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News Archive for February 2019

28th February 2019Syntheway releases Bassesland Electric - Acoustic and Synth Bass v2.0 for Windows and MacOS

28th February 2019Groove Monkee Offer: Save up to 45%

28th February 2019Zero-G Deep House Construction Kits - 20% Off Introductory Offer

28th February 2019Sounds And Effects The Reggae Guitar Sale

28th February 2019Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v3.2

28th February 2019UVI offers 50% off Sparkverb through March 4th, 2019

27th February 2019Empty Vessel 50% Off Sale

27th February 2019INTERNET Co. releases MS EQ COMP VST effect plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows

27th February 2019Fanan team updates Boo-boom to v1.2 - Each drum element has its own effect channel now

27th February 2019Prism Audio releases Atmos Piano for Mac & Win, VST & AU

27th February 2019Rob Papen releases Vecto Four Oscillator Vector Synth for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

27th February 2019Cockos REAPER updated to v5.97 - now communicates with Melodyne via ARA 2

27th February 2019VSL announces Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 Pre-Sale and releases Epic Orchestra 2.0

27th February 2019K-Devices releases WOV and TTAP - New Phoenix Series for VST, AU & AAX

27th February 2019Steinberg releases Bouncy Vibrations for Groove Agent 5

27th February 2019Sonnox announce iLok Cloud Support and 2 License Activations

27th February 2019AAS updates Strum GS-2 to v2.2.3 and releases Blue Rhythms sound pack for Strum GS-2 and AAS Player

27th February 2019Toontrack releases Pop Punk EZX by John Feldmann and Pop Punk MIDI

27th February 2019satYatunes releases Glacier White skin for Synapse-Audio DUNE 3 plugin

27th February 2019Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes 45% off all products

27th February 2019Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes releases 4th Year free pack

27th February 2019ProducerLoops releases 'Blacque Byrd Music: Essential RnB 3' Sample Pack

27th February 2019Sampleson releases Reed200 - Spectral Modeled Wurlitzer VST/AU/Standalone

26th February 2019VSTBuzz Indie Kontakt Developer Week - Up to 80% off each product

26th February 2019Hora Music releases PCM Drum for VCV Rack

26th February 2019forward audio updates faTimeAlign to v1.00.6

26th February 2019SOUND7 releases Outrun Vol. 2 - 64 Synthwave and Outrun style sounds for U-He Repro-5

26th February 2019Voxengo updates Shinechilla (incl. VST3 & AAX), SPAN and SPAN Plus

26th February 20192getheraudio releases Ticky Clav 2 - free virtual instrument based off the popular modeled Clavinet plugin from Big Tick Audio

26th February 2019Xenakios updates PaulXStretch to v1.2.4

26th February 2019NUGEN Audio updates Monofilter to v4.1.15.0 and Halo Downmix to v1.2.0.0

26th February 2019HoRNet updates DeeLay Plus to v1.2.2

26th February 2019Sample Magic Sitewide Sale - 30% off

26th February 2019Groovyband Live! releases a new build (feature update) of its realtime arranger application

26th February 2019Soundiron releases "Mimi Page Light & Shadow" for Kontakt Player

26th February 2019Reflekt Audio releases Xonex Virtual Instrument Plugin with Intro Offer

25th February 2019Zenhiser releases "Wavelength - Melodic Techno" Sample Pack

25th February 2019Revealed Recordings releases The Sounds Of Revealed Vol. 2

25th February 2019Andrew Macaulay launches a suite of 21 modules for Voltage Modular

25th February 2019Rigid Audio updates Aquiver to v1.1, adding 700 new instruments

25th February 2019Resomonics releases Refraction - Analog Synth Sound Design Library for Kontakt with Intro Offer

25th February 2019Kilohearts offer 50% off Disperser and Faturator VST and RE plugins

25th February 2019Fuse Audio Labs February Sale 2019 - 33% off VCL-4 and F-59

24th February 2019Red Module releases free edition of Reel Roland TR-606 analog tape sample pack

24th February 2019AngelicVibes releases "Stargazer" Omnisphere Bank

24th February 2019Save €20 on new UVI Falcon soundset "Et Tantara Pul Hypnosis" by Leap Into The Void

24th February 2019Splash Sound releases Percussion Elements - Free Kontakt Library

24th February 2019Game Developers Conference 2019 Giveaway by Digital Brain Instruments

23rd February 2019Kwonky Instruments releases Disturbine for Kontakt

23rd February 2019Rast Sound "Asian Colours" intro offer until March 1st

23rd February 2019eXtream Software Development releases Audio Evolution Mobile Studio 4.9.0 for Android

23rd February 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MBassador, MLimiterMB, MXXXCore and MPhaserMB

22nd February 2019Full Bucket Music releases ModulAir v1.0.0

22nd February 2019ADSR Sounds releases Serum 808 by Glitchedtones

22nd February 2019Sound Magic releases Suona Duo

22nd February 2019Rast Sound releases Asian Colours for Kontakt

22nd February 2019Orange Tree Samples releases "Evolution Flatwound Bass" for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer

22nd February 2019Signum Audio BUTE Loudness Suite 50% Off

22nd February 2019Ueberschall releases Funk Guitar (Elastik Soundbank)

22nd February 2019Sonex Audio releases free 5GB Piano and 144GB Pro Pianos Collection for Kontakt

22nd February 2019ZenSound releases "Vanished Lands" - Free Sample Pack

22nd February 2019Gregor Quendel 'Creative Sound Design' Anniversary Sale - Designed Fire 20% off until February 28th

22nd February 2019zenAud.io updates ALK for Windows to v2.0.1 - VST3 support

22nd February 2019Red Sounds releases Hip-Hop & Soul Chords For Cthulhu

22nd February 2019The Unfinished releases Omnisphere Amara

22nd February 2019Krotos releases "Igniter - Complex Vehicle Sound Design" and "Sound Design Bundle 2"

22nd February 2019UVI offers UVX80 for $49/49€ (through February 25th)

21st February 2019Leap Into The Void releases "Et Tantara Pul Hypnosis" soundset for UVI Falcon

21st February 2019IK releases SampleTank 4

21st February 2019Xhun Audio releases Vintage Roads (expansion) for LittleOne synthesizer

21st February 2019Numerical Audio updates KB-1 Expressive Keyboard Suite to v1.1

21st February 2019BOOM Library releases "Urban USA" 3D Surround SFX Series with Introductory Discount

21st February 2019BlueLab Sale – Up To 70% Off

21st February 2019Bingoshakerz releases Melodic & Dark Techno 2 + Strictly Drums by Variavision

21st February 2019Multiton Bits releases Free 2019 Welcome Sample Pack

21st February 2019Eplex7 DSP releases Cinematic Metal Drums 1 – plug-in instrument for Win & Mac

21st February 2019Bunker Samples releases Bunker Strings Vol. 1 - a new approach to string textures

21st February 2019All FabFilter plug-ins updated - added side chain triggering to Pro-Q 3

21st February 2019forward audio updates free faSampleDelay Plug-in to v1.00.4

20th February 2019Audio Plugin Deals Offer: 50% off Emotional Cello by Best Service

20th February 2019SynthIV releases P-moneyy Machine

20th February 2019Westgatesounds releases Anomaly XXVII - Dark Textures

20th February 2019New Loops Offer: 50% off Ableton Wavetable Presets and Racks

20th February 2019Gospel Musicians releases FM TiNES 2.0 - 30GB sample library of FM electric piano sounds for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

20th February 2019HoRNet Carnival Sale: 60% off every plugin, 30% off bundles

20th February 2019Sample Logic releases Drum Fury - Apocalyptic Drums for Kontakt with Intro Pricing

20th February 2019RJ Studios releases "SideMinder" Dynamic Stereo Width Maximizer

20th February 2019Plughugger releases "House 101" for TAL-Bassline-101

20th February 2019Plughugger offers 35% off "House 101" for TAL-Bassline-101

19th February 2019Diginoiz releases The Future Of Pop

19th February 2019Bollywood Sounds Voice Combo Pack 50% Off

19th February 2019Sample Magic Boost Plugin Sale - 30% off

19th February 2019Sample Magic release Soulful R&B Guitars - Sound Library

19th February 2019HoRNet updates Tape to v1.1.2

19th February 2019Agitated State updates MenuMagic to v2.3.1 for Cakewalk by BandLab

18th February 2019Zenhiser releases "Deep Presets For Massive" Preset & Sample Pack

18th February 2019Revealed Recordings releases Spire Plucks Vol. 4

18th February 2019Resonance Sound releases Arthur Distone Techno Prime Time 1

18th February 2019Ample Sound releases Ample China Pipa v2.0

18th February 2019GuDa Audio releases SynthR for Mac & Win VST & AU

18th February 2019Touch The Universe releases "Serene Universe" for Thorn

18th February 2019Seaweed Audio releases Fathom Mountain Climber Presets

18th February 2019Eventide Instant Phaser Mk II $37 through February 28th

17th February 2019Chocolate Audio releases Imperial Drums for Kontakt and Drums Particles Collection v2

17th February 2019Bela D Media relaunches with 50% Reduction Off MSRP

17th February 2019Fanan team updates Callisto, Ringo, Boo boom and jumper for Windows and continues 10$ sale until April

17th February 2019Kwonky Instruments releases Nebulous for Kontakt

16th February 2019Thenatan Sale: 60% off on all products

16th February 2019Chocolate Audio Offer: 33% Off Imperial Drums and Drum Particles Collection for Kontakt

16th February 2019Heavyocity releases "NOVO Essentials" with Intro Offer

16th February 2019Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.6.1 for Mac

15th February 2019Sound Magic updates Guzheng and Bamboo Dreams to v1.1 and announces February Extend Sale Event

15th February 2019Beat Service releases Eduardo Tarilonte's Dark ERA

15th February 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MUnison, MVintageRotary, MDelayMB and MAutoEqualizer

15th February 2019MOTU releases Digital Performer 10 - Clips Window, Stretch Audio, VCA Faders, VST3 plug-in support and More

15th February 2019Function Loops releases Pop & Rnb Vocal Kits sample pack

15th February 2019Syntheway releases ElectriKeys Electric Piano for Windows (v2.0) and MacOS (v3.0) - VST3 support

15th February 2019New Audio Technology releases free MPEG-H upgrade for Spatial Audio Designer V2

14th February 2019Homegrown Sounds updates Succession Pro to 2.1 and the Circular Group Buy reaches 9/18 products

14th February 2019rncbc.org announces Qtractor v0.9.5 - hot-fix release for Linux

14th February 2019Sounds And Effects Ocarinas And Clay Flutes 50% Off

14th February 2019XILS-lab StiX 1.5 Celebration Sale: 99€ until March 5th 2019

14th February 2019Xils-Lab updates StiX Drum Machine to v1.5 (with intro offer)

14th February 2019DMGAudio releases Multiplicity (Multiband Processor, Dynamic EQ, and more...)

14th February 2019HoRNet Valentine's Deals: 20-50% Off

14th February 2019sonible Valentine's Day Sale - up to 50% off

14th February 2019Cmusic Production Valentine's Day Discounts – up to 50% off

14th February 2019Triple Spiral Audio releases Discovery - Crime for Omnisphere 2.5

14th February 2019Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v9.2

14th February 2019Fujiya Instruments Organic Bass Suite for Kontakt - $50.00 off until 28 Feb 2019

14th February 2019UJAM Instruments Offer: Buy any 2 products and get 50% off

13th February 2019Black Octopus Sound releases Latina House Vocals - a sample pack containing over 2GB of royalty free vocal samples

13th February 2019Soundiron Valentine's Day Flash Sale - Save up to 33% off

13th February 2019Puremagnetik releases Verv - A Sunbaked Tape Loop Synthesizer

13th February 2019denise Offer: Noize, Bite and Space Invader Bundle Deal (save more than 25%)

13th February 2019Bingoshakerz releases "Afro & Melodic House" and "Structure Techno Kicks V.2"

13th February 2019Eplex7 DSP sale: up to 50% off

13th February 2019BlueLab | Audio Plugins updates the Waves free plug-in

12th February 2019Reveal Sound Happy Valentine's Day Sale

12th February 2019Winter NAMM 2019 Show Report

12th February 2019Reflekt Audio releases Ole Vinyl and W-Noize - Free Plugins for Mac & Win

12th February 2019Kazrog updates True Iron to v1.2

12th February 2019UVI releases Pulsar for Falcon

12th February 2019Sample Magic releases Fundamental Deep Tech - Sample Collection

12th February 2019SoundGym announces the 'Balance Challenge'

12th February 2019Diginoiz Valentine's Day Sale - 40% off

12th February 2019Martinic offer 70% off Scanner Vibrato for Valentine's Day

11th February 2019Zenhiser releases "Showdown - Psytrance" Sample Pack

11th February 2019Revealed Recordings releases Serum Leads Vol. 4

11th February 2019Soundmanufacture updates Chord-O-Mat 3 to v3.0.6

11th February 2019Marco Scherer releases Drum Depot: Techno System multi-format sample library

11th February 2019G-Sonique releases Psytrance DrumKit2 (WAV)

11th February 2019W. A. Production "Valentine's Week Bundle" - 93% Off / 3 Plugins for $9.90

11th February 2019ZenSound releases "Elios" for Diva

11th February 2019Kwonky Instruments releases Phzzy for Kontakt

11th February 2019Skytopia updates SonicPhoto to v1.30 - now includes full 32-bit WAV support and 192+kHz sample rates

11th February 2019Castle-Instruments releases Volt II for Kontakt

11th February 2019MeldaProduction updates all plugins to 12.12 and releases MDoubleTracker

11th February 2019Sample Magic Techno Packs Sale - 50% off

11th February 2019MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v3.65

11th February 2019Channel Robot releases Mechia - Mechanical Drone Instrument for Kontakt

11th February 2019zenAud.io ALK2 Now Available for Windows

11th February 2019HoRNet updates the free StereoView to v1.0.1

11th February 2019Seaweed Audio updates Fathom Synth to v2.27

11th February 2019Dmitry Sches updates Thorn to v1.2

11th February 2019Sensomusic updates Usine Hollyhock to v3.0.186

11th February 2019ProducerLoops releases 'Synthwave Anthems 2' Sample Pack

11th February 2019JUCE updated to v5.4.2

11th February 2019AKAI updates MPC Software to v2.4

11th February 2019New Sonic Arts updates Vice to v1.37

11th February 2019ProjectSAM releases "The Free Orchestra #1: Tutti Hits" for Kontakt

11th February 2019Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9761

11th February 2019Softube releases Rings for Modular, facelifts Dyna-mite and updates software to v2.4.83

11th February 2019Karoryfer releases "Big Rusty Drums" for Sforzando with intro offer

11th February 2019App Sound releases the "Power Synth Bundle" - 700 settings for Logic Pro X (with 50% off intro offer)

10th February 2019Mirax Labs updates vstPlayer to v2.3.3

9th February 2019Fujiya Instruments releases Organic Bass Suite for Kontakt

9th February 2019TBProAudio updates dEQ6 to v2.0 for Windows and Mac OS X

9th February 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MPhatik, MWaveFolderMB, MUltraMaximizer and MModernCompressor

9th February 2019Vast Dynamics releases Vaporizer2 - Soft Synth

8th February 2019AngelicVibes releases "Love Letter" Female Vocal Pack

8th February 2019MAAT releases thEQorange - Reference Equalizer

8th February 2019Sound Magic releases Upright Grand and Bamboo Dreams

8th February 2019Drumforge releases Drumshotz Taylor Larson & Luke Holland Drum Sample Pack

8th February 2019Wusik updates Wusik EVE to v5.1.2

8th February 2019Function Loops releases 90's Hip-Hop Stash sample pack

8th February 2019Dance MIDI Samples releases 'Ascension Factory Expansion 01'

8th February 2019SoundsDivine releases 'Music Maker' for u-he Hive

7th February 2019ADSR Sounds releases "Shinbashi - Future Chill Asia" for Serum

7th February 2019Homegrown Sounds releases Succession Pro for Kontakt 5 and Circular Group Buy unlocks 8/17 Products

7th February 2019SampleScience releases Pine Forest Drums - Percussion inspired by the National Film Boards of Canada

7th February 2019rncbc.org updates Qtractor to v0.9.4 - The Winter'19 beta release for Linux

7th February 2019KVR Audio offers Online Learning Library

7th February 2019Mercuriall Audio updates SS-11X to v1.1 and celebrates it with a store-wide Flash sale

7th February 2019Parawave Audio releases Synthwave for Rapid Synthesizer

7th February 2019Direct Approach releases updates and extends Sale

7th February 2019Blue Cat Audio updates Blue Cat's Dynamics to v4.2

7th February 2019Produce RNB releases Chord Engine Genesis 2.0 for Kontakt Player

7th February 2019UVI offers 40% off Synth Anthology 2 through February 11th, 2019

7th February 2019Pro Sound Effects releases Ann's Animals Sound Library

7th February 2019Xhun Audio Anniversary Special Offer 2019 - Up To 50% Off

7th February 2019BoB SwanS Repro Patches NKS Update Sale

7th February 2019Audio Plugin Deals Offer: 73% off 12GB+ Cinematic Synth Collection by Zero-G

6th February 2019IK Multimedia Bass Month Promotion

6th February 2019Soundiron releases Eko Panda - Vintage Synthesizer for Kontakt

6th February 2019Thomas Mundt updates free LoudMax to v1.26 for Win, Mac, Linux and Winamp

6th February 2019UVI releases UVI Portal - Downloading Desktop App

6th February 2019Ueberschall releases Steel Pan (Elastik Soundbank)

6th February 2019Igor Vasiliev updates SynthScaper LE for iOS to v1.1

6th February 2019Syntheway releases Pianotrone for Windows (v4.0) and MacOS (v3.0) - VST3 support

6th February 2019HOFA-Plugins releases SYSTEM EQ-Dynamic with Intro Offer

6th February 2019The FXB Project offers "Pay What You Want" for 64 Repro-1 presets (no minimum)

6th February 2019BlueLab February Offer: 1 Day 1 Plug 50% Off

6th February 2019Diginoiz releases Modern Vocal Pop 2

6th February 2019NUGEN Audio offers over 30% off Modern Mastering until Feb 12th

6th February 2019123creative Sale: 50% off on all Techno sound banks and samples

6th February 2019Channel Robot releases SARP - free Kontakt-based arpeggiator instrument

6th February 2019Plughugger releases "Dreamland" for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

6th February 2019denise releases Bite and Space Invader - its take on classic effects plugins

6th February 2019Ableton announces Live 10.1 - adds user wavetables, new devices, workflow upgrades, VST3 support and more

6th February 2019Plughugger offers 50% off Dreamland for Omnisphere

5th February 2019VSTBuzz: 96% off Accelerator Bundle by Modern Producers

5th February 2019Strix Instruments February Sale - Save up to 45%

5th February 2019Wusik Ultimate Bundle Offer

5th February 2019Wusik announces Wusik Station V10

5th February 2019RTW updates plug-in suites to v4.1 and introduces stereo-only versions

5th February 2019HoRNet February sale: 50% off every plugin

5th February 2019accSone updates crusher-X to v7.55

5th February 2019FXpansion BFD Packs 50% Off Until Feb 18th

5th February 2019Rigid Audio releases Aquiver Cinematic Sound Module for Kontakt with Intro Offer

5th February 2019Sample Magic release Deep Progressive - Sample Library

4th February 2019Touch The Universe Dream Dimensions Library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere - 20% Off Intro Offer

4th February 2019Revealed Recordings releases Spire Bass Vol. 4

4th February 2019Zenhiser releases "80s Synths For Serum" Sample & Preset Pack

4th February 20192getheraudio lowers price on their products to $10

4th February 201912-Bit Crunch 'Soul Machine' (Retro Kontakt instrument for crate-digging producers) 33% Off Intro Offer

4th February 2019VSL Buy 2 and Get 2 Free Offer Through February 28, 2019

4th February 2019OverTone DSP updates PTC-2A Vintage Program EQ to v3.0.1

4th February 2019Aurchitect updates Aura to v1.2 - adds a Goniometer

4th February 2019Soniccouture releases Sheng Khaen Sho for NKS & Kontakt Player

4th February 2019Multiton Bits releases "Casio Grooves" Sample Pack

4th February 2019Sample Magic Vocal Sample Pack Sale - 30% Off

4th February 2019Blip Interactive NanoStudio 2 - 33% off until 17 Feb 2019

4th February 2019ProducerLoops releases 'Pop Guitars Vol 5' Sample Pack

2nd February 2019Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.7.0.3 for Windows

2nd February 2019ThaLoops releases Travel Tapes sample pack

2nd February 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MAutoAlign, MDrumLeveler, MRotary and MFreeformAnalogEq

1st February 2019Rayzoon Technologies AIPak Spotlight Special - 50% off

1st February 2019Red Module releases reel-to-reel tape Korg MS-20 and Roland TR-606 sample packs

1st February 2019Plugin Boutique offers Producertech Beginner's Guide to Synthesis online course for free with every purchase

1st February 2019Tone2 Audio updates RayBlaster to v2.5

1st February 2019AudioThing updates Outer Space to v1.2.1

1st February 2019Xhun Audio updates LittleOne to v3.1, releases Northern Stars (expansion) and announces a new Special Bundle offer

1st February 2019Sound Magic updates Blue Grand to v5.2 and announces Spring Festival Sale Event

1st February 2019Raising Jake Studios updates "Telephone" plugin adding Mac support

1st February 2019Reflekt Audio releases Player Man 3000 Percussive Acoustic Guitar plugin for Mac & Win with Intro Offer

1st February 2019Sound Response releases 'Thriller Whooshes' Dark Cinematic Whooshes and Transitions Sample Pack

1st February 2019Sonic Academy releases 'How To make Ruby' tutorial with Enamour along with exclusive Anjunadeep remix contest

1st February 2019Mix Challenge - Competitions in February 2019