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News Archive for April 2005

30th April 2005Rick Jelliffe releases CS-80R

30th April 2005ArtsAcoustic Reverb v1.0 released

30th April 2005SoftPlug releases Adventus v1.5

29th April 2005URS updates Classic Console EQ Bundle and releases BLT (VST/AU)

29th April 2005Beta Monkey releases Alt and Modern Rock Drums III

29th April 2005Loopmasters releases Hip Hop Progressions

29th April 2005PlanetSample releases 3 new Electronica Loop CDs

29th April 2005VSTHost v1.28 and SAVIHost v1.19 released

29th April 2005NUSofting releases Pizza Synth

28th April 2005TbT releases TLs Pocket Limiter v1.1

28th April 2005Wave Arts updates Power Suite to v4.1 (OSX only)

28th April 2005Knufinke updates SIR to v1.010

28th April 2005FXpansion announces GURU

28th April 2005Rogue Amoeba releases Audio Hijack Pro v2.5

28th April 2005BetabugsAudio releases Chorrosive, SVF2 and WideBug

28th April 2005SynthFont v0.998 released

27th April 2005Silverspike releases R2 Reverb for OSX

27th April 2005n-Track Studio v4.0.5 released

27th April 2005EVMsynths announces Plugins for Life

27th April 2005Starplugs releases MoonClass v1.0

26th April 2005Big Fish Audio releases Greg Adams' Big Band Brass

26th April 2005Zero-G releases World Pack for GarageBand

26th April 2005CodeOperator release PlugAdmin v1.1

26th April 2005Kjaerhus Audio updates Golden Audio Channel | GAC-1 to v1.0.1

26th April 2005alphakanal releases Automat v0.1.6

26th April 2005Apple releases GarageBand v2.0.1

25th April 2005Multree receives his Receptor (won at KVR) at Musikmesse

25th April 2005NI releases Synthetic Drums 2

24th April 2005Prominy releases LPC Electric Distortion & Clean Guitar (GS3.0/2.0)

24th April 2005g200kg updates NoteGraphica to v1.1.1

23rd April 2005KarmaFX Synth v0.8.6 released

23rd April 2005SessionLoops releases Artist Drum Loop Collection (Rock And Pop) (REX2)

23rd April 2005ConcreteFX releases Viper to v1.2

22nd April 2005energyXT v1.3 released

22nd April 2005Plogue releases Bidule v0.8001

21st April 2005Muse Research releases v1.2 Software for Receptor

21st April 2005Sonic Flavours releases R66 Reverb

21st April 2005Synthology releases V-Station-Essentials & ES2-Essentials

21st April 2005Arturia releases minimoog V v1.5

21st April 2005NUSofting launches Groove Analogizer public beta

21st April 2005NI announces the Kontakt 2 Clinic Tour

20th April 2005Sound Forge 8 Know It All! (Training Video) released

20th April 2005WWAYM releases preset bank for nWSynth

20th April 2005Leapfrog Audio releases Rephrase v1.2

20th April 2005Sony updates Vegas to v6.0a

20th April 2005alphakanal updates Automat to v0.1.5

20th April 2005Sinthecyza! 1 and 2 updated

20th April 2005[UPDATED - New Price] Crysonic releases Spectralive Audio Vitaliser v1.0

20th April 2005Jeff Rippe releases SIR Delay

20th April 2005BuzMaxi3 v1.2 released

20th April 2005Apple updates Jam Pack 4: Symphony Orchestra to v1.0.1.

20th April 2005Zamp updated to v1.2

20th April 2005ASKVideo completes Cubase DVD series with Level 3

20th April 2005Psychic Modulation updates Cortex and Arptron

19th April 2005Progress Audio releases Soup v1.5

19th April 2005Voxengo updates Pristine Space Light to v1.1

19th April 2005H.G. Fortune updates Swamp, STS-17 and ASET 2121

19th April 2005Nomad factory releases Essential Studio Suite v1.0

19th April 2005Precisionsound releases J-Celeste (HAL/Kon/SF2)

19th April 2005Ableton releases Live v4.1.2

19th April 2005Apple announces Soundtrack Pro

19th April 2005Sony releases Cinemascape: Soundtrack Construction Elements

19th April 2005Sony releases Vegas6+DVD Production Suite

19th April 2005Blue Cat Software releases Liny EQ

19th April 2005Voxengo HarmoniEQ v1.2 released

18th April 2005Rayzoon releases Jamstix v1.1

18th April 2005Ugo releases String Theory v1.5

18th April 2005Drumagog Pro v4.0 released

18th April 2005g200kg updates NoteGraphica to v1.1

18th April 2005Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v5.0.3

18th April 2005SynthMaker v0.9.3 released

18th April 2005Voxengo Tempo Delay v1.7 released

18th April 2005Basement Arts announces Frantic Filter

18th April 2005WWAYM releases nWRCFil filter plug-in

18th April 2005NI releases Kontakt v2.0.1

18th April 2005SonicBirth Preview Version 5 released

18th April 2005DASH Signature cross-grade to PS-1 announced

18th April 2005ConcreteFX updates Kubik to v2.1.3

14th April 2005Voxengo updates CurveEQ to v2.2

14th April 2005MrTramp v1.0 released

14th April 2005KarmaFX releases KFX Plug-in Pack (incl. Modular Synth)

13th April 2005reFX releases Slayer v2.5

13th April 2005Elevayta releases Choir Boy

13th April 2005ConcreteFX releases version 3.0 of Granite

13th April 2005Wusik releases Famous Keys Plus Vol.1 for all WusikEngine products

12th April 2005The Freesound Project - now open

12th April 2005Spectrasonics releases Burning Grooves for Stylus RMX

12th April 2005Fast Guide to Cubase SX Third Edition now available

12th April 2005Scarbee releases VKC, VKFX and KGB (incl. Mac)

12th April 2005Roni Music releases Decrackler v1.0

12th April 2005Fergusson Acoustics releases G-amp Phat v0.9

11th April 2005Voxengo releases Pristine Space Light v1.0 (+Group Buy)

11th April 2005Yellow Tools releases Candy (Sax module)

11th April 2005Sound Burst announces North Mood

11th April 2005Sonic Assault updates Arpecyza! to v1.3

8th April 2005Receptor video demonstrates UniWire (@ Harmony Central)

8th April 2005Scarbee announces Imperial Drums XL

8th April 2005Starplugs announces the Cyclone Bundle

8th April 2005Apple announces Logic Express/Pro v7.1

8th April 2005BeRoTracker updated

8th April 2005Iced Audio releases AudioFinder v3.6

7th April 2005VirSyn announces CUBE 2 - Spectral morphing resynthesizer

7th April 2005IK Multimedia announces CSR-1 Classik Studio Reverb

7th April 2005Devine Machine releases Minion v1.0

7th April 2005alphakanal releases Automat v0.1.3 (formerly Generator)

7th April 2005Voxengo updates Recorder and Latency Delay to v1.1

7th April 2005Garritan announces Real Spaces

7th April 2005digitalmusician.net - Online Collaboration via VST announced

7th April 2005BIAS announces Peak Pro 5 and Peak Pro 5 XT

7th April 2005Vienna Symphonic Library announces MIR and releases OPUS 2

7th April 2005EWQLSO Gold and Silver cross-grade offer (open to all)

7th April 2005Shortcircuit updated to v1.0.13

7th April 2005crusherX-Studio! Granular Processor v1.2 released

7th April 2005Tobybear MiniHost v1.6.4 released

7th April 2005MjCompressor ported to OSX

6th April 2005Muse Research demonstrates new plug-ins running on Receptor

6th April 2005UniWire technology from Muse Research makes European debut

6th April 2005Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v5.0.2

6th April 2005NI releases Electronic Instruments 2 XT

6th April 2005Native Instruments announces Guitar Combos

6th April 2005Native Instruments announces Synthetic Drums 2

6th April 2005Native Instruments announces Reaktor 5

6th April 2005TerraTec announces Komplexer

6th April 2005Arturia, in partnership with IRCAM, announces Brass

6th April 2005Arturia announces minimoog V v1.5

6th April 2005Steinberg announces The Grand 2

6th April 2005The World Of VST at Frankfurt Musikmesse

6th April 2005Steinberg releases ASIO 2.1

6th April 2005Steinberg to offer reNOVAtor support in WaveLab 5

6th April 2005Camel Audio announces PhatSpace effect bundle

6th April 2005Cakewalk announces retail version of z3ta+ Waveshaping Synthesizer

6th April 2005Cakewalk announces SONAR LE bundled with Edirol hardware

6th April 2005Cakewalk announces availability of Project5 v2.0

5th April 2005VST Plugin Analyser Updated

5th April 2005Brainspawn releases Forte v1.5.76

5th April 2005dmi @ Smart Electronix releases Foorius

5th April 2005EastWest launches EWQLSO Platinum Edition Group Buy

5th April 2005SonicBirth Preview Version 4 available (incl. VST Export)

5th April 2005Moppel releases Moppeltron v1.0

5th April 2005TP Works releases T-Pulse v1.0

4th April 2005Bornemark Software releases Broomstick Bass Gift Pack 2

4th April 2005Rayzoon releases Jamstix v1.02C (with LiveLoops)

4th April 2005CodeOperator releases PlugAdmin for OS X

4th April 2005Mackie releases Tracktion 2 demo version

4th April 2005Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v5.0.1

4th April 2005Heizenbox v2.2 beta 1 now available

4th April 2005Voxengo Vintage Modulator v1.2 released

4th April 2005Kotkas announces Paax 2

4th April 2005Big Tick updates Rhino to v2.0.3

4th April 2005g200kg releases NoteGraphica v1.0

4th April 2005Tobybear MiniHost v1.6.3 released

4th April 2005Psychic Modulation Neurosynth Pack April Offer

4th April 2005Polarity updates Tubester-2

4th April 2005SpinAudio releases RoomVerb M2 v2.2 build 175

4th April 2005Tsunami Relief Sounds Volume 2 released

4th April 2005Zynewave updates Podium to v1.2.9

1st April 2005White Noise Audio releases Memory

1st April 2005Groove Monkee releases MIDI Beats for BFD and DFHS

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