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News Archive for February 2021

28th February 2021Splash Sound Bday Sale: Up to 90% off all libraries for Kontakt

28th February 2021Mix Challenge Competitions in March 2021

27th February 2021MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboReverb, MStereoProcessor, MCombMB and MChorusMB

26th February 2021Rast Sound releases Balkan Vocals v2.0 for Kontakt with intro offer

26th February 2021NatLife Sounds releases True Trance Sounds V1 for Roland Zen Core

26th February 2021Revealed Recordings releases Hard Kick Designer Kit Vol. 1

26th February 2021Synapse Audio updates The Legend, adding VST3 and Big Sur/M1 support

26th February 2021Kuassa Efektor Week Sale - All Efektors at $15 each

26th February 2021Zero-G Pure Rex Sample Collection 62% off at Time+Space

26th February 2021Signum Audio releases BUTE Loudness Suite 2 Metering & Limiting Toolkit for VST/AU/AAX (including Audio Suite)

26th February 2021W. A. Production releases "10in1 Tech House Mega Pack 2" with 95% discount

25th February 2021Sequential adds MPE support for Prophet-6 and OB-6

25th February 2021Audentity Records releases Vocal Pop Bundle: Vocal Megapack

25th February 2021UVI offers 40% off Drum Designer through March 1st, 2021

25th February 2021Pitch Innovations updates Fluid Pitch to v1.2

25th February 2021ujam releases "Beatmaker Nemesis" with intro & loyalty offers

25th February 2021Muze releases Pegasus Piano for Kontakt with 80% release discount

25th February 2021Ueberschall releases 60s Acid Rock Vol.1 (Elastik soundbank)

25th February 2021Kilohearts Deal: 50% off Reverb, Ensemble, Filter and Haas (VST/AU/AAX/Snapin)

25th February 2021Black Octopus Sound & Lions Den release "Retribution - Heavy Dubstep" Sample Pack & Serum Presets

25th February 2021Online Music Foundry releases Imaginear for Retrologue 2

25th February 2021Babylonwaves releases Art Conductor 7 - support for 70 additional sample libraries

25th February 2021LetiMix updates GainMatch to v1.2

24th February 2021Thenatan "Vybz" Lofi MultiFX Plugin 63% Off Intro Price (Save $50)

24th February 2021IK offer free Soldano SLO-100 for AmpliTube 5 (even free CS version) and artist presets coming

24th February 2021HoRNet Plugins updates ELM128 MK2 to v2.2.0

24th February 2021Musical Sampling Atelier Series Amy for Kontakt Intro Offer

24th February 2021Musical Sampling releases Atelier Series Amy for Kontakt with $29 Intro Offer

24th February 2021RJ Studios updates DRP2a mkII Dynamic Range Processor to v2.2.0 - new features and larger GUI

24th February 2021Youlean updates Youlean Loudness Meter 2 to v2.4.3

24th February 2021accSone updates crusher-X to v8.61

24th February 2021UnitedPlugins SubBass Doctor 808 discounted (50% off)

23rd February 2021VSP releases "New Phonic" presets for Knif Audio Knifonium

23rd February 2021Ableton releases Live 11

23rd February 2021GForce Software releases OB-E - Emulation of the iconic 8-voice for macOS

23rd February 2021HASound updates "Big Apple" Dynamic Range Compressor to v2.1.1

23rd February 2021Schaack Audio Technologies updates Transient Shaper to v2.60

22nd February 2021Zenhiser releases "Fleck - Melodic Techno" Sample Pack

22nd February 2021Intimate Noise releases Kisnou's signature sound pack with intro offer

22nd February 2021Pfundstein Audio Plugins releases "HEY!shouts" and announces End-of-Winter Sale

22nd February 2021MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v4.1.1

22nd February 2021Ayaic Deal: 50% off Ceilings Of Sound Pro and Mix Monolith Plug-ins

22nd February 2021Inspiration Sounds releases 'Organica' Sample Pack at Producer Loops

22nd February 2021The Sound Gardxn releases Matter and Form soundset for UV Falcon

22nd February 2021BVKER releases Tranquillity Future Bass Drum Kit

21st February 2021killihu updates Duneton DUNE 3 skin with 200% size and more color themes

21st February 2021Thenatan releases "Vybz" Lofi Multi-Effect Plugin with 63% Intro Discount

21st February 2021Aurally Sound updates Song Master to v1.2

21st February 2021Spektralisk releases Frozen Drones - 50 free presets for Adaptiverb

21st February 2021Fanan team releases Brunetta - Vocals Multi-fx Plug-in for Windows

20th February 2021sonicLAB updates EnVBot Stochastic ADSR generator to v2.1

20th February 2021MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MAutoVolume, MUnison, MBitFunMB and MAutoEqualizer

19th February 20212B Played Music Deal: 50% off 2B Shaped

19th February 2021Sound Magic releases Bass Ray5 - Music Man Stingray 5 Bass

19th February 2021W. A. Production releases "10in1 Savage Future Bass Bundle 3" with 95% discount

19th February 2021Dustons releases Diva Signature Collection Presets SoundSet

19th February 2021Audiofier releases Ekorain for Kontakt

19th February 2021Kuassa updates Efektor RV3604 Reverb, DL3606 Delay, CP3603 Compressor and WF3607 Wah Filter

19th February 2021Revealed Recordings releases "REGGIO Soundset Mega Pack Vol. 3"

19th February 2021Sounds And Effects Hidden Objects Percussion One Week Sale

19th February 2021zplane updates deCoda to v1.2.1

19th February 2021Rast Sound releases 'African Colours' for Kontakt with intro offer

19th February 2021HoRNet Super Sale: up to 60% off plugins and bundles

19th February 2021SoundsDivine releases 'The Sweet Spot' for BX_Oberhausen

19th February 2021Soundmanufacture updates Scale-O-Mat 4 to v4.1

19th February 2021TAL Software updates TAL-U-NO-LX to v4.4.1

19th February 2021Jamahook updated to v1.5

18th February 2021Fuse Audio Labs VCL Plugins 50% off until March 14th, 2021

18th February 2021Incognet releases Slap House Vol.3

18th February 2021UVI offers $50/50€ off Orchestral Suite through February 22nd

18th February 2021Bingoshakerz releases Retrotronica

18th February 2021Lostin70s updates Keys Of The 70s - New samples bank and full stereo support

18th February 2021U&I Software releases MetaSynth CTX 1.x for Cocoa MacOS (10.15, 11.x, backward compatible to 10.10)

18th February 2021APD Offer: 60% Off Reels (AU, VST2, VST3, AAX) by AudioThing

17th February 2021ParrotCan launches new artist based sample-pack company with free intro offer

17th February 2021Mastering The Mix updates plugins

17th February 2021NUGEN Audio updates Paragon to v1.1.0.8

17th February 2021SKnote releases DualR - High-Gain Guitar Amplifier and Cabinet Modeller Plug-in

17th February 2021KarmaFX Season Sale - 40% Off

16th February 2021SampleScience releases free 606 Clones sample pack

16th February 2021VSP releases White Rose presets and samples for DS Thorn

16th February 2021Blue Cat Audio releases Blue Cat's Plug'n Script 3.31 Audio and MIDI Scripting Plug-In

16th February 2021beatassist.eu releases Gotcha SF2 Player VSTi for Windows

16th February 2021G-Sonique releases PsyChill X1 for MacOS & Windows VST & AU

16th February 2021Apisonic Labs updates Speedrum Lite to v0.9.0

16th February 2021Pulsar Audio releases Pulsar 1178 - Emulated FET Compressor

15th February 2021Zenhiser releases "Friction" Sample Pack

15th February 2021Spektralisk releases Granular Lab - Pigments presets, Ableton Live Pack and samples for exploring granular synthesis

15th February 2021NatLife Sounds Winter meets Spring Sale - 30% Off Everything

15th February 2021Producer Loops releases 'Spin House' Sample Pack

15th February 2021Nova Sound releases "Free Sax" Sound Kit

15th February 2021WIMSS updates WoodSynth to v1.3 with new sample source features and user requested features

15th February 2021Cinematique Instruments releases Autoharp 3 for Kontakt

15th February 2021The Control Centre releases Acoustic Guitar & Tambourine Pack and Studio Synths Pack for Ableton Live

15th February 2021Electric Himalaya releases "Diva - Into Darkness" for u-he Diva

14th February 2021Plughugger updates all u-he soundsets with NKS previews + sale

14th February 2021Plughugger sale for all u-he soundsets

14th February 2021Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.8.10

14th February 2021GSi releases EQuity - 6-band visual equalizer with spectrum analyzer

14th February 2021discoDSP updates Discovery, Discovery Pro, OPL and Vertigo synths (AAX and Linux VST3 support)

13th February 2021KINDZAudio updates MentalV to v2.2

13th February 2021Findasound releases Desert Beats II for Kontakt

13th February 2021Caelum Audio releases Smoov compressor for desktop and iOS with Intro Offer

13th February 2021MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MAutoDynamicEq, MWobbler, MDynamicEq and MDistortionMB

13th February 2021Reveal Sound Valentine's Day Sale

12th February 2021rncbc.org updates Qtractor to v0.9.20 for Linux

12th February 2021apulSoft updates apQualizr2 to v2.3.5

12th February 2021Function Loops releases "Techno Expedition", "Silk Lo-Fi Hip Hop" and "Tech House Magic"

12th February 2021Revealed Recordings releases Synth Loop Essentials Vol. 1

12th February 2021UVI updates Falcon to v2.1.2 - adds undo/redo feature and more

12th February 2021Audient Extends Product Warranty to Three Years

12th February 2021Mercuriall Audio St. Valentine's Sale

12th February 2021Majetone releases 'The Yard' for Kontakt - One Shot Samples with Audio & MIDI Loops

12th February 2021Dustons releases “Trance Classics vol.2 Roland JP 8000 / JP 8080 SoundSet”

12th February 2021Time+Space Deal: £10 off min £40 spend this Valentine's weekend

12th February 2021Kazrog updates 4 plugins - Apple Silicon, new features

12th February 2021HY-Plugins and Bedroom Producers Blog release free HY-ESG for Mac & Win

12th February 2021Pitch Innovations updates Fluid Pitch to v1.0.9

12th February 2021beatassist.eu releases MacPack - Free Effects Bundle for macOS

12th February 2021W. A. Production releases "Biggifier by Aden" Plugin with 40% off launch discount

12th February 2021Raising Jake Studios releases Limited-S De-Esser/Enhancer

12th February 2021Audiovapor releases Electro Bass MIDI Vol. 5

12th February 2021Sound Magic releases Headphone Mix 4 and announces President Day Sale

11th February 2021killihu releases Mapper-Ki for Ableton Live

11th February 2021Soundiron releases Ancient Greek Strings for Kontakt with Intro Offer

11th February 2021ModeAudio releases 'Replica - Serum Synthwave Presets'

11th February 2021Thomas Mundt updates free LoudMax to v1.38 for Win, Mac, Linux and Winamp

11th February 2021Ueberschall releases LoFi Lounge (Elastik Soundbank)

11th February 2021Mogwai Audio Tools updates Mecho-Multi and Msat-Multi

11th February 2021Cmusic Production Valentine's Day sale – up to 70% off

11th February 2021Audio Brewers releases Signals 'Blue' - Pulses and Textures Designer Kontakt Instrument

10th February 2021Big Fish Audio Presidents Day Sale - Up To 30% Off Loops & Virtual Instruments

10th February 2021Black Octopus Sound & Basement Freaks release Tropical Funk

10th February 2021rncbc.org updates the Vee One Suite for Linux to v0.9.20

10th February 2021Heavyocity releases Scoring Acoustic Guitars

10th February 2021UVI offers 40% off Meteor through February 15th, 2021

10th February 2021Steinberg releases Fractals Expansion for Padshop

10th February 2021Man Makes Noise releases "The Jumalauta" Custom String Instruments for Kontakt 5

10th February 2021Arturia launches Sounds:uncovered series with 50% software sale

10th February 2021Toontrack releases Electronic Beats MIDI pack

10th February 2021Schaack Audio updates AnalogQ equalizer to v1.11 for Windows and MacOS

10th February 2021Stone Voices releases Chorus GAS v1.0 (Free VST Plug-in for Windows)

10th February 2021Kuassa Announces Amp Week - Up To 61% Off All Kuassa Amps

9th February 2021Gibson Gives Foundation expands with "KRK Kares"

9th February 2021VSTBuzz: 60% off Pattern Strings by Ben Osterhouse

9th February 2021Audiolounge Magoo Discount - 30% Off

9th February 2021Eplex7 releases Klerhaim N1 - Analog Synthesizer Plugin for Windows with Virtual Circuit Emulation Technology

9th February 2021Complete NUGEN Audio's survey for a $100 voucher - 5 Days Left

9th February 2021Datacode releases "Tech House Bundle" - Loopmasters Exclusive

9th February 2021Audentity Records releases "Out The Box – Lofi Hip Hop" Sample Pack

9th February 2021Sound Dust releases Loop Pool Percussion with 40% intro offer

9th February 2021Thirdmanonthemoon releases "Drummer From Another Mother free" - Free Drum Samples of the Moog DFAM

9th February 2021Ultimate MIDI Plugin releases Ultimate Sylenth Preset Manager

9th February 2021GSi releases Easy Convolver - Free Convolution VST Plugin for Windows and Linux

9th February 2021HoRNet Plugins updates SongKey MK3 to v3.1.0

9th February 2021Replika Sound releases RSSD04 Dark Piano Antarctica Cinematic Textural Instrument for Kontakt

9th February 2021ToneLib updates ToneLib-GFX to v4.5.5 for Win, Mac & Linux

9th February 2021Internet Co. Offer - Up to 70% off

8th February 2021Zenhiser releases "Allure - Progressive House" Sample Pack

8th February 2021NatLife Sounds releases Psychodelive V1 for SynthMaster One

8th February 2021Muletone Audio February Sale - Up to 50 % Off on Bundles

8th February 2021MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v4.1

8th February 2021United Plugins releases Orbitron by JMG Sound with €100 discount

8th February 2021Voxengo updates PrimeEQ to v1.4 and TEOTE to v1.5

8th February 2021PechenegFX releases AutoTremWah VST3, now for Windows, and free version AutoTreWahLight for Windows and macOS (VST, AU)

8th February 2021Rhythm Electronics releases Vintage Drum Machines for the Roland MC-707

8th February 2021Sweetsonics updates Laser Precise Sidechainer to v1.1.0.1

8th February 2021Kuassa updates Efektor DS3603 Distortion, FZ3603 Fuzz and OD3603 Overdrive to v1.1.0

8th February 2021HY-Plugins updates HY-POLY to v1.2.0

8th February 2021Konstantin Klem releases Max for Live Delta for Ableton Live

8th February 2021beatassist.eu releases MeeGuita - plugin synth inspired by the electric guitar sound

8th February 2021blortblort releases "Shadows" for Sonic Charge Permut8 with intro offer

8th February 2021Producer Loops releases 'Arcade Pop' Sample Pack

8th February 2021Win Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite - KVR Giveaway

6th February 2021STL Tones releases February 2021 update for AmpHub

6th February 2021MeldaProduction MTurboLove: 60% off on all MTurbo- plugins during Valentine's period

5th February 2021Caelum Audio releases Flux Mini for MacOS, Windows, iOS & iPadOS

5th February 2021ZenSound releases Virgo for J-8

5th February 2021A.O.M. updates plugins to v1.11.3

5th February 2021Syntheway releases Stepattern - Step Sequencer Synthesizer for Windows and macOS

5th February 2021SampleScience releases "The Gong" free plugin instrument for Windows and Mac

5th February 2021Big Fish Audio releases 'Vanished: Dark Cinematic Construction Kits' Loop Library

5th February 2021Red Sounds releases "Modern Lo-Fi For Vital"

5th February 2021HASound updates "Big Apple" Dynamic Range Compressor to v2.1 and sets it free

5th February 2021W. A. Production releases "9in1 Lofi Hip Hop Mega Pack" with 95% discount

5th February 2021Bunker Samples $20 Birthday Voucher

5th February 2021Revealed Recordings releases "Blackcode Sylenth1 Soundset Vol. 1" for Sylenth1

4th February 2021ProSoundz releases Sounds Like H.E.R

4th February 2021Audentity Records releases Future Rave 2K21 Sample Pack

4th February 2021Deplike Guitar Effects & Amps Mobile App - 30% Discount for lifetime (iOS & Android)

4th February 2021zplane updates Peel to v1.0.1

4th February 2021Lostin70s updates Devil Spring Reverb for Mac & Win and releases iOS version

4th February 2021Venomode updates Phrasebox to v1.2 - 50% discount until March 1st

4th February 2021Bingoshakerz releases Trap Tales

4th February 2021Toontrack releases Electronic Edge EZX

4th February 2021Overloud announces Fluid Convolution - Next Generation IR Processing Technology

4th February 2021Immidiate releases Synthwave - MIDI, Loops & Cthulhu Presets Pack

4th February 2021APD Offer: Saga - Acoustic Trailer Percussion by Red Room Audio 67% Off

3rd February 2021UVI release 8-Bit Synth - Authentic sounds of vintage game systems, chip synths, and computers

3rd February 2021Tom Wolfe releases 'Novus' Cinematic Soundbank for Massive X

3rd February 2021D16 Group updates all SilverLine Collection Plugins

3rd February 2021Devious Machines releases Percussive Layers for Texture – 650 sounds for layering or triggering

2nd February 2021VSL releases Bösendorfer 280VC Concert Grand - Recorded at Synchron Stage, Vienna

2nd February 2021Sound Dust releases "Free Pool Percussion" - Free Curated Loops

2nd February 2021Sound Ex Machina releases "Crowds" SFX library of crowd reactions and emotional responses

2nd February 2021Flandersh Tech releases Uraleq - Free Advanced Multiband Processor for Windows VST3

2nd February 2021Cherry Audio releases Polymode Synthesizer Plugin

2nd February 2021AudioThing releases Alborosie Dub Station Plug-in (VST, AU & AAX)

2nd February 2021Noisebud updates Smile to v3.5 and gives v3.1 away for free

2nd February 2021Wavelet Audio releases Trailer Box for Kontakt with intro price

2nd February 2021Produce-RNB updates Signature RnB Plugin to v3.0

2nd February 2021BVKER Releases Free “Trap Devil” Drum Kit

2nd February 2021ModeAudio releases 'Airflow - Sci-Fi Cinematic Loops'

1st February 2021Zenhiser releases "Bliss - Essentials" Sample Pack

1st February 2021Nova Sound releases "Free Keys" Sound Pack

1st February 2021Resonance Sound releases Ultimate Future Bass for Serum Vol.3

1st February 2021Wavparty releases SY0.5 Syncussion Drum Sample Pack

1st February 2021Nembrini Audio releases Quinta Pitch Machine pitch shifter - with Intro Offer

1st February 2021beatassist.eu releases Kuma 508 - FM Synth for Windows and macOS

1st February 2021Decomposer updates Sitala to v1.0.9

1st February 2021Vejo - soft updates Arcane Delay VST 3 Plugin to v1.0.2

1st February 2021UnitedPlugins Time-Limited FireSonic Bundle - Save €307

1st February 2021Frozen Plain and Glitchedtones release Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit (Mac, Win, VST, AU)

1st February 2021Mogwai Audio Tools 50% off everything sale

1st February 2021FXpansion BFD Expansion and Groove packs 50% off until February 18th

1st February 2021CANATO releases MidiYodi 2021.1

1st February 2021Mogwai Audio Tools updates MECHO-MULTI to include ducking controls