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News Archive for May 2021

31st May 2021Zenhiser releases "React" Sample Pack

31st May 2021Sonnox Summer Sale: Up To 75% Off

31st May 2021KRK hosts Kordelya, the second video in their Artist Producer series

30th May 2021Martinic Offer: 20% off Elka Panther until June 6th, 2021

30th May 2021ThaLoops releases the Hortator – virtual instrument of Marcellus's big bass drum

30th May 2021discoDSP updates OB-Xd Oberheim based synth to v2.4

29th May 2021Rast Sound releases 'Deep Element X' for Kontakt with intro offer

29th May 2021Karoryfer releases "Kemençe of the Black Sea" for Sforzando with intro offer

29th May 2021MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MPhatik, MVocoder, MDynamicEq and MModernCompressor

28th May 2021Devil Soundz updates Devil Bass Module to v3.5 and releases DVP 1.0 for Windows

28th May 2021Function Loops releases "Techno Synths 2", "Future Rave", "The Gods Of Psytrance" and "Vocal Pop 2021"

28th May 2021Revealed Recordings releases Tech House Kits Vol. 2

28th May 2021Audentity Records - Birthday Sale with 50% off on sample packs

28th May 2021Ultimate MIDI Plugin releases Simple Chord Detection - Free VST Plug-in for Windows

28th May 2021beatassist.eu updates PSYbot and releases new Mac version

28th May 2021The Unfinished releases RePro Structure

28th May 2021UnitedPlugins discounts Voxessor - the voice-over tool, 50% off

27th May 2021INTERNET Co. Offer - 30% off Sound it! 8 Pro

27th May 2021Big Fish Audio Memorial Day Sale - Up To 30% Off Loops & Virtual Instruments

27th May 2021Steinberg and Acoustic Samples release MGuitar for HALion

27th May 2021IK AmpliTube Slash and AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix $/€25 each - 25th Anniversary AmpliTube Legends Krazy Deal

27th May 2021Accusonus releases Voice Changer - Virtual Sound Designer for Sculpting Voice Tracks

27th May 2021RJ Studios release MB3X Mastering Compressor v2.0.0

27th May 2021Ueberschall releases Electric Disco (Elastik soundbank)

27th May 2021Monocasual Laboratories release Giada 0.18.0 for Linux, Windows and macOS

27th May 2021Sick Noise Instruments releases Xenobyte Analog Hybrid Synthesizer for Mac (Audio Unit)

27th May 2021Sounds And Effects Memorial Weekend Sale

27th May 2021Bitwig announces Bitwig Studio 4 - Beta Available

27th May 2021APD Offer: 60% Off Virtuosic Violin by Auddict

26th May 2021Touch The Universe releases Dance Kick Expansion Vol.2 for Sonic Academy Kick 2

26th May 2021HoRNet updates MultiFreqs to v1.1.0

26th May 2021Eplex7 DSP Sale: 48% off on Klerhaim N1 synthesizer plugin until 31st May

25th May 2021Datacode releases FOCUS: Organic House (Sample Pack)

25th May 2021Artist Focus: David Mash chooses his Top-5 plugins

25th May 2021Blue Cat Audio updates Late Replies to v1.5 - Apple Silicon support and more

25th May 2021Toontrack releases "Jazz" and "Singer-Songwriter" EZbass MIDI packs

25th May 2021Black Octopus Sound, AK & Joern Peeck release Lofi Acoustic Drums

25th May 2021Dream Audio Tools releases Points 2: The Tension Machine - Cinematic Groove Creator for Kontakt

25th May 2021MV's Plugins updates La Voz Cantante - free 1024-band vocoder for Windows - to v6.4 (64-bit & VST3)

25th May 2021Kilohearts Phase Plant 2nd Anniversary Sale and free Content Bank

25th May 2021Tone2 Audio announces Nemesis 2 Synthesizer

25th May 2021Soniccouture releases Threnody: Avant-Garde Strings for Kontakt Player

24th May 2021Zenhiser releases 'Slide - Tech House' Sample Pack

24th May 2021VSTBuzz: 78% off Total Drums Bundle by Drum Depot

24th May 2021Lunacy Audio releases CUBE – 3D Virtual Instrument

24th May 2021Touch The Universe 2021 Spring Sale - 48 Hours Remaining

24th May 2021AudioThing updates Speakers to v1.2

24th May 2021New Sonic Arts updates Nuance Creative Sampler Plugin to v2.125

24th May 2021Majetone releases 'Kensal Clubdate' drum library for Kontakt, Ableton Live & Free loop pack & 25% off deal

23rd May 2021SonicProjects releases Stringer 3.0 for Mac & Win

23rd May 2021KeyPleezer LivingRoom Upright Piano 44% off during Indiegogo campaign final week

23rd May 2021Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.8.12

23rd May 2021112dB updates its Mikron series - adding Apple Silicon support

23rd May 20212B Played Music updates 2B Clipped 2 to v1.1

23rd May 2021Cinematique Instruments releases Vertigo Cello for Kontakt

22nd May 2021Incognet releases Complete Tribal House Samples Bundle with 75% Discount

22nd May 2021Phonolyth Velvet Machine - 50% Off

22nd May 2021Rast Sound releases 'Oud String' for Kontakt with intro offer

22nd May 2021Phonolyth updates Velvet Machine to 1.2.1 adding compatibility with SSE-only CPUs on Windows

22nd May 2021W. A. Production 9in1 "Savage Hardstyle Bundle 2" 95% discount

22nd May 2021Tom Wolfe's 48 hour Synth Day sale, in aid of the Bob Moog Foundation, live now

22nd May 2021MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MAutoDynamicEq, MTransformer, MTransientMB and MFlangerMB

21st May 2021Revealed Recordings releases Radar Sample Pack Vol. 2

21st May 2021Sound Magic updates Cadenza Strings and Electric Guitar S to v1.1

21st May 2021Fanan team releases Arpomaniac - Rhythmic Synth for Windows

21st May 2021Overloud releases SuperCabinet - IR Processing Tool

21st May 2021Mix Analog adds Elysia Xfilter

21st May 2021IK releases SampleTron 2

20th May 2021UVI offers 50% off Mayhem of Loops, through May 24th 2021

20th May 2021ZenSound releases Moebius for TAL J-8

20th May 2021Ampeg releases SVT Suite - Ampeg Bass Amp Tone

20th May 2021HoRNet updates MasterTool to 1.1.0 adding Apple M1 support

20th May 2021UnitedPlugins updates Voxessor and DIFIX

20th May 2021Krotos Starter Sound Effects Library 50% Introductory Price

20th May 2021Krotos launches new Sound Effects Library Store & Starter SFX Library

20th May 2021Audiomodern releases Chordjam for macOS, Windows & iPad

20th May 2021Black Octopus Sound & The Basement Freaks release El Barrio Orchestra

19th May 2021Mercuriall Audio "Flash" Sale

19th May 2021UVI releases "Austrian Grand" - Concert grand piano with intro pricing

19th May 2021ANWIDA Soft releases MODULA Suite – VST3/AU modulation effects

19th May 2021Synthblitz Audio updates Demon 80 Multiband Compressor to v1.4 - Adds VST3

19th May 2021iZotope and Native Instruments celebrate new alliance with Free Products

19th May 2021NUGEN Audio "Show us your set-up" - Win Paragon

19th May 2021VGTrumpet releases "VG Jazz Trombone" for Kontakt

18th May 2021Notetracks announces 40% exclusive discount for KVR users

18th May 2021rncbc.org updates Qtractor to v0.9.22 for Linux

18th May 2021Echotailor releases The Tyrell Collection - Blade Runner inspired presets for u-he Diva

18th May 2021Devious Machines releases Infiltrator - Sequenced Effects Plug-in

18th May 2021Reason Studios announces Reason 12

18th May 2021Cableguys release AAX versions of ShaperBox and HalfTime, plus 'How To Design Your Own LFOs' tutorial

18th May 2021Cut Through Recordings releases EpicPRESS v2.0 for Mac, Win & Lin

18th May 2021DroneLab updated to v1.1 - adds iPad Support

18th May 2021SampleScience releases 909 Lab plugin for Windows and MacOS

18th May 2021Sensel adds to free express MPE Preset Pack

18th May 2021MOK updates Filtryg to v1.0.4 with Apple Silicon support

18th May 2021Fuse Audio Labs offers 50% off selected plugins

17th May 2021SOUND7 releases Cell Biology for Unfiltered Audio Lion Synthesizer

17th May 2021Zenhiser releases 'Psybass One Shots' Sample Pack

17th May 2021ASL Soundlab releases "Surge Vol.3" - Neuro Bass Soundset for Xfer Records Serum

17th May 2021Initial Audio release Initial Slice for Windows and Mac OS

17th May 2021Igor Vasiliev updates BeatCutter - Rhythm slicing and recombining app to v1.2 for iOS

17th May 2021New Sonic Arts updates Granite Granular Texture Generator Plugin to v1.6804

17th May 2021PinkNoise May Madness Sale

17th May 2021ProducerLoops releases 'Lillie McCloud R&B Vocals' Sample Pack

16th May 2021LVC-Audio Pre-Summer Sale

15th May 2021Glou-Glou releases Loupé: Creative Looper & Delay pedal

15th May 2021Kuassa May Madness Sale: Up to 43% off Amp Sims and FX

15th May 2021MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MDrummer, MDrumReplacer, MCombMB and MStereoGenerator

15th May 2021sonicLAB releases Thermo, a self regulating tone generator

14th May 2021Sick Noise Instruments releases Xenobyte Analog Hybrid Synthesizer for Windows

14th May 2021Cherry Audio releases PS-20 Polyphonic Synthesizer

14th May 2021Revealed Recordings releases Atmosphere Drones Vol. 1

14th May 2021VirSyn releases Cube Synth Pro Additive Synthesizer for iPad and M1 Mac

14th May 2021HY-Plugins updates HY-RPE2 to v1.1.0

14th May 2021Icebreaker Audio boutique Kontakt instruments now exclusively available from Time+Space

14th May 2021IceBreaker Audio boutique Kontakt instruments 25% off at Time+Space

14th May 2021Rast Sound releases Kemenche v2.0 for Kontakt with Intro Offer

14th May 2021Ueberschall releases Jazz Works Vol. 3 (Elastik soundbank)

14th May 2021Black Octopus Sound & The Basement Freaks release Batteria Campeon

14th May 2021W. A. Production 3in1 "Production Hack Bundle" 93% discount

14th May 2021Sonus Dept. releases Æthernity - Atmospheric Devices for Max4Live

14th May 2021Phonolyth (Yuri Turov) releases Velvet Machine for macOS and Windows

14th May 2021Ultimate MIDI Plugin updates Ultimate Kontakt Library Manager to v1.2.1

14th May 2021UnitedPlugins DIFIX - 50% Off

13th May 2021rncbc.org updates Vee One Suite for Linux to v0.9.22

13th May 2021Eventide and Newfangled update Generate to v1.2

13th May 2021UVI Deal: 60% off Retro Organ Suite through May 17th, 2021

13th May 2021Spitfire Audio releases Abbey Road One: Wondrous Flutes

13th May 2021IK Multimedia releases T-RackS Comprexxor

13th May 2021UrsaDSP upgrades "Boost" upward limiter to Revision B

13th May 2021Hit'n'Mix releases "RipX: DeepAudio" - Major update to replace Hit'n'Mix Infinity

13th May 2021APD: 60% Off Preparato Piano by Xperimenta Project

12th May 2021THEPHONOLOOP 2021 Spring Sale - 20% off everything until end of May 21st 2021

12th May 2021UA releases API Vision Console Emulation; updates UAD Software (9.14) and LUNA (1.1.8)

12th May 2021Bingoshakerz releases Retrotronica 2

12th May 2021Synapse Audio updates Obsession to v1.1, adding VST3 and Big Sur/M1 support

12th May 2021ANWIDA Soft releases SPATIO Plate Reverb Plug-in with intro offer

12th May 2021Man Makes Noise releases PhaseFreak for Kilohearts Phase Plant

12th May 2021Soundiron release Vintage Keys "Easy 6100" for Kontakt with Intro Offer

12th May 2021Sound Ex Machina releases Destruction Zone SFX library

11th May 2021Babylonwaves releases Art Conductor 7.3 - adds support for EastWest Opus, OT Tallinn and more

11th May 2021Native Instruments releases Action Strings 2 in collaboration with Sonuscore

11th May 2021Arturia releases KeyLab 88 Essential Black Edition

11th May 2021HoRNet Plugins updates ThirtyOne MK2 to v2.1.0

11th May 2021Toontrack releases three new MIDI packs for modern funk

11th May 2021Harrison Consoles releases AVA Drum Flow

11th May 2021ircamLAB updates TS2 to v2.2 - Multichannel Support, Spectral Clipping & more

11th May 2021Eplex7 DSP releases Full Analog Modular FX Sample Pack Vol.3

11th May 2021SampleScience releases free Nu Guzheng plugin instrument for Windows and Mac

11th May 2021AngelicVibes releases Free Serum Presets

10th May 2021Zenhiser releases "Prog Breaks & Beats" Sample Pack

10th May 2021SOUND7 releases Esoteric Encore for u-he Repro-5

10th May 2021Newfangled Audio Sale - Save up to 50%

10th May 2021Steinberg releases Purple for Groove Agent

10th May 2021Incognet releases Revealed EDM & Progressive Sample Pack

10th May 2021Artist Focus: BT talks about his top 5 essential VST plugins

10th May 2021FabFilter releases FabFilter Timeless 3

10th May 2021G-Sonique releases "Darker Techno Instruments" VST & AU plug-in for Windows & MacOS

9th May 2021Solcito Musica updates SuperSonico Virtual Analog VSTi to v7.71

9th May 2021ToneLib updates ToneLib GFX to v4.6.6

9th May 2021Mixvibes updates Remixlive to v6.1.3 - Support for Apple M1 Chip

9th May 2021Thenatan "Vybz" Lofi MultiFX Plugin 63% Off (Save $50)

8th May 2021Zvon Spring Sale: Most Sample Sets 50% Off

8th May 2021Aurora DSP releases Rhino Guitar Plug-in

7th May 2021Muletone Audio May Sale - Up to 50% off on Bundles and selected Libraries

7th May 2021Steinberg Galactic Sale: 30% off on select products

7th May 2021Tone2 releases Dark Vibes soundset for Icarus2

7th May 2021Revealed Recordings releases Serum 808 Vol. 2

7th May 2021MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MPowerSynth, MDoubleTracker, MReverbMB and MUltraMaximizer

7th May 2021Best Service launches The Orchestra Composer Contest

7th May 2021STL Tones releases May 2021 update for AmpHub

7th May 2021Arturia updates KeyStep Pro firmware to v2.0

7th May 2021Synthblitz Audio releases "Spacetrax" Synth VST Instrument for Windows

7th May 2021ModeAudio releases 'Aerial - Downtempo Piano Loops'

7th May 2021Sound Magic updates Konghou (v1.2) and Electric Guitar T (v1.1)

7th May 2021W. A. Production "Savage Bass House Bundle 2" 94% discount

6th May 2021UVI offers 40% off BeatBox Anthology 2 through May 10th, 2021

6th May 2021Beatport, Beatsource and NI bring Link streaming technology for DJs to Traktor Pro 3

6th May 2021Rast Sound releases 'Beat Box' - free library for Kontakt & WAV

6th May 2021Heavyocity releases Mosaic Pluck for Kontakt Player

6th May 2021Voxengo updates Elephant to v4.14 - incl. Apple Silicon Support

6th May 2021Plughugger releases “Mints” for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

6th May 2021UVI releases 'Hypnotic Dive' Expansion for Falcon 2

6th May 2021Eplex7 DSP Techno sale up to 50% off on VST plug-ins, VST / AU instruments

6th May 2021Black Octopus Sound & The Lion's Den release The Reckoning

5th May 2021Plughugger Offer: 35% off Mints for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

5th May 2021Cinesamples Annual 40% Off Orchestral Sale

5th May 2021Toontrack releases Fretless EBX for EZbass

5th May 2021sonible releases smart:EQ 3 Intelligent Equalizer Plug-in

5th May 2021Tom Wolfe releases Aurora - Cinematic Textures for Arturia Pigments

5th May 2021FrozenPlain releases Squeaky Gate - Organic Sound-Design VST/AU

5th May 2021Celemony releases ARA SDK under open source license

5th May 2021Musical Sampling releases "Fauxgorian" for Kontakt

5th May 2021UnitedPlugins releases Expanse 3D Space Enhancer Plug-in with 70% discount

4th May 2021Online Music Foundry - May The Force Sale

4th May 2021Vienna Symphonic Library releases Big Bang Orchestra: Ymir - Children's Choir

4th May 2021Fanan team releases Ziggy - Bass module Synth for Windows

4th May 2021MOK updates Waverazor to v2.6.0 - New Phaser Effect and Apple Silicon support

4th May 2021Musical Sampling "Fauxgorian" for Kontakt Intro Offer

4th May 2021HoRNet May Sale: up to 50% off

4th May 2021Steinberg updates Cubasis to v3.3

4th May 2021Sub51 releases Beyond Guitar for Kontakt, Komplete Kontrol and Logic Pro X

4th May 2021Diginoiz releases Hattricks - Hi-Hat & Percussion Plug-in

4th May 2021mididope releases Molecular with intro offer

4th May 2021Blue Cat Audio releases MB-7 Mixer 3.4 10th Anniversary Update

4th May 2021Nembrini Audio releases Clon Minotaur Overdrive - Free VST, AU & AAX Plug-in for macOS, Windows & iOS

4th May 2021Toontrack updates EZbass to v1.0.9 and launches 10-day EZbass trial

3rd May 2021Zenhiser releases "Flash" Sample Pack

3rd May 2021Soundtrack Loops releases Galaxy Gunslinger with 50% discount

3rd May 2021Konstantin Klem releases Max for Live Device Matrix for Ableton Live

2nd May 2021ANWIDA Soft releases Windows version of their plugins

2nd May 2021Bass Gnomes releases Clarity 2.0 and Decentralized for Windows

2nd May 2021Syntheway releases Phasewaver - Polyphonic Phase Distortion Synthesizer for Windows and macOS

2nd May 2021Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.8.11

1st May 2021Audiolounge Spring Discount - 40% off

1st May 2021Sick Noise Instruments Trypticon Kontakt Library 74% Off

1st May 2021Groove Monkee Spring Savings Offer: Save up to 45%

1st May 2021dSONIQ updates Realphones to v1.7

1st May 2021MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MSuperLooper, MSpectralDelay, MEqualizerLP and MRhythmizerMB