15th September 2022Synchro Arts RePitch Vocal Tuning Plugin - 30% Off

15th September 2022Black Octopus Sound and Basement Freaks release "Latin American Percussion" Sample Pack

15th September 2022Nugen Audio release Halo Vision analysis suite

15th September 2022Nembrini Audio Weekend Sale: Cali Dual Three Channels Guitar Amplifier $19.99

14th September 2022sonible announces Dynamics Bundle with special introductory pricing

14th September 2022NatLife Sounds synth presets, loops and templates 50% off in the KVR Marketplace

14th September 2022Toontrack releases The Eighties EBX for EZbass (EZbass updated to v1.1.5)

14th September 2022Eventide releases Physion Mk II

14th September 2022iZotope introduces RX 10 and Ozone 10 with new intelligent features

14th September 2022LetiMix updates GainMatch to v1.4

14th September 2022Sound Dust releases Drift 002 for Kontakt with introductory offer

14th September 2022Bunker Samples "Off-World Vol. 2" for Kontakt Intro Offer

14th September 2022Bunker Samples releases "Off-World Vol. 2" for Kontakt - powered by Shape

13th September 2022MusicDevelopments Autumn Sale: 30% Off RapidComposer, MIDI Mutator, Melodya, Syne until September 25

13th September 2022Sound Magic re-releases Blue Grand3D - limited edition with Steinway grand piano sound

13th September 2022Soundiron releases "Axe Machina" - Virtual 7 string guitar for Kontakt

13th September 2022MeldaProduction releases DreamMachines for MSoundFactory & MDrummer

13th September 2022AudioThing updates Vinyl Strip to v1.6 adding CLAP support

12th September 2022Applied Computer Music Technologies updates ACM500X-Series Plugins to v3.1.1 - Adds CLAP Support

12th September 2022Cinematique Instruments releases Marble 2 for Kontakt

12th September 2022Synapse Audio releases World of Sequences for DUNE 3

12th September 2022GPU Audio announce free NVIDIA DLI Training Labs: Solving GPU Audio Processing Challenges

12th September 2022Revealed Recordings releases Progressive Arps Vol. 3

11th September 2022Online Music Foundry releases Xphonika for Retrologue 2

11th September 2022Moog releases Minimoog Model D Softsynth for Mac OS

11th September 2022W. A. Production "Orchestral Mega Pack 2" 86% discount

11th September 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboComp, MVintageRotary, MAmp and MFreqShifterMB

11th September 20222Rule updates TugGlicento for VST3 and AU

10th September 2022Rast Sound releases "Motif" - Generative Music Assistant Plugin

9th September 2022A.O.M. updates plugins to v1.15.3 - CLAP plugin format is now supported

9th September 2022Ultimate MIDI Plugin updates UChord (Ultimate Chord Engine) to v1.5.5

9th September 2022Backpullver Software releases Vatanator Pro - Sequencer / DAW app with AUv3 support for iPad

8th September 2022Modalics release Beat Scholar

8th September 2022Plughugger releases “Microns” for Arturia Pigments

8th September 2022UVI releases 'Fluidity' expansion for Falcon

8th September 2022Electro-Harmonix releases "Big Muff Pi" Hardware Plugin - Analog circuitry for digital musicians

8th September 2022GS DSP MagicBlur $49.49 until October 1, 2022

8th September 2022GS DSP releases "MagicBlur" Spectral Blur & Freeze Plug-in with $49.49 Intro Offer

8th September 2022Native Instruments announces Komplete 14 and Kontakt 7

8th September 2022Erica Synths announces LXR Drum Module

8th September 2022HoRNet updates Butterfly to v1.0.3

8th September 2022NatLife Sounds releases 303 V2 for u-he Hive 2

8th September 2022Black Octopus Sound releases "Last Call - Melodic Techno"

8th September 2022Plughugger offer: 50% off Microns for Arturia Pigments

8th September 2022Nembrini Audio Weekend Sale: Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier $19.99

7th September 2022Universal Audio releases Volt 476P & Volt 4 USB Audio Interfaces

7th September 2022Divergent Audio Group Invasors - 70% Off

7th September 2022Aurally Sound updates Song Master to v1.8.02

7th September 2022u-he update MFM 2 to v2.5 and release Kinesis soundset for Hive 2

7th September 2022Heavyocity releases Foundations Synth Bass - Free Kontakt player Instrument

7th September 2022Tom Wolfe releases "Shimmering Soundscapes" for Soundtoys Effect Rack

7th September 2022Prominy announces SC Electric Guitar 2 - Virtual Electric Guitar for Kontakt Player

7th September 2022hitshaper releases SubKick - more power on the low-end

7th September 2022Bingoshakerz releases Organic House

6th September 2022Nomad Factory releases 80's Spaces v2.0

6th September 2022Orange Tree Samples releases "Evolution Vintage Violin Bass" for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer

6th September 2022Studio Major7th updates SSG7 V to v1.5.0 for Windows

6th September 2022Sonnet announces Professional Rackmount and Thunderbolt to PCIe Card Expansion Systems for Mac Studio Computers

6th September 2022Techivation updates T-Exciter to v1.1.0

6th September 2022Mercuriall Audio Back to School Sale

6th September 20222MGT / Metamusic Generative Tools releases "Modularis" - Free Analog Style Sequencing Tool for Windows

6th September 2022Auburn Sounds releases Lens - Spectral Multi-band Compander (incl. Free Compressor)

6th September 2022Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v10.5

5th September 2022Zenhiser releases "Psyche - Psytrance" Sample Pack

5th September 2022GSi releases VariSpeed for iPad

5th September 2022Martinic releases substantial update for Scanner Vibrato FX Plugin

5th September 2022Dusty Devices releases Phaser-DDL - Ensoniq DP/4 software emulation

5th September 2022Glitchedtones releases Mirrors - Future Bass Serum Presets & Construction Kits

5th September 2022Sonica Instruments releases free updates to its Virtuoso Japanese Series, along with two special offers

5th September 2022NoiseAsh Audio updates Vocal Finalizer to v1.3.9 - Native Apple Silicon Support

5th September 2022Nembrini Audio releases LoFi Vintage Clipper v2.0 (Free Update & Special Offer)

5th September 2022Audio Brewers releases Signals 'Green' - Tonal Atmospheres in Ambisonics for Stereo, Surround and Dolby Atmos for Kontakt

5th September 2022Revealed Recordings releases Spire 303 Sequences Vol. 3

4th September 2022Bela D Media Native Voice Kontakt Libraries - Save 50% (As low as $29.99)

4th September 2022Youlean Loudness Meter 2 Deal - 38% Discount

3rd September 2022rncbc.org updates Qtractor to v0.9.28 for Linux

3rd September 2022The Sound Gardxn releases Molten Currents - Eurorack Sample and Loop Pack

2nd September 2022Xhun Audio Back To School Special Offer 2022: Up To 50% Off

2nd September 2022Tone2 updates Icarus to v2.5

2nd September 2022MeterPlugs Sale - Dynameter 30% Off

2nd September 2022Cherry Audio Stardust 201 Year One Anniversary Sale - 70% Off

2nd September 2022Realitone Labor Day Sale

2nd September 2022Blue Cat Audio updates all its free plug-ins

2nd September 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MAutoVolume, MTransformer, MStereoProcessor and MUltraMaximizer

2nd September 2022Rast Sound releases 'World Originals Collection 2.0' for Kontakt with intro offer

2nd September 2022Octagon Audio releases PlugData v0.6.1 as a plugin, with a new GUI

2nd September 2022W. A. Production launches "Deluxe Vocal Bundle" with Sale

2nd September 2022XILS-lab Analog Vocoders 40% Off

2nd September 2022Homegrown Sounds releases Dalmatian for Kontakt and updates Batch xFader to v1.1.2

2nd September 2022HoRNet September Sale: Up To 60% Off Plugins

2nd September 2022XILS-lab updates XILS 5000 and XILS 201 Vocoders to v1.1 - 40% off

1st September 2022SampleScience releases free Sitar Renaissance instrument

1st September 2022NatLife Sounds releases 303 For U-He Hive

1st September 2022Audient's Upgraded ASP4816-HE & New Look ASP4816-SE Now Shipping

1st September 2022Shattered Glass Audio releases Phoenix 2

1st September 2022sonicLAB adds Pitch Glide to Thermo and Fundamental2 soft synths

1st September 2022Toontrack launches Superior September campaign and announces The Hitmaker SDX by Hugh Padgham

1st September 2022Sonic Cat updates Purity to v1.4.2

1st September 2022KVR Audio Readers' Choice Awards 2022 - Vote Now

1st September 2022WAVDSP releases WD G-Bus Compressor for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX with Intro Offer

1st September 2022Ueberschall releases LoFi HipHop Beats (Elastik soundbank)

1st September 2022UVI offers 50% off Key Suite Bundle Edition through September 12th, 2022

1st September 2022discoDSP updates Bliss Sampler and VSTi Freezer to v2.2

1st September 2022GSi releases Krill Synthesizer for iPad