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News Archive for December 2019

31st December 2019Mix Challenge Competitions in January 2020

31st December 2019VSTBuzz: 60% off FM TiNES 2 by Gospel Musicians

31st December 2019rncbc.org announces Qtractor v0.9.12 for Linux

31st December 2019Art Vista 50% Off New Year's Tax Write-Off Sale

31st December 2019Reflekt Audio releases free OU-80 VST/AU Plug-in

31st December 2019AudioThing updates miniBit and miniVerb - 8-bit/Chiptune Plugins

31st December 2019Hidenori Matsuoka updates PET Bottling to v3.1 for iOS

30th December 2019Anti-Node Design Sale - 30% Off

30th December 2019HoRNet releases HATEFISh RhyGenerator One - Free Euclidean Step Sequencer

29th December 2019Bob Moog Foundation announces 2020 Calendar Celebrating the Birth of the Minimoog

29th December 2019Audentity Records offering a $10 USD discount on Samplepacks

29th December 2019Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes New Year Sale: 50% Off

28th December 2019Seaweed Audio releases Masters of Ambience for Fathom

28th December 2019HY-Plugins updates SeqCollection2 to v1.2.0

28th December 2019Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio releases WoodStepper 3.0 for Mac & iOS

28th December 2019Nova Sound release "Free Uhuru" Sound Pack

27th December 2019MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) announces Expansion

27th December 2019MolecularBytes Winter-Sale: 20% off on AtomicReverb and AtomicTransient

27th December 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% off everything

27th December 2019Muletone Audio Holiday Sale - 50% Off Full Bundle

27th December 2019Rast Sound releases Snow Bells 2.0 free library for Kontakt

27th December 2019112dB End of Year Sales - Up to 40% Off

27th December 2019FrozenPlain end of year sale - up to 30% off Kontakt libraries and unique plugins

27th December 2019HelloSamples releases Modular Drums 2 sound pack for Kontakt, Ableton & Maschine

26th December 2019Psychic Modulation updates PulseCode to v1.3

26th December 2019Bunker Samples Holiday Sale - up to 45% off with the Artist Bundle

26th December 2019rncbc.org announces the Vee One Suite version 0.9.12 for Linux

26th December 2019Tom Wolfe Charity Fundraiser for Nordoff Robbins

26th December 2019Sound Radix updates SurferEQ Pitch-Tracking Equalizer to v2.0.5

26th December 2019Sketch Samples releases Sketch Nylon for Kontakt 6

26th December 2019Tritik year-end sale: KrushPro 25% off through January 5

26th December 2019Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.7.5.0 for Windows

26th December 2019Audiomodern releases Riffer v2.0

26th December 2019Audio Plugin Deals Offer: 85% Off 15-in-1 Mega Vocal Bundle by Black Octopus

25th December 2019MathAudio updates Microphone EQ plug-in to v2.0.0

25th December 2019Nikolozi updates NFM to v1.1

25th December 2019INTERNET Co. 2019-2020 Winter Special Offer - Up to 70% off

24th December 2019VSTBuzz: 83% off Drum Weapons 3 by Music Weapons + free Bangin Bass 2

24th December 2019Shoot The Moon Sale Extended - 35% Off till Year End

24th December 2019CIT Audio Streemur Holiday Sale - Price Drop from $2.99 to $1.99

24th December 2019Cherry Audio and MRB announce the release of semi-clone of Cynthia module Dual Sawtooth Waveform Animator

24th December 2019Cherry Audio Winter Wonderland Holiday Sales Event

24th December 2019Voxengo updates CRTIV Reverb to v2.1

24th December 2019MusicLab Christmas Promotion - up to 50% off all products

24th December 2019Numerical Audio Holiday Sale - 50% off all Instruments & Effects

24th December 2019Joseph Hollo Christmas Sale

24th December 2019Ilya Efimov Production Christmas Sale - up to 75% off

23rd December 2019Tone Empire Christmas Sale - up to 50% off

23rd December 2019Beatskillz Christmas Sale - up to 50% off

23rd December 2019Touch The Universe Christmas Sale: Up to 40% Off All Soundsets

23rd December 2019Soundiron 72 hour 60% Off Flash Sale on Mars & Venus Symphonic Choir for Kontakt

23rd December 2019Strix Instruments Winter Sale - Up To 87% Off

23rd December 2019Time+Space Christmas Offer: Spend over £10/$10/€10 get AAS's Angelicals Sound Pack worth £28.95 for free

23rd December 2019NatLife Sounds X-Mass Sales: 50% Off Everything

23rd December 2019Ujam Xmas Sale: 40% off Virtual Drummer and Virtual Bassist + Finisher Micro Plug-in released for Free

23rd December 2019Plugin Boutique 12 Days of Christmas Sale - 37% Off Scaler

23rd December 2019AudioKit releases "Hey Metronome" voice-activated metronome for iOS

23rd December 2019beatassist.eu releases free Esfera 2 synth VSTi for Windows and updates ITS to v1.0.2

23rd December 2019Solcito Musica releases Synteacher A - Didactic Stand Alone Software

23rd December 20192CAudio offers Free Holiday Gift, Vector, as part of its 2019-2020 Winter Holiday Promotion

22nd December 2019SampleScience Complete (2019 Edition) - 77% Off

22nd December 2019Function Loops releases Vocal Pack by Lokka Vox and Lofi Stories sample libraries

22nd December 2019Splash Sound Sale: Up to 90% off on all libraries for Kontakt

22nd December 2019VSP Holiday Sale - Save up to 50% on 100 soundsets featuring the new "Lush Colors" for Arturia Pigments 2

22nd December 2019Stoev Lab updates fm tools to v1.1.0

22nd December 2019Diginoiz Christmas Sale - 50% Off

22nd December 2019alex.nadzharov Holiday Sale: Up to 30% off Phawuo, soundfruuze and rrarrow apps

22nd December 2019Myloops Christmas 2019 - 50% Off Everything

21st December 2019Madrona Labs year-end sale: all plugins 30% off through January 5, 2020

21st December 2019AudioThing updates Vinyl Strip to v1.5

21st December 2019Synapse Audio Holiday Sale

21st December 2019Audentity Records releases Lofi Vancouver Sessions

21st December 2019MeldaProduction updates all plugins to v14.02

21st December 2019Muze releases Aquamarine - a 100 GB Texture Instruments Collection for Kontakt

20th December 2019HoRNet Christmas Sale: Plugins up to 60% off, Bundles 30% off

20th December 2019Soniccouture releases Blanks: Drag and Drop Drum Sampler for Kontakt Player NKS

20th December 2019Xhun Audio Xmas Special Offer 2019 - Up To 50% Off

20th December 2019Eventide releases QVox Diatonic Pitch Shifter for iOS

20th December 2019Best Service and Sonuscore update The Orchestra Complete to v1.1

20th December 2019Voxengo updates GlissEQ to v3.12

20th December 2019IK Stocking Stuffer Krazy Deals - 60% off select AmpliTube collections & T-RackS processors

20th December 2019W. A. Production releases 2019 Xmas Bundle 3in1 Collection with 92% off discount

20th December 2019Sound Magic updates Thor to v3.1, Bamboo Dreams to v1.2, and announces TEC Nomination Sale Event

20th December 2019forward audio updates free faIRmageddon Plug-in (Early Access) - Guitar Cab Impulse Response Designer

20th December 2019SoundsDivine Christmas Sale

20th December 2019IK Multimedia releases Hammond B-3X for iPad

20th December 2019Mercuriall Audio Christmas Sale

20th December 2019Best Audio and MIDI Software - 2019 KVR Readers' Choice Awards Winners

20th December 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% off everything

20th December 2019Zero-G releases Tension Vectors - Cinematic Imaging Elements

20th December 2019Blue Cat Audio updates Free Plug-ins and launches Winter Deals

20th December 2019Sounds of Revolution releases SOR Hats & Tops Vol.3

20th December 2019Karoryfer releases free "Caveman Cosmonaut" instrument for Plogue sforzando

20th December 2019THEPHONOLOOP 2019 Holiday Sale - 25% off everything until 03.01.2020

20th December 2019Fuse Audio Labs Christmas Sale #3 - 66% off DrumsSSX and Bucket-500

20th December 2019Sender Spike releases Signal Noise SN04-G Channel EQ for Win/VST2 (Free)

20th December 2019Bingoshakerz Winter Sale

20th December 2019Produce RNB releases Eclipse Chord Packs for Cthulhu, Chordz, Scaler and Chord Engine 2.0

20th December 2019Channel Robot updates The Modernist Collection to v1.2

20th December 2019Rast Sound releases Magic Mallets exclusive to VIP Access & Colours Collection

20th December 2019Sugar Audio Christmas Sale - 30% Off All Products

20th December 2019Ueberschall Holiday Sale - 50% Off All Products

20th December 2019Reveal Sound Christmas Sale

20th December 2019SoundsDivine releases 'Acoustic Reality' for Omnisphere 2.5

20th December 2019Steinberg End of Year Sale - The Grand 3, Vibrant, Zilhouette Strings, Wave, HALion Symphonic Orchestra, RAST-A - Up to 50% off

20th December 2019Jade Carvo 'The Vigilant' (Ambient and Experimental Soundbank for Sylenth1) on sale for €7.99 until next year

20th December 2019Triple Spiral Audio releases Nordic 2 for Omnisphere 2 and Desolate for Iris 2

20th December 2019Andrew Macaulay's Modules collections for Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular Holiday Special Offer Promotions

19th December 2019In Session Audio releases second Expansion pack for Taiko Creator

19th December 2019Nikolozi releases Mela - Virtual Analog Synth for iPad

19th December 2019Cableguys release CrushShaper – Rhythmic Bitcrusher | Vintage Lo-Fi | Multiband Enhancer

19th December 2019Pulsesetter-Sounds releases "Hybrid Head Crusher" for Kontakt

19th December 2019Cableguys CrushShaper Rhythmic Bitcrusher | Vintage Lo-Fi | Multiband Enhancer - Free if you own ShaperBox 2 Bundle

19th December 2019Cluster Sound Full Catalog Deal: 69 Live Packs - 69 Gigabytes - 69 EUR

19th December 2019Solidtrax releases Vivid Spaces for Acon Digital Verberate 2

19th December 2019zplane updates deCoda to v1.0.1

19th December 2019UVI offers 40% off World Suite & up to $30/30€ off at uvi.net (through January 5th, 2020)

19th December 2019Intimate Noise Holidays Sale - 50% Off Everything

18th December 2019Auburn Sounds updates all plug-ins, fixes Linux support

18th December 2019Resonance Sound Christmas Sale - 50% Off

18th December 2019Harvest Plugins updates Harvest & Harvest Mini

18th December 2019Bitwig updates Bitwig Studio to v3.1

18th December 2019Zvon Winter Sale 2019: up to 50% off on sample sets

18th December 2019Production Voices releases Electric V LE - Free/donationware electric piano

18th December 2019Steinberg releases Cubasis 3 for iPad and iPhone

18th December 2019SOUND7 releases Trance Zero Vol. 1 for Reveal Sound Spire

18th December 2019Klevgränd releases Santa Jussi - a free vocal synth plugin for Mac and Windows

18th December 2019Kuassa releases Efektor RV3604 Reverb at Holiday Intro Price

18th December 2019ujam releases Beatmaker 2 with major new features

18th December 2019Cluster Sound releases Room Simulator - Free Convolution Pack for Ableton Live

18th December 2019Zero-G Vocal Factory £21.80 / ProPack £25 Time+Space Exclusive

18th December 2019Soniccouture Xmas Sale: Up To 50% Off

18th December 2019Soundigy updates MIDI Lab to v1.3 for Win and Mac

18th December 2019Kwonky Instruments Combobulate collection for Kontakt free until 2020

17th December 2019Cmusic Production Christmas Sale - Up to 65% Off

17th December 2019VSTBuzz: 77% off The Forge by Epic Sound Lab

17th December 2019NatLife Sounds releases Hive 2 Bass & Korg Drums V1

17th December 2019KVR CEO Chris Halaby Joins Board of Directors of Bob Moog Foundation

17th December 2019CL-Projects Happy Holiday Sale - 50% off on all products until the 6th of January 2020

17th December 2019Kwonky Instruments releases "Every Things Kwonky" and "Combobulate" collections for Kontakt

17th December 2019Adam Szabo updates Viper to v1.0.5 for Windows

17th December 2019ModeAudio Winter Sale: 30% Off All Loops, Samples & Synth Presets

17th December 2019Nembrini Audio Christmas Sale - Up to 50% Off

17th December 2019Steinberg releases Olympus Choir Elements for HALion

17th December 2019HoRNet releases LU Meter MK2 - Loudness Meter with auto gain staging

17th December 2019Leap Into The Void - Soundsets 50% Off Winter Sale

17th December 2019Rigid Audio releases Sore for Kontakt with Intro Offer

17th December 2019Sample Fuel releases the Production Bundle with a bundle exclusive instrument: Texture-CRE8 for HALion Sonic SE

16th December 2019Zenhiser releases "Sacred Stems Vol 2" Sample Pack

16th December 2019Soundiron 2019 Winter Holiday Sale: 40% off select libraries

16th December 2019MusicDevelopments releases Syne - Modular additive synthesizer

16th December 2019Native Instruments releases Raum - Free Reverb Plug-in

16th December 2019Audiomodern Paths + Shift Titles 60% off at Time+Space

16th December 2019D16 Group Winter Sale - All Products 30% Off

16th December 2019ProducerLoops releases 'EDM Injection Vol 1' Sample Pack

15th December 2019FabFilter Holiday Sale - 25% discount on all bundles and in accounts

15th December 2019Electronik Sound Lab Xmas Sale 2019 - Up To 70% Discount On Selected Products

14th December 2019Devil Soundz releases free Devil Vocal Processor and updates their plugins for Windows

14th December 2019sonicLAB updates Cosmosf Saturn to version 8 and 8S

13th December 2019Audiolounge Producer Pack Holyday Sale: Save 60%

13th December 2019Audentity Records releases Cosmos Pop & Vocal RnB

13th December 2019forward audio Christmas Sale - all Plug-ins up to 40% off

13th December 2019Mystery Islands Music Holiday Sale - 50% Off

13th December 2019Sounds to Inspire releases "Glitch Sessions" Glitch Sample Pack

13th December 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MSpectralDynamics, MHarmonizerMB, MBitFunMB and MFreqShifterMB

13th December 2019UVI Friday 13th Offer: 30% off storewide (through December 15th)

13th December 2019The Unfinished Christmas Sale 2019

13th December 2019forward audio updates free faIRmageddon Plug-in (Early Access) - Guitar Cab Impulse Response Designer

13th December 2019Zero-G Surface Tension only £14/$17.50 Exclusive Time+Space Weekend Deal

13th December 2019sonible Holiday Season Sale: Save up to 55% on plug-ins and 24% on hardware

13th December 2019Rast Sound releases Master Shakuhachi with intro offer

13th December 2019PreSonus updates Ampire and releases new State Space Modeled Plug-ins

13th December 2019New Loops December Sale: Up to 70% off sounds and presets

13th December 2019Fuse Audio Labs Christmas Sale #2 - 66% off VQA-154 and VQP-Bundle

13th December 2019Zentralmassiv Sound Christmas Sale: Up to 60% off preset packs for Melda MPowerSynth

13th December 2019Function Loops releases Psytrance Astronauts sample library

12th December 2019IK $/€39.99 Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE Krazy Deal

12th December 2019Arturia releases Pigments 2 with major new features

12th December 2019Audio Voltage releases "Dedication" Expressive Preset Library for Soundtoys Echoboy

12th December 2019W. A. Production releases ImPerfect Synthesizer with 85% off launch discount

12th December 2019Parawave Audio Winter Sale: 40% off on Rapid Synthesizer and 30% off Rapid Extensions until December 28th

12th December 2019Parawave Audio releases Cinematic Exposure for Rapid Synthesizer

12th December 2019MOTU releases Digital Performer 10.1 with major new features

12th December 2019Martinic releases Lem Echo Music VST/AU effect plugin with intro pricing

12th December 2019Martinic "Lem Echo Music" Intro Offer

12th December 2019CWITEC updates TX16Wx Software Sampler and TX16Wx Professional to v3.3

12th December 2019Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v9.5

12th December 2019discoDSP updates Discovery Pro synth to 6.9

12th December 2019In Session Audio releases Guitar & Chime Expansions for Riff Generation: Outside In Edition

12th December 2019Audio Plugin Deals Offer: 78% Off World Colors Collection by Rast Sound

11th December 2019AudioThing releases Blindfold EQ - Free EQ plugin

11th December 2019Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes GuitarScaped Series Sale

11th December 2019Strezov Sampling StormChoir Ultimate for Kontakt Player Pre-Order ends December 18th

11th December 2019Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes releases GuitarScaped 3 and GuitarScaped Bundle libraries in multiple formats

11th December 2019Solcito Musica Toum! free with purchase until Christmas 2019

11th December 2019Xenobioz updates free Lynx VSTi synth for Windows to v1.04

11th December 2019Sound Dust Sale - 30% off all instruments plus 50% off two special guests

10th December 2019Mogwai Audio Tools Happy Holidays Half Price Sale - $24.50 each plugin

10th December 2019inouï samples releases "Breath & Beat Box" for Kontakt with intro offer

10th December 2019PreSonus releases Studio One v4.6 with Ampire

10th December 2019Heritage Audio announces HA-609A Compressor

10th December 2019VSTBuzz: 60% off Subdivine by Diginoiz

10th December 2019NatLife Sounds Flashing Light Vol.1 for Korg Radias/R3 synthesizer 30% off until December 14th

10th December 2019Westgatesounds 2019 Winter/End of Year Sale - 50% discounts

10th December 2019Wavediggerz Christmas Producer Bundle

10th December 2019AAS Holiday Sale: 50% Off Everything

10th December 2019AudioKit releases L7 Live Looper App for iPhone/iPad

10th December 2019The FXB Project releases Nothing but Pads for Babylon with 50% off promo

10th December 2019Premier Sound Factory releases Piano Premier "at first light" for Kontakt

10th December 2019Klevgrand releases Hillman - Vintage Combo Synth for desktop and iOS with intro offer

10th December 2019Image Line updates FL Studio to v20.6

10th December 2019Groovyband Live! releases a new build (feature update) of its realtime arranger software

10th December 2019HoRNet updates VU Meter MK4 to v4.1.1

9th December 2019Splash Sound Sale: 60% off Retrowave Library for Kontakt

9th December 2019Zenhiser releases "The Synthwave Club" Sample Pack

9th December 2019Mixanalog launches Gyraf G24 Passive Aggressive Compressor - Free until 2020

9th December 2019Audentity Records releases 10 Techno Packs Bundle for €29,95

9th December 2019SKnote releases A25 Classic Stereo Bus Compressor

9th December 2019zplane.development announces deCoda - software to help musicians wanting to learn songs fast

9th December 2019Sonarworks Christmas Special Bundle: Save $190

9th December 2019Man Makes Noise releases Omnidose for Omnisphere 2.6

9th December 2019MusicDevelopments RapidComposer Holiday Sale (33% Off Until January 10)

9th December 2019Skylife updates SampleRobot line to v6.5 - Support for Sequential Prophet X, Bitwig Studio and Synthstrom deluge

9th December 2019Thenatan Christmas Sale - Save Up To 90%

8th December 2019Full Bucket Music updates FBVC to v1.0.2

8th December 2019Rayzoon Holiday Sale - Up to 60% Off

8th December 2019Soundethers releases Motion for Kontakt 5

6th December 2019Sequential announces SKYLIFE SampleRobot Pro now supports Prophet X

6th December 2019Solcito Musica updates Toum! VSTi for Windows to v1.11

6th December 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% off MAutoDynamicEq, MVintageRotary, MFreeformEqualizer and MBassador

6th December 2019Tone2 releases Icarus2 Synthesizer-Workstation

6th December 2019The Scoop About Spark: An Interview with Positive Grid

6th December 2019Kwonky Instruments releases "Glitch Gizmos | Complete" for Kontakt

6th December 2019forward audio releases "faIR - ENG 212" - Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack based on the Engl(TM) E212VH Vintage

6th December 2019Sender Spike releases Signal Noise SN03-G Tape Recorder for Win/VST2 (Free)

6th December 2019forward audio offers all Impulse Response Packs 40% off

6th December 2019Bingoshakerz releases Outrun Drive

6th December 2019MeldaProduction updates all plugins to 14.01

6th December 2019Fuse Audio Labs Christmas Sale #1 - 66% off F-59 and TCS-68

5th December 2019A Sound Effect Giveaway: 24 chances to win SFX libraries

5th December 2019IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX and Ampeg SVX 2 Krazy Deal

5th December 2019Xhun Audio ResonHeart Special Week Initiative: 30% Off

5th December 2019Cockos releases REAPER 6

5th December 2019NUGEN Audio: Chestnuts roasting on an open-ended questionnaire - receive a $50 voucher

4th December 2019Intimate Noise extends Cyber Monday to a week-long event with 50% Off all sound packs

4th December 2019Decomposer updates Sitala - Free 16 pad drum sampler for Windows macOS and Linux

4th December 2019Babylonwaves updates Art Conductor to v5.5

4th December 2019MAAT Shoot For The Moon Sale - 35% Off

4th December 2019BlueLab | Audio Plugins New Offer for Students

4th December 2019Tom Wolfe releases 'Halcyon Pt. 2' ambient sound bank for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

4th December 2019Audio Media Research acquires ReValver Guitar Amplifier Modeling Product Line from Peavey

4th December 2019Kuassa Holiday Sale - Up to 64% Discount All Plug-ins and Rack Extensions

3rd December 2019VSTBuzz: 70% off Magnetite by Black Rooster Audio

3rd December 20191208 Audio updates free Reviber to v1.2.0 for Windows

3rd December 2019Red Sounds releases deFORM multi-effect VST for Windows

3rd December 2019Monocasual Laboratories release Giada 0.16.0 "Dungeons and Catacombs" for Linux, Windows and macOS

3rd December 2019Steinberg Black Deals: 50% off on Absolute 4 and Iconica Opus

3rd December 2019DMGAudio releases TrackComp 2

3rd December 2019Ample Sound Winter Sale: Up To 64% Off

3rd December 2019HoRNet updates TheNormalizer to v1.2.0

3rd December 2019MeldaProduction releases free MMetronome and MCCGenerator and updates all plugins to 14.00

3rd December 2019Mogwai Audio Tools Black Friday Week - Plugins $5 Each

2nd December 2019Splash Sound Sale: 50% off Epic Percussion Library for Kontakt

2nd December 2019Zenhiser releases "Analog Psytrance" Sample Pack

2nd December 2019Raising Jake Studios "Cyber Monday" Sale

2nd December 2019Amazing Machines 2019 Year End Sale

2nd December 2019ZenSound Holiday Sale - Save 35% on all soundsets and bundles

2nd December 2019Eventide Holiday Sale - Save up to 75% on Anthology XI & Elevate

2nd December 2019Function Loops releases "Groove House" and "Melodic Trap & Rnb" sample libraries

2nd December 2019Full Bucket Music releases Full Bucket Vocoder FBVC for Mac & Win VST & AU

2nd December 2019Embertone Joshua Bell Violin Essential Intro Offer

2nd December 2019Embertone releases Joshua Bell Violin Essential for Kontakt Player

2nd December 2019Sound Response releases 'The Glitch 2' Glitch Sound Effects Sample Pack

2nd December 2019NatLife Sounds Cyber Monday Up To 95% Off

2nd December 2019LVC-Audio: 50% off all plugins through December 31st

2nd December 2019Accusonus Cyber Monday Sale - up to 75% off store-wide

2nd December 2019PinkNoise Studio / Kontaktbanks December Sale

2nd December 2019ProducerLoops releases 'Trance Progressions Vol 1' Sample Pack

2nd December 2019Fanan team releases stand-alone versions for AnyImage and AnyText Encoders for Windows

2nd December 2019sonible Cyber Monday Deal: smart:comp €69 (45% off for 24 hours)

1st December 2019GBR Loops releases Indian South-step MIDI Loops Vol.2

1st December 2019Audiolounge Cyber Sale: Rhodes Affair more than 70% off

1st December 2019MIDIssonance Black Friday - 30% Off

1st December 2019Reflekt Audio releases free Playtime VST/AU Plug-in

1st December 2019Cinematique Instruments releases free December Klang Instrument - Sonic Wastelands

1st December 2019Soundigy updates MIDI Lab to v1.1 for Win and Mac

1st December 2019Syntheway releases ClonEchoes - Dual Delay Effect for Windows and macOS