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News Archive for January 2013

31st January 2013Loopmasters releases Phil Kieran Artist Series Pack

31st January 2013parallax-audio updates VirtualSoundStage to v1.0.7 (incl. RTAS)

31st January 2013MuTools pre-releases MuLab 5 and MUX 5 VST

31st January 2013CWITEC updates "TX16Wx" and "TX16Wx Professional" Software Samplers to 2.1.0 b4

31st January 2013Zero-G releases Avanna – Vocaloid 3 English Female Vocalist

31st January 2013Lexicon Reduces Prices and Streamlines Plug-ins Lineup

30th January 2013WOK updates Estrima to v1.1

30th January 2013Whitebox releases SAMPLEPLAYER 4.4 - Free Max for Live Instrument

30th January 2013Cognitone updates "Synfire" Music Prototyping Studio to v1.6.6

30th January 2013A Tasty Pixel updates Audiobus for iOS to v1.0.2

30th January 2013IK Multimedia announces new collections now available in the Custom Shop

30th January 2013Pentacom updates ARPG8R Audio Unit for Mac to v0.9.5.1

29th January 2013Contralogic releases Blarg Synth VSTi for Windows

29th January 2013Schema Factor updates MIDIMapperX to v1.0.0.4 - Free MIDI Mapping VSTi for Windows

29th January 2013Acon Digital updates Acoustica to v5.0.63

29th January 2013Flux releases Elixir 3 and BitterSweet 3 - AAX Native/DSP and 64-bit Compatible

29th January 2013MusE updated to v2.1.1

29th January 2013Zero-G release Pure Rex

29th January 2013ProducerLoops.com releases 'Experimental Dubstep Vol 4' Sample Pack

29th January 2013TSC updates Tracktion to v4.0.3

29th January 2013Ample Sound releases Ample Guitar Box Set

28th January 2013YummyBeats updates Massive Evolutions Free - 15 new presets for Massive

28th January 2013Waves Audio updates V9 Plug-ins to r9

28th January 2013ToneBoosters Plug-ins updated to v2.8.5; TB FlX released

28th January 2013Audiffex releases "Multi Drive Pedal" Guitar Line Effects for Mac & Win VST, AU & RTAS

28th January 2013SPC Plugins updates Gater to v1.3 and releases Mac VST and AU versions (Free)

28th January 2013Rhythmic Robot releases "Elektrik Kalimba" - African Themed Electric Piano for Kontakt

28th January 2013OverTone DSP Announces PTC-2A Pultec EQ Plug-in Price Reduction

28th January 2013Xenobioz releases Kruud 1.0 - Free Hybrid Synthesizer VSTi for Windows

28th January 2013Westgatesounds.net releases Anomaly XV - Multi-Format Sound Expansion

28th January 2013Sinevibes Offers 5 AU Plug-ins for Half Price

28th January 2013Les Productions Zvon releases "Marching Band Horn" for Kontakt

28th January 2013VSP releases "Lush Life" - 260+ New Presets for Lush

28th January 2013Sonic Elements releases Malstrom Essentials - Reason ReFill

28th January 2013AXP releases CharBooster 1.0.0 for Windows VST (Free)

28th January 2013Crypto Cipher releases Bollywood Harmoniums for Kontakt

27th January 2013Nine Volt Audio announces "The Ultimate REX & RMX 30,000" for REX & Stylus RMX formats

27th January 2013Dmitry Sches releases Diversion for Mac

27th January 2013A.O.M. updates Invisible Limiter, Stereo Imager D, and Wave Shredder plug-ins to v1.4.2

27th January 2013Dance MIDI Samples releases Swedish House Logic & Cubase Projects

27th January 2013VST Zone releases U.F.O. Zone Edition v1.1

26th January 2013Psychic Modulation Offers 25% Discount on All Plug-ins

26th January 2013Chicken Systems updates Translator 6.0 to Build 11

25th January 2013Tascam announces US-322 and US-366 USB Interfaces

25th January 2013Tracktion Software Corporation takes ownership and launches all-new Tracktion 4

25th January 2013Cakewalk announces CA-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier for Win & Mac VST & AU

25th January 2013Eiosis announces new AirEQ for Win & Mac VST, AU, RTAS & AAX

25th January 2013GoldWave updated to v5.68

25th January 2013Liqube updates Resonic Audio Player to Alpha 620

25th January 2013IK Multimedia announces iRig HD - 24-bit digital audio Lightning/USB interface for iOS and Mac OS X

25th January 2013FatLoopShop Winter Sale - 40% off all packs until February 15th

24th January 2013Waves Audio SoundGrid Platform Opens Up to Third-Party Plug-in Developers

24th January 2013Nomad Factory announces MAGMA v1.5 - Adds Modulation Matrix and VST Chainer

24th January 2013Waves Audio announces IR-Live Convolution Reverb for Live Sound

24th January 2013Behringer announces iSTUDIO and iSTUDIO Thunder iPad Docking Stations

24th January 2013Waves Audio announces AAX Native Support

24th January 2013Akai Professional announces MAX25 Keyboard and MPX8 - Compact Sample Launcher with MPC Pads

24th January 2013Madrona Labs updates Aalto to v1.3.2

24th January 2013Waves Audio announces Manny Marroquin Signature Series Collection

24th January 2013Aphex announces IN2 Desktop Computer Interface

24th January 2013Waves Audio announces GEQ Graphic Equalizer Plug-in

24th January 2013Focusrite d2/d3 AAX Now Available

24th January 2013Sonoma Wire Works announces Android Low Latency Audio Solution

24th January 2013Korg announces MS-20 mini

24th January 2013Korg USA announces "King Korg" Analog Modeling Synth

24th January 2013Avid launches Pro Series AAX Plug-ins for Pro Tools with Pro Compressor, Pro Expander and Pro Limiter

24th January 2013Dave Smith Instruments unveils Prophet 12 at NAMM

24th January 2013Universal Audio enhances Apollo Audio Interface with Key System Features

24th January 2013Universal Audio announces API 500 Series EQ Plug-in Collection for UAD Platform (API 550A and 560 EQs)

24th January 2013Arturia announces SparkLE - Creative Drum Machine

24th January 2013Universal Audio announces Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Plug-in Collection for UAD Platform

24th January 2013Arturia announces MiniLab - USB Controller Keyboard

24th January 2013Universal Audio announces Softube Amp Room Plug-ins for UAD Platform & Apollo Audio Interface

24th January 2013Applied Acoustics Systems announces upcoming Lounge Lizard EP-4 Update

24th January 2013Ohm Studio announces Ohm Studio Collab Friday #28: Frozen Moments in Time

24th January 2013Dance MIDI Samples releases "DMS Producer Tools - Chillout & Ambient Pads Vol 1"

24th January 2013WOK updates CromFX Vintage Multi Effect to v1.1

24th January 2013Tek'it Audio updates 8kut Frequency Cutter Effect Plug-in to v1.3

24th January 2013Expert Sleepers release Silent Way v2.1.0 - Adds New Plug-in: Silent Way Function

24th January 2013iZotope updates Nectar to v1.13 and Ozone to v5.03 - Adds AAX support

24th January 2013M-Audio announces M-Track Interfaces

24th January 2013SONiVOX announces Version 2.0 of Wobble, Twist, Eighty Eight, Big Bang Cinematic and Big Bang - Drums (incl. 64-bit)

24th January 2013Alesis announces "DM Dock Kit" and "DM7X Kit"

24th January 2013SONiVOX announces Vocalizer Pro - Vocal Production Synthesizer for Win & Mac VST, AU & RTAS

24th January 2013iConnectivity announces iConnectMIDI1 and iConnectMIDI2+ - MIDI Interfaces for Win, Mac & iOS

24th January 2013PreSonus announces Capture 2.0 - Live Recording Software Adds Major Features and New Look

24th January 2013MakeMusic announces Garritan Harps Sound Library

24th January 2013Wavelore Mid-Winter Sale - Up To 50% Off

24th January 2013IK Multimedia announces iLoud Mobile Speaker Line

24th January 2013IK Multimedia announces iRig BlueBoard

24th January 2013Analogue Drums releases "Fat Stacks" Drum Library for Kontakt & Trigger

23rd January 201310% Off enChord v1 by Avantgarde Sound - Celebrating New Website

23rd January 2013AIR Music Technology announces "Vacuum Pro" and "Loom" Virtual Instruments for Win & Mac VST, AU, AAX and RTAS

23rd January 2013Nick Crow Lab releases TubeDriver v1.2 for Win and Mac VST & AU

23rd January 2013Livid Instruments announces Base - Touchable MIDI Controller

23rd January 2013NuGen Audio updates VisLM to v1.6.2 (incl. AAX and 64-bit Mac)

23rd January 2013PSPaudioware releases PSP PianoVerb2 for Win & Mac VST, AU, RTAS & AAX

23rd January 2013Native Instruments releases Reverb Classics (RC 24 & RC 48) for Win & Mac VST, AU & AAX

23rd January 2013Zynaptiq announces UNVEIL v1.6 - Adds Windows VST x64 and AudioSuite Preview

23rd January 2013iConnectivity announces iConnectMIDI4+ - Multi-Host MIDI Interface for Win, Mac & iOS

23rd January 2013Pentacom releases "Strum One" Palm-Sized Ukulele Guitar for iOS (Free)

23rd January 2013Novation announces Launchkey 25, 49 & 61

23rd January 2013Nektar announces "Panorama P1" USB Controller

23rd January 2013Roland announces Duo-CAPTURE mk2 USB Audio Interface for iPad and Laptops

23rd January 2013Roland announces STUDIO-CAPTURE 16x10 USB 2.0 Audio Interface

23rd January 2013IOSONO releases Anymix Pro 64-bit VST for Windows

23rd January 2013Samplemodeling releases "The Saxophones" for Win & Mac VST & AU

23rd January 2013DMGAudio updates Compassion, EQuality, EQuick and PitchFunk and releases AAX versions

23rd January 2013Thomas Mundt updates LoudMax to v1.12 (incl. 64-bit VST & AU; Win & Mac)

23rd January 2013Faber Acoustical updates RoomScope for iOS to v1.1

23rd January 2013Buy Eventide H3000 Factory Native Plug-in and get Blackhole Free

23rd January 2013FXpansion releases Zildjian Digital Vault for BFD

23rd January 2013Softube releases Valley People Dyna-mite Rack Extension for Reason

23rd January 2013Roland announces "CUBE Lite Guitar Amplifier" and "CUBE Lite MONITOR" with built-in iOS audio interfaces

23rd January 2013AIR Music Technology releases Ignite - Music Creation Software for Win & Mac

23rd January 2013Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v5.5.8

23rd January 2013Maizesoft updates Maize Sampler to v2.21

23rd January 2013Audacity updated to v2.0.3

23rd January 2013Plogue updates chipsounds, sforzando and ARIA Engine to v1.6.2.5

23rd January 2013Steinberg releases "Cubase iC Pro" Remote Control App for iOS

23rd January 2013Camel Audio releases "Biolabs: Light Space" for Alchemy and Alchemy Player

23rd January 2013Kong Audio updates QIN RV engine to v2.09

23rd January 2013Steinberg announces UR22 - Portable Audio Interface (USB)

22nd January 2013King Tao announces "KT-80" - Trident S80 series EQ emulation

22nd January 2013Inspire Audio releases "Sylenth1 Big Room Club Soundset" and "Drumcodes Vol.2" Sample Pack

22nd January 2013Vavdo releases Vavdo S - Free Standalone Subtractive "Modular" Synth for Mac OS X

22nd January 2013FluffyAudio announces "My Vibes" for Kontakt

22nd January 2013Ueberschall releases Indie Rock 2 (Elastik Soundbank)

22nd January 2013Monocasual releases Giada v0.5.7 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

22nd January 2013Soundcells releases "Antidote Signature" for Synapse Antidote Rack Extension

22nd January 2013Dance MIDI Samples releases "DMS Progressive Psytrance Cubase Project 02"

21st January 2013MolecularBytes releases AtomicReverb 1.1 for Mac OS X and Windows

21st January 2013ExtornoTechs updates V-Raxtor to v1.3.7

21st January 2013JSplash Apps updates Rhythm Pad to v4.0 - Adds recording feature

21st January 2013XILS-lab releases LeMasque:Delay 1.5.0

20th January 2013Hidenori Matsuoka updates Chord NOTE for iOS to v4.5

20th January 2013Cinematique Instruments releases Ronroco & 8string Ukulele for Kontakt

19th January 2013Dream Audio Tools 20% Discount for Customers

18th January 2013Future Loops releases Matteo Marini Progressive - Sylenth Soundset Vol 2

18th January 2013DNR Collaborative Extends New Year No-Brainer Deal

18th January 2013Mildon Studios updates Strummer S7 to v7.28

18th January 2013Sound Magic updates Orchestral Strings One for Windows (v1.3) and for Mac (v1.2)

18th January 2013123creative.com releases Angelic particles – mini samplepack by G-Sonique

18th January 2013Sagan Technology updates Metro to v7.0.1

17th January 2013Oli Larkin extends Endless Series winter sale - 30% off

17th January 2013Massey Plugins releases TapeHead Saturator VST for Mac and Windows

17th January 2013Vengeance Sound updates Vengeance Mastering Suite - Multiband Compressor to v1.1.1

17th January 2013Cockos updates REAPER to v4.32 and ReaPlugs to v2.1

17th January 2013Ohm Studio announces Ohm Studio Collab Friday #27: Moods Mashup

17th January 2013Aiyn Zahev Sounds releases Safara Vol.1 for Massive

17th January 2013Synthblitz Audio updates Deep One to v1.02

17th January 2013Native Instruments releases "Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass" for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

17th January 2013WOK releases "Estrima - Easy String Machine" for Windows VST

17th January 2013Production Voices releases "Production Grand" - Piano Sample Library for Kontakt

17th January 2013Synthescience.com releases 18 Free VST Effect Plug-ins for Windows

17th January 2013KV331 Audio and Beat Magazine release SynthMasterBE VST/AU Synth for Windows and Mac OS X

17th January 2013Subatomic Software updates Audulus for iPad and Mac to v1.9

17th January 2013Straight Ahead Samples updates "Straight Ahead! Jazz Drums" to v1.2

17th January 2013Production Bytes releases "Production Bytes Samples 1" - their first Sample Pack

17th January 2013Patchpool releases Cosmic for Padshop Pro

17th January 2013mikrosonic updates RD3 HD - Groovebox for Android to v1.6

16th January 2013Ultimate X Sounds releases Essential X Sounds Vol.1 Virus TI2 Soundset

16th January 2013Twisted Tools updates Rolodecks for Reaktor to v1.06 - Adds Lemur App template

16th January 2013Alonso Sound releases "Massive Dreamcatcher Soundset (by Pavel Yudin)"

16th January 2013SPC Plugins updates Morphilter to v1.2 and releases Mac VST and AU versions

16th January 2013The Interruptor updates various plug-ins

16th January 2013discoDSP Corona synthesizer 40% off until January 31 2013

16th January 2013Sonokinetic announces 2013 Composing Competition and new Gift Cards

16th January 2013Dance MIDI Samples releases "Trance Anthems Vol 3"

16th January 2013Wavesfactory releases 'Classic Rock Drums' for Kontakt

16th January 2013Secret Base Design updates Voxkit to v1.2 - adds Audiobus support

15th January 2013FatLoud releases 'Trap King Vol.1' - 5 Trap Construction Kits produced by Sentury Status

15th January 2013ProducerLoops.com releases 'Future Progressive Basslines Vol 1' Sample Pack

15th January 2013Function Loops releases "Finest Progressive Melodies" - Melodic Sample Pack (MIDI/WAV)

15th January 2013Equinox Sounds releases 'Lounge & Chillout MIDI Keys'

14th January 2013Togu Audio Line updates TAL-U-NO-LX to v2.11

14th January 2013Wave Arts releases AAX versions of All Plug-ins

14th January 2013Time+Space Rob Papen Deals for Existing Users

13th January 2013Psychic Modulation updates Phonec to v1.2

13th January 2013Nucleus SoundLab releases "Reason Wizardry Season Three" - Advanced Video Tutorials for Propellerhead Reason

13th January 2013WOK announces Estrima - String Machine Instrument for Windows

12th January 2013dboxSamples releases Xp03 / Complex-Shots for Kontakt, EXS24, HALion and Reason

11th January 2013kiloHearts kHs ONE 50% Off

11th January 2013Future Loops releases Ibiza Sessions - Deep Funky House

11th January 2013HOFA-Plugins releases IQ-EQ V3 for Windows and OS X

11th January 2013123creative.com releases Transhaper X3 – Transient Shaping System (VST Win)

11th January 2013Xhun Audio updates SmartRig Pro to v1.1

11th January 2013Antares releases 64-bit VST & AU versions of Auto-Tune EFX 2

11th January 2013Brainspawn updates Forte - Live Performance Workstation to v3.2.6

11th January 2013Loopmasters release Complextro Massive Presets

11th January 2013IK Multimedia mobile music accessories now compatible with Android

10th January 2013Rob Papen added to Plugin Boutique labels

10th January 2013New Sonic Arts updates Granite to v1.3512

10th January 2013IK Multimedia announces iRig Recorder for Android

10th January 2013Prodyon announces Shortnoise for Kontakt

10th January 2013Plug & Mix Launches Version 3.0 with 14 New Plug-ins and AAX Support

9th January 2013Dance MIDI Samples releases "DMS Producer Tools EDM Pads Vol 3" & "Just Trance Vol 3"

9th January 2013Ohm Force announces Ohm Studio Collab Friday #25: Music Time Machine

9th January 2013Tone2 Audiosoftware updates Saurus Analog Synthesizer to v1.1

9th January 2013ISM updates BazzISM Drum Synth to v2.4.8

9th January 2013IK Multimedia announces iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit

9th January 2013ToneBoosters Mac VST & AU Plug-ins updated to v2.8.4

9th January 2013Felt Tip updates Sound Studio to v4.6

9th January 2013Propellerhead updates Reason to v6.5.3 and Reason Essentials to v1.5.3

9th January 2013IK Multimedia announces iKlip 2, iKlip Stand and iKlip Studio for iPad and iPad mini

8th January 2013CWITEC updates TX16Wx Software Sampler / TX16Wx Professional to 2.1.0 b2

7th January 2013Wejaam Loop-Based Sequencer for iOS released (Free)

7th January 2013Equinox Sounds releases 'Progressive House MIDI Chords'

7th January 2013Exponential Audio releases "R2" and "PhoenixVerb" Reverb Plug-ins for Mac & Win (VST, AU, AAX & RTAS)

7th January 2013Hermann Seib updates VSTHost to v1.53 and SAVIHost to v1.41

7th January 2013Vengeance Sound updates Vengeance Producer Suite: Philta XL to v1.2.0

7th January 2013MusE 2.1 Now Available (incl. native VST support)

7th January 2013Soundlib releases G-Player v2.0 for Mac and Windows

7th January 2013Vengeance Sound updates "Vengeance Producer Suite - Essential FX Bundle" to v1.0.2

7th January 2013Korg updates All iOS Apps (incl. Audiobus support)

7th January 2013BlauKraut Engineering updates Charlatan to v1.2.2

7th January 2013ToneBoosters Windows VST Plug-ins updated to v2.8.4

7th January 2013Bluenoise releases "Drummix Rock 1" VSTi for Windows

7th January 2013Avid updates Pro Tools to v10.3.3

7th January 2013Synthblitz Audio updates Nitroflex to v1.5 (Promo Price Ending)

7th January 2013Ueberschall releases Prog Rock (Elastik Soundbank)

7th January 2013Swar Systems updates Swar Studio to v2.0.1

6th January 2013easytoolz updates aurelia-filtha to v1.1

6th January 2013HMF releases 'Platinum Session Drums' Reason Refill

6th January 2013TSE Audio releases TSE B.O.D v2.0 (incl. 64-bit)

6th January 2013Secret Base Design updates MIDI Control to v1.5 - adds Audiobus recording

6th January 2013Waves Audio releases Element (Synth) with Intro Offer and updates V9 Plug-ins to r8

6th January 2013Sound Magic releases Orchestral Strings One Enhanced Version for Windows

6th January 2013Homegrown Sounds Starburst for Padshop Pro: $25 until 14th January, 2013

6th January 2013Homegrown Sounds releases Starburst PS for Padshop Pro

5th January 2013TSE Audio releases TSE X50 - High-Gain Guitar Amp Plug-in (VST Win)

5th January 2013Cakewalk releases SONAR X2a Update with support for Windows 8 and Touch

5th January 2013Sinevibes updates Circuit to v1.0.3 and adds two tutorials

5th January 2013KV331 Audio releases 2 new expansion banks for SynthMaster 2.5

4th January 2013AudioThing releases "Environments - Temple of Mercury" for MachFive

4th January 2013XT Software releases energyXT 2.7 Beta

4th January 2013Acoustica updates Mixcraft 6 to v6.1 b204

4th January 2013AuraPlug updates AmpFire for Windows to v2.4

4th January 2013Sonnox TransMod 40% Off Until January 31, 2013

4th January 2013Wavosaur updated to v1.0.8.0

4th January 2013KVR Developer Challenge 2012 - Prize Update

4th January 2013Sonokinetic updates "Da Capo - Multi Sampled Symphonic Orchestra" to v1.2

4th January 2013DNR Collaborative 5-Day New Year No-Brainer Deal

4th January 2013Groove Monkee releases "Country 2" MIDI Drum Loops

4th January 2013123creative.com releases "G-Sonique Electric Kingdom" - Windows VST Stompbox

4th January 2013Holderness Media updates Echo Pad to v1.2

4th January 2013Tronsonic releases VCO for Kontakt (Free to Tronto and DCO owners only)

3rd January 2013Xenobioz updates Lektro to v1.1

3rd January 2013UVI releases Vintage Legends (Five Machines + Bonus)

3rd January 2013AudioSpillage January Sale offers 20% Discount

3rd January 2013Xfer Records releases Cthulhu MIDI Processing Plug-in for OS X and Windows

3rd January 2013Audiority releases "Abstract Textures" for Kontakt

3rd January 2013Inear Display updates Bucephal to v1.2 (Win & Mac; VST & AU)

3rd January 2013Sound Radix updates Pi to v1.0.4 and extends introductory offer through January 31, 2013

3rd January 2013ArtsAcoustic announces ViRe-X Pro and ArtsAcoustic Reverb v1.6.0 (incl. 64-bit)

3rd January 2013Channel Robot & Function Loops release "Percussion Grid" for Kontakt

3rd January 2013Kiss-Box releases "VSTizer DSS-1" - RTP-MIDI Compatible VST Plug-in Editor for Korg DSS-1

3rd January 2013App Sound releases "Beat Konstrukt Vol. 01 Get Funky"

2nd January 2013Tone2 Audiosoftware releases "Futuron" expansion for Rayblaster

2nd January 2013Tone2 Audiosoftware launches Rayblaster Contest

2nd January 2013Dance MIDI Samples January Sale: Includes 20% Off DMS Products

2nd January 2013ProducerLoops.com releases 'Future Pop Vol 2' Sample Pack

1st January 2013Skytopia releases SonicPhoto 1.10 for Windows (50% off until Jan 15, 2013)

1st January 2013Liqube updates Resonic Audio Player to Alpha 540

1st January 2013Alonso Sound releases "Massive Clubstars Soundset"

1st January 2013FatLoud New Year Sale: 50% Off All packs until January 15th, 2013

1st January 2013Scuffham Amps S-Gear Price-Hold until January 10th, 2013