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News Archive for September 2015

30th September 2015Zenhiser releases "Nu Bass Movement" Sample Pack

30th September 2015Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v2.3.1 - Supports iOS 9 Audio Units

30th September 2015Kazrog Offer: 50% off KClip mastering clipper - $9.99

30th September 2015Raw Loops releases "Analog Synths - Ableton Sampler" & "Peak Hour Tech House" Sample Packs

30th September 2015Win a place on the Roland Aira Academy at SubBass

30th September 2015Daniel Belik Offer: All Products - Pay What You Want

29th September 2015Plughugger offers Event Horizon for Omnisphere 2 - 50% off until October 11

29th September 2015xoxos releases Caprice Spectral Enhancer for Windows VST

29th September 2015Audentity releases "Everything EDM" Sample Pack

29th September 2015Function Loops releases Progressive Psy FX and Twerk'd sample packs

29th September 2015Output Offers 25% Off Rev & Signal

29th September 2015Toontrack releases new EZdrummer 2 expansion: Post-Rock EZX

29th September 2015Noiz-Lab releases 7-Step Mastering Suite

29th September 2015Frederikson labs updates vosyr - the free volca sample manager to v2

29th September 2015SKnote releases Disto - Compression, Distortion, Warmth for Mac & Win VST & AU

28th September 2015rf music releases "Dodge" VST Plugin for Windows

28th September 2015Rob Papen releases "RP-EQ" - RAW EQ Effects Plug-in

28th September 2015Ilya Efimov releases "Low Whistle" - Irish wind library for Kontakt

28th September 2015Boyss-Sound-{e}-scapes releases MIDI Song Starters and MIDI Song Starters free Edition

28th September 2015Bjulin Waves Offer: 30% off sounds for Zebra, Diva, DUNE and Rayblaster

28th September 2015Buy Lo-Fi Wurly($16.50), get a free Toy Piano($14)

28th September 2015VSP releases "Looking Glass" and "Rhythm Monkey" bundle for Zebra 2 and Zebrify

28th September 2015MeldaProduction offers 50% off MSpectralDynamics, MRhythmizer, MMultiBandSaturator, MUltraMaximizer, MAmp

28th September 2015Exponential Audio updates all plugins

28th September 2015Wobblophones Autumn Sale: -20% on all products

28th September 2015Volko Baglama upgraded to v2.0

28th September 2015VSTKit updated to v0.7.0 (Cocoa framework for hosting VST3 plug-ins)

28th September 2015Cockos updates REAPER to v5.03

28th September 2015Audient announces ASP800 - Now Shipping In US

28th September 2015XT Software releases Machine3 for Mac and Win VST

28th September 2015HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro and Lite to v2.2

28th September 2015Rattly And Raw releases "Martin France Drums" for Kontakt Player

28th September 2015LinPlug retires RMV, Alpha 3, Organ 3, Octopus and relectro with Final Sale

28th September 2015Future Loops Releases After Hours - Hip Hop & RNB Kits

28th September 2015Oxe FM Synth updated to v1.3.1 - Native Linux VST version released

28th September 2015Beatskillz launches "That Thing" Soundscape Plugin for Mac & Win

28th September 2015TubeOhm releases "Bruno-Dreams" soundbank for Super-Bruno3

27th September 2015Cmusic Production releases SAXBAND Full Bundle Library for Kontakt

27th September 2015Navi Retlav Studio releases "Impulse Cabinetism" - Cab & Mic Impulse Responses for Convolution Reverbs

27th September 2015LinPlug updates Spectral to v1.3

27th September 2015Chocolate Audio releases BBassV Electric Bass for Kontakt with launch offer

27th September 2015Dotec-Audio updates "DeeComp" to v1.1.2 and "DeePanpot" to v1.0.2

27th September 2015Musicrow '909 Freaks' is 40% Off

27th September 2015Musicrow releases "909 Freaks" for Maschine & WAV formats

26th September 2015Shpitz Audio releases "Granular Synthesis Vol 2" - Free Sample Pack

26th September 2015MusiKernel Team releases MusiKernel 15.10 for Linux and Windows

25th September 2015Ghostwave Audio Offer: Save 30% on Frozen Lifeforms for Synapse Audio DUNE

25th September 2015McDSP updates Plug-ins to v6.1 and ships SA-2 Dialog Processor

25th September 2015HOFA-Plugins releases IQ-Analyser V2 Standalone for Win & Mac

25th September 2015ModeAudio Offers 20% Off "Hover - Drones & Textures" SFX Samples

25th September 2015ModeAudio releases "Detonation - SFX Samples"

25th September 2015Black Rooster Audio releases "The Canary" for Mac & Win VST & AU

25th September 2015Psychic Modulation launches Crowdfunding for development of Phonec for Mac and Windows 64-bit

24th September 2015Sound Dust updates "Modular Chaos Engine#2.1" analog/digital hybrid drum device for Kontakt - celebrates with 25% off intro offer

24th September 2015Air provides full version of Xpand!2 to users of free First Edition of Protools

24th September 2015Goodhertz releases Midside — Expressive stereo imaging for Mac AU/AAX

24th September 2015Nova Sound releases 3 Sound Libraries for Audio Post Production, Game and App Development

24th September 2015Plugin Players releases "Sensational Sounds vol2" for Sylenth1

24th September 2015Cakewalk announces “Ipswich” SONAR Update

24th September 2015Soundiron releases "Traveler Organ" for Kontakt

24th September 2015Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v8.1.2

24th September 2015New Sonic Arts updates Nuance to v1.6304

24th September 2015zplane updates PPMulatorXL to v3.3.0

24th September 2015VSTBuzz: 60% off "Flying Hand Percussion" by Handheld Sound

24th September 2015Biome Digital Offer: Buy "Club FX Bundle" and Get "Club Clap 'n' Snare Loops" Sample Pack Free

24th September 2015Audiffex inValve - 60% Off

24th September 2015feelyoursound.com Special Offer: XotoPad 2 introductory price

23rd September 2015feelyoursound.com releases "XotoPad 2" - Windows MIDI Touch Controller and Instrument

23rd September 2015Zenhiser releases "EDM Tonal Kicks" Sample Pack

23rd September 2015WaveDNA releases Liquid Music for Live

23rd September 2015Muletone Audio Offer: Save 35% on Grand Glass Marimba and Strashed Sample Libraries

23rd September 2015SONiVOX Offer: Save a 3rd on Tony Coleman Drums

23rd September 2015Dance MIDI Samples releases "Mechanimal Cubase Psy-Trance Project Vol 5"

22nd September 2015Diginoiz releases Diginoiz R&B Bundle

22nd September 2015Xfer Records updates Cthulhu to v1.1 for OS X and Windows

22nd September 2015Wagsrfm releases sound library for u-he Diva

22nd September 2015Jeremiah Pena releases "Photosynthesis Vol 2 - Mystic" for Kontakt

22nd September 2015Frank Rittberger updates Smidy MIDI Sequencer for Windows

22nd September 2015Function Loops releases Infinity:Progressive House and Big Shots samples packs

22nd September 2015Sonus Dept. releases "Korroded Batteries" for Battery

21st September 2015AudioThing releases "Vinyl Strip" modular multi-effect plugin for Mac & Win, VST, AU, and AAX

21st September 2015Tritik updates tkDelay to v1.2.1

21st September 2015Future Loops Releases EDM100 - Spire Soundset

21st September 2015Audio Mind Project Offer: Up to 50% off LuSH-101 sounds

21st September 2015Minimal System Group offer 75% off everything in store

21st September 2015Togu Audio Line updates TAL-U-NO-LX to v2.71

21st September 2015Sample Tools by Cr2 release Festival FX

21st September 2015Sonic Cat Special Offer: 50% Off & Chord Sketcher Intro Offer until end of Sept

21st September 2015Precisionsound releases African Udu for NI Kontakt and Logic EXS24

21st September 2015MeldaProduction offers 50% off MAutoVolume, MMultiBandHarmonizer, MDynamicEq, MMultiBandVibrato, MFilter

21st September 2015Congratulations to Dale Skiba, the Winner of the Spitfire Audio KVR Giveaway

21st September 2015Cmusic Production releases SAXBAND Soprano Saxophone Library for Kontakt

21st September 2015Soundethers releases "Space Evolutions" - Animated Textures for Kontakt 5

21st September 2015ProducerLoops releases 'Deep House Vocals Bundle (Vols 1-3)'

21st September 2015Dotec-Audio releases "DeePanpot" Channel tool / VST plug-in for Win & Mac

21st September 2015discoDSP releases Bliss Sampler / VSTi Recorder Beta 4

20th September 2015dezzer-music releases Big Push - Sound Presets for Synapse DUNE

20th September 2015Soundness Offer: Save $50 on SoundSoap Audio Restoration

20th September 2015Sample Magic releases "Underground Tech-House", "Ableton Magic Racks: Processing Racks", "Tropical House" and "Massive 80s Sounds"

20th September 2015sonicLAB releases Cosmosƒ Saturn version2 and CosmosƒFX version2

19th September 2015Findasound releases "Najati's Rhythm Guitar" for Kontakt

19th September 2015Noisebud updates "Slow" Mastering Compressor to v1.1 for Windows

19th September 2015GuDa Audio updates KickR to v1.5

19th September 2015NSD updates Circlys for Windows to v1.2.5

18th September 2015Rast Sound releases Ethnnogroove for Kontakt, WAV & AIFF

18th September 2015Sounds and Effects Electrified! Guitars On Sale

18th September 2015PreSonus releases Channel Strip Collection and Studio Grand Add-ons for Studio One 3

18th September 2015DontCrack offers MoReVoX / Overloud REmatrix Group-Buy Offer

18th September 2015VirSyn launches Autumn Sale

18th September 2015Waves Offer: 60% Off SSL 4000 Collection

18th September 2015Max Project releases Free T.Rex Delay Mini Advanced By Noizefield (CPS) for Windows

18th September 2015HoRNet updates HDS1 to v1.0.1

18th September 2015Audiffex updates ampLion Free for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

18th September 2015Sinevibes updates Fraction "audio slicing workstation" to v1.1 (Mac AU)

18th September 2015Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v2.3

18th September 2015Kajiya Music released "Melomo" - Free voice recorder with metronome for Android

17th September 2015FluffyAudio releases "TimeDrops" for Kontakt 5 - Introductory Price until October 1st

17th September 2015GrooveBits releases Big Room Producer

17th September 2015Black Octopus Sound releases "Echoes" - Vocal Sample Library by Holly Drummond

17th September 2015IK SampleTank World of Sounds Group Buy

17th September 2015KV331 Audio updates SynthMaster and SynthMaster Player to v2.7.6

17th September 2015Xenos Soundworks releases "Deep Dubstep and Dark Garage" for NI Massive

17th September 2015FXpansion releases Strobe2 - Analogue-modelled performance synthesizer for Mac & Win

17th September 2015Sonokinetic releases "Percussao Do Brasil" - Traditional Brazilian Percussion for Kontakt 5

17th September 2015Sample Tools by Cr2 releases Melbourne Bounce 2

17th September 2015UVI updates Mayhem of Loops for UVI Workstation to v1.5

17th September 2015OverTone DSP Updates Fairchild 670 Limiter Plug-in to V2.3.2

17th September 2015HoRNet Offer: 40% Off

17th September 2015Congratulations to Greg Lewis, Winner of the Plugin Alliance All-Bundle v3.1

17th September 2015Toontrack updates EZmix to v2.1.1

16th September 2015Zenhiser releases "Vital: Techno Snares & Claps" Sample Pack

16th September 2015Raw Loops releases 'Delay FX Suite Ableton Raxx' and 'Deep City House' Sample Packs

16th September 2015Propellerhead expands their A-List Series with Pop Chords A-List Electric Guitarist

16th September 2015VSP releases "Sonic Bliss" for Arturia Jupiter-8V

15th September 2015Universal Audio Introduces Apollo Twin USB for Windows Systems

15th September 2015Tokyo Dawn Labs updates Kotelnikov and SlickEQ families

15th September 2015Plugin-Alliance Offer: Classic Guitar Tones Bundle - 62% Off MSRP

15th September 2015Matthieu Brucher releases free ATKColoredCompressor 1.0.0 and ATKColoredExpander 1.0.0

15th September 2015meltedsounds Whoosh 50% Off

15th September 2015Rekkerd Sounds releases Techno Rave

15th September 2015HeadlessBuddha Samples offers Two Kontakt Pianos for Price of One

15th September 2015Sonivox updates Orchestral Instruments and Film Score Companion Suite

15th September 2015Sonic Cat releases "Chord Sketcher - Algorithmic composition" for Windows

15th September 2015LVC-Audio announces Month-long Sale

14th September 2015Samba Godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.65 - Adds Multichannel Support

14th September 2015123creative launches September Deals 2015: Up to 50% off Dubstep, House & Trance Sound libraries

14th September 2015Evendyne releases Festival Chords & Melodies

14th September 2015DJSH Music Offer: 10 Libraries for the price of one

14th September 2015Sound Dust updates its 'found sound drum machine' Modular Chaos Engine#1 and celebrates with a 20% off offer

14th September 2015MeldaProduction Eternal Madness Discount 2015 37th round - 50% off MDynamics, MStereoSpread, MVintageRotary, MRotary, MFreeformEqualizer

14th September 2015Sample Magic release 'MIDI Elements: 80s Beats' and 'Vinyl and Tape Drum Machines'

14th September 2015iZotope Announces RX Post Production Suite and RX 5 Audio Editor

14th September 2015Waves Audio releases eMo D5 Dynamics Plugin: 5-in-1 Multi-Dynamics with Parallel Detection (and updates V9 plugins to r30)

14th September 2015Heavyocity releases "Natural Forces" - First in Gravity Packs Line for Kontakt

14th September 2015Nyrv Systems releases AGENTCM as a free plug-in on Computer Music Magazine 222

13th September 2015Nova Sound launches new platform and "Umbra Drums 1" Drum Kit (free with email sign-up)

13th September 2015Hidenori Matsuoka updates Guitar Kit for iOS to v6.0

13th September 2015Save 60% on Air Music Strike 2 now at Plugin Boutique

12th September 2015Softrave announces autumn discount for Xylophone VSTi for Windows

12th September 2015Adam Monroe Music releases AU Version of Adam Monroe's Beats Drum Sample Library

12th September 2015Strezov Sampling releases Rhodope: Ethnic Bulgarian Choir Update for Kontakt

11th September 2015Ample Sound releases "Ample Metal Eclipse" Virtual Electric Guitar

11th September 2015ModeAudio Flash Sale: 25% Off All Drum Samples

11th September 2015NSD updates Modulys, Wanderys, Qurv and Circlys

11th September 2015Produce RnB updates Urban Complex VST/AU for Win and Mac

11th September 2015HOFA-Plugins announces IQ-Analyser Standalone for Win & Mac

11th September 2015Native Instruments releases Reaktor 6

11th September 2015Sound Radix updates 32 Lives to v1.0.8 for OS X

11th September 2015Oxe FM Synth updated to v1.3.0 and goes Open Source

11th September 2015IK Multimedia announces AmpliTube 4

11th September 2015MeldaProduction updates all effects and MPowerSynth to 9.10 and releases MXXX

11th September 2015The Unfinished releases Absynth Obsidian

11th September 2015Soundprovocation Sound Library Autumn Super-Sale: 50% Off Everything

11th September 2015dezzer music releases Pressure - Sound Presets for kHs One

11th September 2015Kuassa updates Amplifikation Vermilion to v1.1.0 - Adds VST3 & AAX; Offers 30% Discount

10th September 2015Leap Into The Void offers 30% off "Post Zen Fusion" soundset for u-he Bazille

10th September 2015ModeAudio Releases 'Bang - Deep House Drum Samples'

10th September 2015Congratulations to our KVR Audio Heavyocity Giveaway Winner

10th September 2015Navi Retlav Studio releases "Impulse Exploration" - Experimental impulse responses for convolution reverbs

10th September 2015UVI offers 60% off Grand Piano Collection (through September 14th)

10th September 2015Schema Factor releases 64-bit version of MIDIMapperX 2.0 - Free MIDI Mapping VST for Windows

10th September 2015SKnote launches "AAX-DSP" Kickstarter campaign

10th September 2015Softube Announces September Sale Up To 50% Off

10th September 2015Ueberschall 50% Off Flash Sale - exclusive at Best Service

10th September 2015Biome Digital Flash Sale: 60% Off "Rhymes with Rogue" Sample Pack

10th September 2015New Sonic Arts updates Granite to v1.5782

10th September 2015Planet-H updates G-Stomper Studio for Android to v4.4 - MIDI Export and other Features

10th September 2015Ultimate X Sounds releases Monster Sounds Vol.1 Virus TI2 / TI Soundset

9th September 2015Blue Cat Audio updates Multiple Tracks Analysis Tools

9th September 2015MOTU ships Stage-b16 Stage Box - Mixer And Audio Interface

9th September 2015Aiyn Zahev Sounds releases Elevation - Soundbank for Hive

9th September 2015Ghostwave Audio updates MixRight to v1.6 for Reaktor

9th September 2015ViaDSP releases Smart Chorus VST/AU for Mac & Win

9th September 2015Alonso Sound releases "Massive Rising Star Soundset (by Slavik Bortko) Vol. 2" for NI Massive

9th September 2015VSTBuzz: 78% off "Shimmer and Shake" by Nine Volt Audio

9th September 2015Plogue releases Alter/Ego Free Real-Time Singing Synthesizer and Daisy Voice Bank

9th September 2015Syntheway updates Virtual Sitar to v1.1 for Windows

8th September 2015Black Lion Audio releases 500 Series B12A MKII Channel Mic Pre

8th September 2015Zenhiser releases "Trance Chords & One Shots" Sample Pack

8th September 2015Diginoiz releases Magic 80's 2 - Loop Library

8th September 2015Join Plugin Alliance this month and get the Noveltech Character for $49

8th September 2015Notetracks updates Music Review & Collaboration App for iOS to v1.0.3

8th September 2015MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular to v6.5.35

8th September 2015HoRNet updates FilterSolo to v1.1.1

8th September 2015Glitchmachines Summer Sale - 30% off any purchase

8th September 2015Nyrv Systems updates AGENT to v1.2.0.3

8th September 2015O Deus Audio releases ASIO Link Pro v2.4

8th September 2015PSound announces a new lower price for "Vintage Accordion"

8th September 2015discoDSP releases Bliss - Sampler / VSTi Recorder Beta 3

8th September 2015ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v4.9.5

7th September 2015Sinevibes releases Hologram - Spectral re-Synthesizer

7th September 2015Particular-Sound releases "Aphelion 1.5" - cinematic tool kit sample library for Kontakt

7th September 2015Filthy Patches releases "RIDDIM II" - Samples and Presets Pack

7th September 2015MeldaProduction Eternal Madness Discount 2015 36th round - 50% off different 5 plugins every week

7th September 2015ProducerLoops.com releases 'Cinematic Series Vol 1: Experimental Electronica'

6th September 2015Xenos Soundworks releases "Uber Brutal Dubstep" Presets for Massive

5th September 2015PinkNoise Studio offers 25-40% discount

5th September 2015Dmitry Sches launches September sale

5th September 2015Dmitry Sches releases "Factory Expansion" Soundest for Tantra

5th September 2015Dmitry Sches updates Tantra to 1.1

4th September 2015rf Music releases Destroyer 3 - Multi-FX VST Plugin for Windows

4th September 2015Shattered Glass Audio updates Code Red Free to v1.0.5

4th September 2015Sound Dust releases OddHop Kontakt library with intro offer

4th September 2015Sonnox Restore Suite goes 64-bit with a new lower price

4th September 2015Future Loops Releases South City Bangerz

4th September 2015Apple updates Final Cut Pro X to v10.2.2

4th September 2015Big Fish Audio Labor Day Sale - Buy 2 Get 1 Free On All Loops

4th September 2015Sounds And Effects Early September Sale

4th September 2015Chicken Systems 50% Off Labor Day Weekend Sale

4th September 2015Leap Into The Void releases "Post Zen Fusion" soundset for u-he Bazille

4th September 2015Avid updates Pro Tools to v12.2 - New Plug-ins, New Plans, New Lower Price

4th September 2015Sensomusic updates Usine Hollyhock to v2.0.081

4th September 2015Audiomodern releases Connection | Sylenth Cinematic Soundbank

3rd September 2015Kuassa Back to School Sale - Up To 30% Off All Products

3rd September 2015MethodRed releases MIDIPlayer X v2.0

3rd September 2015123creative.com releases "Midi Bass Drops" 100 MIDI files

3rd September 2015Aviram Dayan Production - 15% Off For All Products

3rd September 2015Adam Monroe Music updates Adam Monroe's Theremin - Sample Rate and Tuning Support

3rd September 2015Sonokinetic releases "Speeldoos" - Swiss Musical Box for Kontakt 5.1

3rd September 2015GoldWave updated v6.15

3rd September 2015i3 updates DSP-Quattro to v4.3.1

3rd September 2015Ableton updates Live to v9.2.2

3rd September 2015VSP offering a Labor Day Sale on their entire catalog

3rd September 2015NSD releases Circlys MIDI Loop Recorder for Windows (VST 32/64-bit)

3rd September 2015Klevgränd releases PressIt Multiband Compressor for iPad, Mac OS X and Windows with Intro Offer

3rd September 2015Soniccouture announces 10th Anniversary Sale 33% Off

3rd September 2015Ice Planet After Summer Sale 2015 - All soundsets 35% off

3rd September 2015Orange Free Sounds releases Free Drum Breaks Collection

3rd September 2015Tone2 updates Gladiator for Windows to v2.5

3rd September 2015UVI offers up to $300 off at uvi.net (through September 8th, 2015)

3rd September 2015HoRNet HDD1 digital delay 40% off

2nd September 2015Digital Brain Instruments releases Voxpat - Monster, Creature and Robotic Voice Designer

2nd September 2015Bitwig offers 1.2 Beta for Bitwig Studio (+1.1.11 update released)

2nd September 2015Biome Digital releases Future Bass and Chords for Massive

2nd September 2015Voltage Disciple releases Kaos/Control Kick Drum Pack for Rob Papen Punch BD

2nd September 2015Function Loops releases "Dance Acapellas With Maryam" and "Future House Bass & Synths" Sample packs

2nd September 2015Air Offer: Crossgrade from Pro Tools 8+ or AIEP and save up to 50%

2nd September 2015Acon Digital Equalize Updated to Version 1.1.12

1st September 2015unEarthed Sampling September Sci-Fi Sale: 30% Off 3 Kontakt Libraries

1st September 2015Boyss-Sound-{e}-scapes releases Ambient Swells - Guitar Chords Instrument for Kontakt and Sfz

1st September 2015Impact Soundworks releases Furia Staccato Strings

1st September 2015Raw Loops releases "AfterHours Techno" Sample Pack

1st September 2015Oxe Software updates Oxe FM Synth - Now with Automation

1st September 2015UVI updates Sparkverb to Version 1.1.2

1st September 2015Radium Audio updates Radium Music Editor to v3.3.5

1st September 2015Sonic Elements releases "Under Construction - Trance Vol 1" - Sample, MIDI & Loop Library

1st September 2015Sample Logic morphs and mutilates Balinese Gamelan for Kontakt

1st September 2015Syntheway updates RetroMagix Harpsichord to v1.1

1st September 2015ZenSound Summer Sale 2015 - All soundsets 30% off

1st September 2015Strezov Sampling announces Rhodope - Ethnic Bulgarian Choir update

1st September 2015discoDSP releases Bliss Sampler / VSTi recorder Beta 2

1st September 2015Zenhiser releases "Future & Bass House" Sample Pack

1st September 2015Future Loops announces Zardonic Signature Sample Pack "Reinventing The Bass" and Free LP Sampler

1st September 2015Bela D Media creates Kontakt Demo Room and offers 10% discount

1st September 2015Diginoiz End Of The Summer Sale: 40% Off