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News Archive for September 2006

29th September 2006Ueberschall releases Liquid Instruments The Voice Vol. 1

29th September 2006Cockos updates REAPER to v1.21

29th September 2006Apple updates GarageBand to v3.0.4

29th September 2006Analog to Digital updates Supersaw Plus to v1.3

27th September 2006Antares announces Auto-Tune 5

27th September 2006Apple updates Logic Pro and Logic Express to v7.2.3

27th September 2006Sample Magic releases Funky House Grooves [WAV|EXS|HAL|REX]

27th September 2006Rob Papen releases BLUE v1.6

27th September 2006Smart Loops releases Pro Drum Works in REX format

27th September 2006Apple releases Final Cut Pro v5.1.2 (+Pro Applications Update)

27th September 2006Music Unfolding releases OttoPhormant, OttoVibe and DiTone

27th September 2006Ugo releases Ironhead and Tunguska

27th September 2006LennarDigital releases Sylenth1

27th September 2006ddmf updates LP10 to v1.2

27th September 2006Wave Arts releases Power Suite v5.21 (incl. Universal Binary VST/MAS)

27th September 2006MUTOOLS releases LUNA Free and LUNA Unlimited pre-release 4

27th September 2006New beta version of energyXT v1.4 now available

27th September 2006Starplugs updates Resonator Bank to v1.02

26th September 2006David Ross updates Peaking Filter Banks, EQ18 and DJEQ

26th September 2006Sensomusic releases Usine v2.100b

26th September 2006FXpansion releases VST to RTAS Adapter v2.1 (incl. Universal Binary)

25th September 2006Cycling '74 updates Pluggo (3.6), Mode (v1.3) and Hipno (v1.1) (All OSX only; incl. Universal Binary)

25th September 2006Synapse Audio releases Orion Platinum v7.1

25th September 2006Arizona Software releases AudioXplorer v1.3 (incl. Universal Binary)

25th September 2006Syntheway releases Magnus Choir v1.5

24th September 2006Cycling '74 releases Max/MSP v4.6.2

24th September 2006Zynewave releases Podium v1.69

24th September 2006Katsura updates Strobe Tuner and Chromatic Tuner to v1.2.1

24th September 2006Renoise v1.8 beta now available

24th September 2006FASoft releases n-Track Studio v5.0

22nd September 2006Nomad Factory releases Liquid Bundle II

22nd September 2006Native Instruments updates Kore to v1.0.3

22nd September 2006FXpansion releases VST to AU Adapter v2.0 (incl. Universal Binary)

22nd September 2006Acon Digital Media releases EffectChainer v1.0

22nd September 2006FXpansion releases Orca

22nd September 2006NUSofting updates Reverbering to v1.1

22nd September 2006Tone2 releases Uniquity for FireBird

22nd September 2006Vember Audio releases Surge v1.2.2

22nd September 2006UltimateSoundBank updates Plugsound PRO to v1.0.1

21st September 2006UltimateSoundBank releases Universal UVI Player

21st September 2006Steinberg unveils VST3

21st September 2006Tascam announces GVI release (+pre-ordering)

21st September 2006Wusik launches Wusikstation Player (+announces Wusikstation Companion)

21st September 2006Blue Cat Audio releases Phaser and Stereo Phaser v2.0

21st September 2006d16 Group announces Phoscyon v1.5 (incl. OSX Universal Binary)

21st September 2006Steinberg announces Cubase 4 & Cubase Studio 4 (incl. VST3 and Universal Binary)

21st September 2006Cockos releases REAPER v1.18

21st September 2006MOTU releases MX4 v2.1 (incl. Universal Binary)

20th September 2006Michael Kingston Productions releases RetroBand and RetroBandLite

20th September 2006Sonic Assault releases Tap! v1.1

20th September 2006LinPlug updates Saxlab to v1.0.3 (OSX)

20th September 2006Rosegarden v1.4 now available

19th September 2006plasq updates RAX to v2.0.2

18th September 2006LinPlug updates Octopus to v1.2.1

18th September 2006Music Unfolding updates GyroVibe, PhaseDelayArray, ModVibe, SubRingFM and OttoPhilter

18th September 2006Soniccouture releases Abstrakt Breaks : Glitch + IDM [WAV|REX|AL]

18th September 2006Wusik releases Wusikstation v3.0.6

18th September 2006Beta Monkey Music releases Double Bass Mania II [ACID|REX|AIFF]

18th September 2006Zero-G releases Kocktail Kollection [REX|WAV|RMX|ACID]

18th September 2006Psychic Modulation launches Aethereal + Subconscious promo

18th September 2006Les Productions Zvon releases Constellation (SF2)

18th September 2006Equinox Sounds releases After Hours [ACID/REX2/MIDI]

18th September 2006Musicrow releases Crow Mix Pack for Reaktor

18th September 2006Sensomusic releases Usine v2.100a

18th September 2006Zynewave releases Podium v1.68

18th September 2006FASoft releases n-Track Studio v5.0 Beta 1 (build 2126)

15th September 2006Sonicbytes releases Phrazor v1.0

15th September 2006unbearable devices releases GUidMachine v4.0.5 (incl. Universal Binary)

14th September 2006Sinevibes releases Transformer v1.0

14th September 2006Native Instruments announces Komplete 4 (+discontinues Intakt & Kompakt)

14th September 2006Native Instruments announces Massive

14th September 2006mgaudio releases mgMono v0.1 alpha

14th September 2006Modartt releases Pianoteq v1.0.2 (incl. Universal Binary)

14th September 2006Native Instruments announces FM8 (incl. Universal Binary)

14th September 2006Native Instruments announces Battery 3 (incl. Universal Binary)

14th September 2006Native Instruments announces Absynth 4 (incl. Universal Binary)

14th September 2006TerraTec Producer releases Komplexer v1.0.1

14th September 2006Cockos releases REAPER v1.12

14th September 2006Voxengo updates GlissEQ to v2.8

13th September 2006Wavosaur v1.0.0.3109 now available

13th September 2006Katsura updates Strobe Tuner and Chromatic Tuner to v1.2

13th September 2006Tone2 releases FireBird v1.1

13th September 2006Source Elements releases Source-Connect for VST Public Beta

13th September 2006Outsim releases SynthMaker v0.9.6b

13th September 2006Coyote Electronics releases ForteDXi v1.4a

13th September 2006Orwell Digital Releases REAL_CONTROL Patch and Percussion Collection for Logic Pro

12th September 2006Forever For Now releases Reverse Sampler v1.0

12th September 2006djDecks v0.76 released

12th September 2006Richard Lichten releases Butterfly Effect for Sytrus

12th September 2006Blue Cat Audio releases Flanger v2.0 and DPMP v2.1

12th September 2006ddmf updates IIEQ to v1.11

12th September 2006T3 releases T3-Volume 5: Sytrus

12th September 2006FabFilter releases Twin v1.20 and Volcano v1.20

12th September 2006Ohm Force launches OhmBoyz Group Buy

12th September 2006Voxengo releases Overtone GEQ beta

11th September 2006Celemony releases Melodyne v3.1.1 (+MSL Horn Section & Tutorial DVD)

11th September 2006Sony launches new version of Vegas+DVD Production Suite (incl. Vegas 7)

11th September 2006Sugar Bytes releases Vogue v1.0

11th September 2006DUY releases MagicEQ LE

11th September 2006ndc Plugs release Soul Force! v1.0

11th September 2006SoundFont Synth updated to v2.2 (incl. Universal Binary)

11th September 2006Toontrack releases dfh Superior v1.5.6 and EZdrummer v1.0.2

11th September 2006kl. releases FINELINE v1.0

11th September 2006Magix releases Sequoia and Samplitude v9.0

11th September 2006NuGen Audio releases Visualizer v1.0 beta 3

11th September 2006Cockos releases REAPER v1.0.9

11th September 2006reKon audio releases VST Pulse Editor for Mac OS X

11th September 2006Audio Damage updates Reverence and Discord 2 to v1.0.2 (VST only)

11th September 2006Vember Audio updates Surge to v1.2.1

11th September 2006Kjaerhus Audio updates Golden Audio Gate | GAG-1 to v1.02

11th September 2006Audeon releases UFO & UFO Light v1.02 (Win) and UFO b0.91 (Mac public beta)

11th September 2006Starplugs MoonClass 50% Off offer

11th September 2006Numerikart updates ILL, MKK and SSS

5th September 2006Sonic Assault updates Sinthecyza!3 to v3.2 and Sinthecyza!4 to v4.2

5th September 2006Precisionsound releases Owerland Guitar (HAL|KON|SF2)

4th September 2006EastWest launches Symphonic Choirs Group Buy

4th September 2006DSK Music releases DSK Brass v1.0 beta

4th September 2006Pethu releases Hahaha CS01 v1.10

4th September 2006reKon audio updates VST Pulse Editor to v1.4

4th September 2006Blue Cat Audio releases Digital Peak Meter Pro v2.0 (updated: v2.1)

4th September 2006Vember Audio releases Surge v1.2 (incl. OSX Universal Binary)

4th September 2006Zynewave releases Podium v1.67

4th September 2006MHC releases Ambient Keys v1.5.1 (incl. OSX VST Universal Binary)

4th September 2006Image Line updates DirectWave to v1.21

4th September 2006Cockos releases REAPER v1.0.5

4th September 2006Outsim releases SynthMaker v0.9.6a

Largo 2
Synth (Wavetable)
by Waldorf
A KVR Interview with Hans Zimmer