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Cockos updates REAPER to v4.602


Cockos has updated REAPER to v4.602.

Changes since 4.591


  • MIDI: export project name to tempo track.


  • Prefs: allow -inf for track/send/hardware output default volumes.
  • Smooth seek: fixed smooth seek at region end (also fixes Region Playlist extension).
  • Title bar: fixed duplicate text.


  • JS:
    • added jnif's excellent sequencer_baby mod as sequencer_megababy.
    • floaty_delay glitch fix.
    • added gfx_circle, gfx_arc, and gfx_roundrect.
    • added globals () keyword for functions, can be used to restrict access to global variables/namespaces.
    • added MIDIsend (ts,msg1,msg2,msg3) and MIDIrecv (ts,msg1,msg2,msg3) for improved readability.
    • added MIDIsend_buf (ts,buf,length) and MIDIrecv_buf (ts,buf,maxlen), useful for send/receive of both normal MIDI data and sysex.
    • added MIDIsend_str (offs,str), MIDIrecv_str (offs,str).
    • added mouse_wheel and mouse_hwheel, time (), time_precise ().
    • fixed 4096 point MDCT.
    • fixed gfx positioning with large fonts, made requested size more likely to be used.
    • fixed sizing issue on OS X.
    • gfx_getchar () support, use with no parameter to get a key ('a', '1', 'f1', 'up', 'down', etc), or with gfx_getchar ('up') to get status of a key.
    • gfx_loadimg () now supports JPG, PCX, ICO, BMP, LVG in addition to PNG.
    • optimized MIDIsyx ().
    • "options:" can now include gmem=namedpool, which allows plugins to allocate their own shared gmem[], which also increases the size of gmem[] to 8M entries (from the default 1M).
    • "options:want_all_kb" support for defaulting to plug-in gets all keys.
    • plugin instances with @gfx sections will remember their sizes after user resize.
  • MIDI editor:
    • actions to invert chord voicings.
    • actions to reverse or invert selected events.
    • filter solo (play only events that pass through the filter).
    • filter supports a range of parameters (note values, MIDI programs, etc).
    • filter supports event position within measure.
    • fixed opening MIDI editor via action with certain editor preferences set.
    • fixed velocity lane editing on OS X.
    • if white/black piano roll theme colors are identical, draw horizontal lines to separate notes.
    • right-drag piano keys to select a range of notes.
  • ReaScript:
    • documentation improvements.
    • added EEL language support in addition to Python.
    • scripts can now persist via defer (EEL) or RPR_defer (Python).
    • improved AudioAccessor API, added AudioAccessorValidateState ().
    • various new APIs including: CountProjectMarkers, GetLastMarkerAndCurRegion, SetProjectMarkerByIndex, DeleteProjectMarkerByIndex.
    • added APIs to get MIDI editor settings, get/set/insert MIDI events.
    • fixed various functions to match documentation (CreateNewMIDIItemInProj,TrackFX_SetEQParam,TrackFX_GetEQParam).
    • stretch marker get/set support.
  • ReaPlugs:
    • ReaVerb now displays spectrograph of impulse.
    • RS5k and ReaVerb have better resolving of filenames in samples or impulses subdirectory.
    • fixed RS5k peakbuilding when changing samples via combo box.
    • lowered ReaDelay RAM use with long delay lines.
  • FX:
    • fixed keyboard navigation in FX chains on Windows.
    • update FX chain window after copying FX from TCP or mixer.
  • JS editor:
    • fixed bugs in find function.
    • configurable per-file tab size, use "tabsize:X" before @init to configure.
  • MIDI:
    • do not import or export track name messages to/from the tempo track.
    • fixes to sorting when merging multiple MIDI streams.
  • Nudge:
    • improved support for nudging by frame with DF timecode.
    • fixed framerate mode in nudge items by grid size action.
  • OSC:
    • display track pan width feedback properly.
    • reduced duplicate OSC messages, optimized wildcard matching/generation.
    • support for marker/region feedback to devices.
  • Parameter modulation:
    • fixed various sync issues, fixed labeling to QN rather than beats, old behavior still exists for old projects.
    • improved speed slider behavior/snapping.
  • Project save:
    • action to save new version of project (automatically increment project name).
    • save with media move now correctly moves video files.
  • Render:
    • configurable render queue delay time (to allow samples to load if necessary).
    • rendering regions/stems with RPP saving option produces a customized RPP per-file.
  • Video:
    • Fixed high CPU usage when using non-zero timebased video files.
    • option to automatically detect orientation for jpeg/mov files.
  • Cues: fixed legacy API support for media item cues.
  • Joysticks: allow use of all ReaScript/EEL APIs from joystick scripts, including gfx_* ().
  • Media items: better display of item buttons when first take is empty and not visible.
  • MIDI export: fixed exporting project cues along with MIDI tempo map.
  • MP3: fixed index file generation issues from 4.59.
  • OSX: check /Library/Application Support/REAPER/ for license file.
  • ReaMote: fixed bridged plug-in support on OS X.
  • Track manager: prevent adding FX to master input FX.
  • Transport: added themeable color for project play rate when not 1.0.
  • VST: generic UI refreshes in response to audioMasterUpdateDisplay.


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