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News Archive for August 2018

31st August 2018Muletone Audio releases "Cajons" for Kontakt 5.6

31st August 2018Karoryfer releases "Secret Agent Guitar" for sforzando

31st August 2018Adam Monroe Music updates Rotary Organ to v1.3

31st August 2018MeldaProduction offers 50% Off Effects, Instruments and Bundles

31st August 2018Hidenori Matsuoka releases Guitar Kit v7.0 for iOS

31st August 2018Tokyo Dawn Labs Introductory Sale at Plugin Boutique (Exclusive)

31st August 2018Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.5.4 for Mac

31st August 2018D16 Group announces Fazortan 2 (Win & Mac, VST & AU) introducing AAX format

31st August 2018Kuassa releases "Amplifikation Caliburn" for Mac & Win with Intro Offer

31st August 2018INTERNET Co. "F-REX" Effect Plug-in $19 (80% off) until September 10, 2018

31st August 2018ADSR Sounds releases Sensory - Future Chill

30th August 2018VSP releases "Elaborate Machine" for Omnisphere 2.5 with Intro Offer

30th August 2018SampleScience releases free "RX-17 HD" drum machine sample pack

30th August 2018Ueberschall 24 Hour Flash Sale - 50% off

30th August 2018Ueberschall releases Electro Beats Pop (Elastik soundbank)

30th August 2018Propellerhead Software announces Reason 10.2

30th August 2018Sample Magic announce Ableton Racks Sale - 50% off

30th August 2018Gospel Musicians releases "Pure Synth Platinum 2" for AU/VST/AAX with Intro Offer

30th August 20184drX updates VirtualKeyboard to v1.5 for Win & Mac with support for high DPI displays

30th August 2018New Sonic Arts End of Summer Sale - 40% off Granite, Nuance and Vice

30th August 2018Black Octopus Sound releases Cinematic Indian Loops - 2GB sample pack of Indian Percussion

30th August 2018BoomCrackSounds releases The Red Set for Kontakt

30th August 2018Numerical Audio releases RE-1 - Virtual Tape Machine for iOS

30th August 2018KVR Developer Challenge 2018 - Last Call For Entries

29th August 2018Softrave 30% discount for Hang 4.0 VSTi

29th August 2018Sounds And Effects Labor Day Weekend Sale

29th August 2018HoRNet updates DynamicsControl to v1.0.1

29th August 2018Spectrasonics updates Omnisphere to v2.5 - Hardware Synth Integration and more

28th August 2018Asonic.io releases Flow - Sample Library

28th August 2018Hal Leonard releases first three volumes in Craig Anderton's new Musician's Guide To Home Recording

28th August 2018Premier Sound Factory releases "Wurly Premier G" and "Clavi Premier G" for Kontakt

28th August 2018Korg releases Electribe Wave for iOS

28th August 2018MAGIX releases VEGAS Pro 16

28th August 2018Swar Systems releases SwarPlug 4

28th August 2018TASCAM unveils Model 24 Digital Multitrack Recorder

28th August 2018Thenatan updates 8OOM 2 VST to v1.0.1 - Expansion Support

28th August 2018Sample Fuel updates Pad Motion to v1.5 - Cinematic Pads with Movement

28th August 2018eXtream Software Development releases Audio Evolution Mobile Studio for the iPhone

28th August 2018UVI Vintage Vault 2 discounted through September 10th, 2018

28th August 2018Fuse Audio Labs releases VCL-25A Vintage Vari-Mu Leveler Plug-in

27th August 2018Zenhiser releases "Dreamwave" Sample Pack

27th August 2018W. A. Production releases "Mantra" Sample Pack

27th August 2018CFA-Sound releases Massive Berlin Techno Presets

27th August 2018Tone2 Audio announces Gladiator3 for Autumn release

27th August 2018Klevgrand releases GotoEQ – a new, digital spin on a classic passive EQ unit – with Intro Offer

27th August 2018ProducerLoops releases 'Bass House Anthems Vol 2' Sample Pack

26th August 2018Navi Retlav Studio releases "DX7/Volca FM - Patchology" banks for .syx compatible instruments

26th August 2018Bremmers Audio Design releases MultitrackStudio 9

25th August 2018Wusik releases Wusik P2000 - MIDI/Notes Processor and Plugin Chainer

25th August 2018Thenatan releases "Trap Drum VST"

24th August 2018THEPHONOLOOP announces new lower price for Texture Mozaik.01

24th August 2018MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MAutoDynamicEq, MReverb, MChorusMB and MAutopanMB

24th August 2018Time+Space announces DRONAR Master Edition from Gothic Instruments

24th August 2018n-Track releases Audioroute to connect audio apps on Android

24th August 2018PinkNoise Studio / Kontaktbanks: End of Summer Sale

24th August 2018Neural DSP Partners with Mike Fortin for the first official Fortin Amps Plugins

24th August 2018Sonic Academy releases 'How To Make Kangiten' with Paolo Mojo + exclusive remix contest with Sudbeat Music

24th August 2018Sugar Bytes announces AUv3 and iCloud Drive support for Egoist iOS (v1.6.0)

24th August 2018Plugin Boutique Audio Damage Introductory Sale - 25% Off

24th August 2018Zero-G releases "Future Wave" Sample Library

24th August 2018Kuassa Rack Extension End Of Summer Sale: Up To 50% Off

24th August 2018Function Loops releases "Major Tropical Pop" Construction Kits & Presets

24th August 2018UVI releases Devinity for Falcon

24th August 2018Rast Sound's Colours Collection intro offer until September 3rd

24th August 2018Rast Sound releases Colours Collection

24th August 2018XLN Audio Summer Sale: 50% Off

24th August 2018Thenatan offers 30% off Kerfyge Audio Trap Drum Machine for one week

24th August 2018KX77FREE releases major update of all 64-bit plug-ins

24th August 2018Time+Space Music Production News and Offers 24/8/18

24th August 2018Reveal Sound Summer Sale - $60 off Spire

24th August 2018Fuse Audio Labs Summer Sale #3 - 50% off VCL-4 and F-59

24th August 2018MeterPlugs Summer Sale - 30% Off Everything

23rd August 2018Arturia Summer Sale - 50% Off

23rd August 2018forward audio offers faTimeAlign 35% off for one week

23rd August 2018Mystery Islands Music releases two new soundsets by Luke Terry and announces plug-in sale

23rd August 2018HoRNet Sale: 50% off plugins, 20% off bundles

23rd August 2018Audio Plugin Deals Offer: 79% off Sound Solutions Bundle by Composers Tools

22nd August 2018Diginoiz releases Massive trap Chiefs 1

22nd August 2018HoRNet updates VU Meter MK3 to v3.0.9

22nd August 2018Soundiron releases "Rhythmic Odyssey" for Kontakt Player

22nd August 2018Big Fish Audio releases CIRCLES: Modern Drama Film Scoring

22nd August 2018Sample Magic Classics - Sample Pack Sale - 50% Off

22nd August 2018Loopmasters Artist Series 50% Off

22nd August 2018Ableton Sale: 25% Off Live 10, Upgrades and Packs

22nd August 2018Zynewave updates Podium to v3.3.0

22nd August 2018sonicLAB releases Cosmosf Saturn6S

22nd August 2018Heavyocity releases "FORZO: Modern Brass" for Kontakt Player

22nd August 2018Deskew Technologies updates Gig Performer to v2.5 - enhances support for Thunderbolt 3 audio interfaces on Windows

22nd August 2018Igor Vasiliev updates SynthScaper - Soundscapes synthesizer for iPad and iPhone to v1.5

22nd August 2018Autodafe releases UNO Synth MIDI Editor

22nd August 2018Sub51 releases "CC06" (TR606) for NI Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol

21st August 2018Triple Spiral Audio Omnisphere 2 soundset sale

21st August 2018Sound Radix announces Auto-Align Post for audio post-production

21st August 2018Hidenori Matsuoka updates Chord NOTE to v7.2 and Piano Kit to v4.3 for iOS

21st August 2018Resonance Sound releases 2.86 GB exclusive free samples & loops package for subscribers

21st August 2018ZenSound releases "Niobe" for Repro-1

20th August 2018Zenhiser releases "Magnetic" Sample Pack

20th August 2018Wusik updates Wusik 8008 to v1.0.4 and Wusik Station to v9.04

20th August 2018Full Bucket Music releases ModulAir - Free beta version of modular synthesizer for Windows and macOS

20th August 2018W. A. Production releases "Future Pop Mystic" Sample Pack

20th August 20184drX updates LoopRecorder to v1.4.6 for Win & Mac - incl. Standalone Version

20th August 2018SPC Plugins updates ArcSyn to v2.1.4

20th August 2018Dance MIDI Samples update Ascension to v1.0.1

20th August 2018discoDSP updates Discovery Pro synth for Windows to v6.8.1

20th August 2018VidPlayVST updated to support video encoding in Windows DAWs

20th August 2018LoopLords releases Electric Pianos 77 for Mac & Win VST & AU

20th August 2018Syntheway releases Echo Chamber Reverb and Delay VST effect plugin for Windows

20th August 2018Sono Elements releases SolinStrings for Mac & Win VST & AU

20th August 2018TEControl releases Analog Breath Controller Hardware

20th August 2018Wagsrfm releases Atmospheric Ambient Collection Sound Library for Biotek 2

20th August 2018Detunized releases Fiat Panda Vehicle Sound Library

20th August 2018SOUND7 releases Esoteric Vol. 2 - 64 Presets for u-he Repro-5

20th August 2018Krotos updates Weaponiser to v1.1.0

20th August 2018Seaweed Audio updates Fathom Synth to v2.18 - Easy LFO and Easy ADSR Modulators

20th August 2018Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v5.9.15

20th August 2018ProducerLoops releases 'Latin Pop Anthems 3' Sample Pack

19th August 2018Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.5.2 for Mac

18th August 2018Wejaam releases Moombahton Producer Sound Pack

17th August 2018MIDI Manufacturers Association releases TRS Adapter Specification for MIDI Devices

17th August 2018Sononym launches machine-learning-powered sample browser

17th August 2018MeldaProduction updates all their plug-ins to v12.05

17th August 2018MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MAutoVolume, MXXXCore, MGranularMB and MVibratoMB

17th August 2018WA Production Sphere Bundle 55% Sale (Exclusive at Plugin Boutique)

17th August 2018Steinberg updates Dorico to v2.1

17th August 2018Sample Magic release 'Tropical Beats' Sample Pack

17th August 2018Rast Sound announces August 3rd Week Deals up to 57% off

17th August 2018Numerical Audio updates VOLT and Italizer Synths

17th August 2018Initial Audio releases Stellar - Sound Effects Sample Pack

17th August 2018Acustica Audio releases Gold 2 with intro price offer

17th August 2018Time+Space Music Production Tools & Offers Of The Week (17th August 2018)

17th August 2018HY-Plugins releases HY-MPS2 - Block-Based Step-Sequencer Plug-in

17th August 2018Sound Magic Instrument & Effect Plug-ins Sale: Over 50% Off

16th August 2018Direct Approach Updates All Plugins

16th August 2018u-he releases Colour Copy for Mac and Windows, Zebratron soundset for Zebra2, and updates Presswerk to v1.1.2

16th August 2018forward audio introduces faTimeAlign Phase / Time Alignment Plugin with 50% off for 2 days

16th August 2018Sinevibes releases "Luminance" Shimmer Reverb Plugin for Mac

16th August 2018Auburn Sounds releases "Couture" Transient Shaper and Saturation Processor (VST/AU/AAX)

16th August 2018Acustica Audio Gold 2 15% Pre-Sale Discount

16th August 2018SoundGym announces EQ Knight: new EQ ear training game

16th August 2018Burzukh Studios Mega Metal Drumkit VSTi now free

15th August 2018Thenatan Xfer Serum Skins Collection - 50% Off

15th August 2018Sample Magic Deep House Sample Pack Sale - 40% Off

15th August 2018HISSandaROAR 8th Birthday Sale - 50% Off

15th August 2018Soundtoys Back To School Sale: 30% Off Soundtoys 5 Academic

15th August 2018Toontrack releases Fusion Fills MIDI

15th August 2018PSP L'otary2 and PSP B-Scanner $19.99 - Save over 80%

15th August 2018Tracktion Software releases T7 DAW for free

15th August 2018HoRNet ThirtyOne 40% off for 48 hours

15th August 2018Madrona Labs updates Aalto, Kaivo, and Virta and launches Summer Sale

15th August 2018Sonic Visualiser for Mac, Win & Lin updated to v3.1.1

15th August 2018Algoriddim updates djay Pro (Mac v2.0.8 / iOS v1.0.19)

15th August 2018zplane updates ppmBatch to v1.1.0

15th August 2018Harrison Consoles releases AVA LegacyQ Equalizer

15th August 2018SampleScience releases "Dr. Beat Box" (Mac/Win/VST/VST3/AU) and "Synthetic Vortices"

15th August 2018Modartt Summer Promotion - 30% Off Pianoteq

15th August 2018Function Loops releases "Dark Room Voices" and "Chunky Drums"

14th August 2018Best Service releases Accordions 2 Single Instruments

14th August 2018Universal Audio releases Suhr PT100 and bx_masterdesk from Brainworx, and Bill Putnam Mic Collection from Townsend Labs

14th August 2018SPC Plugins Summer Sale: 25% off ArcSyn and all plugins until the end of August

14th August 2018Winning the KVR Developer Challenge: An interview with Julijan Nikolic (Youlean)

14th August 2018Soundtrack Loops releases "Soul Vocals" samples in Recycle rx2 and ACIDized wav format

14th August 2018Scrubbing Monkeys and Seaweed Audio release "Aggressive Edges" sound bank for Fathom

14th August 2018QuikQuak's Pitchwheel is now available for Pro Tools

14th August 2018PulseSetter-Sounds Summer Sale

14th August 2018HoRNet updates ThirtyOne to v1.2.3

14th August 2018W. A. Production releases "EDM Assault" Sample Pack

14th August 2018Triple Spiral Audio 1 Year Anniversary Sale

13th August 2018Zenhiser releases "Chill Guitars" Sample Pack

13th August 2018Datacode Summer Sale: FOCUS Series Sample Packs Up To 50% Off

13th August 2018Beatskillz Soul-Tastik Drums $39 until 26th August 2018

13th August 2018Beatskillz "That Thing" $9 (85% off) until 26th August 2018

13th August 2018zenAud.io ALK Live Looping Contest

13th August 2018ProducerLoops releases 'Deep Urban Grooves Bundle (Vols 1-3)'

13th August 2018AngelicVibes releases "Thump" Multi-Effects Plugin

12th August 2018BeatMaker releases 808 Bass Module 3 and 808 Dynamite sound pack for Win & Mac

11th August 2018mzuther updates free traKmeter to v2.4.5 for Windows and Linux

10th August 2018Thenatan releases "DRM" - Modern Trap Drum Machine for Kontakt

10th August 2018BicubicAudio releases DNB Mainstream Kits - Drum & Bass Sample-Pack

10th August 2018MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MSpectralDelay, MStereoProcessor, MEqualizerLP and MFreeformAnalogEq

10th August 2018DMS Ascension VST / AU Synthesizer £25 off at dancemidisamples.com

10th August 2018Scarbee Classic EP-88s Bundle 50% Sale at Plugin Boutique (Exclusive)

10th August 2018Rast Sound announces August 2nd Week Deals up to 56% off

10th August 2018Rast Sound releases Kemane String V2.0 for Kontakt & WAV

10th August 2018Sono Elements releases eTron & Model Keys for Mac & Win

10th August 2018HoRNet Plugins and The Buildzer release Corrosion - Modulation and Distortion Plugin

10th August 2018Sample Magic releases Synth-Pop Patches for Massive & Spire

10th August 2018Time+Space Music Production Tools & Offers Of The Week (10th August 2018)

10th August 2018Soundiron updates Zitherette to v2.0 - 8 string fretless zither library for Kontakt

9th August 2018FXpansion releases Cypher2

9th August 2018forward audio announces release of "faTimeAlign" Time/Phase Alignment Plugin

9th August 2018Roland Cloud updated to v5.808

9th August 2018Time + Space Competition: Win AAS Integral bundle - physical modeling package with over £1,800-worth of plugins

9th August 2018Mixed in Key updates Captain Plugins for Mac to v2.0.2.2861

9th August 2018HoRNet Sale: Most Plug-ins 40% Off

9th August 2018KORG Gadget Updated - Adds Stockholm by Reason

9th August 2018Audified releases MixChecker Pro – the legacy of the original MixChecker gets new features

9th August 2018Roland releases JX-3P Plug-Out for SYSTEM-8 (+New Step Loop Function for TR-8S)

9th August 2018Audio Plugin Deals Offer: 70% off Ventus Ethnic Bundle by Impact Soundworks

8th August 2018Thenatan releases "Brass" - Trap Kontakt Library

8th August 2018Thenatan offers 139 808s for $8.08 until August 15th, 2018 to celebrate 808 Day

8th August 2018Sensel releases Free Soundpack by Nate Hendrix

8th August 2018Mercuriall Audio Sale: 33% Off Spark

8th August 2018Algonaut updates Atlas to v1.1

8th August 2018Roland Cloud updated to v5.7 - Roland Cloud Manager and Concerto updates

8th August 2018Slate Digital releases FG-A - Vintage American Equalizer Plug-in

8th August 2018Native Instruments updates Maschine to v2.7.7

8th August 2018Kenaxis 4 released for Mac (+ Kenaxis Surround)

8th August 2018M-Audio updates Keystation USB MIDI Keyboard Controllers

8th August 2018Cockos updates REAPER to v5.941

8th August 2018Sample Magic announce Lo-Fi Sample Pack Sale - 40% off

8th August 2018GSi updates VB3-II to v1.0.2

8th August 2018GoldWave updated to v6.35

8th August 2018Yamaha updates VOCALOID5 Editor to v5.0.2

8th August 2018W. A. Production releases "Riddim Riot By Yuja" Sample Pack

8th August 2018Steinberg Cubase 9.5 Upgrade Offer - 40% Off

7th August 2018Sonuscore releases "Origins Vol. 4: Oud & Qanun" for Kontakt

7th August 2018Sub51 releases "Satur809" for NI Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol

7th August 2018Rob Papen releases new update for Predator 2 with over 350 new presets

7th August 2018Touch The Universe 24 Hour B-day Flash Sale: Up to 70% Off

7th August 2018Isotonik Studios launches "Isotonik Sounds" with new free and sale packs for Ableton Live

7th August 2018UVI offers 40% off Ircam Solo Instruments and Ircam Prepared Piano (through August 20th, 2018)

7th August 2018McDSP releases Windows Update (+Intro Pricing)

7th August 2018AAS releases Stranger Strings sound pack for String Studio VS-2 and AAS Player plug-ins

6th August 2018Diginoiz releases Diginoiz Pop Guitars 5

6th August 2018Creative Intent Summer Sale: 50% Off Tantrum Phase Distortion Plug-in

6th August 2018pornofonic Instruments Sale: Hybrid-convolution drum kit builders with 6 RR layers & humanization controls - 60% Off

6th August 2018Embertone Week-Long Summer Sale - Up To 40% Off

6th August 2018G-Sonique Summer Sale - Up To 40% Off

6th August 2018Red Sounds releases Mellodyzedd - Serum soundset for Future Bass/Future Pop

6th August 2018Puremagnetik releases Speektra - Retro Chipspeak Synthesizer for Mac & Win

6th August 2018It Might Get Loud Productions releases Anarchy Drums for free (VST/AU/AAX)

6th August 2018ProducerLoops releases 'Trance Elevation Bundle (Vols 4-6)'

5th August 2018Zenhiser releases "Binary" Sample Pack

5th August 2018WEJAAM launches FUTURBEATS - Samples Boutique

4th August 2018Sonuscore updates The Orchestra to v1.1.1

4th August 2018Homegrown Sounds releases "Gravity Wave" for Kontakt

3rd August 2018Seaweed Audio updates Fathom to v2.17 - Adds Mixer

3rd August 2018Syntheway releases Virtual Room Reverb v2.0 for Windows

3rd August 2018Mix Challenge - Competitions in August 2018

3rd August 2018Aegean Music releases "Pitchometry" Plug-In in AAX format

3rd August 2018Synth-Presets releases "Golden" for Breeze 2 with intro discount

3rd August 2018Rast Sound announces August Deals first week up to 50% off

3rd August 2018Tone2 releases "Black Music" soundset for Icarus

3rd August 2018Soundemote releases Oscilloscope Music Bundle - with 55% off introductory price for 7 days

3rd August 2018Function Loops releases Retro Ride 2 and Popular Future Sounds

3rd August 2018Acustica Audio Magenta4 bundle 15% pre-sale offer

3rd August 2018Eplex7 DSP Summer sale: up to 48% off on VST plug-ins and instruments

3rd August 2018W.A Production Puncher Introductory Sale at Plugin Boutique (Exclusive)

3rd August 2018Hidenori Matsuoka updates Chord NOTE to v7.1 and Piano Kit to v4.2 for iOS

3rd August 2018ADSR Sounds releases Confection - Future Bass

3rd August 2018IK T-RackS Group Buy: BOGO now, easy to hit tiers (up to 5 free)

2nd August 2018Save 50% on zenAud.io ALK2, looper meet sequencer

2nd August 2018Triple Spiral Audio releases Heroes for Repro 1 + 5

2nd August 2018Groove Monkee Releases Hi-Octane Drum Loops

2nd August 2018BOOM Library releases Modern UI with 20% Discount Offer

2nd August 2018AudioThing Summer Sale: 25% Off Plugins

2nd August 2018Ueberschall releases Sunny Moods 2 (Elastik soundbank)

2nd August 2018HoRNet Summer Sale: 50% off almost every plugin

2nd August 2018Dreamy Summer Special Sale at Dream Audio Tools - Three cinematic/dreamy products up to 50% Off

2nd August 2018Photosounder updates Photosounder to v1.9.4

1st August 2018Patchpool releases Thorned for Thorn

1st August 2018MOTU ships Touch Console for mobile mixing

1st August 2018Audio Reward release "Phenomena" - Synth Rompler for Kontakt 5.8.1+

1st August 2018Lakeside Audio August Deal: Isola Pro FX vocal extraction plugin for 89 Euro

1st August 2018Loopmasters Loopcloud Summer Sale

1st August 2018PreSonus announces Major StudioLive Series III Update and Free Plug-ins

1st August 2018Sample Logic releases "Arpology - Cinematic Dimensions" for Kontakt

1st August 2018Asonic releases Dark Hip Hop

1st August 2018Thenatan releases Kerfyge Audio - SRM Serum preset bank

1st August 2018Audient "ARC: The Creative Hub" Relaunched

1st August 2018Alden Nulden Productions Summer Sale: 50% Off

1st August 2018discoDSP August Summer Sale - Up To 50% Off