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News Archive for September 2019

30th September 2019Zenhiser releases "Galvanize - Drum & Bass" Sample Pack

30th September 2019Mix Challenge Competitions in October 2019

30th September 2019Cinematique Instruments releases Debussy Freeze - Free Klang of the Month for Kontakt

30th September 2019Black Octopus Sound releases Berserk Trap

30th September 2019ProducerLoops releases 'Deep Melodic Sessions' Sample Pack

29th September 2019Function Loops releases Psytrance Drums and Trap & Hiphop New Drumkit

28th September 2019Vember Audio updates Surge to

28th September 2019Multiton Bits announces Flash End Of Summer Sale

28th September 2019SOUND7 releases Euphoria Vol. 1 for DS Audio Thorn

27th September 2019Drumforge releases Drumshotz Dave Otero Drum Sample Pack

27th September 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboComp, MWobbler, MUltraMaximizer and MFreqShifterMB

27th September 2019Applied Acoustics Systems releases Ultra Analog VA-3 Analog Synthesizer Plug-in

27th September 2019Ugritone releases KVLT Drums II for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

27th September 2019Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v3.5.2

27th September 2019Filthy Patches releases Chaos for Serum for the most violent forms of Dubstep

27th September 2019The Unfinished releases Drumstruck V for Kontakt

27th September 2019denise Bad Tape Intro Offer (€14.99 instead of €48.90)

27th September 2019denise audio releases Bad Tape - a tape inspired effect unit

27th September 2019VSP releases Modular Magic for Unfiltered Audio Lion with intro discount

27th September 2019Cluster Sound releases Kawai K3 for Ableton Live

27th September 2019LennarDigital Sylenth1 Sound Design Contest

26th September 2019Resonance Sound Drum Depot 80% Off Sale

26th September 2019Auburn Sounds adds Linux and Catalina support

26th September 2019forward audio offers "faIR - MARSH1960A LE" Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack 30% off (this weekend only)

26th September 2019Fanan team updates Stringya to 1.5 and makes it free for Windows

26th September 2019Wagsrfm releases sound library for Fathom

26th September 2019sonicLAB releases EnVBot - ADSR Envelope Plug-in for Mac & Win

26th September 2019Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.7.2 for Mac

25th September 2019Blue Cat Audio updates Blue Cat's Axiom (v1.3) and Destructor (v1.5)

25th September 2019Bolder Sounds releases Roots Upright Bass for Kontakt

25th September 2019Cableguys release ShaperBox 2 – Visual Sidechain | Compress | Glitch + Stutter | Filter | Envelope | Reverse

25th September 2019Splash Sound releases Retrowave for Kontakt

25th September 2019apulSoft releases apShaper - Harmonic Enrichment Plugin

24th September 2019iZotope Ozone Elements: Free through October 2

24th September 2019VSTBuzz: 93% off Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle by Audeobox

24th September 2019Kilohearts offers 50% off the kHs Equalizers Bundle (VST/AU/AAX/Snapin)

24th September 2019Soundiron releases Little Epic Percussion 3.0 - Cinematic Percussion for Kontakt

24th September 2019Cmusic Production updates SOLO series

24th September 2019Eventide updates Omnipressor to v3.5.1 and launches Flash Sale

24th September 2019rncbc.org updates Vee One Suite to v0.9.10 for Linux

24th September 2019Arpado Software launches Arpado v1.0

24th September 2019Devious Machines releases Pitch Monster, Extreme Pitch Shifter

24th September 2019Pulsar Audio releases Mu - Glue compressor

24th September 2019Synthblitz Audio updates Nitroflex 2 to v2.71 - Wavetable synth for Windows

24th September 2019Bingoshakerz releases Grooving House 2

24th September 2019MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v3.81

24th September 2019Man Makes Noise releases The Duck of Death for Omnisphere 2.6

24th September 2019inouï samples releases "Shepard Designer" for Kontakt with intro offer

24th September 2019SampleScience releases 80s Arcade Sounds for Mac & Win VST & AU

23rd September 2019Zenhiser releases "Swagger" Sample Pack

23rd September 2019TrapDoor Audio updates Coalition VST/AU chip synth to v1.3

23rd September 2019Bob Moog Foundation raffle for vintage Memorymoog Plus ends tonight at 11:59pm (ET)

23rd September 2019zplane updates PPMulator to v3.5.0

23rd September 2019THEPHONOLOOP releases Tapes: Synths.01 - Kontakt Instrument inspired by tape slicing composition techniques from the past - with intro offer

23rd September 2019Trackbout updates free MIDI plugin Ripchord and announces weekly giveaway

23rd September 2019JSplash Apps releases UkeLib - Ukulele Chords for Android

23rd September 2019ProducerLoops releases 'Trap Envy Vol 1' Sample Pack

22nd September 2019blortblort releases "Orange 90" for Ableton Live Analog synth with intro offer

21st September 2019Channel Robot release FireWalker - a VST, AU and Stand-alone Pad Synthesis System

21st September 2019Fuse Audio Labs September Sale - 40% off DrumsSSX and F-59

20th September 2019Genera Studios launches new Store with 50% Off Sale

20th September 2019ProSoundz releases "Billboard R&B Hits" Sample Pack

20th September 2019NatLife Sounds offers 30% off Massive X sounds

20th September 2019Vember Audio updates Surge to v1.6.2

20th September 2019Voxengo updates SPAN Plus to v1.8

20th September 2019Rast Sound releases "Vocal Morphs II" - Free Sample Library

20th September 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MMorph, MCompare, MReverbMB and MTremoloMB

20th September 2019Beatskillz Slam XL $29 until October 15th

20th September 2019Function Loops releases "Flawless Techno" sample library

20th September 2019Audentity Records releases Blackness Techno

20th September 2019SKnote release MainEQ with intro offer

20th September 2019accSone updates crusher-X to v8.11

20th September 2019W. A. Production releases Mutant Reverb Plug-in - 70% off launch discount

19th September 2019Eventide SP2016 Reverb Flash Sale

19th September 2019UVI offers 50% off OB Legacy through September 23rd, 2019

19th September 2019Nekomatic, Ben Davis, Hype Audio and Jack Oates release new modules for Cherry Audio Voltage Modular

19th September 2019Synchro Arts VocALign Project 33% Off until 7th October

19th September 2019Ueberschall releases Electric Guitar Moods (Elastik soundbank)

19th September 2019Planet-H updates G-Stomper Producer for Android to v1.1.1.0

19th September 2019APD Offer: 67% Off Palette - Symphonic Sketchpad by Red Room Audio

19th September 2019Fanan team updates Alkamanat to v1.01

18th September 2019ToneBoosters releases Barricade True-Peak Limiter for iOS and updates desktop plugins

18th September 2019Audentity Records releases 'Champion Trap'

18th September 2019Truality Audio releases RealSpread - Free Widener Plugin for Windows

18th September 2019BlueLab | Audio Plugins Sale: 25% off Ghost-X until 25th September

18th September 2019Eplex7 DSP releases Free Analog Modular FX Samples Vol.1

18th September 2019Diginoiz releases Subdivine VST/AU instrument plug-in for Bass / 808 sounds

18th September 2019HoRNet Plugins updates HATEFISh RhyGenerator to v1.1.1

18th September 2019Tom Wolfe releases 'Textural Spaces' presets for ValhallaDelay

18th September 2019PSPaudioware updates PSP SpringBox to v1.1.0

17th September 2019Splash Sound Sale: 57% off Indie Voices - Vocal Library for Kontakt

17th September 2019VSTBuzz: 50% off Chris Hein Horns Compact V2 by Best Service

17th September 2019Plogue releases "chipsynth MD" - 16-bit four operator FM synthesizer

17th September 2019thIIIrd updates Dragon Drum Machine to v1.21 for Android

17th September 2019Harvest 25% off until October 31st

17th September 2019ProduceRNB Chord Engine 2.0 with all 4 expansions $67 for a limited time

17th September 2019Toontrack releases "Decades SDX" and "Big Band EZX" recorded by Al Schmitt

17th September 2019ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v5.9.0 for Windows

16th September 2019The Embertone Classics Bundle Sale

16th September 2019Zenhiser releases "Braindrop - Drum & Bass" Sample Pack

16th September 2019Thirdmanonthemoon releases "OB6 Pads&Keys" for Live, Kontakt, Logic and WAV - Plus Free OB6 Multisamples

16th September 2019Nembrini Audio Deal: 60% off Delay3000 and LoFi

16th September 2019Touch The Universe releases "Afterglow Holograms" for Hive 2

16th September 2019Muletone Audio Drums Sale: 40% Off

16th September 2019Sound Dust releases Cluster for Zebra 2 + WAV with Intro Offer

16th September 2019ProducerLoops releases 'Popped Up 5' Sample Pack

15th September 2019Kwonky Instruments "Smellow" for Kontakt is now free

14th September 2019SampleScience releases SQ8ROM - free sampled version of SQ8L

14th September 2019Cinematique Instruments releases Klang - Free Instruments Series for Kontakt

13th September 2019AngelicVibes releases "Elite Pianist" for Mac & Win VST & AU

13th September 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MMultiAnalyzer, MDrumEnhancer, MGranularMB and MXXXCore

13th September 2019Beatskillz Dark KZ $13 until 21st September

13th September 2019Xhun Audio Back To School Special Offer 2019 - Up To 50% Off

13th September 2019Synthblitz Audio updates "Deep One" FM Synth to v1.5 for Windows

13th September 2019Pulsesetter-Sounds releases free "Reverxis" Kontakt Library for Film Composers

13th September 2019Leap Into The Void releases "Creamy And Modelled" soundset for u-he Bazille

13th September 2019forward audio offers faPhaseBundle 25% off for 72 hours only (introductory price)

13th September 2019UVI Friday 13th Offer: 30% off storewide (through September 15th)

13th September 2019Triple Spiral Audio 2nd Anniversary Sale

12th September 2019forward audio releases faPhaseBundle - Automatic Phase / Time Alignment Plugin Bundle

12th September 2019Sound Ex Machina releases 'River Flows: Over and Under' SFX library

12th September 2019Fanan team releases Alkamanat - Oriental-Arabic strings machine for Windows

12th September 2019Xhun Audio announces ResonHeart Mechanical Synthesizer

12th September 2019Time+Space Exclusive: Save 30% on all HybridTwo Kontakt libraries

12th September 2019Volko Audio Offers 50% off Q American Series and Volko Alaturka Drum - KVR Audio Exclusive

12th September 2019zplane updates elastiqueAAX to v2.2.0

12th September 2019Neocymatics releases "Binaural Piano" for Kontakt

12th September 2019Bingoshakerz releases Raw Deep Tech House

12th September 2019Hidenori Matsuoka updates Guitar Kit to v7.6 for iOS

11th September 2019Xenobioz updates Lynx free VSTi synth to v1.03 for Windows

11th September 2019Klevgränd releases Haaze v2.0 with 50% Off Intro Offer

11th September 2019FeelYourSound updates Sundog Song Studio to v3.5.0 and releases free Golden Minor chord progressions package

11th September 2019Function Loops releases Rhyno Tech House and Trap Soul & Hiphop sample packs

10th September 2019MV's Plugins releases La Voz Cantante 6B - Free 1024-band vocoder for Windows

10th September 2019VSTBuzz: 70% off Keys Bundle by Soundiron

10th September 2019Expressive E releases Free Presets for Native Instruments Massive X Synthesizer

10th September 20193 Sigma Audio releases Tactical Nuke - Distortion plugin

10th September 2019NatLife Sounds: 50% Off NI Massive soundbanks

10th September 2019Samples From Mars releases "SP 909 From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV

10th September 2019Bricasti Design Reverbs and Reverb Foundry Control Plug-in Bundled for a Limited Time

10th September 2019IK Syntronik, Syntronik Deluxe Upgrade, and SampleTank 4 SE Krazy Deal

10th September 2019Sonoj Convention 2019 (Oct 26/27th, Cologne, Germany): Visitor Registration

10th September 2019LVC-Audio 33%-off sale for hurricane Dorian relief

10th September 2019Mercuriall Audio "Reaxis Special" Sale

10th September 2019HoRNet updates SongKey MK3 to v3.0.3

10th September 2019BlueLab | Audio Plugins Sale: 20% off Denoiser until 17th September

10th September 2019Robotic Bean releases Hand Clap Studio VST3/AU

10th September 2019SoundSpot Ravage Sale at Plugin Boutique

10th September 2019Wavediggerz Offers 40% Off Entire Catalogue in September Sample Sale

10th September 2019Native Instruments releases Chromatic Fire sound pack – free to Maschine users

10th September 2019PSPaudioware updates PSP oldTimer to v2.1.0 - incl. VST3

10th September 2019Samplecraze release Vocal Masterclass Series - 20 videos exploring a wide range of vocal production techniques

10th September 2019Sampleson releases Brushify Pro - Brushed Drums for Finger-Drummers

9th September 2019Zenhiser releases "Tension - Techno" Sample Pack

9th September 2019Celemony announces extension of Steinberg support for ARA in Cubase and Nuendo

9th September 2019Madrona Labs updates their synthesizer lineup

9th September 2019Thirdmanonthemoon releases Thermionic Voyager Sample Pack

9th September 2019MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v3.8 and announces Autumn Sale

9th September 2019discoDSP updates OB-Xd synth to v1.5 - incl. VST3

9th September 2019MusicDevelopments RapidComposer 30% Off Until September 23rd

9th September 2019ProducerLoops releases 'Cinematic Underscore FX' Sample Pack

9th September 2019NUGEN Audio Offer: Buy VisLM get Visualizer free

8th September 2019Thenatan September Deals: Save 70% on AU, VST, & Xfer Serum Skins

8th September 2019ZZSOUND releases LEADSSESSIONS for SynthMaster One

8th September 2019Rayzoon releases "OddTime" MiniPak for Jamstix 4

8th September 2019Gregor Quendel releases "Sci-Fi Explorations - Vol I" Sound Effects Library with Intro offer ($20)

8th September 2019Gregor Quendel presents "Sci-Fi Explorations - Vol I" Sound Effects Library with intro offer ($20)

8th September 2019Kwonky Instruments "Frictions" for Kontakt Pre-order 23% Discount

7th September 2019Soundmanufacture releases Instant Twister for the Midifighter Twister and Ableton Live

7th September 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MCabinet, MConvolutionMB, MChorusMB and MFilter

7th September 2019Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio updates "WoodStepper" to v1.4 for MacOS and iOS

7th September 2019Gospel Musicians releases iFX Rack for iPad with introductory offer of $4.99 until September 20th, 2019

7th September 2019Nembrini Audio releases Analog Rack FX Bundle - with Intro Offer

6th September 2019Sonus Dept. releases "Bassive" for Massive

6th September 2019Native Instruments issues official statement regarding the state of its business

6th September 2019W. A. Production Screamo 88% Off Flash Sale - $4.90

6th September 2019Fanan team releases Monica - A free dual layered monophonic synth for Windows

6th September 2019Rast Sound releases Indian Flute for Kontakt & WAV with Intro Offer

6th September 2019Crave DSP updates "Crave EQ" to v1.4 for Windows and Mac

6th September 2019The Unfinished releases Omnisphere GaiKaiju

6th September 2019New Loops releases Hard Bass in Kontakt, Reason, and WAV formats

6th September 2019BABY Audio releases "I Heart NY" - Parallel Compressor

6th September 2019MeterPlugs Loudness Penalty Sale - Save 30%

5th September 2019Roland unveils Next-Generation FANTOM Keyboard Series

5th September 2019Gothic Instruments DRONAR Master Edition 40% Off

5th September 2019beat bars announces new Dual MIDI USB adapter for Foot-switches and Expression Pedals

5th September 2019Seaweed Audio updates Fathom to v2.32

5th September 2019Enter to Win a Pair of KRK ROKIT RP103 G4 Professional Monitors - a $1000 Value

5th September 2019Wusik September Deal Offers 75% Off + Freebies

5th September 2019Black Octopus Sound releases AHEE's Area 51

5th September 2019Steinberg & Celemony announce Cubase and Nuendo updates extending ARA support making perfect vocal comping possible

5th September 2019Steinberg releases Dorico 3 - automatically produce a condensed conductor's score, support for tablature, guitar notation and more

5th September 2019Production Voices releases Electric V for sforzando

5th September 2019NUGEN Audio updates VisLM to v2.8.3.3

5th September 2019APD Offer: 83% Off: Tomorrowland 2 – Elixir of Stars by Design My Beat

5th September 2019SampleScience releases Vaporwaves for Mac & Win VST & AU

4th September 2019Plughugger releases “Synthetic Deep House” for Elektron Analog Four / Keys hardware synthesizers

4th September 2019Plughugger offers 35% off "Synthetic Deep House" for Elektron Analog Four / Keys

4th September 2019A.O.M. to terminate Windows 7 support and Windows 32-bit plugins on January 2020

4th September 2019ProSoundz releases "Sounds Like Lil Baby & Gunna"

4th September 2019Soundiron releases Bamboo Stick Ensemble 3.0: Epic Bamboo Percussion for Kontakt with Intro Offer

4th September 2019Bingoshakerz releases Abstract Lo-Fi

4th September 2019Sonic Cat updates Purity for Windows to v1.3.1.2

4th September 2019Tom Wolfe releases "Modular Drones" & "Prime Drones" patch sets for Reaktor 6

3rd September 2019GSi releases GS-201 Mark II - Space Echo simulation

3rd September 2019SynthIV updates Soft Glow Organ to v3.1

3rd September 2019J- Music Nuke Fallout for Kontakt $6.49 until September 22nd

3rd September 2019Neural DSP releases "Archetype: Nolly"

3rd September 2019Best Service releases "Chris Hein Strings Compact"

3rd September 2019Voxengo updates Voxformer to v2.15 and SPAN to v3.5

3rd September 2019PreSonus Celebrates Studio One's 10th Anniversary with Version 4.5.3 Update

3rd September 2019Wave Alchemy releases Bassynth for Kontakt Player

3rd September 2019BlueLab releases "Air" Air Processing Plug-in

3rd September 2019NatLife Sounds offers 30% off Europa and The Legend Soundpacks

3rd September 2019Hypersynth releases Soundbank 4 for Xenophone

2nd September 2019Zenhiser releases "Dusty" Sample Pack

2nd September 2019Robert Godin's lifetime building guitars with BONUS factory tour

2nd September 2019cbasounds releases “Foley Household” - Everyday sounds bundled in a VSTi + bonus samples

2nd September 2019HelloSamples releases Flavours #7: Lush Beats

2nd September 2019discoDSP updates Bliss sampler / VSTi recorder to 1.6

2nd September 2019Diginoiz releases Modern Vocal Pop 4

2nd September 2019Replika Sound releases RSGL05 Chorus Acoustic Guitar v71 for Kontakt 5 with Free Try Out