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Cockos updates REAPER to v5.22


Cockos has updated REAPER to v5.22.


  • support separate display quantization settings per-project or per-track.
  • fix incorrect breaming in certain chord/time signature combinations.
  • fix note preview when editing pitch after drawing a new note.
  • fix vanishing note stems when zooming way out.
  • insert notes on the staff under the mouse when using multiple staves with overlapping pitch ranges.
  • preview new inserted note correctly when display is not set to concert pitch.
  • support MusicXML export.
  • set display quantization via dialog/slider rather than menu.


  • add new Latch Preview automation mode.
  • add separate configuration for automation write action transition times.
  • improve behavior when auto-adding envelopes.
  • improve volume envelope panel tweaking behavior.
  • obey new transition preference when using write current values for all writing envelopes actions.
  • put transition before cursor when using write automation to start of project, after cursor when writing automation to end of project.

MIDI editor:

  • display note-off velocity properly in MIDI event properties dialog.
  • disregard snap to key when in named notes (drum map) mode.
  • fix inconsistent visibility/editability issues when using multiple MIDI editors at the same time.
  • preserve vertical zoom level when hiding/unhiding note rows.
  • apply note edits immediately when editing during playback.
  • update displayed note rows when recording adds a note to a hidden row.


  • add Equirectangular 360 panner preset.
  • do not include monitoring FX in renders (matching audio behavior), update FX post-cache.
  • fix monitoring FX video processor bypass support.
  • support animated GIF with transparency via per-source option.


  • improve paste behavior with unicode clipboard data that contains trailing characters.
  • fix modulus operator results with negative constants.


  • add track_env_preview, mcp_env_preview, gen_env_preview, global_preview images.
  • fix OS X classic theme image fallbacks.

Track routing window:

  • improve behavior when modifying track volume.
  • improve behavior with multiple open windows.


  • default to avoid undo/redo state loading for Kontakt and EastWest plug-ins.
  • improve redrawing of certain bridged embedded plug-ins on Windows.


  • improve label and tab ordering for ReaEQ/ReaXComp/ReaDelay/About/Project Settings.

Crossfade editor:

  • improve display behavior with large fonts.


  • add per-plug-in option to avoid loading undo states when possible.


  • fix display issue with partially looped items.


  • use UTF-8 for chat on Windows to match macOS.


  • fix display issue during record with continuous scrolling and blinking edit cursor.


  • improve behavior when doing high level operations (such as adding tracks) while UI for large VST plug-ins are open (Kontakt).


  • support automatic detection of multiple track channels for iZotope plug-ins.


  • fix offline rendering notifications.


  • fix topmost pin positioning on Windows 7 with high DPI scaling.


  • fix GetFocusedFX () item index.
  • fix MIDIEditor_GetActive function.


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