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News Archive for November 2019

30th November 2019Mix Challenge Competitions in December 2019

30th November 2019Silence+OtherSounds releases Zithergeist - Hybrid Zither Kontakt Instrument - 30% Off Intro Price

30th November 2019Sugar Audio updates Admiralizor Synthesizer to v1.1 and offers introduction price

30th November 2019Ghosthack Black Friday Sale - Up to 90% Off

30th November 2019Electronik Sound Lab Black Friday Sale - 50% off everything

30th November 2019Chocolate Audio Winter Sale: 40 to 78% off

30th November 2019Bunker Samples: The Harmonium intro sale (30% off) and The Black Friday Bundle (save 45%)

30th November 2019Bunker Samples releases The Harmonium

30th November 2019Synth-Presets Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals - Save up to 50%

29th November 2019PSound Virtual Instruments - Save 49% in the KVR Marketplace

29th November 2019Sonible Effects up to 54% off in the KVR Marketplace

29th November 2019Arobas Music Guitar Pro 20% off in the KVR Marketplace

29th November 2019Reason Studio's Reason 11 - 25% off in the KVR Marketplace

29th November 2019Relab Reverb Plug-ins - Up to 41% off in the KVR Marketplace

29th November 2019IK Multimedia Total Studio 2 MAX - 60% off in the KVR Marketplace

29th November 2019FXpansion SoftSynths & Drum Environments - 40% off in the KVR Marketplace

29th November 2019Tovusounds Foley Environments - Footstep Sound Effects - Up to 40% off in the KVR Marketplace

29th November 2019Tone2 Software Synths from Germany - Up To 40% in the KVR Marketplace

29th November 2019IK Multimedia MODO Bass & MODO Drum - Up to 35% off in the KVR Marketplace

29th November 2019Steinberg Wavelab 10 - 20% off on the KVR Marketplace

29th November 2019Eventide Anthology XI - 72% off in the KVR Marketplace

29th November 2019Sound.Artenuovo Black Friday: 50% off for 3 days

29th November 2019Incognet Samples launches with 50% discount on all products

29th November 2019Audiomodern Atom 40% off at Time+Space (Exclusive)

29th November 2019Stefano Daino DSP-Quattro v5 Black Friday Sale

29th November 2019Electronik Sound Lab releases ESL-Pads VI and Yc3p Creepy Piano Expansion for Win & Mac

29th November 2019Audiomodern Flash Sale: Save 25% on plugins & sounds

29th November 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% off everything

29th November 2019Whole Sounds Baldwin Parlor Grand 33% End Of Year Discount

29th November 2019EarMaster 50% Black Friday Discount

29th November 2019Thenatan "Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale" - up to 80% off between November 29 - December 6

29th November 2019Gothic Instruments Cinematic Libraries for Kontakt 60% Off

29th November 2019Rast Sound daily changing Black Friday offers up to 77% off

29th November 2019denise audio "Perfect Room + Slappy" and more Black Friday Offers

29th November 2019Modartt releases Organteq Virtual Pipe Organ Plug-in

29th November 2019Mastering The Mix Black Friday Deals - Bassroom, Reference & Levels 25% off

29th November 2019denise audio releases "Perfect Room" Reverb Plug-in

29th November 2019Embertone "Bruce Friday" Sale: 75% discount on Walker 1955 Steinway D Lite and more

29th November 2019Tom Wolfe launches "F**k Black Friday, It's My Birthday" sale

29th November 2019Boz Digital Effects - Save up to 80% in the KVR Marketplace

29th November 2019Signum Audio Offer 60% Off Their Loudness Plugins

29th November 2019SSA Plugins Offers Up To 50% Off Everything

29th November 2019Sugar Bytes VIs, SoftSynths & Effects up to 58% off in the KVR Marketplace

29th November 2019YummyBeats random deals on Cyber Week, incl. Free Deals (up to 100% Off)

29th November 2019HoRNet Black Friday Deals: Up To 70% Off

29th November 2019forward audio Black Friday Sale: Everything up to 60% off

28th November 2019GG Audio Black Friday Sale - 15% Off

28th November 2019Three Body Technology VIs and DSP up to 40% off on the KVR Marketplace

28th November 2019Ilya Efimov Production Black Friday Sale: Up To 75% Off

28th November 201912-Bit Crunch releases Roots Machine for Kontakt along with store-wide 50% off sale

28th November 2019Inertia Sound Systems Black Friday Offer - Up To 80% Off

28th November 2019IK Multimedia AmpliTube - Save Up To 50% in the KVR Marketplace

28th November 2019discoDSP Softsynths, Samplers & Soundbanks - Save 50% in the KVR Marketplace

28th November 2019Intelligent Sounds & Music Duck Delay Black Week offer with a new version

28th November 2019ModeAudio Black Friday: 50% Off All Samples & Presets

28th November 201999Sounds releases free "Upright Piano" for Mac & Win

28th November 2019Acoustica releases Next Generation Mixcraft 9

28th November 2019Nova Sound releases "Free Water" Sound Kit

28th November 2019Bakuage Black Friday Offer - ClearMixer 20% Off

28th November 2019Audentity Records Black Friday Offer: 4 Vocal Packs for €9.95

28th November 2019Image-Line Plugins up to 42% off in the KVR Marketplace

28th November 2019LiquidSonics Black Friday Sale - Up To 66% Off

28th November 2019Mercuriall Audio "Black Friday" Sale

28th November 2019AngelicVibes Black Friday Sale - 50% Off

28th November 2019Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.7.4.0 for Windows

28th November 2019FabFilter Black Friday: 25% off all plug-ins, bundles and in accounts until Cyber Monday

28th November 2019W. A. Production releases Ultimate MIDI Bundle 7in1 Collection with 90% off launch discount

28th November 2019LVC-Audio Deal: 75% off all plugins through Dec 1st

28th November 2019MOK updates Waverazor to v2.1.3 (Black Friday release)

28th November 2019Eplex7 DSP: Extraterrestrial Black Friday Sale - 45% off on VST plug-ins and VST / AU instruments

28th November 2019Bingoshakerz releases Abstract Tech House by Gratosoul and launches Black Friday Sale

28th November 2019Synthblitz Audio updates Demon 80 compressor to v1.2 for Windows

28th November 2019ujam Cyber Monday Deal: Beatmaker Hustle for $9.99

28th November 2019Strezov Sampling Black Friday 2019 - Up To 50% Off

28th November 2019UVI offers 30% off for Black Friday (through December 3rd)

28th November 2019Best Service 40% Off Black Friday

28th November 2019ujam Black Friday Sale: 50% off everything

28th November 2019Noisebud releases Skyline - Multi-Band Image Editor Plug-in for OS X and Windows

28th November 2019APD Offer: 82% Off Morphestra 2 by Sample Logic

28th November 2019EastWest Sounds November Mega Sale in the KVR Marketplace

27th November 2019IK Multimedia T-Racks 5 Sale - Up to 50% off in the KVR Marketplace

27th November 2019Kuassa Black Friday Sale - Up to 72% off in the KVR Marketplace

27th November 2019New Loops titles up to 42% off in the KVR Marketplace

27th November 2019VSP Black Friday Deal: Buy 2 Get 1 Free - Unlimited

27th November 2019Big Fish Audio Black Friday Sale - Up To 80% Off Plugins & Loops

27th November 2019Intimate Noise Black Friday Deals: 50 to 62.5% off on all Sample Packs

27th November 2019NoizeBusters Black Friday Deal - all products 50% off

27th November 2019AAS updates Lounge Lizard EP-4 to v4.3.0

27th November 2019HD Instruments - 50% Sale

27th November 2019D16 Group 40% off in the KVR Marketplace

27th November 2019Fanan team releases AnyImage Encoded and upgrades 11 plug-ins to VST3 for Windows

27th November 2019AudioThing updates Reels to v1.2 adding Tape Start effect

27th November 2019u-he updates Zebra to v2.9 (30% off for a limited time)

27th November 2019u-he Black Friday Deal: 30% off Zebra2

27th November 2019PulseSetter-Sounds Black Friday Deals: Up To 80% Off

27th November 2019Chicken Systems White Thursday - Dark End Of The Work Week 50% Off Sale

27th November 2019forward audio releases faIRmageddon - Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Designer Plug-in (Free Early Access)

27th November 2019beatassist releases ITS Synthesizer for Windows and updates BitMeex and VooDoo Beat

27th November 2019123creative Black Friday Sale: 50% off on VST plug-ins, synth presets and samples

27th November 20192CAudio releases PBJ Spatial Mixing Environment, Precedence 1.5 & Breeze 2.5

27th November 2019Montreal Music Labs announces Articulate - Universal iOS Controller for VI Key Switching and Articulations

27th November 2019Cluster Sound releases Multiman - Free Synth Pack for Ableton Live

27th November 2019Riot Audio Black Friday Deals - Up To 30% Off

27th November 2019Sugar Bytes Cyber Sale

26th November 2019Soundtoys Plug-ins Black Friday Deals

26th November 2019VSTBuzz: Black Friday 2019

26th November 2019Sono Elements Black Friday Sale Event

26th November 2019LoopLords Black Friday Sale

26th November 2019FeelYourSound Black Friday Deals: Save up to 20% on bundles and single products

26th November 2019Datacode Black Friday Sale 2019 - Up To 60% Off

26th November 2019Tek'it Audio Black Friday Sale - All Products 60% Off

26th November 2019Sampleson releases Push - Free One Button Generative Synth for Mac & Win VST & AU

26th November 2019Ample Sound releases Electric Guitar III with Winter Sale

26th November 2019n-Track Studio updated to v9.1 for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows incl. Loop Browser (40% off for Black Friday)

26th November 2019Oli Larkin Endless Series Black Friday Sale - 60% Off

26th November 2019Cherry Audio Modular Mayhem Black Friday Sale

26th November 2019Groove Monkee Offer: Save up to 50%

26th November 2019Toontrack updates Superior Drummer to v3.1.5

26th November 2019Cableguys Black Friday Sale - Save 50% with ShaperBox 2 Bundle

26th November 2019Audentity Records Black Friday Offer: All Samplepacks 50% Off

26th November 2019n-Track Studio Suite Edition 40% off for Black Friday

26th November 2019Unimule Alex Audio Butler $89 Intro Offer

26th November 2019Fracture Sounds Black Friday Sale - Up To 40% Off

26th November 2019Hypersynth Black Friday Sale - Up To 50% Off

26th November 2019MusicLab Black Friday Promotion - up to 60% off all products

26th November 2019Unimule releases Alex Audio Butler for Adobe Premiere Pro with Intro Offer

26th November 2019Wavediggerz Black Friday Sale - 70% Off

26th November 2019BoBSwanS Presets Black Friday Sale

26th November 2019Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes Sale: 50% Off

26th November 2019Big Fish Audio releases Street Percussion for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer

26th November 2019Myloops Black Friday 2019 - 60% Off Everything

25th November 2019ThaLoops Black Friday Week - Save 50%

25th November 2019Zenhiser releases "Forbidden Rhythms" Sample Pack

25th November 2019SampleScience Black Friday Sale - 40% Off

25th November 2019AudioThing Black Friday Sale - Up To 50% Off

25th November 2019Sensel Holiday Deals: Morph Discounts, Free Splice, New Bundle

25th November 2019Gothic Instruments Artistic Impulses 50% Off Intro Offer

25th November 2019Gothic Instruments release "Artistic Impulses" by sound designer Alessandro Camnasio

25th November 2019RJ Studios updates "SideMinder" Dynamic Stereo Width Maximizer to v1.5.0

25th November 2019Fishman updates TriplePlay to v1.4.177

25th November 2019Cmusic Production Black Week Sale – up to 70% off

25th November 2019Youlean Loudness Meter 2 Black Friday Deal - 43% off

25th November 2019Vember Audio Surge updated to v1.6.4

25th November 2019Cableguys update ShaperBox to v2.0.1 with resizable UI and new features

25th November 2019Numerical Audio Black Friday Sale - 50% off all instruments & effects

25th November 2019IK Black Friday Deals - Up To 60% Off

25th November 2019UVI releases "Kroma 1.5" - Funky '80s analog synths, revisited

25th November 2019FluffyAudio Black Friday Sale - up to 70% off

25th November 2019Voxengo Black Friday 25% Discount

25th November 2019NatLife Sounds Black Friday - Up To 90% Off

25th November 2019Sound Ex Machina Black Friday Sale - 35% Off

25th November 2019Gospel Musicians releases Neo-Soul Keys Studio 2 for Desktop and iPad with Intro Offer

25th November 2019sonible Black Friday Sale: smart:EQ 2 €59 (55% off)

25th November 2019SPC Plugins Black Friday Sale - 33% Off

25th November 2019Waves Audio to release a Free New Plugin on Black Friday 2019

25th November 2019Toontrack Metal Month & Black Friday Week Deals - Save up to 80%

25th November 2019D16 Group Black Friday - All products 40% off

25th November 2019beat bars unveils MIDI Foot Controllers: EX3 Expression Pedal and FS3 Footswitch

25th November 2019Cherry Audio and MRB announce the release of the legendary Zeroscillator for Voltage Modular

25th November 2019ProducerLoops releases 'Summer Disco House Vol 1' Sample Pack

25th November 2019MusicDevelopments Black Friday Sale - RapidComposer 33% Off Until November 30th

25th November 2019Andrew Macaulay's Modules Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale from 25 Nov through 3 Dec

24th November 2019Function Loops releases Trap vs Rock = Fire Sample Library

24th November 2019Goodhertz 5th Anniversary Sale — 35% off all plugins

24th November 2019Online Music Foundry Black Friday Sale - Padshop Expansion Packs up to 68% off

24th November 2019Realitone Black Friday Sale: Up To 67% Off

24th November 2019Kilohearts Black Friday Sale

24th November 2019Diginoiz Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

24th November 2019iZotope Black Friday Bundle 93% Off at Plugin Boutique

24th November 2019[BEN/SCHULZ] launches JP-ME-1 - free emulation of famous 1980ies digital reverb

24th November 2019NatLife Sounds releases True Trance Sounds V1 for u-he Diva

24th November 2019Sweetsonics updates Laser 'Precise Sidechainer' to v1.0.7 and starts Black Friday week sale

24th November 2019Amazing Machines Black Week Sale

24th November 2019Madrona Labs updates its synthesizer lineup

24th November 2019Venomode Black Friday 2019 Sale - 50% Off All Plugins

24th November 2019Audiofier Winter Sales - 40% off selected products - Riffendium Series added

24th November 2019Tritik Black Friday Sale - 25% Off

23rd November 2019Soundmanufacture releases "Modular Sequencer" - Max for Live Device

23rd November 2019nuVibrations Black Friday Sale: 50% off all their products for Windows

23rd November 2019Cognitone updates "Synfire" Music Prototyping Studio to v1.10.3

23rd November 2019ADSR Sounds Black Friday Sale

22nd November 2019Synth Presets releases "Premium Acoustics" for Valhalla Room with intro discount

22nd November 2019Tone Empire Black Friday Sale - 50% off on everything

22nd November 2019Beatskillz Black Friday Sale - up to 80% off

22nd November 2019Soundiron Black Friday Sale 2019

22nd November 2019NoiseAsh Black Friday Sale - up to 80% Off

22nd November 2019Time+Space Black Friday deals launched

22nd November 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% off everything

22nd November 2019Harvest Black Friday Event - 50% off

22nd November 2019Audiolounge Black Friday Sale: 50% off on all plug-ins

22nd November 2019Strix Instruments Black Friday Sale - Up To 87% Off

22nd November 2019Patchpool Winter Sale Through December 27

22nd November 2019Martinic Black Friday Sale - 60% Off

22nd November 2019Soundsdivine releases 'Warped Vinyl' for FXpansion Strobe 2

22nd November 2019Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio Black Fri Week Sale: 30% Off

22nd November 2019HoRNet updates AutoGain Pro MK2 to v2.0.7

21st November 2019Sounds2Inspire releases "Electronic Dimensions" Soundbank for Hybrid 3 with intro offer

21st November 2019IK Multimedia releases Spaceport '77 - Free for SampleTank 4 users for a limited time

21st November 2019Touch The Universe Black Friday Sale | Up To 80% Off All Soundsets

21st November 2019ModeAudio releases 'Screenplay - Serum Cinematic Presets'

21st November 2019MeterPlugs Black Friday Sale - Everything 30% Off

21st November 2019Cluster Sound releases XR-10 - Free Drum Pack for Ableton Live

21st November 2019Reflekt Audio releases OrgeX with Intro offer

21st November 2019Three Zvork Rack Extensions 19$/€ for the 2019 Black Friday sales

21st November 2019Rast Sound releases Designer Drums v2.0 for Kontakt

21st November 2019Syntheway releases AcouVerb Room Reverb v3.0

21st November 2019Ueberschall Black Friday Sale - 50% Off

21st November 2019sonicLAB "Black Friday Sale" - up to 25% off between November 29 - December 2

21st November 2019Function Loops Black Friday Sale 60% Off

21st November 2019Tonsturm Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale - Up to 40% Off

21st November 2019Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.7.4 for Mac

20th November 2019Audio Assault Black Friday Bundle - 20 Plug-ins for $49.99

20th November 2019Heavyocity Thanksgiving Sale - Get up to 50% off Storewide

20th November 2019Tom Wolfe releases 'Imperfect Delays' preset pack for Soundtoys EchoBoy

20th November 2019Acon Digital Celebrates NAMM TEC Awards Nomination with a Free Version of Verberate

20th November 2019Synchro Arts offer up to 40% off all products including VocALign & Revoice Pro 4

20th November 2019A Sound Effect Turns 5: Up to 70% off & 6 GB free sounds with any order

20th November 2019Fanan team releases AnyText encoded - Text Encoder VSTi Plugin for Windows

20th November 2019W. A. Production releases MIDIQ MIDI Processor with 80% off launch discount

20th November 2019Rigid Audio releases Limerence Organic Cinematic Textures for Kontakt with intro offer

19th November 2019New Sonic Arts Black Friday Sale - 40% Off

19th November 2019Boz Digital Labs Black Friday Sale - Up To 80% Off

19th November 2019Yamaha Vocaloid Shop Black Friday Sale - Up To 15% Off

19th November 2019Intimate Noise Anima Mundi Sample Pack Extended Intro Price Offer

19th November 2019Antares updates Auto-Tune Pro to v9.1

19th November 2019THEPHONOLOOP Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale - 30% off everything until 03.12.2019

19th November 2019BOOM Library releases “Cinematic Strikes” - 20% release discount available until December 3, 2019

19th November 2019Puremagnetik releases Parallax | Frequency Orbiting Station for Mac & Win VST & AU

19th November 2019Parawave Audio Sale: 45% off on Rapid Synthesizer and 30% off Rapid Extensions until November 30th

19th November 2019Ian Boddy Omnisphere Expansion 60% off + £5-worth of points at Time+Space

19th November 2019Arturia V Collection Special Deal For Black Friday

19th November 2019BlueLab releases Panogram - Stereo Field Visualization Plug-in

19th November 2019Sononym half price between Nov 29 - Dec 3

19th November 2019VB-Audio updates the entire Voicemeeter Series

19th November 2019Reveal Sound Black Friday Sale

19th November 2019Sender Spike releases Signal Noise SN02-G VU Meter for Win/VST2 (Free)

18th November 2019Zenhiser releases "Guitar Addict" Sample Pack

18th November 2019The FXB Project releases Monosynths - 128 presets for Babylon with 50% off intro offer

18th November 2019Audentity Records Black Friday Deal: Reggaeton / Vocals Bundle - 4 Reggaeton Samplepacks - €9.95

18th November 2019D16 Group updates Godfazer to v1.0.1

18th November 2019Cinematique Instruments releases Oud for Kontakt - Deep Strings with the flavor of the Orient

18th November 2019Mastering The Mix offer: 50% Off Animate - A multi-purpose expansion plugin

18th November 2019ProducerLoops releases 'Commercial Hip Hop Vol 5' Sample Pack

18th November 2019apulSoft updates apShaper to v1.0.1

18th November 2019Quiet Art Black Friday Deals: Up to 60% off plugins

17th November 2019KV331 Audio's Up To 70% Off "Black Friday Sale" Between November 16-December 6

17th November 2019NatLife Sounds releases Analog Dreams Vol.1 Vintage & Volume 2 Modern for Xfer Serum

17th November 2019United Plugins updates Hyperspace, FireCobra, Royal Compressor and Front DAW

17th November 2019United Plugins Deal: 60% off Hyperspace, FireCobra, FrontDAW and Royal Compressor

17th November 2019Sugar Audio releases Admiralizor - Wavetable Multi Operator Synthesizer with Intro Offer

16th November 2019Soda Devices updates free "Lith" to v2.0.6

16th November 2019Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v3.6

15th November 2019MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular Plug-In to v8.3

15th November 2019Soundtrack Loops releases SynEmax Synthwave Multi-format Samples and Maschine Kit

15th November 2019SOUND7 releases The Silence for u-he Repro-5

15th November 2019Phasenetic Research Labs announces Ampethron - "Secret Prototype Hardware Synthesizer"

15th November 2019INTERNET Co. Black Friday Sale - Up to 70% off

15th November 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MDrummer, MLimiterMB, MBitFunMB and MAutoEqualizer

15th November 2019Universal Audio releases Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip with v9.11

15th November 2019Nova Sound Nova Drum Unit Plugin Series 50% Off with Umbra Drums Legacy Free

15th November 2019HoRNet updates AutoGain to v1.3.4

15th November 2019Cherry Audio and P.moon announce the release of 14 new modules for Voltage Modular

15th November 2019Fuse Audio Labs releases free Roger Schult W2395C Baxandall EQ, updates plug-ins to v2.0 and launches Black Friday Sale

15th November 2019Kuassa Black Friday Sale - Up to 72% Off All Plug-ins and Rack Extensions

15th November 2019New Loops Black November Sale: Up to 80% off sounds and presets

14th November 2019Masterlab Audio releases DynaQ

14th November 2019Nembrini Audio releases Eddie Kramer Edstortion 3 Mode Distortion Bundle with Intro Offer

14th November 2019Xhun Audio Cyber Week Special Offer 2019 - Up To 50% Off

14th November 2019Accusonus Black Friday Sale - up to 75% off

14th November 2019Digital Brain Instruments Black Friday Sale: 50% Off on all products

14th November 2019Bedroom Producers Blog releases free GB DrumBox for Mac & Win

14th November 2019Resomonics Kontakt Instruments on sale - 50% off

14th November 2019FeelYourSound updates ChordPotion composition plug-in to v1.3.0 - adds themes and new arp mode

14th November 2019Fanan team releases Clarinetica - Ethnic Clarinet Module for Windows

14th November 2019W. A. Production updates InstaChord to v1.3.0 and InstaScale to v1.1.0

13th November 2019APD Offer: 80% off Native Instruments Komplete Bundle Training Courses by Ask Audio Academy

13th November 2019In Session Audio re-releases Fruit Shake - Free Kontakt Player Library

13th November 2019A Sound Effect Early Black Friday Sale

13th November 2019Steinberg releases Padshop 2

13th November 2019AudioThing releases Frostbite 2 - Spectral Freeze Multi-Effect Plugin

13th November 2019Steinberg releases Cubase 10.5

13th November 2019SKnote Black Friday Big Offer: Get AnyTesla Transformers in pre-buy offer and receive A25 Classic Stereo Bus Compressor too

13th November 2019Volko Audio Black Friday Sale - 60% Off On All Products

13th November 2019Thenatan Black Friday Sale: Up to 80% Off Entire Store

12th November 2019CFA-Sound Cyber Monday Sale: Up To 70% Discount

12th November 2019VSTBuzz: 55% off Fog Convolver by AudioThing

12th November 2019All Output Software 25% Off

12th November 2019Pulsesetter-Sounds releases "Hybrid Militia" for Kontakt

12th November 2019Audible Genius Black Friday Sale - 50% off Syntorial and Building Blocks

12th November 2019NoiseAsh updates Need 31102 Console Eq to v1.2.6

12th November 2019Black Octopus Sound Black Friday Sale: Up to 60% off sample packs & presets

12th November 2019discoDSP updates OB-Xd AUv3 synth for iPhone and iPad to 1.0.7

12th November 2019Sounds 2 Inspire releases 'Trance Sektor Collection' trance presets for Sektor Synthesizer

12th November 2019Audiority releases Echoes T7E v2.0

12th November 2019Sampleson releases 1959 - An Electro-Acoustic Piano based on an expired patent

12th November 2019Sender Spike releases Signal Noise SN01-G Compressor for Win/VST2 (Free)

12th November 2019Bingoshakerz releases Signature Tech House by Joe Red

12th November 2019Emvoice releases Emvoice One vocal synthesizer and its first full voice, Lucy

12th November 2019Intimate Noise releases Osundi Signature Sample Pack (with intro offer) and updates free pack

12th November 2019reFX announces Nexus 3

12th November 2019discoDSP Black Sale - 50% Off Storewide

12th November 2019Luftrum releases 22 for bx_oberhausen

12th November 2019Stone Voices releases Ambient Reverb 5.0 for Windows VST

11th November 2019Anti-Node Design releases Stream River & Waterfall Vol2

11th November 2019Zenhiser releases "Dreamworld" Sample Pack

11th November 2019Soundiron releases "Sonespheres 3 - Current" for Kontakt

11th November 2019Fishman releases TriplePlay Connect - Guitar Controller for iPad

11th November 2019STL Tones and Ignite Amps update STL Ignite - Libra to v1.2.0

11th November 2019Sound Dust release Orgone 2 for Kontakt with 30% off intro offer

11th November 2019[BEN/SCHULZ] updates Spectrum to 1.4 - adds peak curves and octave frequency scaling

11th November 2019sonicLAB releases Cosmosf FX7

11th November 2019Syntheway releases Echo Chamber Reverb and Delay v2.0

11th November 2019ProducerLoops releases 'Hip Hop Empire Vol 1' Sample Pack

10th November 2019Gregor Quendel 'Creative Sound Design' Black Friday Sale - Up to 40% off all Sound Effect libraries

10th November 2019Karoryfer Samples announces Black Friday sale and releases Frankensnare 2.0

10th November 2019Audentity Records releases Vocal Reggaeton Pop 2K20

9th November 2019NatLife Sounds releases Cosmic Plucks V1 for DUNE 3 Analog Edition

9th November 2019rncbc.org announces Qtractor v0.9.11 for Linux

9th November 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MAutoStereoFix, MDynamicsMB, MTransientMB and MVibratoMB

8th November 2019BABY Audio releases Super VHS - Lofi Multi-FX for Mac & Win

8th November 2019MOTU ships M2 and M4 - USB audio interfaces

8th November 2019Reflekt Audio releases free Xylo Wood Virtual Instrument

8th November 2019HoRNet updates VU Meter MK4 to v4.1.0

8th November 2019Mastering The Mix offer: 50% off Music Production eBooks

7th November 2019Muletone Audio Black November: Up to 50% Off

7th November 2019Wavesfactory releases Cassette plug-in for Mac & Win

7th November 2019Ueberschall releases Ambient Pop (Elastik soundbank)

7th November 2019UVI releases "PX P10" - Analog Prophecy 2x5=10

7th November 2019Eplex7 DSP releases Forest Film pads 1 plug-in instrument for Win / Mac

7th November 2019Resonance Sound Cyber Monday Sale - up to 70% Discounts

7th November 2019Rigid Audio announces Limerence for Kontakt with preorder offer

7th November 2019FluffyAudio releases Dominus Choir Pro for Kontakt with intro price

6th November 2019Function Loops releases Tech House Animals and Dubstep & Riddim 2020 sample libraries

6th November 2019Universal Audio updates OX Amp Top Box firmware to v1.2

6th November 2019EastWest November Mega Sale - Save 60%

6th November 2019Mercuriall Audio "Spark Special" Sale - 50% Off

6th November 2019Tom Wolfe releases 'Cinematic Sequences' patches for Massive X with intro offer

6th November 2019Soundiron releases Hopkin Instrumentarium: Woodentines for Kontakt Player with intro offer

5th November 2019Synth-Presets.com releases "Modulation Toolkit" for D16 Godfazer - 50% Intro Discount

5th November 2019Audentity Records releases Zen Pack Vol.1

5th November 2019Heavyocity releases Vento: Modern Woodwinds for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer

5th November 2019ProSoundz releases "IMS Sample Gold V4"

5th November 2019Musical Sampling Sale: Up To 50% Off Until 11/11

5th November 2019Touch The Universe 48 Hour Flash Sale on Hive Bundle (4 Soundsets for $40)

5th November 2019iZotope releases Dialogue Match - Time-Saving Tool for Audio Post Production

5th November 2019KVR Live Event November 6 - Advanced Modular Synthesis Techniques

5th November 2019NoiseAsh updates Rule Tec Collection to v1.4.2

4th November 2019Hidenori Matsuoka updates Chord Scale Bundle for iOS 13 Light Mode

4th November 2019Zenhiser releases "Ethereal Techno" Sample Pack

4th November 2019Wavelet Audio releases Cinematic Guitar for Kontakt with intro price

4th November 2019Trackbout announces new web-based preset creation for Ripchord

4th November 2019Tone2 announces Icarus2

4th November 2019SparkPackers releases "Free SparkPack - 1minute ON making a pop/dance beat" with Samples, Loops and MIDI

4th November 2019Synchro Arts updates Revoice Pro to v4.2 with up to 40% off promotion

4th November 2019Embertone releases Popelka Bassoon for Kontakt with Intro Pricing until November 8

4th November 2019Le Sound updates AudioMotors and AudioTexture for multichannel support

4th November 20198Dio announces "Black November. Biggest Sale. Ever"

4th November 2019Synchro Arts releases Revoice Pro 4.2 with up to 40% off promotion

3rd November 2019Soundprovocation Sound Library Sale: 50% Off Everything

2nd November 2019PoseMotion updates Macrotune MML Editor to v1.2.0 for OS X and Windows

2nd November 2019Aviram Dayan Production | DreaMelodiC 40% Off Boom Sale

1st November 2019Tokyo Dawn Labs updates SlickEQ and SlickEQ GE

1st November 2019Status End of Year Sale - 40% off only on KVR Marketplace

1st November 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MPowerSynth, MXXX, MLimiterX and MModernCompressor

1st November 2019Sonus Dept. catalogue up to 40% off at ADSR

1st November 2019Rast Sound releases free "Joker Tones" library for Kontakt & WAV

1st November 2019Parawave Audio updates Rapid Synthesizer to 1.7.0 - Adds New UI Theme, Oscillator Insert-Effects, Filters and FX Version

1st November 2019MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular Plug-In to v8.2

1st November 2019SoundsDivine releases 'Analog Reissue' for Xils-Lab Syn'X 2.5

1st November 2019Syntheway updates Sonicircuit Stereo Flanger to v1.5

1st November 2019Mastering The Mix offer: 50% off 'Expose' - Audio quality control application

1st November 2019Native Instruments updates Massive X to v1.1

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