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News Archive for August 2021

31st August 2021The Sound Gardxn Spring Sale: 30% off hardware and VST soundsets, 1st - 30th September

31st August 2021Mix Challenge Competitions in September 2021

31st August 202110 Most Popular Reverbs of All Time in the KVR Marketplace

31st August 2021Function Loops releases "Jazzy Hip Hop Cutz" and "Wired: Cyber Trap"

31st August 2021HoRNet releases L3012 - Bass Channel Strip

31st August 2021Physical Audio releases Dual Spring Reverb and Dynamic Plate Reverb v3.1

31st August 2021Artist Focus: DJ Swivel's top plugin picks

31st August 2021New Loops releases "Atmospheric Textures (WAV/DUNE 3 Presets)"

28th August 20212B Played Music Deal: 40% off 2B Shaped - Filter Edition

28th August 2021Mercuriall Audio "Back to School sale"

28th August 2021OST Audio Deal: Buy "Amazing Serum" Get "Synthwave Drums" and "Synthwave by Alex" for free

28th August 2021MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboEQ, MCharacter, MDelayMB and MAutopanMB

28th August 2021App Sound releases "Fruity Mode" for Cherry Audio Memorymode

28th August 2021NatLife Sounds Korg Synth Sounds Summer Sale - 30% Off

27th August 2021SonaMetro releases Guitar Notebook Public Beta for iOS

27th August 2021Samples From Mars releases "S950 Snacks From Mars" - Sample Pack

27th August 2021Uppercussion releases "Cyberdrums" - Synthetic Drums expansion pack for multiple formats

27th August 2021Revealed Recordings releases Top Loops Vol. 5

27th August 2021W. A. Production releases 9in1 "Savage Bass House Bundle 3" with 94% discount

27th August 2021Tom Wolfe Arturia Pigments Presets Flash Sale - Up To 40% Off This Weekend

27th August 2021Ginger Audio updates GroundControl Room - Virtual Drivers Creator tool for Mac

27th August 2021ModeAudio releases "Flare - Found Percussion Samples"

27th August 2021Magix Sound Forge Pro 15 Review

26th August 20212B Played Music updates 2B Shaped Filter Edition to v1.5

26th August 2021Audioblast releases InstaLooper3

26th August 2021ossia.io releases ossia score 3 beta - Free and open-source sequencer

26th August 2021UVI release Emulation II+ '80s Sampler Suite with Intro Pricing

26th August 2021Black Octopus Sound & Blackwarp release Dubstep & Riddim Vol 1

25th August 2021Rast Sound releases Inca Spirit Vocals v2.0 for Kontakt with intro offer

25th August 2021Soundsdivine releases Fantastic Flaws – Vol.3 Echo for Unfiltered Audio Lion

25th August 2021SparkPackers releases Tropical Feelings - Presets for Vital

24th August 2021Zenhiser releases "Vertex - Techno" Sample Pack

24th August 2021Hypersamples releases Warning Signs - Sound Design Collection

24th August 2021UnitedPlugins releases Urban Puncher with 68% discount

24th August 2021Soundtrack Loops releases Snares That Slap sample pack with 28% discount

23rd August 2021Fanan team releases Monica 3 - Free '90s style dual layered synth for Windows

23rd August 2021Kuassa releases Amplifikation Lancaster Rack Extension

23rd August 2021JamSoft updates SampleSort to v1.0.592

23rd August 2021Audiolounge Sale - 30% Off

23rd August 2021NatLife Sounds releases Cybertrance V1 for Korg Kingkorg

23rd August 2021Krotos Deal: 40% off Reformer Pro

23rd August 2021Magix celebrates 30 years of Sound Forge with 30% off

21st August 2021Online Music Foundry releases “Spectral Bloom” for iZotope's Iris 2

21st August 2021Ivosight Soundop Audio Editor 23% Off Until 31st August 2021

21st August 2021MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MSpectralDynamicsLE, MAutoStereoFix, MReverb and MDistortionMB

20th August 2021Revealed Recordings releases Sylenth1 Ultimate Plucks Vol. 1

20th August 2021Uppercussion releases "Filth" - Grime expansion pack for multiple formats

20th August 2021Voxengo updates SPAN Plus to v1.15

20th August 2021Sounds And Effects Ocarinas and Clay Flutes Sale

20th August 2021ModeAudio releases 'Apex - Serum Arp Presets'

20th August 2021New Loops releases "FX Percussion Sample Pack"

20th August 2021W. A. Production 9in1 "Savage Dubstep & Riddim Bundle 3" 93% discount

20th August 2021Press Play updates Wave Observer Pro to v1.3.0

20th August 2021Ginger Audio updates GroundControl Caster to v1.0.7 with a new tool for creating virtual drivers

20th August 2021Sound Magic Releases Neo Piano Chapters: Blüthner

19th August 2021Big Fish Audio Special Deal - 25% Off A Trio Of Virtual Instruments

19th August 2021Orchestral Tools announces Miroire - Collection of period instruments and vocal samples

19th August 2021VI Labs Summer Sale: 30% off (plus: buy more, save more)

19th August 2021UVI offers 40% off Xtreme FX through August 23rd, 2021

19th August 2021The Very Loud Indeed Co. releases Omnisphere Grotto

19th August 2021Steinberg releases Absolute 5 Instrument Collection

19th August 2021Loomer updates String to v1.16 - adds VST3 for Linux

19th August 2021Daniel Stawczyk gives away Circular Sound Pack for Gamma-Ray

19th August 2021Black Octopus Sound and Cyborgs release Slap House Essentials

19th August 2021Mix Analog adds Neve 1084 in Stereo

19th August 2021Glitchedtones & Hidden Sound release Whale Bone Percussion for Kontakt

19th August 2021APD Offer: 64% off Elkatwin 61 by Xtant Audio

18th August 2021Sounds2Inspire releases "Levitation Bundle" - 350+ Ambient & Cinematic Sounds for Thorn

18th August 2021Xhun Audio Summer Special Offer 2021 - Part 2 : Save Up To 50%

18th August 2021ZenSound releases Nord for Zebra2 and Dark Zebra

18th August 2021Konstantin Klem updates Max for Live Device Matrix to v1.1

18th August 2021Goodhertz releases “Tupe” and updates all plugins to v3.6.1

18th August 2021SketchSamples Summer Sale

17th August 202110 Best Kontakt Instruments of All Time in the KVR Marketplace

17th August 2021NatLife Sounds VST Synth Summer Sale - 40% Off

17th August 2021Soundiron releases "Delphi Piano series, Volume 1: Autumn 1958" for Kontakt

17th August 2021SampleScience releases a collection of $1 sample packs

17th August 2021HoRNet updates AutoGain Pro to v1.3.0

17th August 2021HoRNet Summer Sale: Up To 60% Off

17th August 2021UnitedPlugins updates all effects plug-ins

17th August 2021Pulsar Modular updates P914 FFB to v1.5.1

17th August 2021Eplex7 DSP releases Hitech Microsynths and Electro Percussions sample pack Vol.1

16th August 2021Zenhiser releases "Grit - Tech House" Sample Pack

16th August 2021Beta Monkey Summer Sale - All Packs $19.99 Each

16th August 2021Fuse Audio Labs VCL Plugins 50% off until September 1st, 2021

16th August 2021Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.8.3.0 for Windows

16th August 2021ANWIDA Soft releases "SPATIO Gate" Reverb Plug-in with intro offer

15th August 2021Beatskillz releases Synthwave Drums V2 at special upgrade price

15th August 2021E-Phonic updates Invader 2 to v1.0.8

15th August 2021Dontstealfocus updates Tauperature and Lemonade to v1.1

15th August 2021Swar Systems Brand Split Day - 50% discount on all products

15th August 2021Apisonic Labs updates Speedrum to v1.0.6

15th August 2021TBProAudio updates DSEQ to v3.5 - Natural phase filter and adaptive resonance suppression

14th August 2021Fanan team releases ScandiSoul 2 - Nord soul organ for Windows

14th August 2021Spektralisk releases Modular Lab II - VCV Rack patches (includes free patches)

14th August 2021Antonov Samples releases "ST Guitar" for Kontakt

14th August 2021MeldaProduction Looping August Week

14th August 2021Oblivion Sound Lab Winter Sale - Up To 40% Off

13th August 2021Bob Moog Foundation announces its 15th Anniversary Minimoog Raffle featuring a vintage, archetypal Minimoog Model D synthesizer signed by Bob Moog himself

13th August 2021Big Fish Audio releases 'Come Through: Throwback R&B' Loop Library

13th August 20214drX updates VirtualKeyboard to v1.6.5

13th August 2021Revealed Recordings releases Atmosphere Drones Vol. 2

13th August 2021Synthmorph releases Repro1 Electron

13th August 2021Rast Sound releases 'Choirs Boutique' for Kontakt with intro offer

13th August 2021Ultimate MIDI Plugin updates Ultimate Kontakt Library Manager to v1.3.0

13th August 2021AMR Updates ReValver Amp Modeling Software for macOS to 4.3.5

13th August 2021Audiomodern Chroma Vol 1 & 2 50% off at T+S

13th August 2021Audio Perception Music releases AP Tambourines for Kontakt

13th August 2021The Unfinished Summer Sale 2021

13th August 2021Sound Magic releases FusionX - Bass Instrument

12th August 2021UVI Lucky Sale: 30% Off Storewide through Sunday 15th August, 2021

12th August 2021Uppercussion releases "Strange Daze" - Alternative Hip Hop expansion pack for multiple formats

12th August 2021W. A. Production releases "Zqueezer" FX Plugin with 50% off launch discount

12th August 2021UJAM Virtual Drummer Brute up to 51% Intro Discount

12th August 2021Plughugger releases “Bass Invaders 3” for Elektron Analog Rytm

12th August 2021UJAM releases Virtual Drummer Brute with up to 51% discount

12th August 2021Black Octopus Sound releases "Rainy Daze Lofi" Samples & Serum Presets

12th August 2021AudioRealism updates AudioRealism Bass Line 3 (ABL3) to v3.3.0.2

12th August 2021Ueberschall releases 60s Acid Rock Vol. 2 (Elastik soundbank)

12th August 2021Plughugger offer: 35% off “Bass Invaders 3” for Elektron Analog Rytm

12th August 2021Sonic Cat updates Purity to v1.3.9

12th August 2021FeelYourSound releases "Stabs and Rhythms" preset package with free EDM, Techno, and Rave generators

11th August 2021SubMission Audio Summer Sale: 20% to 40%+ Off

11th August 2021Sonica Instruments release NKS-compatible version of Virtuoso Japanese Series - Reborn Promotion Sale

11th August 2021Bela D Media updates 3 Voice Libraries for Kontakt to v2.0

11th August 2021Hidenori Matsuoka updates Chord Scale Bundle for iOS

11th August 2021Eventide 7th flashback sale: H949 Harmonizer for $50 (Reg.$199)

11th August 2021u-he offers Native support for Apple Silicon, more improvements

10th August 2021Soundiron 35% Off Storewide Summer Sale

10th August 2021KVR Developer Challenge 2021 - Winners Announced

10th August 2021Nektar releases Impact GX Mini: Portable USB MIDI keyboard controller with DAW control features

10th August 2021Incognet releases STMPD House Vol.2 Sample Pack

10th August 2021Harvest Plugins updates Harvest to v1.2.0

10th August 2021Pitch Innovations updates Fluid Pitch to v1.3 with Standalone app for MPE supported DAWs with Indian, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese Scales presets

10th August 2021Mastering The Mix releases Expose 2

10th August 2021Psytrance Plugins releases VokX Pack

10th August 2021ModeAudio releases "Altitude - Cinematic Loops & Rhythms"

10th August 2021LVC-Audio releases Limited-MAX 3 with Intro Offer

9th August 2021TTU Flash BDAY Soundset Sale

9th August 2021Zenhiser releases "Trace - Psytrance" Sample Pack

9th August 2021SampleSumo SaltyGrain granular effect plug-in for Mac/Win summer deal: 30% off

9th August 2021LVC-Audio Limited-MAX 3 Intro Offer

9th August 2021Zero-G releases Impromptu Electric Guitars for Kontakt

9th August 2021Fanan team releases ScandiClavia 2 - free Nordish organ module for windows

9th August 2021ModeAudio Summer Sale: 30% Off All Sounds

9th August 2021Kuassa releases "Amplifikation Lancaster" with Intro Offer

9th August 2021Majetone releases AC08 - Acoustic 808 for Kontakt

9th August 2021A.O.M. updates plugins to v1.11.7

9th August 2021Tone Empire Locness $29 until August 30th, 2021

7th August 2021MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MSpectralDynamics, MUnison, MBitFunMB and MRhythmizerMB

6th August 2021W. A. Production releases "All In One: InstaChord Presets" with 91% discount

6th August 2021STL Tones updates AmpHub to v1.1.0 2021.08

6th August 2021Tone2 releases Synthwave soundset for Electra2

6th August 2021AcousticSamples Summer Sale

6th August 2021Revealed Recordings releases Serum 808 Vol. 3 for Serum

6th August 2021SUPERBOOTH21 announces Program and Sondertickets -15. - 18. September 2021

6th August 2021In Session Audio's Riff Generation: Outside In Ed - 60% off plus free Expansions

6th August 2021SoundsDivine releases "Fantastic Flaws - Crush" for Unfiltered Audio Lion

5th August 2021NatLife Sounds Xfer Serum Summer - 40% Off

5th August 2021Code Sounds releases Massive X Dark Ambient (Presets Pack)

5th August 2021UVI offers 60% off Gypsy Jazzy through August 9th, 2021

5th August 20212B Played Music updates 2B Shaped to v1.5

5th August 2021ANWIDA Soft releases "SPATIO Inverse" Reverb Plug-in with intro offer

5th August 2021IK 25th Anniversary Group Buy - up to 25 for the price of 1

5th August 2021Blip Interactive updates NanoStudio 2 to v2.1.2 - MIDI clock out, Ableton Link Start/Stop Sync and more

5th August 2021Cockos updates REAPER to version 6.33

5th August 2021APD Offer: 70% Off Transformer by Digital Brain Instruments

5th August 2021Splash Sound Sale: 80% off Retrowave Library for Kontakt

4th August 2021Resonance Sound releases "Future House & Bounce Vol.4 for Serum"

4th August 2021Uppercussion releases "Breakout" - Breakbeat expansion pack in multiple formats

4th August 2021Voxengo updates Soniformer to v3.13

4th August 2021Fanatical "Q Up Arts Royalty Free Sound Collections Bundle" - Up to 87% Off

4th August 2021Tom Wolfe releases "Electra" - Gritty cinematic soundbank for Omnisphere

4th August 2021Adam Monroe releases Version 2.0 of Adam Monroe's Tremolo (Free Plug-in)

4th August 2021FrozenPlain releases Slow: Mirage - Ambient pads and Soundscapes VST/AU

4th August 2021Adam Szabo updates Viper to v1.0.9 and offers August discount

4th August 2021Samples From Mars releases "Tape Fragments From Mars" - Synth Sample Pack

4th August 2021Patchpool releases Relativity for Fabfilter's Timeless 3

3rd August 2021Xhun Audio Summer Special Offer 2021: Save Up To 50%

3rd August 2021KVR Developer Challenge 2021 - Voting Extended - Download Now

3rd August 2021Touch The Universe releases Trance Celestial for Omnisphere with 48 Hour Intro Discount

3rd August 2021Monocasual Laboratories updates Giada to v0.18.1 for Linux, Windows and macOS

2nd August 2021Zenhiser releases "Form - Drum & Bass" Sample Pack

2nd August 202110 Best Audio Software of All Time in the KVR Marketplace

2nd August 2021A Sound Effect's Super Summer Sale - Big SFX Discounts + Bonus Sounds With Any Order

2nd August 2021Bela D Media adds BELA D Wavs to One Audition

2nd August 2021Christopher Carmichael releases C-C-RNG - Free Random Number Generator Plug-in for Windows 64-bit VST3

2nd August 2021Apisonic Labs releases Speedrum Drum Sampler

1st August 2021Mix Challenge Competitions in August 2021

1st August 2021discoDSP updates OB-Xd iOS Oberheim based synth to v1.8

1st August 20212B Played Music Summer Sale - 50% Off