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News Archive for July 2020

31st July 2020Kuassa Summer Sale: All Plug-ins and Bundles 50% Off

31st July 2020Mix Challenge Competitions in August 2020

31st July 2020W. A. Production releases "Ultimate Presets Bundle" Bundle with 93% intro discount

31st July 2020Revealed Recordings releases Revealed Festival Kits Vol. 5

31st July 2020Drumdrops Summer Sale - 40% Off Everything

31st July 2020Rast Sound Summer Deals: Up To 60% Off

31st July 2020Fume Music releases Originals 2 for Kontakt & WAV

31st July 2020ZenSound Summer Sale - Save 40% on all soundsets and bundles

31st July 2020BABY Audio releases Parallel Aggressor

31st July 2020sonible announces smart:reverb with 25% pre-release promo code

30th July 2020Audiaire Sale: 25% Off Everything

30th July 2020Patchpool Summer Sale - up to 33% off

30th July 2020Big Fish Audio Summer Sale - Up To 50% Off Loops & Virtual Instruments

30th July 2020Best Service releases Emotional Viola

30th July 2020Audentity Records releases "Festival Psytrance 2"

30th July 2020UVI offers 40% off Synth Anthology 2 through August 3rd, 2020

30th July 2020Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v3.9

29th July 20202B Played Music releases 2B Clipped for macOS

29th July 2020Plughugger Summer Sale - 33% off

29th July 2020VGTrumpet releases "VG Trumpet Growl WaWa" for Kontakt

29th July 2020Kwonky Instruments - Summer Sale (40% Discount)

29th July 2020Wavediggerz Cold Summer Bundle - 75% Off

29th July 2020Digital Brain Instruments Sound Design Pro Bundle sale 77% Off

29th July 2020UrsaDSP releases Boost (VST/AU/AAX) – No-clip maximizer with an upward focus

29th July 20202getheraudio releases Space Duck - Ducking delay and reverb processor with built-in filters and effects

29th July 2020We Sound Effects Summer Sale - 70% Off

29th July 2020Function Loops releases "Lo-fi Future" and "Tech House x Rave" sample packs

29th July 2020HoRNet releases MasterTool - Mastering Robot Plugin

28th July 2020VSTBuzz: 88% off HellBeast by Audio Assault

28th July 2020Ample Sound updates Acoustic Guitar and Electric Bass and offers Summer Sale

28th July 2020Surge Synth Team updates Surge Synthesizer to v1.7.0

28th July 2020Eplex7 DSP Summer Sale: up to 50% off on VST plug-ins, VSTi / AU instruments and samples

28th July 2020ujam releases Virtual Bassist Dandy with Intro Deal

28th July 2020One Man Tribe releases "Body Percussion Beats" Sample Pack with $2.99 Intro Price

27th July 2020Zenhiser releases "Sitar FX" Sample Pack

27th July 2020Wavosaur updated to v1.7 for Windows

27th July 2020Direct Approach Plugins are now "You Set The Price"

27th July 2020Tone Projects Summer Sale - 25% off Unisum Mastering Compressor

27th July 2020Tek'it Audio Summer Sale - All Products Up To 60% Off

27th July 2020Samba Godschynski updates Werckmeister to v0.1.54

27th July 2020KLANG Cologne releases three Vintage Synths for Kontakt

27th July 2020Anthology releases 'Late Night Jazz Vol 3' Sample Pack

26th July 2020Online Music Foundry releases “Spectral Battleground” expansion pack for iZotope Iris 2

25th July 2020Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.8.3

25th July 2020A.O.M. updates plugins to v1.10.4

25th July 2020Tritik Irid Intro Price: 40% off through July 31

25th July 2020Kilohearts offers 50% off Phase Distortion, Comb Filter, Compressor, and Ladder Filter (VST/AU/AAX/Snapin)

24th July 2020MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MSpectralDynamics, MCharacter, MReverbMB and MFilter

24th July 2020Parawave Audio updates Rapid Synthesizer to 1.8.0 - Adds Granular Synthesis and the bonus sound package Granular Elements

24th July 2020Revealed Recordings releases Fills Vol. 7

24th July 2020Sound Magic releases Guqin - Plucked Seven-String Chinese Musical Instrument

24th July 2020Audentity Records releases Tropical Bundle: 6 packs at over 80% off

24th July 2020W. A. Production releases "Ascension & Expansions" Bundle with 86% intro discount

24th July 2020Sound Dust releases Dulcitonium for Kontakt with 40% off intro offer

24th July 2020Mastering The Mix updates plugins and releases a global installer

24th July 2020Synthblitz Audio updates Deep One VST to v1.71 - FM Synth for Windows

24th July 2020Big Fish Audio releases 'Ocean: Indie Ambient Kits'

24th July 2020Bingoshakerz released Minimal Tech House 2 by Josu Freire

23rd July 2020Resonance Sound launches Summer Sale 2020

23rd July 2020MusicLab Summer Promotion - Up To 50% Off

23rd July 2020UVI offers 50% off Rotary through July 27th, 2020

23rd July 2020Steinberg releases "Polarities" expansion pack for Padshop 2 granular and spectral synthesizer

23rd July 2020IK's Slash Birthday Celebration - AmpliTube Slash $/€39.99 until July 27th

23rd July 2020NatLife Sounds FL Studio Templates Summer Sale - 50% Off

23rd July 2020New Loops releases Synthmaster One Bass Expansion

23rd July 2020discoDSP updates Discovery Nord Lead based synth for macOS

23rd July 2020APD Offer: 90% Off Massive Alternative Bundle by Ueberschall

22nd July 2020NatLife Sounds releases Urbass V1 for Diva

22nd July 2020Incognet releases Joy Ride Bass Samples

22nd July 2020UVI releases LoFi Dreams for Falcon

22nd July 2020Tritik releases Irid - Shimmer Reverb Plugin

22nd July 2020MeldaProduction releases MSuperLooper with 81% discount

22nd July 2020Akai Pro releases MPC Beats - Free DAW with 80+ exclusive AIR Music Tech Plugins

22nd July 2020KV331 Audio announces SynthMaster Track Contest with $1500 cash prizes and more

21st July 2020Riot Audio releases Ritual Gong Drum (Epic Bronze Percussion Library for Kontakt) with intro deal

21st July 2020VSTBuzz: Up to 86% off "Summer of Sound Design" Week

21st July 2020Nextmidi updates Divisimate to v1.2 - introduces new Divisi Modes, Polyphonic Aftertouch, and more

21st July 2020SampleScience releases VHS Dreamwaves

21st July 2020sonicLAB updates Fundamental to v1.1

21st July 2020BOOM Library celebrates 10 years with a $25 e-voucher for their online store

21st July 2020Nextmidi Divisimate 15% Off - Update 1.2 Celebration

21st July 2020Sonicbits updates Exakt Lite and Sphere - Free Plugins

21st July 2020Fanan team releases Yumbu - Free Drum Sampler VSTi for Windows

20th July 2020Zenhiser releases "Onyx - Melodic House & Techno" Sample Pack

20th July 2020Soundiron Summer Sale - Up To 33% Off Storewide

20th July 2020Xhun Audio Summer Special Offer: Time-Extended 50% Off

20th July 2020Produce-RNB releases Four - Hip-Hop/R&B Chord Progression Preset Library for Cthulhu, Scaler 1& 2, Chord Engine 2.0 and Chordz

20th July 2020IK releases T-RackS Space Delay

20th July 2020Audentity Records releases Lofi Soul Instrumentals Vol.2

20th July 2020United Plugins discounts Verbum Entropic Hall

20th July 2020OST Audio Offer: Buy Trance Expedition Sylenth1 Soundbank, Get 3 full packs for free

20th July 2020Audio Modeling releases SWAM Solo Brass v1.5.0

20th July 2020Stoev Lab releases Interference for VCV Rack

20th July 2020Bela D Media releases Paravox X – Ambient Vocal Design for Kontakt

20th July 2020ProducerLoops releases '80s Retro Pop Vol 2' Sample Pack

19th July 2020eXtream Software Development releases Audio Evolution Mobile Studio v5 for Android

19th July 2020Reveal Sound Summer Sale

18th July 2020Dustons releases "Deep House Access Virus Ti / Ti2 SoundSet"

18th July 2020Heptode releases Amplosion - Guitar Amp Simulator VST3 Plug-in for Windows

18th July 2020VAST Dynamics releases v3.1 of Vaporizer2 - Free demo project

18th July 2020Sounds of Revolution releases SOR Melodic Techno 3

17th July 2020MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MAutoAlign, MCompare, MChorusMB and MTremoloMB

17th July 2020ProSoundz releases R&B Fury Mega Kit

17th July 2020Soundtrack Loops releases LoFi Drift with 74% intro discount

17th July 2020W. A. Production releases "The King 2" Plugin with 90% intro discount

17th July 2020Audiaire Zenith Sale: 30% Off

17th July 2020Datacode releases FOCUS: Deep House Underground (Sample Pack)

17th July 2020Rast Sound releases Sounds of Mesopotamia with Intro Offer

17th July 2020Revealed Recordings releases Serum Bass House Vol. 1

17th July 2020Sound Magic releases BianZhong and updates Neo Reverb to v2.2

17th July 2020Fuse Audio Labs Summer Sale 2020 / Free GUI Updates - 50% Off Selected Plugins

17th July 2020New Loops Offer: Buy Repro-1 Pro Expansion and get Repro-5 Pro Expansion free

17th July 2020killihu updates Sequencer-Ki to v1.1 with new features

17th July 2020ModeAudio Summer Sale: 30% Off All Sounds

17th July 2020The Unfinished Summer Sale 2020

17th July 2020App Sound releases "Analog Spheres" - 128 Presets for Synapse Audio Obsession with 30% Off Intro Offer

17th July 2020sonible Summer Sale - Save up to 55% on plug-ins

16th July 2020IK Brian May Birthday Celebration - Up to 50% off AmpliTube Brian May for Mac/PC and iOS

16th July 2020Audentity Records releases Strings Adventures 4 Sample Pack

16th July 2020HoRNet Summer Sale: 60% off plugins, 30% off bundles

16th July 2020NatLife Sounds Spire Summer Sale - 50% Off

16th July 2020ZenSound releases Gaela for TAL-U-NO-LX

15th July 2020NatLife Sounds releases True Trance Sounds V1 for Roland JP-08

15th July 2020pornofonic Instruments 30% off thru July

15th July 2020Black Octopus Sound Summer Sale - save 50% on almost all sample packs & presets

15th July 2020Impact Soundworks releases inSIDious - Virtual SID Synthesizer by Mike Clarke

15th July 2020Mercuriall Audio #stayathome sale - up to 40% off

15th July 2020Igor Vasiliev updates Classic FX - Reworked classic audio effects to v2.0 for iOS

15th July 2020Ample Sound updates Acoustic Bass and Ukulele to v3.2 and Pipa to v2.1 (+25% Discount)

15th July 2020Bunker Samples Summer Sale 2020 - Up to 45% off

15th July 2020D16 Group Summer Sale - All Products 35% Off

14th July 2020Vienna Symphonic Library releases Synchron Percussion II - Drum and Percussion instruments

14th July 2020VSTBuzz: 92% off InstaChord & Expansions by W.A Production

14th July 2020Bob Moog Foundation announces Online Synthgeek Trivia Games

14th July 20202B Played Music releases 2B Clipped - Free distortion plugin for Windows

14th July 2020Thenatan Summer Sale: 75% Off Everything

14th July 2020Eventide announces Undulator - 100% of the sales to charity for the life of product

14th July 2020HoRNet updates LU Meter MK2 to v2.0.2

14th July 2020LVC-Audio Summer Sale - 40% Off

14th July 2020Signum Audio releases BUTE Limiter 2 with 30% Intro Discount

14th July 2020Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v9.7

14th July 2020Bingoshakerz releases Tech-Funk House 3 by Earth n Days

14th July 2020Cherry Audio releases FM Station Modules for Voltage Modular

14th July 2020Eplex7 DSP releases "Hitech lasers 1" sound effects instrument plug-in for Win / Mac

14th July 2020Accusonus Audio Repair Offer: Buy any ERA 4 plugin and get another one for free

13th July 2020Zenhiser releases "New Jungle" Sample Pack"

13th July 2020Venomode updates Phrasebox to v1.0.8 - New playback mode and improved piano roll

13th July 2020SoundsDivine Summer Sale - Up to 50% off

13th July 2020Quikquak updates Fusion Field to v4

13th July 2020AudioThing updates miniBit and miniVerb - 8-bit/Chiptune Plugins

13th July 2020Orange Tree Samples releases "The Famous E Electric Piano" for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer

13th July 2020MusicDevelopments updates Syne Modular Additive Synthesizer to v1.09

13th July 2020FabFilter Summer Sale - 25% discount on all bundles and in accounts

13th July 2020ProducerLoops.com releases "Essence of Analogue Vol 3: Ambient Odyssey" Sample Pack

12th July 2020Yamaha Vocaloid5 2nd Anniversary Sale - 15% Off

12th July 2020Patchpool releases Fractalism for Output Portal

11th July 20202B Played Music Offer: 50% Off

11th July 2020Softrave Summer Discount for Orch Hit VSTi

11th July 2020Luftrum 40% Summer Sale

10th July 2020MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MSoundFactory, MLimiterMB, MDynamics and MVibratoMB

10th July 2020forward audio Summer Sale Round 2: All Phase Alignment Plug-ins up to 30% off

10th July 2020Function Loops releases "Psytrance Inside" and "Sunrise - Vocal Reggaeton"

10th July 2020Revealed Recordings releases Sylenth1 Leads Vol. 9

10th July 2020Aberrant DSP releases ShapeShifter for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

10th July 2020Max Innovation: An Interview with David Zicarelli

10th July 2020apulSoft releases apUnmask - Uncover Hidden Audio Plugin

10th July 2020HY-Plugins updates HY-POLY and HY-SeqCollection2

10th July 2020Voxengo updates Boogex, SPAN Plus and Elephant and launches Summer 2020 Discount

10th July 2020W. A. Production releases Tropical House Mega Pack 1 with 95% Discount

10th July 2020SoundsDivine releases 'Atmosphere' for Xfer Records Serum

10th July 2020Sound Magic releases Cadenza Strings - a full string section virtual instrument with modeling technology

9th July 2020NUGEN Audio updates Halo Downmix and offers 20% off Surround Suite Plug-ins

9th July 2020Wavemark releases WTAUTOMIXER - Multi Channel Gain Sharing Automixer for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

9th July 2020IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube Joe Satriani

9th July 2020ModeAudio releases "Minimal Piano Loops"

9th July 2020A Sound Effect Summer Sale

9th July 2020One Man Tribe releases Flow Show - Free Sample Pack made out of a live percussion FX performance

9th July 2020APD Offer: 71% Off True Keys Piano Bundle by VI Labs

8th July 2020Initial Audio releases Dynamic Delay & IA-LA1 Compressor for Win & MacOS

8th July 2020BOOM Library Celebrates 10 Years Of BOOM with 95% off Cinematic Metal Bundle

8th July 2020Dustons releases "Leads & Hooks Nord Lead 3 / Nord Rack 3 SoundSet"

8th July 2020Devil Soundz updates all their free plugins for Windows

8th July 2020Trackbout releases Ripchord 2.3.0 with preset duplication

7th July 2020Tokyo Dawn Labs updates the SlickEQ and Nova product families

7th July 2020VSTBuzz: 70% off Thor by Sound Magic

7th July 2020Blue Cat Audio Updates Dynamics Plug-ins

7th July 2020KV331 Audio releases Demis Hellen Euphoric Trance for SynthMaster One and SynthMaster One iOS

7th July 2020PreSonus upgrades Studio One to v5.0 - Extensive Live Performance and Scoring Features and More

7th July 2020Audient releases free EVO Control App & Audio Loop-back Mixer for Mac & Win

7th July 2020Gothic Instruments Dronar and Sculptor Kontakt tools - up to 55% off

7th July 2020Sample Logic releases Symphonic AI - Animated Intelligence for Kontakt with 50% Intro Discount

7th July 2020Vejo-soft releases Aeco A1 Dynamic Processor (Auto Gain, Expander, Compressor) VST 3 Plugin for Windows with 33% Intro Discount

7th July 2020discoDSP updates OB-Xd Mobile to v1.5

7th July 2020Replika Sound releases RSCI03 Muralis Rise & Ping with Audition Player for Kontakt

7th July 2020HoRNet updates ELM128 MK2 to v2.1.1

7th July 2020VSP releases "Special Edition" for Synapse Audio Obsession with 26% intro discount

6th July 2020Kuassa announces Free Efektor Week

6th July 2020Zenhiser releases "Noir - Techno" Sample Pack

6th July 2020Touch The Universe Soundset Group Buy 2020

6th July 2020Beatskillz up to 40% off sale

6th July 2020Nova Sound releases "Percussion Caribbean" VST/AU and the "Free Art" Sound Kit

6th July 2020G-Sonique updates Alien 303 – Acid / Bassline Synthesizer - Native 64-bit for Windows

6th July 2020New Sonic Arts Summer Sale - Save on Granite, Nuance and Vice

6th July 2020Klang.Cologne releases free Klang Instrument "Aetherophone" and "Sample Pack Vol. 1"

6th July 2020Valiant Samples releases Quartarone Guitar Reveries for Kontakt

6th July 2020Strix Instruments Summer Sale - Up To 92% Off

4th July 2020SampleScience releases "Vaporwaves 3" and updates "Thales Model I" to v2

4th July 2020Mercuriall Audio updates Euphoria to v1.1

3rd July 2020MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MCabinet, MDynamicsMB, MEqualizerLP and MPhaserMB

3rd July 2020W. A. Production releases Future House Mega Pack 1 With 95% Discount

3rd July 2020Revealed Recordings releases FX Loops Vol. 1

3rd July 2020Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.7.7.0 for Windows

3rd July 2020Sound Magic releases Bamboo Dreams v2.0 - 7 Chinese Woodwind Instruments

3rd July 2020Nils Schneider releases Nils' K1v - A free ROMpler emulating a 1988 Japanese classic

3rd July 2020Datacode releases FOCUS: Massive X Techno (NI Massive X Presets Pack)

3rd July 2020Mixanalog adds LA-2A

3rd July 2020Sampleson releases ElectroNylon - Nylon Electric Piano based on Spectral Transformation

3rd July 2020sonicLAB updates Cosmosf FX Advanced Stochastic Audio Processor to v7.1

2nd July 2020Tone2 updates Electra to v2.8

2nd July 2020UVI releases IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 with intro offer

2nd July 2020AudioThing updates Hats to v1.5

2nd July 2020Empirical Labs Arousor - 1/4th off for the Fourth

2nd July 2020Fanan team updates Callisto VSTi to v1.7 and releases standalone version for Windows

2nd July 2020Red Sounds releases Iconic 808 Free Sample Pack

2nd July 2020KV331 Audio updates SynthMaster One and SynthMaster One iOS to v1.4

2nd July 2020KV331 Audio announces up to 80% Off Spring Sale until September 1

2nd July 2020ModeAudio releases 'Simulation - Serum Synth & Sequence Presets'

2nd July 2020Audiolounge Summer Sale 25%-50% off Rhodes Affair 2 / Fret Affair / Vintage Drum Machine Bundle ends July 18

2nd July 2020Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio releases Woodulator 2.0 for iOS and MacOS

2nd July 2020Ueberschall Weekend Sale

2nd July 2020Plughugger offers 60% off “Distorted Evolution 5: Hits & Booms” for Omnisphere and 50% off “Nanopolarity” for Pigments 2

1st July 2020Plughugger releases “Nanopolarity” for Arturia Pigments 2

1st July 2020Output releases "Thermal" Interactive Distortion Plugin

1st July 2020Audiaire Sale: 25% Off Everything

1st July 2020Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.8.2

1st July 2020Wagsrfm releases Retro Collection sound library for u-he Diva

1st July 2020MusicDevelopments updates Syne Modular Additive Synthesizer to v1.08

1st July 2020Groove Monkee releases Garage Rock Revival MIDI Loops

1st July 20202Rule releases TwoRuleFilter for Windows 64-bit

1st July 2020United Plugins offer FireMaster with 50% discount

1st July 2020Soundmanufacture updates Chord-O-Mat 3 and Scale-O-Mat 4

1st July 2020Tom Wolfe releases 'Short Ambience' and 'Rhythmic Textures' preset packs for Soundtoys 5 Effect Rack

1st July 2020App Sound releases "Hydra Galaxy" for the ASM Hydrasynth (Keyboard and Desktop) with 30% introductory discount

1st July 2020Nembrini Audio Summer Sale: Desktop 75% Off / Mobile up to 50% Off